Saint Etienne return to Tiger Bay with a super deluxe 25th anniversary box

Trio’s acclaimed third album issued for 25th anniversary • 3LP+CD package • Box is a 1500 limited edition • Exclusive SIGNED copies via the SDE shop

Saint Etienne have announced details of a 25th anniversary edition box set of their 1994 album Tiger Bay.

Their third album, Tiger Bay first came out in March 1994, and included the top toe-taps ‘Hug My Soul’, ‘Like A Motorway’ and ‘Pale Movie’, and was an attempt by the band to fuse folk music with electronic sounds. Self-produced by the band and engineered by long-time collaborator Ian Catt, the album also featured input from Underworld’s Rick Smith, orchestral arrangements by renowned composer David Whitaker (Serge Gainsbourg, Marianne Faithfull, Air) and vocal contributions from Shara Nelson and Stephen Duffy amongst others.

The new box set will be presented in a 12″ x 12″ lift-off lid box, consistent with the 2016 Foxbase Alpha super deluxe, and includes a 2LP vinyl version of the original album in gatefold sleeve cut at 45rpm, a 12-track vinyl compilation of rarities and demos entitled Tiger Bay – Remains of The Day, plus Tiger Bay – Tapestry, a 13-track CD album of ‘stripped-back’ versions and unreleased arrangements, taken from original master tapes and complied by Pete Wiggs.

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Additionally, this anniversary box includes a 28-page booklet featuring unseen photographs and an essay about the making of the album, a 12” x 24” reproduction of the original album poster, a Hug My Soul sticker and a reproduction of the original press release and biography from 1994. This also comes with a digital download card for all the music.

All items included in the box are exclusive and won’t be available anywhere else and I’m delighted to announce that Saint Etienne have agreed to exclusively SIGN all Tiger Bay boxes ordered via the SDE shop. Only 1500 of these boxes are being produced in total and signed editions aren’t available anywhere else.

This Tiger Bay 25th anniversary box set will be released via Heavenly Recordings on 17 May 2019. Secure your signed box by pre-ordering from SDE using this link or the button below.

Tiger Bay 25th anniversary box set

Original album – Heavenly HVNLP8SE – Two-disc vinyl album cut at 45rpm

1. Urban Clearway
2.   Former Lover
3.   Hug My Soul
4.   Like A Motorway
5.   On The Shore
6.   Marble Lions
7.   Pale Movie
8.   Cool Kids Of Death
9.   Western Wind
10. Tankerville
11. The Boy Scouts Of America

Tiger Bay – Remains Of The Day – Heavenly HVNLP8RD – 33rpm Vinyl Album

1.   Urban Clearway (demo)
2.   Black Horse Latitude
3.   I Buy American Records
4.   Hate Your Drug
5.   You Know I’ll Miss You When You’re Gone
6.   Hug My Soul (demo)
7.   The Wedding of Stacey Dorning
8.   Sushi Rider
9.   Deborah’s French Feast
10. Pale Movie (demo)•
11. La Poupee Qui Fait Non (No No No)
12. Highgate Road Incident

Tiger Bay – Tapestry – Heavenly HVNLP8CDBD – CD

1.   Urban Clearway – Arrival Strings
2.   Like A Motorway – Bass
3.   Former Lover – Intro Chat
4.   Western Wind – Stephen Duffy Vocal
5.   Boy Scouts Of America – Lynch Frost Bed
6 Cool Kids Of Death – Sven Verse
7. Hug My Soul – Vibes & Strings
8.   Tankerville – Orchestra
9.   Like A Motorway – Fragments
10 Pale Movie – Guitar Solo
11. Boy Scouts Of America – Orchestra
12. Marble Lions – Sarah Plus Orchestra
13. Tiger Bay – Coda

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Hi Paul – mine arrived today and it is a great box set. Just to say your packing puts Amazon to shame. The outer packing had a big dent and rip in it and I feared the worse. However the inner cardboard and bubble wrap were easily enough to avoid any damage. Great stuff.

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks so much for the feedback Bruno. We do try very hard with the packaging. Glad it arrived in one piece!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Hi Paul, Mine arrived today too, well packaged, nice autographs. My packaging was also dented and ripped but the contents were well protected. Many thanks

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks. Glad the protection did its job.


Hi Paul – now the 2 SDE exclusive signed St Etienne box sets are sold out can you please give us an idea of how many have been signed? I was really pleased to get a signed copy of Giants by the Stranglers and perversly there are more signed copies than unsigned making the unsigned one much more valuable ! I am happy either way but of course curious as any collector worth his vinyl.

SDE Hall of Fame

There are 1500 copies of the Tiger Bay box and a little over 200 were signed for SDE. These are close to selling out now, so I can confidently say that the signed copies are much rarer than the ones with the free EP :)

A train driver in eyeliner

Life was like a motorway, dull, grey and long, until Saint Etienne came along

Björn Blomquist

Why not all records in CD or vinyl instead of a mix? I would like ‘Remains’ on CD! At least I hope all tracks will be available on streaming services. The Deluxe versions have been on Spotify before, but now there are only the regular albums without bonus tracks.


The content of ‘Remains’ is already available as the second CD of the 2CD Deluxe Edition. It looks like it goes for fairly reasonable prices on Discogs, if not available new.

Joe Johnson

Thanks for this, Paul! First SDE order. Too cool a release to pass up.

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks very much Joe!

Electric Sydney

Is it known if different formats of it will be offered?

SDE Hall of Fame

There is only one format. This box.


Hi Paul, would be great if you could swing an interview with the group related to this release.


In case anyone is swayed by the Surrey north EP and they haven’t heard it … well, it’s a bit pants. One for the crazy completists amongst us.

Never seen this SDE website before. Great idea.


Serial reissuers Saint Etienne strike again! I really like this album but I can’t keep buying it over and over again. I would like the Tapestry CD, but I can’t justify paying £60 for it!


Ok Paul obvs its not 39 for autographs but basically 30 more if i buy it from your store. Like i said it gives me only parcel force shipping for 29. Cheers

SDE Hall of Fame

I’ve had a look and if you want to try again it should be cheaper.

graeme ewan

hi, is it 1500 total or 1500 signed? thanks.

SDE Hall of Fame

1500 in total.

graeme ewan

how many signed Paul?

SDE Hall of Fame

Don’t know yet!!


Saint Etienne are one of those bands I’ve always known about, yet never followed.

Checking out for new concerts at The Sage, Gateshead yesterday I came across a Saint Etienne concert in October for the Tiger Bay album. I bought four tickets at the front.

When I saw Paul’s listing today for Tiger Bay I checked the Saint Etienne website (their box set of Tiger Bay is listed as sold out for those looking for the extra ep), there’s no mention of the concert at The Sage or anywhere else.

For those looking to see them live, check the local venues as it’s a bit bizarre that so far nothing seems to be advertised by the band. The Sage’s new website is useless, and it takes a manual search to find new listings, so I doubt hardly anyone knows of this concert – front row tickets are still available for those in the North East.

Matt S

It’s not being released on their website until Tuesday. That’s why it’s showing as “Sold Out”.


Thanks for negotiating the signed editions Paul! I got the fan club announcement yesterday and was going to pass because I’m not a vinyl collector. But the autographs AND knowing it will include a download code tipped the scales.


Paul great news but £29 shipping charges to mainland Europe is too much and you offer no alternative shipping methods. Given that you sell the box for already £10 more than their official store i will pass. £39 for autographs it is not worth :(

SDE Hall of Fame

Let’s be sensible about this. The band can afford to sell direct for £10 cheaper because they aren’t buying it from a distributor who have their own mark-up on it. Also it’s not £39 for ‘autographs’ because I don’t think the band are sending it free to Europe. For much of Europe it’s around £15 to ship this box set for SDE customers.


“For much of Europe it’s around £15 to ship this box set for SDE customers.”

So why are you charging DOUBLE that?

“Paul great news but £29 shipping charges to mainland Europe is too much”

SDE Hall of Fame

I’m not charging double. I’m charging on average £15.


I wish I could resist this, but that version of Marble Lions is gorgeous. I saw them last fall and they are by far the most gracious and friendly band I’ve ever encountered. I’m torn between ordering here and their web shop which is VERY unreliable. They could really use your help Paul.

SDE Hall of Fame

I’d recommend my shop ;) But seriously, either way you are supporting the band.


Hey Paul, this is great ! Would be fab to have the lids signed maybe in blue or gold sharpie but would it be possible to wrap them in bubble wrap etc afterwards to protect them while at the mercy of the Royal Mail please? Can’t wait! :)

SDE Hall of Fame

Don’t worry we’ll pack ultra-carefully. It’s all still done ‘in-house’ (for my sins) because I’m a bit of a control freak. P


Haha thanks Paul! I am the same ;) can’t wait! Assuming the Surrey North E.P doesn’t come with the pre order through SDE ? Toss up between extra cd or signed copy but went with signed! Best wishes :)

SDE Hall of Fame

No it doesn’t. Thanks for the order :)


I interviewed Bob Stanley at the time of the albums release, he was an enthusiastic and knowledgable interviewee, and I was able to get all of my S E stuff signed by the band at the time. Still I am very tempted by this set,[ the stripped down CD sounds fun], as it is still my favourite St Etienne album.Hopefully the band will do some live shows to push this release.

Kevin Galliford

There’s a brilliant Chemical Brothers mix of “Like a Motorway” done at the time too. Not on this but one of my favourite ever mixes.


I think the chemmies mix is on the mondo casino remix album, if you’re referring to the chekhov warp mix. I remember getting it on a cassette with select magazine at the time. Great remix.


I would have preferred Tapestry on vinyl (more so than Remains even) but whatever. It’s a great looking box for a wonderful album anyway. I skipped the Foxbase box for lack of anything new, so this is a go for me. I have other signed items from them though so I’ll probably go for the Surrey North bonus, but it’s a tough call (coming to the U.S. shipping’s a concern too…). Very cool that you’re offering that, Paul!

Timm Davison

I’m in the US too and debating this due to postage costs. What’s this Surrey North bonus you’re talking about?

SDE Hall of Fame

I think it’s £20 to post to the USA. Not too bad…


I love So Tough, a pity it was skipped for superdeluxification. I want to know how they came up with the lyrics to Hobart Paving.


Hi Paul
Apart from the book is it worth having the box set when people like myself have already the deluxe edition double cd that came out ten years ago ???

SDE Hall of Fame

Only you can decide :) but this looks pretty good to me and cool to acquire a signed edition.


Right ! But on the deluxe edition were My christmas prayer and I was born on christmas day that are missing on this SDE it seems…


Not technically from the Tiger Bay area, and already available on vinyl (on the holiday album A Glimpse of Stocking, which is still available to buy).

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Hi Paul,
How will the boxes be signed? Will the lids be signed or one of the content items? Many thanks

SDE Hall of Fame

Not sure yet. Might be the cover of the perfect bound 28-page booklet inside. What are people’s preference?

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

would prefer the box lid itself…. or a frame-able item from the box….

Peter Muscutt

I’d have to say having the ACTUAL box signed would be cool, Paul. Having a nice signed print/poster/booklet etc. is nice, but having the signature on the front of the item/box/slipcase is better IMHO. It saves having to open it up to see that it has been signed, which is nice for us who like to display signed items on the shelf.

SDE Hall of Fame

Right well at the moment box lid seems to be popular. It’s quite dark, that’s the only thing, but with the right coloured sharpie it could work okay…

Chris Squires

I’m in with the lid too, if you are with them they might as well. Postcards and prints (Blancmange / PY / Lulu) are fine if the artist can’t get in front of 50 – 500 actual boxes, but if the choice is available the actual sleeve / lid is always preferable.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

I have made a purchase…. I’m glad others prefer the box lid as the location of the signatures….

SDE Hall of Fame

Thank you!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

The signatures could go top left, in the light area around the band logo?

Dave H

You could use one of those silver or gold markers if it’s a dark background.

Peter Muscutt

Sign it in Tip-Ex if its a dark cover? Maybe do a little doodle with the brush too? Actually, no…might get messy. #BackToTheDrawingBoard


What I read from Etienne was that the Tapestry disc is a CD and the remains is vinyl. Looks like a nice set.

Joshua Smith

It looks like the song “Grovely Road” will not be included in this edition. Otherwise, it looks like a great tracklist!

Tim Abbott

Grovely Road didn’t come out until He’s On The Phone, a year after Tiger Bay. If (as has been rumoured) the band are doing this box set apprach for all their albums, it’ll doubtless be on the Continental box – the second CD in the existing deluxe reissue has it.

Matt Wells

An essential release for Saint Etienne fans and also fans of Underworld. I’d certainly like to know if Rick Smith of Underworld had any further input on any of the demos or other tracks not on the original release. Does this version credit Rick on anything beyond, “Urban Clearway”, “Like a Motorway”, “Cool Kids of Death”? One of Underworld’s best remixes was of Cool Kids of Death…

Chris Squires

Ah, man. I promised myself I would be more careful with my money. I bought this on Vinyl on first release, mainly because of the Stephen Duffy backing vocals on Western Wind. I did not know (tut-tut) that there was a version with Stephen on lead vocals.
I also didn’t know (double tut-tut) there was a version of Dilworth’s theme on Foxbase Beta that also has Stephen on backing / humming duties. I don’t have that either…….

Ordered via SDE shop.

Tim Abbott

Cheers Paul – very looking forward to this. Without wanting to deter your potential buyers, does the version you’re offering include the Surrey North four-track EP that the St Etienne webstore is offering purchasers for the first week of box set sales? It was given away at their Christmas parties last year but is otherwise unavailable unless you’re paying through the nose on Discogs.

SDE Hall of Fame

No it doesn’t include that, but you pays your money you takes your choice, I guess.


Bizarre release if you ask me. Typically what we have seen in box sets is the regular album on vinyl and cd and then the bonus material on further cd’s. This is the regular album on vinyl, then bonus material on vinyl and then different bonus material on cd. I don’t see how that helps anyone. The vinyl ppl are upset for missing the stripped down versions on vinyl and the cd ppl are upset because they didn’t even bother to include the regular album on cd nor the rarities and demos. So now everyone is upset. As a cd guy I certainly won’t get this.


The regular album and second album of rarities are already available on CD in the Tiger Bay deluxe edition


Yes I understand that but why not include it in here? It’s the 25th anniversary box set.


Because then you’d have plenty of folks annoyed that they upped the price to include 2 CDs that most of the market for this (hardcore fans) already owns. That set is still widely available for rather cheap, and I’m fine with not having to pay more for this since I already own it (like most others who would buy this).


I thought ‘you’re in a bad way’ was from that álbum …


It’s on preceding album So Tough (in a different version from the single).

Anthony Squires

No – You’re In A Bad Way was on ‘So Tough’ , the prior album

Chris Squires

No relation*