#RSD14 Preview / ZTT: The Re-Organization of Pop 7-inch box


Available only in independent record shops in the USA on 19 April 2014 – Record Store Day – Razor & Tie present Zang Tuum Tumb: The Re-Organization of Pop – A 7-inch Box Set.

This set is limited to just 1000 copies and contains the following ten seven-inch singles:

  1. Art of Noise A: Beat Box (Diversion Six) B: Beat Box (Diversion Seven)
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood A: Relax B: One September Monday
  3. Propaganda A Dr. Mabuse B: Dr. Mabuse der Spieler
  4. Andrew Poppy A 32 Frames for Orchestra B The Impossible Net
  5. Act A Chance B Winner 88
  6. 808 State A Pacific-707 B Pacific-B
  7. Shane MacGowan A Haunted (with Sinead O’Connor) B The Song With No Name
  8. The Frames A Pavement Time B Steal My Body Home
  9. Zambient Two A Dolphins by Heights of Abraham B When Love Breaks Down by Lisa Stansfield
  10. The Buggles A I Am A Camera B Fade Away


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Amoeba Music in Los Angeles had 4 copies left an hour before closing on RSD. $84! No thanks.


$75.99! Too frickin’ high—especially considering the Art of Noise disc is really the only one I’d be interested in owning.

I like the idea of Record Store Day, but too often it seems to be little more than an excuse to foist over-priced ‘limited’ editions of dubious merit on the record-buying public. Sadly, this seems to be the case here as well. A box of singles for nearly eight bucks apiece? No, thanks.


What a treat for our friends in US, Frames apart.. surely ‘Slave..’ etc. Why ever not UK ?

Boaz Halachmi

$80 is indeed the RRP.

Lazlo Nibble

£25? Try almost twice that—I’m hearing $80 US. Guess we’ll see on Saturday.

Liam Bastick

I wish it were GBP25 – I’d like a copy!! I understand that Record Store Day is intended to promote / help the independent record stores out, but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it could. They won’t take orders, some have little internet presence and instead some of the more unscrupulous members of the public that live near a participating store buy everything up and then gouge the price on your friendly internet auction web site – defeating the whole purpose of RSD. I live in Oz nowhere near a local store and I have no choice but to pay these over-inflated prices if I want something (e.g. this, Soundgarden, The Farm…). Is there no compromise that can be reached? I’d love to support a local record shop – if there was one! Suggestions welcomed.


Nice but I dont understand either why its a US release only either – ZTT werent that big a seller in the US i belive – would have made more sense for European/Japanese markets where most of the ZTT acts were popular… baffling!


paul why do ztt /salvo insist on doing theses overseas only boxsets? these items are often better than anything released in europe.

Gary C

Any news on the price? £25 perhaps?

Rob Puricelli