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We try to bring you interesting and quirky things and I’m delighted to say that with the recent news that Roxy Music are to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (hooray!), SDE can bring you some exclusive SIGNED Roxy-related items available from the SDE shop.

These include a special second ‘artist signed edition’ of the much-praised SDE ‘Roxy Music Interviews’ booklet which contains 9000 words of in-depth interview as Roxy legends Andy MacKay and Phil Manzanera talk in detail about the beginnings of Roxy Music and recording the first album…

Andy and Phil enjoyed the interviews so much that they both agreed to personally SIGN a limited run of this ‘keepsake’ interview booklet. This is truly unique item, something to treasure and it’s strictly limited to 450 hand-numbered copies.

Additionally, the shop also has brand new SIGNED copies of Phil Manzanera‘s fine 2CD+DVD anthology called The Music 1972-2008. The package boasts 25 audio tracks including Roxy Music originals, a Brian Eno track that Manzanera co-wrote, solo material and more. The DVD (PAL, all region) features around an hour of video content including live performance and a 23-minute documentary made with Phil featuring plenty of rare archive footage, including unseen Roxy material. Phil has agreed to sign a small quantity specially for SDE readers.

The booklets are available now for immediate shipping, while the signed anthologies will ship later this month. Head over to the SDE shop to order or just use the buttons below.

Phil Manzanera: The Music 1972-2008


1. Amazona 4.13 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Stranded
2. Needle In A Camel’s Eye 3:06 (Eno /manzanera) Brian Eno Here come the warm jets
3. Out Of The Blue 4:46 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Country Life
4. Prairie Rose 5:12 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Country Life
5. Frontera 4:04 (I&W MacCormick/Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Diamond Head
6. Diamond Head 4:28 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Diamond Head
7. Miss Shapiro 4:18 (Eno/Manzanera ) 801 801 Live
8. East Of Asteroid 4:56 (MacCormick/Manzanera ) 801 801 Live
9. Manifesto 5:29 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Manifesto
10. Over You 3:27(Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Flesh & Blood
11. Running Wild 5:01(Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Flesh & Blood
12. Criollo 6:06 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Primitive Guitars
13. Take A Chance With Me 4:42 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Avalon
14. Big Dome 6:16 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Primitive Guitars


15. La Vida Moderna 5.25 (Manzanera /Bunbury) Phil Manzanera Vozero
16. Mystic Moon 4:05 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Vozero
17. HYMN 4.28 (Manzanera/Singers) Phil Manzanera Vozero
18. Green Spikey Cactus 5:.36 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
19. Broken Dreams 5:10 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
20. 6PM 3.34 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
21. LOVE DEVOTION 5.39 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
22. WISH YOU WELL 5.36 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
23. Technicolor UFO 4:12 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
24. Desaparecido 4:03 (Manzanera /Singers) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
25. Enotonik Bible Black 10.30 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
(“Mainstream” Version)

Disc 3 – DVD (PAL, all region)

1. Revolution To Roxy – Phil Manzanera, A Musical Journey. A film by Charlie Targett-Adams, 2008

Videos and Live Performances:

2 .Guitar Legends Seville 1991
3. Diamond Head Sweden 1975
4. 6pm EPK
5. Guantanamera 1992
6. Fender 50th Wembley 6pm 2006
7. Manzanera Moncada Mama Hue 1991
8. A Million Reasons Why video 1989

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My first SDE purchase arrived within 36 hours!

Appreciate the cellophane cover and proper autographs above the dotted line – none of that random squiggle shit you get from most artists!
Thanks one and all!


Paul. Received both the signed Cd set and signed interview book today. Incredibly fast shipping. Thx so much!



Hi Paul, i got my signed copy today, thanks for this great peace to hold ….

any news on a new Roxy Super Deluxe Box… ??


Andy Hanson

Just finished reading my copy before night-nights. Great to have a signed version to accompany the signed Bryan Ferry latest. Much appreciated…cheers


Thanks Paul so glad you reprinted as I missed out the first time. I see Uncut magazine have nicked your ideas of pics for their Roxy Soecial

hendry doran

I see someone is quick off the mark listing their copy on ebay for £49.99

Janice Pugh

This really annoys me when people buy these beautiful items just to sell on and make a profit. Ordered mine – and believe me, they are NOT for sale but for my enjoyment. Thank you Paul

hendry doran

Signed copy of the booklet arrived this morning. Excellent work Paul and thank you

Andrew Scoffin

Signed booklet arrived today, a fantastic addition to my collection. Thank you SDE.


Booklet arrived today.
What a splendid job you’ve done on it Paul, many thanks.


My copy arrived this morning. Nice sized format (Comic sized). Great glossy cover photo and a super interview. I like the ‘certificate’-like Signed numbered back page, but… minor criticism following… it would have been nice if the cover had been signed instead and the ‘certificate’ was on the first page (also there’s nothing worse than a gold sharpie signatures that trail off and are‘bitty’)

Still rather than frame it as planned I can slip it into the deluxe box set. So thanks for this issue, as stated a great insightful interview. :)

Graeme Black

Cheers for the heads up Paul.
Ordered both & keep up the great work.

hendry doran

Thanks for the heads-up Paul. Ordered

richard den besten

Paul, what a nice surprise to start 2019 with .. !! ordered .. i will keep the signed unused and the 1st one to read many times over !!!

ps any news on a 2nd album boxed deluxe … 2nd interview .. and signed by Brian hahah



Thanks ! Very interesting ! Happy New Year !


Ordered both thanks for the reprint on the booklet.
A real bonus to have it signed plus the cd.
Your hard work is appreciated!


Just ordered. This will look great with my box set of the first album. Cheers from the USA.

George Yorty

thanks Paul,ordered both

Ricardo Perfecto

Thanks Paul. Ordered one each plus a Pete Burns booklet.
I tried to add a Paul Young box but it pushed shipping to Australia from 16GBP to 60GBP! It seems consolidating boxes forces me out of Royal Mail options into Parcelforce which I can’t afford. A shame as I am interested in the Young and Family boxes. Noted they would be about 19GBP and 16.50GBP shipping individually. Thanks I understand as a small business not to expect Amazon rates but there must be a way for bigger orders to be more economical per unit not less?


Excellent. Thx Paul. Just ordered both.

Norman Reid

Great Paul. Just ordered both. Thank you.

Christopher Merritt

Thanks so much for reprinting this! Ordered.


CD ordered! Nice one Paul – once again, great service from you and your site.

Jim Vandegrift

Very cool. Big congrats on this.Keep this sort of stuff up.


Ordered, fantastic item Paul :)

James Lee

Not of interest to me but I applaud you for making such interesting items available at what I consider to be a very reasonable cost. Well done Paul.

Chris Squires

Lovely, just ordered both signed sets. It is official Andy and Phil are worth £9 more than Paul!
Hurts, eh?
Nice work to get them involved and even better work to get them to sign…..

Paul M

My first purchase from you, couldn’t resist! Will be a good companion for my recent Bryan Ferry Bitter Sweet signed vinyl/CD. Thanks.


After successfully avoiding actually ordering stuff for years, you’ve just caught me twice in two days.

‘Tis going to be a long year…


I actually got three of the last unsigned ones and gifted two of them to my friends that are big fans!

Rinse wash repeat. They (and I) will be so thrilled to now get signed versions.

Thanks Paul!

Domingo Martínez

Thanks Paul,

just ordered