#RSD14: Pick up Record Store Day vinyl online at reasonable prices


Record Store Day is a great idea we think, but let’s be honest there are many of us who simply cannot get to a record shop on the day itself for any number of reasons, whether they be to do with health issues, geographical location, or family/work commitments.

If you were frustrated not to be able to go along in person on the day, then don’t feel that you have to pay extortionate amounts on eBay to get hold of the item you were after. There is a surprising amount of stock available via Amazon at fairly reasonable prices. Check out our list below of some of the most popular items that are still available to purchase now. With the odd exception (mainly seven-inch box sets) everything is between £10 and £20. Of course, prices may change or items may go out of stock so you may need to move quickly if you have your eye of one of these!


Stranglers Peaches (7″ coloured vinyl)


Art of Noise / Live at the End of a Century (12″ pic disc)


Allman Brothers Band Selections from Play All Night (2 x 180g Vinyl)


Grace Jones / Me! I Disconnect From You (12″ vinyl)


Nirvana / Pennyroyal Tea (7″ single)


Deep Purple / Black Night /Woman From Tokyo (7″ vinyl)


Bruce Springsteen / American Beauty (12″ vinyl)


Creedence Clearwater Revival / The ’69 Singles  (10″ white vinyl)


Damon Albarn / Hollow Ponds – Lonely Press Play (7″ single)


Oasis / Supersonic (12″ single)


Marc Bolan / At The BBC ‘Sevens 2’ (4 x 7″ box set)


Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks... (7 x 7″ box set)


Suede / Let Go 7″ single


Ennio Morricone / Il Buono Il Brutto E Il Cattivo (LP)

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Awesome things here. I’m very happy to peer your post. Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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Pedro da Costa

Maybe the secret of success is to release special editions just after RSD. Attracting buyers’ attention to a specific artist, i.e. releasing a RSD 7″ black ltd.ed. to 5000, and releasing in the following week the same artist boxset ltd. ed. 1000 via the label’s website. I would call it marketing, good marketing, which it will make everyone happy (eSellers, Amazon, and die-hard collectors).

Yossi Barak

It seem to me that RSD has become a celebration for dealers on ebay instead of special day for collectors. I think all companies should learn from ZTT and release again some of the items without special numbers, or in “regular” black vinyl edition.


I really shouldn’t say this (and obviously won’t reveal the name of the shop) but I have been able to order and reserve what I wanted a couple of weeks in advance. I don’t really understand the point in queuing up on the day; this is helping the shop to know what amounts they have to order as some items are going out fast but some others are really not selling at all (they still had RSD items from the last 2 years!). Then it’s a matter of HONESTY. Some records like the excellent John Grant 12″ had a price tag on which prevented record shops from selling it at a higher price. This should be the case with all items. I now apparently found a copy of the Ghostbusters 10″ from a Canadian store. I say apparently as I still need to seal the deal.

Tony Pandy

Your shop understands the value of a good customer, whichmakes sense.
As for the leftovers . . this year the whole list was awash with real obscurities – they’re not mainstream obvious eBay fodder, haven’t sold, and the inherently high price of modern vinyl means very few people will be prepared to take a chance . . it’s (non) cut-out bin heaven.

Tony Pandy

Your shop understands the value of a good customer, which makes sense.
As for the leftovers . . this year the whole list was awash with real obscurities – they’re not mainstream obvious eBay fodder, haven’t sold, and the inherently high price of modern vinyl means very few people will be prepared to take a chance . . it’s (non) cut-out bin heaven.

Phil Wilson

Can the UK retailers set their own price? I went to two in the same town, one had the Bowie 7″ at £13.99 the other at £17. The second shop had added about £2.00 onto most other 7″ singles. I managed to get some items for a mate of mine in America, and he got items for me over there (UK or US exclusives) (so my Ghosbusters 10″ that I couldn’t get in the UK is thankfully on its way from the US). Most people bought what they wanted but didn’t look round the rest of the store, so quite possibly came away thinking £10 for a 7″ single is a bit steep when the album on CD is around £9, or the same with £30 LPs, so possibly not helping in getting people back into record shops. I don’t have a problem with people buying items and then selling them on, the first shop I turned up to had over 100 people in the queue an hour before it opened, so I went to another where there were only 10, and the first few were girls after the free 5 Seconds of summer cassette. The One Direction 7″ picture discs was going for £50 on RSD and the day after on ebay, now it goes for around £12, so for most items (REM and Ghostbusters excluded), there is really no panic in getting one.

All that said, for someone who owns most of what they want to own, and has been collecting for close to 25 years, I did get a rush from trying to get the items I wanted, so in that respect, a most enjoyable day!

Tony Pandy

Of course they can set their own prices – there’s no RRP any more, and it’s been years since I’ve seen Crass-style “Pay No More Than £2.99 For This Album” sticker!
RSD for most shops is like a bad Christmas . . there’s a lot of business, but not nearly as much repeat business as the whole premise promised.


Unfortunately some RSD items are even more expensive on Amazon than on Ebay, e.g. the Bowie 7″ pic discs. I saw the Rock’n’Roll Suicide 7″ in my local indie store at 25 € which I thought was ridiculous. I mean I bought all the other Bowie 7″ pic discs and paid between 8 and 12 € each! This whole RSD thing is getting a bit hysterical, isn’t it? It’s okay for me to get up early and queue up and maybe get some of the things I want (like I did in London some years ago) but there’s no way I’d pay those incredible Ebay or Amazon prices.


Thanks very much for that. Managed to get The Good, the Bad and The Ugly and The Pink Panther soundtracks very reasonably. Also see That the Doors vinyl is fairly reasonably priced on Amazon at the minute.
Got a lot of what I wanted on the day but there were only 2 copies of REM in the shop which were taken by the first 2 people there. I was queuing for 3 hours and still only 15th in the queue so God knows what time they were there. Looks like I’m going to have to settle for it on cd.
Managed to get Creedence, Ghostbusters, Strypes, The Doors, Oasis and Joy Division on the day so I can’t complain.
Managed to get Bowie’s 1984 for about £20 on Amazon.com which is fairly reasonable.
Will also mention a site called intenserecords.co.uk which seem to have a lot of the RSD stock fairly reasonably. Ordered the Terminator 2 disc for £20 including postage which isn’t bad.


I know this won’t go down well, but…..

I buy stuff on Record Store Day and admit I try to sell half of it on ebay. My justification? There’s a recession on and I’m a bit short of cash, so buy & sell vinyl. I’m not a dealer, just someone trying to make a living. I got up early, travelled some 60 miles and was queueing by 2am on the day. If others are so keen to get hold of the vinyl, get up earlier!

To be honest the stuff I’ve sold on ebay hasn’t earnt me that much so probably won’t bother next year. I’ve bought RSD stuff on Amazon myself – to keep, mind!


I was pretty lucky,only think I didn’t get was liars 10″ which is now for crazy money on ebay.
Had it pay over the top for 1984 pic disc.
Got ztt box set in the uk on the day itself for £99.my local store still has one.
Got ghostbusters,kylie ,bowie,rammstein,pet shop boys,twin Atlantic ,paramore ,Adam ant,john foxx and I paid £29.99 for the art of noise 12″ which is annoying.


I have no problem with that as you say if folks really want it get up early.
We have all paid over the odds for stuff on ebay in the past,no one forces anyone to buy it.
I bought some stuff to sell too helps to justify the £300 plus I spent on myself.


the ghostbusters disc is nice it seems to be going on ebay quite consistently around about the 50 quid mark i’ve seen.
Rock and roll suicide roughly 20-25 quid.
principles tell me not to get involved in these bidding wars its a real shame its such a rip off.
Amazon direct is the way to go if you can find what you want the two mentioned tho unlikely.
Don’t line the touts pockets.


What ever happened to the Deep Purple double 7” issue, made in Japan? After speaking to various retailers in the UK/US, there may be a strong possibility it may not have been issued, or pulled at the last minute due to some technical issues!? All there seemed to have been issued is the single 7” of Black Night/Woman from Tokyo Live in Japan instead. Anyone have any info on this one, seemed a really nice release, so it’s a shame if it wasn’t available or that they just opted for the single 7” release instead, any thoughts?

Tony Pandy

Foreign sellers get their stock from the UK labels pre-RSD (usually a couple of weeks). Often, UK labels will cut the amount going to UK shops if they get a decent enough order from abroad.
In the UK, there’s a week long embargo after RSD on non-qualifying retailers . . ie mailorder, and then it’s a free for all.
Speaking to reps from plenty of record companies in the UK, the general consensus is that RSD is a royal pain in the arse and only seems to benefit ebayers and fans who live near decent shops and can be bothered to queue for hours.
It’s a decent concept, but fairly poorly executed, and this year in the aftermath, you’ll see a ton of incredibly obscure vinyl titles languishing around, because, just because it’s obscure doesn’t make it collectable or even sellable . . especially at modern vinyl prices .. bring back the £3.49 price point ‘;0)
Just my twopenneth from 30 years in retail . . .


Beside the 25+ records I bought at my record store, I already placed orders on the web for another 15 items. Trickier is to get the US-only items. Found the US Bowie Picture Disc of ‘1984’ for $15 (+ $18 shipping costs but that’s unavoidable). Today I bought the Sex Pistols Box Set on Amazon Germany for 63 euros incl. shipping and the ZTT Box Set on Amazon US at a reasonable price of $99 (unfortunately again very high shipping costs). Still looking for REM Unplugged and the Ghostbusters 10″.


Where is the The The Giant 12″ from Kenny ? Can’t see it on AmazonUK

Phil Wilson

Can’t beat One Direction …….. pity

Kenny MacPhee

The The The (!) Giant 12″ is also available at £8-ish, although it looks like it’ll take a couple of days for stock to come in.

Phil Wilson

I ordered quite a few items from amazon.it on RSD itself, some were amazon themselves, some were market place (Deastore being one of them), over the last couple of days I have had to cancel the orders due to them not being despatched. I did get the Bowie 7″ cheaper than the UK (some stores had it at £17), plus the Tears for Fears 10″. Am still waiting for my One Direction picture disc to arrive though. I remember last year Deastore came through with the R.E.M. Green 5 track CD single, but where do these foreign sellers get all the items from?

Phil Wilson

Of course when I say my One Direction picture disc, I mean my 7 year old daughters. When I was in one store on RSD, a bloke came in looking for that single and that single only,which they no longer had. He walked out saying he was glad they didn’t have it, much to the amusement of the staff.


One Direction picture disc?… hey, it’s vinyl so it must be good! ;)