SDE’s Paul McCartney ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ interview booklet re-available

Acclaimed series of interviews brought together in a printed edition

To mark the 30th anniversary of the album, SDE is making available again the acclaimed interview booklet that features the producers of Paul McCartney‘s Flowers in the Dirt talking candidly about working with the ex-Beatle and the making of the album.

The Flowers in the Dirt album was released almost 30 years ago to the day –  5 June 1989, to be exact – and between them producers Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Mitchell Froom and Chris Hughes worked on nine of the 13 songs that were issued on the CD and cassette version of the album (the vinyl was a 12-track album).

Originally published on SDE, in the interview the producers discuss, in detail, how they got the job and the nitty-gritty of working with the superstar, in the studio, on songs like ‘My Brave Face’, ‘Figure of Eight’, ‘Motor of Love’ and ‘That Day Is Done’ and more. The printed version features the whole of the 9,000 word interview feature, along with 1200 extra words from Messrs Horn, Lipson and Hughes that are exclusive to this printed edition.

Originally there were only a few hundred of these available. This anniversary edition is another short, limited run and is distinguished by a glossy front cover (previously it had a matt finish) and as you can see below, it will slot into the Flowers in the Dirt deluxe set quite nicely.

These are available to pre-order ONLY via the SDE shop and will ship in a couple of weeks. Secure a copy by clicking on this link or simply using the button below.


Praise for this interview feature article by SDE readers:

“The interview is really fantastic… It is very informative and will go down as one of the greatest insights into Paul’s working methods in his solo career.”

“Invaluable document”

“Stupendous article”

“One of the best McCartney articles I’ve ever read. And I’ve read LOTS!”

“Fantastic work”

“Incredible work”

“So many good insights into Paul and his creative process in this, I’m going to have to reread it a few times”

“Fantastic article”

“Really amazing interviews”

“So great to read something this in-depth about one of Paul’s albums”

“Wow. This was magnificent. Really. Fascinating. Well balanced. Really interesting deep dive on both the personal and professional level. I was sad when it ended.”

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Wayne Olsen

Dear Paul,

First of all, it’s a lovely book.
I was sent it twice. Should I use the PO Box address on the address label to send one back? Let me know.


Booklet received yesterday a superb publication excellently packaged. Many thanks Paul.

Spiral Scar

Thank you for making this available again. I missed it the first time around. It makes a nice supplement to the deluxe and ordering it has prompted me to give the old standard album a spin. Hard to believe I bought it thirty years ago this week. I had just started to get into Paul McCartney in a more-than-superficial way (singles, mostly) and FITD was his first new release that I was eagerly awaiting. By the end of 1989, I had a serious McCartney collection going, with some hard-to-find 7″, 10″ and 12″ singles that would still take years to find in the US before the internet. FITD and Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” (40 years old yesterday, so I’ve read, but finally on CD in the US in 1989) were perhaps my most listened to albums of that summer. Not that they necessarily go together… except that “Ou Est Le Soleil?” and “I Remember Nothing” feature the same two chord drone (a tad slower with JD!) I notice crap like this.

Tom D

Ordered. I’m expecting a jigsaw puzzle and suitcase as well. :)

Simon Rogers

One of my favorite Macca lps so many happy memories of him on his 1989 tour to promote the album when he still had a decent voice .
Have just ordered my copy as I was gutted I missed it first time around. Looking forward to reading it.

hendry doran

Got the original signed limted edtion (360/500) and it is housed with the archive series vinyl double album.
Still to buy the deluxe cd edition but I scan Amazon worldwide on a daily basis for a price I feel comfortable with so the reprint can go with that set as and when.

Thanks Paul


I missed this interview at the time. Not interested in buying this because I’m not a huge Macca fan and don’t intend to buy the box set but it’s definitely a good read as usual.

It’s a great album. I bought the LP in 1989 because I’m a big fan of Elvis Costello. I hope someday Paul will get the chance to chat with Elvis Costello. Loved Costello’s autobiography “Unfaithfull Music”. He talks about his collaboration with McCartney in the Book


So the new edition has more words, did I get that right? Reminds me of Egypt St… ;-)
How about a download for the first edition buyers?



Bill Hammell

Very nice to see it available again, as I bought my SDE after these were gone. Thanks for the reprint!
Bill from New Jersey (USA)

G Steven Cleere

Of course, it’s missing a few of the vital bits we wanted…. oh, no, wait – that was the SDE Box I was speaking of…. ;->


Any signed copies ?

J. Walsh

Excellent companion piece! Still enjoying my copy. …I hear some pages are download only? ;-) Kidding.

Paul Q

Has it been remastered


I always regretted not getting this, thanks for making it available again.


I have this from the first “print” and can highly recommend it. It’s a great read and fits very nicely in the box set together with the burnt CD I made of the download-only songs and the rest of the box of course. It makes the box super-exclusive.

Sean Hewitt

Ordered this – and I haven’t even got the box. Always been interested in the album, though. Thanks for making this available again!


“quite nicely” isn’t the word I would use. In fact, I thought it was safer for all items involved to store this one separately from the box (in the plastic folder it came with).

Peter Muscutt

On a (sort-of) related note, I ordered one of the Heaven 17 interview booklets for my father in law’s birthday and it was rapturously received. There will of course be a book collating every SDE Interview booklet in the future, right Paul? If you could get the visiting guest artists/bands to maybe record an exclusive acoustic song for you, you could even bring out a deluxe box set of them all!

Leo Lotti

We all knew you would do the right thing and put them back in print Paul.

John Orr

Ordered. Thanks Paul!