Scorpions / Anniversary reissues


German rock band Scorpions are celebrating 50 years with an major anniversary re-release campaign in November.

Eight albums will be reissued: Blackout (1982) Love at First Sting (1984), World Wide Live (1985), Savage Amusement (1988), Lovedrive (1979), Animal Magnetism (1980), Tokyo Tapes (1978) and Taken By Force (1977).

These reissues will come as multi-disc digi-packs, that feature bonus tracks with unheard songs, demos and live recordings. Most of these sets will include DVDs that feature promos, TV appearances, interviews and documentaries.

There will be vinyl reissues too. Interestingly, all the vinyl records come with the CDs with bonus tracks (the CDs in “paper sleeve” packaging), making the purchasing decision perhaps not quite as straightforward as usual. With the vinyl packages you effectively just ‘miss out’ on the DVD element (where they exist). Also, Amazon UK list all the vinyl versions at not much more than £15 each which seems like excellent value for considering you get the CD with the the extra content.

You can also buy a vinyl box set which contains 10 LPs (the two live albums are doubles) and 10 CDs with the bonus tracks.

The Scorpions reissues are due for release on 6 November 2015.

Note: Not everything is currently available for pre-order, but the list below will be updated.



Vinyl Box Set (10LP + all the CDs with bonus tracks)


Blackout CD+DVD


Blackout Vinyl LP + CD with bonus tracks


Love at First Sting 2CD+DVD


Love at First Sting Vinyl LP + 2CD with bonus tracks


World Wide Live CD+DVD


World Wide Live 2LP + CD


Savage Amusement CD+DVD


Savage Amusement LP + CD with bonus tracks


Lovedrive Blu-spec CD2+DVD Japanese Edition


Animal Magnetism Blu-spec CD2+DVD Japanese Edition


Tokyo Tapes Blu-spec CD2 + DVD Japanese Edition


Taken by Force Blu-spec CD2+DVD Japanese Edition



Love at First Sting

CD 1
1. Bad Boys Running Wild 3:54
2. Rock You Like A Hurricane 04:16
3. I’m Leaving You 04:16
4. Coming Home 04:58
5. The Same Thrill 03:30
6. Big City Nights 04:08
7. As Soon As The Good Times Roll 05:01
8. Crossfire 04:31
9. Still Loving You 06:26
10. Coming Home unreleased demo version (bonus track) 03:16
11. Living At Night unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:20
12. First Sting Jam No.1 unreleased demo (bonus track) 01:21
13. Anytime (You Want It) unreleased demo song (bonus track) 05:07
14. Still Loving You unreleased demo version (bonus track) 05:46

CD 2
1. Intro Live At Madison Square Garden/ New York City06.07.1984)
2. Coming Home
3. Blackout
4. Bad Boys Running Wild
5. Loving You Sunday Morning
6. Big City Nights
7. Holiday (acoustic)
8. Still Loving You
9. Rock You Like A Hurricane
10. The Zoo
11. Dynamite

1. Rock You Like A Hurricane (video clip) 04:16
2. I`m Leaving You (video clip) 04:16
3. Big City Nights (video clip) 04:08
4. Still Loving You (video clip) 06:26
5. Rock You Like A Hurricane (TV show Germany 1985) 04:16
6. Still Loving You (TV show Germany 1985) 06:26
7. Still Loving You (TV show Germany 1984) 06:26
8. Big City Nights (Monsters Of Rock Germany 1986) 04:15
9. Interview Special with Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell


World Wide Live

1. Countdown 0:41
2. Coming Home 03:17
3. Blackout 04:11
4. Bad Boys Running Wild 3:45
5. Loving You Sunday Morning 04:41
6. Make It Real 03:51
7. Big City Nights 04:49
8. Coast To Coast 04:40
9. Holiday 03:12
10. Still Loving You 05:44
11. Rock You Like A Hurricane 04:04
12. Can`t Live Without You 05:28
13. Another Piece Of Meat 03:36
14. Dynamite 07:05
15. The Zoo 05:46
16. No One Like You 04:07
17. Can`t Get Enough Pt.1 01:59
18. Six String Sting 05:18
19. Can`t Get Enough Pt.2 01:52

1. Coming Home(Originally Only Available On VHS) 03:17
2. Blackout 04:11
3. Big City Nights 04:49
4. Loving You Sunday Morning 04:41
5. No One Like You 04:07
6. Holiday 03:12
7. Bad Boys Running Wild 03:45
8. Still Loving You 05:44
9. Rock You Like A Hurricane 04:04
10. Dynamite 07:05
11. Interview Special with Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell



1. Blackout 03:49
2. Can`t Live Without You 03:47
3. No One Like You 03:57
4. You Give Me All I Need 03:39
5. Now! 02:35
6. Dynamite 04:12
7. Arizona 03:56
8. China White 06:59
9. When The Smoke Is Going Down 03:51
10. Blackout unreleased demo version (bonus track) 02:24
11. Running For The Plane unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:07
12. Sugar Man unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:23
13. All My Love unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:04
14. Searching For The Rainbow unreleased demo song (bonus track) 03:52

1. No One Like You (video clip) 03:57
2. Arizona (video clip) 04:30
3. Blackout (Rock Pop In Concert) 03:35
4. Loving You Sunday Morning (Rock Pop In Concert) 04:50
5. Coming Home(Rock Pop In Concert) 03:15
6. Always Somewhere(Rock Pop In Concert) 04:15
7. Holiday(Rock Pop In Concert) 03:00
8. Can`t Live Without You (Rock Pop In Concert) 06:33
9. Dynamite (Rock Pop In Concert) 06:20
10. Can`t Get Enough (Rock Pop In Concert) 05:23
11. Make It Real (not broadcasted)(Rock Pop In Concert) 03:36
12. The Zoo (not broadcasted)(Rock Pop In Concert) 07:16
13. Interview Special with Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell


Savage Amusement

1. Don`t Stop At The Top 04:03
2. Rhythm Of Love 03:47
3. Passion Rules The Game 03:58
4. Media Overkill 03:32
5. Walking On The Edge 05:05
6. We Let It Rock…You Let It Roll 03:38
7. Every Minute Every Day 04:21
8. Love On The Run 03:35
9. Believe In Love 05:20
10. Taste Of Love unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:39
11. Edge Of Time unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:36
12. Don`t Wait Too Long unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:15
13. Fast And Furious unreleased demo song (bonus track) 03:11
14. Living For Tomorrow unreleased demo song (bonus track) 03:30
15. I Can`t Explain (The Who cover version) 03:22

1. Rhythm Of Love (video clip) 03:47
2. Passion Rules The Game (video clip) 03:58
3. Believe In Love (video clip) 05:20
4. I Can`t Explain (video clip) 03:22
5. Documentary with clips and live material To Russia with Love
6. Interview Special with Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell

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Earl Foltz

I just wish I could find out for sure which remasters actually have DVDs, and which ones do NOT have DVDs. It is SO frustrating! Perhaps it would be easier for them to just release the damn DVDs separately, so it is easier to know exactly what you are getting without such a hassle. It is damn near impossible to pin any of the sellers down to whether they have DVDs included or not. Many time, the link that states a DVD is included only shows the 2 CDs. I would love to be able to find DVDs of their earlier stuff with Uli Jon Roth that actually play in U.S. DVD players, or are playable anywhere (region 0).

James Barnes

I’d have been all over the vinyl box set if it had come with the DVD’s, but as it doesn’t I’ll pass.

peter chrisp

Great news so far 6 of their deluxe editions have finally arrived “Tokyo Tapes” and i have bought the 4disc box set and decided to include the
vinyl as the extra cost was very little with an extra 50 minutes of music,
“World Wide Live” including a live dvd and a doco around 82 minutes of extras, “Blackout” an extra 4 tracks on the original album a live dvd 2 music videos and a doco all in all bonuses add up to just on 2 hours! “Lovedrive” an extra 2 tracks a live dvd & once again a doco you are looking @ total of 95 minutes of extras! “Love At First Sting” 3discs!
5 bonus tracks on original album a bonus live cd disc 3, 4 music vids
4 tv appearances & a doco to complete the picture bonus material you are looking at around an extra 145 minutes not too bad you may say, “Savage
Amusement”an extra 6 tracks on the original album a live concert from
Russia music vids and a doco all in all bonus material around 107 minutes
sound quality too is excellent on cd, and there is a “warning” well not what you would call a warning “The dvd contains historical archive footage
we therefore ask for your understanding in the event of variations in the quality of sound and picture. I can imagine if they had high definition
cameras all those years ago but great stuff to have all of the extras, “Taken
By Force” & Animal Magnetism” were delayed by a week but should be on the way within days, the last 2 are on blu-spec cd2, not quite sure how good it will sound whether it will have been an improvement on the original release well i will find out pretty soon.


Turns out the vinyl box is limited to 2000 numbered pieces. For a band as large as the scorpions that’s going to make it hard to find I think.
I pre-ordered from amazon.fr for a really great price (135euro) when this post went up. Hasn’t shipped today and many of the amazon sites are stating its backordered for months. Sort of a default status when Amazon has no idea if they are getting any. They can easily and have wrote me in the past saying, sorry, your thing is impossible for us to track down. So, I’m hoping my pre-order does eventually ship..

peter chrisp

Thanks Frank for the update.

peter chrisp

Paul thanks for feedback, just a short note i am confused with the latest on The Scorpions, now what i understand a deluxe edition of an album
is the original album plus at time bonus material on disc2 so that’s 2 discs,
hope i got that right! I noticed the next 4 Scorpions releases will now be on
blu-spec2,Animal Magnetism & Taken By Force are deluxe editions on Amazon UK, now a deluxe edition is 2discs? When i checked out both albums number of discs 1? And they have a photo of 2discs? Paul can you make out any sense of it. Once again a big thanks

peter chrisp

Jimmy i hope i can explain, i am confused too, some of it doesn’t make sense even on their web-page thank goodness Blackout 2discs, Love At First Sting 3discs, World Wide Live 2discs, Savage Amusement 2discs, this is where am very confused with the other 4, all will have blu-spec:
Tokyo Tapes deluxe 2discs, Lovedrive deluxe 2discs, now this is where
it get’s a little strange Animal Magnetism deluxe 1 disc? A deluxe edition
usually involves 2discs and there is a photo of 2 discs. Taken By Force
deluxe edition 1disc and a photo of 2discs? Can you work that one out?

peter chrisp

Paul thanks for your feedback, in regards to 4 Scorpions upcoming releases Taken By Force, Lovedrive, Animal Magnetism, & Tokyo Tapes.
I couldn’t help but notice they’re on a different format while the other
4 are traditional cd/dvd editions. I must admit i do shop @ HMV Japan
every so often as i don’t mind an occasional shmcd disc. At the moment
as blu-spec is reasonably new and no doubt costly and only available in Japan but i don’t mind importing them directly from Japan, I noticed too
Amazon UK have the Japanese editions, From what i understand blu-spec
is fine in all cd players. I have jumped on line to get some idea of sound
quality in comparison to cd/dvd/shmcd/sacd. There is so much speculation as to which sounds the best, Paul have you, i guess any idea
what a blu-spec disc would be like sound wise? As this would be the first time your thoughts


Going to order the boxset from fr to ship to the USA. I know some folks did the UK Iron Maiden box and it got crushed in transit. So I’m hoping for the best.
I suppose if a US version shows up on Amazon USA before november I can cancel.

Jimmy Agates

I believe the Japanese editions will not have anything extra. There does seem to be some confusion with what is pictured from what is in the descriptions issued by the record company and even on the Scorpions official site!


Looking forward to a number of these reissues. I hope Lonesome Crow is included at some point down the road.


I’d love them to also secure the rights to lonesome crow to Virgin killer and expand them too. It’s all quite complicated though in terms of record labels as they kept changing. Esp seeing as taken by force and Tokyo tapes were originally on rca and yet are included here along with the 80s stuff which Was on harvest/emi in Europe and mercury in the US. It’s odd that the other rca lps are not included in this set. I guess emi had the rights to taken by force to savage amusement for the 2001 reissues and they’ve continued the same set with these new reissues. Not sure who owns the original emi catalogue since the company got sold.


Thanks a lot for informing me about the track listing, I really love it. And what about the Japanese Edition! Can we wait for an extra CD?? As I mentioned it’s posted in SDE (above) as 2CD+DVD. What’s the truth behind it? I’m fingers crossed!!! Please help me again….


dint’t you miss a thing ??!!
What about the rest of the tracklist?? Japanese editions comes with a extra CD as it was posted 2CD+DVD ?? In the promotional photos there’s just 1 CD and 1 DVD !!
Can someone answer me please!! I’ve been waiting for this many years !! Whomever answer me I’ll thank you a forever. God bless you !!

peter chrisp

In Trance & Virgin Killer, and Fly To The Rainbow, are they next in line?
I’ll ask a silly question, as we all know UK version of In Trance had the
boobs hanging out, while the US version had “everything” covered, and the UK version of Virgin Killer had i guess an over the top “banned” cover.
It does makes sense as next year will be it’s 40th Anniversary! If they are
the next albums to get the deluxe edition will they “cover” up the front
sleeve to both of those albums?

Jimmy Agates

Virgin Killer, In Trance and Fly To The Rainbow are on BMG whereas these 8 titles are Universal but let’s hope those get the same treatment at some stage.


In my mind, only the Uli John Roth era recordings are of interest. Specifically, its a shame that only Taken by Force is getting some interest. Fly to the Rainbow, In Trance, and Virgin Killer really need the band to step up. Though, Virgin Killer did get a remaster last year.

peter chrisp

And a great place too in which to check out & perhaps buy the above is
in Denmark the web-page is jpc-de it’s definitely worth checking out

peter chrisp

Being one of my fave bands as a few people have suggested is everyone happy with the result and the extras? It appears to be a bit of yes and a bit of no, as suggested you cannot please everyone, have The Scorpions done their best to please their loyal fans? I am with you Jimmy can’t live can’t
live without them! Although they’re listed above Taken By Force, Animal
Magnetism, Lovedrive & Tokyo Tapes are those 4 released on the same day?


Does anyone know if the vinyl is AAA all analog mastering?


I remain skeptical until I have heard examples of the new remastering. The last ones were an atrocity, they made your ears bleed.


Why is there rarely a USA pre-order???


It’s a good operation, but I have two concerns: World Wide Live seems to offer nothing new in terms of audio tracks and…where are In Trance and Virgin Killer???


Amazon france best price to Canada, boxset vinyl altogether $143 eu woohoo!!

gary C

Good god that is fantastic value for money, really puts a lot of recent releases by other bands to shame, notably the post £100 sets that offer zilch in the exclusive column save a book.
Think about it, a remastered piece of vinyl plus the bonus tracks on CD for £16?

Jimmy Agates

I’m in for these. One of my favourite bands of all time. Hope the mastering is better than the previous disasters though…