Sam Brown / 43 Minutes remastered

Remastered • Signed for SDE readers

Sam Brown‘s third album 43 Minutes has been remastered and reissued on CD and Sam has agreed to sign a limited number of copies especially for SDE readers!

The album was issued in 1992 and came at the end of a turbulent period for the singer/songwriter with the death of Sam’s mother (Vicki Brown), leaving her record label A&M (43 Minutes was issued on her own label) and Sam retreating to a farm house in Scotland to bring up her young family.

Less poppy than its predecessors, 43 Minutes is thematically more consistent, dealing with themes of love, life and loss and there’s some very beautiful music on it. It rather came and went within a blink of an eye at the time, although a single ‘Fear Of Life’ was issued and a video was made (featuring a heavily pregnant Sam!).

The long list of musicians that contribute include Herbie Flowers, Tony Newman, Jody Linscott, Pete Brown, Joe Brown, Paul Bangash, Julian Stringle, Margo Buchanan and Danny Schogger.

Like most of what came before, the album was produced Sam’s brother Pete Brown and Pete himself remastered it in 2018 for this new CD release. The album is yet to be issued on vinyl and also isn’t available on any streaming platforms.

As with the A&M Years box set that I curated back in 2016, Sam has agreed to sign a limited quantity of the newly remastered 43 Minutes CD especially for SDE readers and these are available to pre-order direct from the SDE shop using this link or the button below. They will ship in a few weeks..on or around 28 February 2019.

Note: The CD is presented as a digipack with slightly updated artwork and folded lyric sheet insert. Sam will sign the front cover.


  1. Come Into My World
  2. Into The Night
  3. In The Rain
  4. Fear of Life
  5. The Morning Song
  6. You Are The World
  7. See This Evil
  8. Your Time Is Your Own
  9. One Candle
  10. Letting Go
  11. Sleep Like A Baby

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Is this no longer available? I tried to order it but it won’t ship to the USA. :(


Thanks mate, will keep checking back. Appreciate your reply.


I just googled 43 Minutes out of curiosity and I ended up here cos I’m listening to the tape I made of Sam’s gig at Tenby De Valance in 1993, when she was touring this album, for the first time in years. It still sounds fantastic, as does the album itself of course. I went to a lot of Sam’s gigs between 1989 and 2008 or so, and met a lot of lovely people in the process. Happy days indeed.

Thanks for all the great music and the happy memories Sam.

Andy Haines

My signed copy arrived this morning! Really pleased. I have the 7″ pop up sleeve of Mindworks which I got ready to take to a gig of Sam’s in Leeds some years ago but it was cancelled at the last minute due to ill health so I never did get it signed. This is an excellent substitute. Cheers.

Rob Caiger

My signed copy of ’43 Minutes…’ arrived this morning. Well done Paul – and big thanks to Sam for taking the time to sign her album. It sounds fabulous, a work of beauty and incredible songs that invite discovery and delight. A nice change to sit and enjoy music that isn’t just work – and rediscover the brilliance of all the songs, especially ‘Come Into My World’, ‘One Candle’ and ‘Your Time Is Your Own’ which is especially poignant as it features an old friend of mine on violin, Wilf Gibson of ELO…


Will it be shipped before Brexit?

Just wondering if we are going to make it …

Surely I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to have this album signed by Sam – after I missed the signed A&M Years box set

Thanks for the great job, Paul!

David Bly


I only just saw this. Is it possible for me to get the A&M box signed too. If so, I will order it right away.
In any case, thanks for all you do!


David Bly

Thanks a lot. I’ll do it right now!

george glazener

Is this the lady who performed on “Concert for George”, or a different Sam Brown?


Paul, I’ve only just seen these comments regarding buying both Sam Brown items and getting both signed – is it too late, have you already met her and had them signed?


Thanks Paul, that’s brilliant. I’ve just ordered both items. Thank-you.

John Peace

I’m happy someone is paying attention to this woman. She is my favorite female voice ever. I discovered her through Pink Floyd and the two solo tracks David Gilmour played on, and there was no turning back. Godd to see a remaster of this album. Now it won’t be half as loud as everything else I own (including her other albums)

Andy Haines

Already got this, but signed is even better. Would love a re master set in vinyl as some of Sam’s work has never been released on wax! Absolutely enjoyed seeing her live performance before her unfortunate throat issues. Brilliant singer, much fun and sadness in her work and attractive to boot. What more could you ask for!

James Giraffe

I ordered the A&M box from you a while ago. Brilliant! I had never heard this album so did a bit of YouTubing and stopped about 30 seconds into the first song of this album. Stunning! I was blown away! I’ve placed my order for this too. Thanks. :-)

Tony O

sorry Paul, thought I had ordered it then I saw the basket with “1” in it, paid now

John T

Ordered, many thanks..


Just ordered, as also the Paul Young-singles-box and the PY-Remixes And Rarities-2cd, both via jpc.de.
I think i’m gonna mark this “Sinclair’s Day” in my calendar. ;-)

Robert Laversuch

Missed this first time round. Rectified. Will sit well with signed box set of hers.
Nice job


Already have it on CD – vinyl please ;-)))


Damn you Paul, you have made me break my new year resolution of buying already purchased music.


A super album. Great to know it’s available again for those that missed it first time around (I bought it on tape when it first came out, and hunted the CD down later).
And Sam’s tour of this, with Herbie Flowers was fantastic. I especially remember enjoying them playing “Feel like making love”, the Bad Company cover.


Nice one, thanks ! Merci beaucoup…

Ray Oakley

Thanks Paul… this is too good to miss, so ordered! I recall seeing Sam playing a very low key show around the time of the album’s release in 1992. It was in Stoke Newington, North London and I think it was at the Three Crowns public house, which nowadays is the location of the Waiting Room venue, but this was in a room in the main part of the pub. If anyone can confirm or correct my recollections and possibly remind me of the date, it would be much appreciated!


She could have retitled it to include Bonus tracks. “Extended 43 Minutes” :)

Mike Williams

or with bonus tracks: “43 Minutes…plus!”. It reminds me when Neil Diamond’s album “12 Songs” had 14 songs if you bought the deluxe edition due to 2 bonus tracks.

Rob Caiger

Nice one Paul. This is a stunning album and a well overdue remaster. We promoted it to the ELO fanbase back in the 90’s due to the involvement of some of The Idle Race guys who were backing Joe Brown at the time. One of those timeless albums which should now be shouted about and promoted as much as possible so it is justly rediscovered and in every music lovers collection. Sam Brown is an incredible talent – as shown on ’43 Minutes’. Perfection. A must have.

Carsten Schaefer

Great. Ordered. Thanks
Like Kate Bush when she was still relevant…(sorry, but that’s my opinion. Don’t want to offend anyone, ok?)


Not offending me, Carsten. Just stating a fact. :)


I got excited when I read about this, thinking it was going to have a first ever vinyl pressing :-(
I saw Sam Brown live several times in the 90’s, including the tour of this album (Jazz Café in Camden if I recall correctly). Herbie Flowers was there too and entertained the audience with his dry humour – fabulous concerts and among the best I have ever witnessed. It was with great sadness that I learnt recently about Sam’s inability to properly sing anymore – very heart breaking for her. She had (has) one of the most natural and powerful voices this country has ever produced and I hope she finds her voice again.
And please, please, please give this a very long overdue vinyl pressing (and that applies to all of her releases after April Moon). Here’s hoping!


Jan V

Thank you! Ordered!


This would’ve been nice if it included bonus tracks, such as Rage and the single version of Fear Of Life to name just two! But none the less, it should still sound a better album as a remaster!!
I’m sure there are unreleased tracks and demos (like the A&M box set) it could have included on this!!

Gareth Jones

Presumably the album title is also the duration length of the album? So it would be wrong to tag on some bonus tracks, because then it would no longer be 43 minutes long!!

Tony O

thanks, Ordered


Got it and thank you Paul. It’ll go great with my A&M signed box. Love Sam.