Roy Orbison / Mystery Girl anniversary deluxe CD and 2LP


Roy Orbison‘s 1989 album Mystery Girl gets a 25th anniversary reissue in May 2014.

Released posthumously just two months after his death, Mystery Girl featured Orbison working with the songwriting talents of Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and Bono and The Edge and spawned the hit single You Got It which was a transatlantic top ten hit.

The reissue will be available as a CD+DVD deluxe edition (with nine bonus tracks, a documentary and many videos), a 2LP 180g double vinyl set and an expanded single CD remaster.

These reissues (deluxe vinyl and deluxe CD) offer nine previously unreleased studio and work-tape demos including The Way Is Love which features a newly restored Roy Orbison vocal track layered with contemporary guitar, drum and vocal accompaniment by Roy’s three sons (Roy Jr., Alex and Wesley). The DVD element includes Mystery Girl: Unraveled a new one-hour documentary chronicling the song-by-song creation of Mystery Girl using intimate archival footage and the memories of those who were there.  The DVD also includes eight Roy Orbison music videos, four of which are previously unreleased.

 Mystery Girl is reissued on 19 May 2014.

CD+DVD Deluxe Edition

2LP Heavyweight Vinyl set (with bonus tracks)

Track listings

CD+DVD Deluxe

Disc: 1 (CD)

  • 1. You Got It
  • 2. In the Real World
  • 3. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You
  • 4. A Love So Beautiful
  • 5. California Blue
  • 6. She’s a Mystery to Me
  • 7. The Comedians
  • 8. The Only One
  • 9. Windsurfer
  • 10. Careless Heart

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. The Way Is Love (new song)
  • 12. She’s a Mystery to Me (studio demo with Bono)
  • 13. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You (studio demo)
  • 14. The Only One (studio demo)
  • 15. The Comedians (studio demo)
  • 16. In The Real World (studio demo)
  • 17. California Blue (studio demo)
  • 18. Windsurfer (work-tape demo)
  • 19. You Are My Love (work-tape demo)

Disc: 2 (DVD)

  • 1. Mystery Girl: Unraveled (60 minute documentary)
  • 2. You Got It
  • 3. In the Real World
  • 4. Dream You
  • 5. A Love So Beautiful
  • 6. California Blue
  • 7. You Are My Love
  • 8. She’s a Mystery to Me
  • 9. The Only One
  • 10. Windsurfer
  • 11. Zombie Zoo
  • 12. Careless Heart
  • 13. Coke and A Smoke
  • 14. Credits
  • 15. The Way Is Love
  • 16. The Way Is Love
  • 17. You Got It – 2014 Video
  • 18. California Blue – 2014 Video
  • 19. You Got It
  • 20. California Blue
  • 21. She’s a Mystery to Me
  • 22. She’s a Mystery to Me
  • 23. A Love So Beautiful

2LP Double vinyl edition

CD+DVD Deluxe

LP 1 

  • 1. You Got It
  • 2. In the Real World
  • 3. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You
  • 4. A Love So Beautiful
  • 5. California Blue
  • 6. She’s a Mystery to Me
  • 7. The Comedians
  • 8. The Only One
  • 9. Windsurfer
  • 10. Careless Heart

LP 2

  • 1. The Way Is Love (new song)
  • 2. She’s a Mystery to Me (studio demo with Bono)
  • 3. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You (studio demo)
  • 4. The Only One (studio demo)
  • 5. The Comedians (studio demo)
  • 6. In The Real World (studio demo)
  • 7. California Blue (studio demo)
  • 8. Windsurfer (work-tape demo)
  • 9. You Are My Love (work-tape demo)

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I hope they don’t ruin the songs with the new mastering

Thomas Casagranda

On the Costello Bespoke Songs compilation of other people doing Elvis Costello tunes, Elvis mentions in the sleeve notes of an orchestral version of The Comedians cut by Roy Orbison: I wonder where that is ?

Mike the Fish

Would that be on A Black & White Night?

Thomas Casagranda

No it wasn’t on A Black & White Night. Costello stated there was a second studio version, arranged and orchestrated by Van Dyke Parks, which was recorded at the same time as the released version. He, Costello, added that it is probably in a vault.

Costello, himself, recorded The Comedians for Goodbye Cruel World, but a demo version cropped up on Disc 2 of the Rhino reissue of All This Useless Beauty in which he sings it a la Roy Orbison.

Mike the Fish

Ah, is the version of The Comedians that appears on a 12″/b-side (The Only Flame in Town?) the same as the Costello LP version?

Thomas Casagranda

There’s several versions of The Comedians: it first came out on the Goodbye Cruel World album, in an 80s uptempo pop arrangement produced by Langer / Winstanley. Costello did a similar uptempo arrangement of The Deportee’s Club, which Christy Moore turned into an Irish ballad.

There was also an acoustic demo recorded, I think, and pitched at Aaron Neville. However, Costello revisited the song, at the suggestion of T Bone Burnett, in 1987, and this demo turned up on the 2cd All This Useless Beauty. It is also the version Roy Orbison used on Mystery Girl.

I’d check out Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, the various artists compilation of Costello songs by other artists. He gives detailed explanations as to why some songs were performed by Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Was Not Was, Christy Moore, Johnny Cash, Robert Wyatt, inter alia.

Mike the Fish

Dear record company/Orbison family,

Is there any chance you could include the DVD in the little poly sleeve with the vinyl? I could easily accept a round up to £20 for that!

– Mike


This topped my list of albums I never bought but would wait until they were remastered.


Will be bought. Don’t have it on cd. Just copied it on mc when it was released.

Mike the Fish

Hmm, seems not: shame. Good price for double vinyl though. DVD is the deal maker for me.

Mike the Fish

That’s looks really good! Does the vinyl come with the DVD too?