Roy Orbison / The Monument Vinyl Box Set / 4LP collection


Music On Vinyl will issue a box set featuring Roy Orbison‘s first three albums, plus a newly curated fourth LP, in late November/early December 2013.

The Monument Vinyl Box Set collects Lonely and Blue from 1961, Crying from 1962, In Dreams from 1963, and the never before issued Oh! Pretty Woman described by Sony Music as the ‘missing’ Monument album masterpiece that could have, and should have been released as its title song, Oh, Pretty Woman was topping the charts in 1964.

This is actually supposed to be a an independent record store vinyl exclusive for ‘Back to Black’ Friday in the US (29 November), but it seems to be widely available from retailers in Europe including the not-very-independent Amazon.

All titles are pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl and The Monument Vinyl Box Set is available from 29 November onwards.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Only The Lonely
  • 2. Bye Bye Love
  • 3. Cry
  • 4. Blue Avenue
  • 5. I Can’t Stop Loving You
  • 6. Come Back To Me
  • 7. Blue Angel
  • 8. Raindrops
  • 9. (I’d Be) A Legend In My Time
  • 10. I’m Hurtin’
  • 11. Twenty-Two Days
  • 12. I’ll Say It’s My Fault

Disc: 2

  • 1. Crying
  • 2. The Great Pretender
  • 3. Love Hurts
  • 4. She Wears My Ring
  • 5. Wedding Day
  • 6. Summer Song
  • 7. Dance
  • 8. Lana
  • 9. Loneliness
  • 10. Let’s Make A Memory
  • 11. Night Life
  • 12. Running Scared

Disc: 3

  • 1. In Dreams
  • 2. Lonely Wine
  • 3. Shahdaroba
  • 4. No One Will Ever Know
  • 5. Sunset
  • 6. House Without Windows
  • 7. Dream
  • 8. Blue Bayou
  • 9. They Call You Gigolette
  • 10. All I Have to Do Is Dream
  • 11. Beautiful Dreamer
  • 12. My Prayer

Disc: 4

  • 1. Oh, Pretty Woman
  • 2. Borne on the Wind
  • 3. Leah
  • 4. Evergreen
  • 5. Indian Wedding
  • 6. It’s Over
  • 7. Working for the Man
  • 8. The Crowd
  • 9. What’d I Say
  • 10. Yo Te Amo Maria
  • 11. (I Get So) Sentimental
  • 12. Mama

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The original “Lonely And Blue” and “Crying” lps were regarded as amongst the best ever in terms of recording quality. Experts claim they were amongst the best stereo recordings ever made.
Having said that at £70 for the set this does seem a tad expensive for music recorded 50 years ago. I know Barbra Orbison likes to keep a tight control on Roy’s music but this is well overpriced.

Michael Fremer

You’re not really putting a date on this music and then deciding that because it was recorded that long ago it’s somehow worth less are you? Greatness doesn’t date and these recordings–in terms of sound quality–are better than 95% of the sonic swill being released today. It’s not even close. As for Roy’s talent, it is timeless. Yes the arrangements are dated but that’s part of the charm.


The label’s “Monument”, isn’t it? ;-)


God almighty – more Orbison… Nooo…

Mike the Fish

Wasn’t this Pretty Woman album already released in the sixties?

Mike F

No, it wasn’t as it turns out. But something similar under the same title was: http://www.discogs.com/Roy-Orbison-Oh-Pretty-Woman/release/1586365

Michael Fremer

Actually “Pretty Woman” was on the album “Orbisongs” (Monument SLP 18035). It was Roy’s fourth Monument album, which makes the notes accompanying this box so odd. They claim there was no fourth album. Of course there was. This compilation including “Pretty Woman” has a few “Orbisongs” songs and the rest is B sides and unreleased. “It’s Over” was on a “Greatest Hits” album but never on another Orbison album. It’s on this new package…. the sound on this reissue cut by Kevin Gray is excellent.