Roxy Music / Japanese SHM-SACDs


Roxy Music‘s eight studio albums will all being reissued in Japan early next year on the hi-res SHM-SACD format.

All the records –  Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Country Life, Siren, Manifesto, Flesh And Blood, and Avalon – will feature the usual exacting mini-LP CD cardboard sleeve vinyl replica artwork, and an OBI strip will faithfully replicate the design from the original Japanese LP.

The SACDs have the ‘paper sleeve’ packaging set within an outer box (see this Police post to see what these look like) and this presentation is repeated for the ‘platinum’ edition of the SHM-CD version. There is also a ‘standard’ SHM-CD version for each release that dispenses with the outer box.

It’s worth pointing out that the SACDs are single layer so will only work on SACD players. All three editions of each release will feature a brand new remaster a 2014 DSD master, using the UK original analog master.

As is the case will all of these Japanese SHM-SACDs, there will be no 5.1 on any of the SACD versions. These will be released on 28 January 2015.


Roxy Music


For Your Pleasure




Country Life






Flesh And Blood



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Spent some time reading reviews concerning these SHM-SACDs and most everyone who shared comments are very happy with the sound and mini LP style packaging. Paul I asked my friends who bought the albums released so far if they came with the outer boxes and they said no.


Just received all 8 SACD’s – I know what I am doing this weekend!

[…] hybrid which means you have to have an SACD player to enjoy them, but like the forthcoming Roxy Music sets the same new masterings will be utilised for compatible-with-all-CD-player SHM-CD editions […]


Any chance of getting 24/96 PCM releases on DVD-A or Blu Ray Audio?


waiting for the 8-track re-releases.

BTW, I don’t understand the logic of an earlier comment to the effect that the re-released CDs sounded so good, the SACDs aren’t worth it. Actually, just the opposite. DSD v CD? Not even fuckin’ close.

Mark Catley

Yeah. I am waiting for these new Super Deluxe editions of the first two Roxy Music albums….I am hoping they do something totally over the top as in the album on vinyl, cd, cassette tape, REEL TO REEL tape, feathers from eno’s outfit, a lock of ferry’s hair, and lots of photos of the models.

I also hope we don’t have to wait long for the rest of the albums in a nice deluxe format. Bring on Country Life !

Friso Pas

Strange that not even Avalon is released as a hybrid surround SACD, as a 5.1 mix was done specifically for that format.


I am with Barrie Sillars on this one, I thought that the sound on the recent Roxy box set was excellent

So I will wait patiently for the Super deluxe editions of “Roxy Music” and “For your Pleasure” hoping for 5.1, no vinyl and some really cool Bryan Ferry marbles (isn’t everything Bryan Ferry really cool ?)

Barrie Sillars

There is no doubt these reissues will look and sound good. I have some of these SHM-SACD packages and they are among the best sounding discs I have. However, the recent box set of Roxy Music’s studio albums all sounded very good to me as they were flat transfers of the original tapes, so I don’t think these new transfers will be a revelation in the sound department. Also, you can probably get the box set for the price of one of those SHM-SACD sets!


no 5.1 …?? no interest