SDE’s pick of Record Store Day releases

ABBA / Summer Night City clear/yellow splatter vinyl

Summer Night City was a non-album single from 1978, although it ended up on Greatest Hits Vol. 2 which was released in late ’79.

Air / Sexy Boy 12-inch picture disc

Moon Safari is 2o this year. This (shaped?) picture disc ties in with those celebrations.


Bruce Springsteen / Greatest Hits opaque red vinyl (2LP)

The 1996 ‘best of’ pressed on double red vinyl. Doesn’t get the blood pumping.

The Cure / Torn Down 2LP picture disc

First time on vinyl for 16 new mixes by Robert Smith. Comes with die-cut gatefold sleeve and download code.

The Cure / Mixed Up 2LP picture disc

The Cure‘s remix album from 1990 pressed as a double LP picture disc. The Cure have a thing for picture discs on Record Store Day!

David Bowie 2LP coloured vinyl

David Bowie‘s debut on double red/blue vinyl. Features mono and stereo version. Parlophone’s Bowie RSD releases are covered here.

David Sylvian / Dead Bees On A Cake 2LP white vinyl

David Sylvian‘s album from 1999 on white vinyl. Includes four non-album tracks.

Duran Duran / Budokan live album

“Newly recorded” live album. Previously unreleased. Whoopee do. Of all the thing they could have released (Medazzaland, The Wedding Album on vinyl) they put out this. Someone please explain RSD to Duran Duran. This is frankly rubbish.

Erasure / Two Ring Circus 2LP yellow vinyl

The 1987 album with remixes and orchestral versions pressed on yellow vinyl.

Eurythmics / 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) red vinyl

With Savage, this ranks amongst Eurythmic‘s best work. Nice to see this remembered, although a straight vinyl reissue (albeit red) is a bit dull. Not doubleplusgood, but not doubleplusungood, either.

Fleetwood Mac / The Alternate Tango In The Night black vinyl LP

The now traditional ‘alternate’ version of a Fleetwood Mac album taken from the CD in the box set and issued as standalone vinyl on RSD.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / The First 48 Inches 4 x 12-inch

The first four 12-inch singles from Welcome To The Pleasuredome, reproduced with original B-sides in a box set. Will Relax be the ‘Sex Mix’ or the ‘New York Mix’? Answers on a postcard.

Gaz Coombes / The Oaks 12-inch vinyl

Physical single taken from the ex-Supergrass frontman’s forthcoming album The World’s Strongest Man. The B-side is a Leftfield remix. Buy an exclusive PINK vinyl version of the album from the SDE shop.

Jeff Buckley / Live at Sin-é 4LP vinyl

First time on vinyl for this live album. Massive quadruple vinyl with ‘deluxe packaing’.

Led Zeppelin / Rock and Roll 7″ yellow vinyl

Large-holed seven-inch with adaptor. Rock and Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) and B-side Friends (Olympic Studios Mix) are both previously unreleased.

Madonna / The First Album picture disc

Recreation of 1983 Japanese picture disc. Comes in die-cut lilac card insert, Japanese biography, lyric insert and heart-shaped OBI.

Madonna / You Can Dance red translucent vinyl

Red vinyl edition comes with poster as per the original European release.

Marvin Gaye / Sexual Healing: The Remixes red smoke coloured vinyl

35th anniversary package of remixes, including a Kygo remix (he gets everywhere).

Marvin Gaye / Let’s Get It On red vinyl LP

45th anniversary edition of the album pressed on 180g red vinyl.

Neil Young / Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live 2LP vinyl

First official release of the live show at LA’s Roxy in 1973 (performed before the album was even released). Gatefold package with audio on three sides of vinyl with the fourth being an etched disc.

The Police / Roxanne 7″ vinyl single

This reissue comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve with die-cut ‘dialing holes’. The inner sleeve uses the blue European cover.

Prince / 1999 single vinyl LP

Reissue of the seven-track single album edition of Prince’s 1999 uses alternative artwork and ‘eye’ picture labels. Limited to 13,000 worldwide.

The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request transparent coloured vinyl

Transparent coloured vinyl version of the 1967 album. This comes with the lenticular sleeve used on last year’s box set.

Small Faces / Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Early Mix) yellow seven-inch

Die-cut sleeved seven-inch features a previously unreleased version of the Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake title track on the B-side. The previews a forthcoming 3LP box set edition.

Soft Cell / Say Hello Wave Goodbye b/w Youth 12-inch single

Ruddy hell, it’s Soft Cell. Not the standard versions but new extended mixes by Dave Ball using the original studio parts “to create what he and Marc would have wanted fans to hear in 1982”. See Blank & Jones’ ZTT remix set for a similar approach.

Steven Wilson / How Big The Space blue vinyl 12-inch

Unlike Duran Duran, Steven Wilson ‘gets’ RSD and offers this 12-inch vinyl with two mixes of a brand new track from the To The Bone sessions (not even in the box set) and an alternative version of People Who Eat Darkness with Ninet Tayeb on vocals.

Suede 25th anniversary silver 2LP edition

Suede‘s debut album pressed on Silver/grey vinyl exclusively for RSD. This includes the nine B-sides and the band’s cover of Pretenders’ Brass In Pocket.

Tears For Fears / Head Over Heels Talamanca System Remixes 12-inch vinyl

Physical release of the last year’s remix (which received a mixed reaction from fans). Likely to be a few variants on here. Unlikely to satisfy fans who want the new album or Seeds Of Love to be reissued.

Tom Waits / Orphans 2LP vinyl

Separate releases on 2LP vinyl sets for Brawlers, Bastards and Bawlers from the 2006 Orphans collection. They are each on coloured vinyl.

Various Artists / The Sugarhill Boom Box 4 x 12-inch vinyl

Eight Sugarhill classics in their unedited, full length versions.

The Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight’ (Long Version)
Grandmaster Flash – The Message
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel
West Street Mob  – Break Dance – Electric Boogie
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It)’ (Long Version)
The Sequence – Funk You Up (12″ Version)
Positive Force – We Got the Funk (12″ Mix)
The Sugar Hill Gang – Hot Hot Summer Day (12 Version).

Record Store Day is on Saturday 21st April 2018. You can view the full list here.

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[…] Smith ‘Torn Down’ remixes which we know about already, since they feature on one of the Record Store Day 2LP picture disc […]


Surprised no one is mentioning the remaster/reissue of Killing Joke’s 2010 reunion album “Absolute Dissent” which will include 2 bonus b-side tracks not on the original issue.


Lots of comments about who would like what so thought I’d chip in and mention the woefully underrated and within the posts on this article, unmentioned Trevor Burton. His acoustic ‘Long Player’ release should be interesting given his pedigree with The Move and Steve Gibbons Band to name but two and a flatmate of a certain Mr Hendrix no less. I spent far too much time in my youth in the Birmingham / West Midland area pubs watching The Trevor Burton Band and he was rarely less than absolute quality so any material is most welcome despite being long overdue.


The new Trevor Burton album is the biggest under the radar releaes of RSD 2018. him doing cool new songs on acoustic guitar. i cant wait for this one. i cant believe more people arent talking about it. the one song i heard was amazing.


Abba looks hideous! David Sylvian looks great – what an amazing album/artist.


RSD has long been , for me, a big source of frustration. Since weekends are not do-able for me to be waiting overnight on line at a record store, the soonest I can get there is always the following Monday (2 days later). But by then, all the things I seek are always LONG GONE (and I refuse to pay eBay rapist prices). That said my wish list for this this RSD is:
The Bowie Now white vinyl LP
The Zep 45
The Stones coloured vinyl Satanic LP

Matt 33rpm

I cannot get to the stores for family reasons and always intend to buy from the flippers later, or from the online sales of left overs. I have done that once or twice but not for many of the releases I would love to have. And yet, without those precious releases, I am still alive and functioning quite normally. Just shows, it is not that important. Really.

Rob C

Does anyone know if there are plans to release The Cure’s new remix album on CD after RSD?

I don’t collect vinyl – time, resources, space – so RSD isn’t for me. But as a diehard music fan I want to see these things released in more tradional formats – thank you David Bowie!

Tom of FUN

Cheers Paul, good to hear tips early on! Time to chart the shops, possible availability, running schedule and strategy for the day. And check the balance.


According to the French “Disquaire day” website, the FGTH 48inch set will include the 2nd 12inch from WTTPD.


Worth noting that in France for “Disquaire Day”, Etienne de Crécy will release a 2xLP album, “Beats’n’Cubes”, compiling for the first time on physical media the ten tracks he created for his 5-year tour some years ago – a series of tracks he reworked in the studio later and released in various digital singles/EPs.


… For Duran it would rather be a case of “someone please explain WARNER BROS what RSD is for DD…”
Quite ugly “famous Japanese artist poster exclusively for DD comeback in Japan” cover too, and apparently a very reduced tracklist (six songs???).
Absolutely agree on Medazzaland and Wedding Album idea.

Differently, there are thankfully geniuses behind ZTT and especially Frankie releases… The singles collection deserves to be bought only for the title..!!!

TFF: shameful new songs from the Greatest Hits (TFF goes HI.NRG RDM???) and shameful versions of Head Over Heels. If this is their idea of “electronic roots” vs Beatles (STSOL), it’ s better that they stick to the boredom of their last albums… No trace of “The Hurting” in this kind of music for me…

Larry Davis

Interesting lists…both US and UK (any other countries have RSD, like Canada or Australia?? Just saw it’s also in Germany & Holland)…not much of them are must-haves for me, but I always like to see what the exclusives are coming out…will prob get the 2 Duran live albums and have to see what else, have to read both lists closely and make some marks…just found out from a friend, that day, Ash are doing a bus event starting at the Rough Trade store in Brooklyn…ride the bus and hang out with Ash, they may have some RSD exclusives and even do acoustic sets on the bus…I got to know them after they moved to NYC 10+ years ago, so that will be fun, and they have a new album out in May, “Islands”…also earlier in that week NY transplant from New Zealand, the brilliant & Bjork-ish KIMBRA is doing an instore performance and signing, from her 3rd album out that week…

What I also do is…I do not wait on the lines starting 5AM…I check to see what is left, and eventually, the leftovers get priced down…stores like Newbury Comics…there was a 4LP box out last year, “Just Say 50”, an overview of Sire Records…it was $69.99…a bit high for a 40-50 song box, albeit with a cool tracklisting…it went down to $49.99, so I may nab it for a better price later on…

[…] listed as a Record Store Day special release in the UK, Neil Young‘s Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live is freely […]

Jorje Chica

My complaint about RSD, which has been voiced by others (maybe even here, I didn’t read all the comments above) is that there are releases in the UK that are unavailable in the US, and perhaps vice versa. RSD should be universal in all markets. The suede reissue is not available on my side of the pond, to the benefit of the eBay sellers in the UK and the detriment of my wallet. Pretty lame state of affairs.


Why should any record label bother. There are too many complication with licensing and pressing the records to release them universally.

If you’re so interested in getting them, as you said Ebay and other places will resell
them. That’s how it’s supposed to work.



Like the Tears For Fears and Yazoo 12″s…


It cuts both ways.

Couple of years back: US only 7″ picture disc…. David Bowie ‘1984’ – that annoyed quite a few Brits. The pictures I’ve seen make it look rather nice….. pity that’s all I will ever see of it!

Current price on eBay: 1 arm, 1 leg.

Matthew Langhorn

For info only, Pie and Vinyl (surely the best shop EVER) have an estimated price list on their website


Finally, Secrets by Human League gets some loving treatment 17 years after its original release was sunk by their label going belly-up.


Is there a track listing for the Tom Waits two album Orphans release ?
This and the Suede one are probably on my short list. I was never interested
in most of the record store day releases. Ill wait it out and see if Jack White is springing
anything on us at the last moment.


Can anyone confirm if there is a B-52s live album RSD release this year in the UK?


See it on the US list as a Culture Factory US release (same label as the other Duran Duran live release, ‘Thanksgiving Live’).

Neville Godwin

I was on the record store day website, so it’s a go.


The Soft Cell release should be interesting. New remixes from the original material, no additional production. As I don’t buy vinyl, I’m hoping these new mixes will be in the new Soft Cell box to be released later this year and rumoured to have 9 cd’s. I was wondering how they could fill 9 cd’s if Soft Cell only released 4 proper albums but if they did new mixes, that would explain at least 1 disc.


Not that I will be buying it, personally – but why is a new live album by Duran Duran so wrong for RSD?

All these overpriced reissued LPs on coloured vinyl, or stuff like the Frankie box set – nobody needs it. It’s surplus, it’s just a licence to print money. Why pay £30 for a new pressing of the same record you have already? Oh, but of course, it’s because they used the peak limited remaster that you already bought on CD in 2015.

I suppose there’s a risk that Duran’s new live album will be the same greatest hits of the 80s and mid 90s as on every Duran live recording, performed by slightly older people than on the last one, but for the fans, at least they don’t have these exact recordings already? Do they?

Craig Hedges

Sorry to contradict you but I NEED the Frankie box set


My list & its a biggie this year for me anyway>

Madonna X2
Bruce Springsteen
cheryl lynn
the cure x2
d bowie lets dance
marvin gaye x2
reel people
rob base
rolling stones
soft cell
undisputed truth
motown funk

did nearly £500 last year. This will top that im guessing by that list


“The Cure / Torn Down 2LP picture disc – First time on vinyl for 16 new mixes by Robert Smith. Comes with die-cut gatefold sleeve and download code”

@Paul: the free download code on this release is confirmed?


thanks! great to hear :-)
hope it’s high quality flac and not only mp3

CJ Feeney

I have 20 item longlist, but I won’t be getting more than three. Maybe Mogwai, Pineapple Thief, Billy Gentry.
My no.1 item is Erased Tapes Artists as it’s a new recording for RSD.

No mention of Warsaw – the pre-Joy Division album (aka RCA recordings). Not my cup of tea, but I thought there’d be some love for it.


Although I’m a JoyDivision/NewOrder fan, I never purchased a vinyl copy of Warsaw. I’m glad I waited, as this version looks pretty nice, in comparison with previous releases!

Julian Hancock

I buy records to play and there are a few things on the list of interest. For exampl, the original Anne Brings album is hard to find, the June Table album hasn’t been released on vinyl before, the Bobbie Gentry BBC stuff is new to me and the country compilations look fun.


there are a few nice releases this year.

i am most excited about the new the cure remix album – and i really hope there will be a CD or digital release of these 16 remixes too in the future.

Matthew Langhorn

Suede on silver vinyl, to go alongside the “gold” one I got from HMV last year!

This will be my first Record Store Day, I have a soft-list of 15 which I have whittled down to a hard 8 (Bowie live, Arcade Fire, Small Faces, Carter USM, Frankie, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash and The National)

There’s quite a lot of quadruple vinyl sets, which won’t be cheap plus I get the feeling that Frankie will be REALLY expensive!


Interested in The Cure Torn Down and live Bowie album but will wait for CD releases.

Soft Cell 12″, Tears For Fears 12″(s), U2 Lights Of Home 12″, Elvis Costello Squeeze cover 7″ are on my list.

Interesting to see Erasure’s Two Ring Circus appear here. Would be nice to see that get a remastered CD release and finally continue on with Wild and Chorus.

Gareth Pugh

The resumption of the Erasure expanded remastered sets is rumoured to be happening, with the exact 2 albums you say, soon.


The one I’m most excited about is The Cure – Torn Down, because it’s a whole new release, he announced this in 2012 and said it was remixes from his favourite bands, probably in the same style as Hypnagogic State EP.
On top of this I also want both Madonna releases, Eurythmics, Suede, Erasure, The Cure – Mixed Up. It’s going to be an expensive year, and I expect to have to folk out for these on eBay.


Is there any information as to whether the Neil Young, Bowie Blackout, and both Cure doubles will be released on CD?


Did you mean BOWPROMO1? I was just listening to my CD of ‘Cracked Actor’ just the other day.

I feel the Cure and Neil Young ones will see CD release in time. Especially since Smith was talking up a Mixed Up SDE following the release of Disintegration. And isn’t Young’s Roxy show part of “The Archives Series”?

Richard Lamberti

Yes it has Paul, sorry to disagree with you. It came out in a CD slipcase first and latterly a jewel case.


The Neil Young album will be released on CD and standard vinyl on April 24 according to various media sources


No big-ups for the Dylan and the Dead vinyl release?!?

Neil Kelly

I thought the Madness release looked interesting. Certainly more than most of their catalogue reissues / compilations etc. But you haven’t mentioned it? I would love to see a tracklisting out of curiousity (i don’t really buy vinyl anymore)!


The only detail I’ve seen is that it has the b-sides from their first 11 singles rather than being a picked and chosen “best of the b-sides” release.


Only the Steven Wilson and Soft Cell releases are of much interest, but I’m really not an avid vinyl buyer these days. Hopefully the Soft Cell tracks will end up in the rumoured box set.

Going back to SW, I got a bit excited when I saw there was a Ewan Pearson remix of Permanating on Spotify, as I love his remixes, but it turned out to be a rather dull edit of an already short track.


The Sugarhill Boom Box for me please. And the Sexy Boy shape. And maybe the Madonna pic disc because it looks great ;-)

Cosmo Castanza

Bowie , Stones , Floyd , Yes ,Abba , Soft Cell , Tears For Fears , The Police , The Cure , Frankie ………….. annual spend a packet on RSD time.


Would love to get Sylvian’s Dead Bees album on vinyl but as I’m currently stationed in France I suspect I have no way of getting my hands on a copy – gutted!


Record Store Day exists also in France. It is called Disquaire Day.
If you check the Disquaire Day website (disquaireday.fr), you’ll find out that Dead Bees will be also available in France too :)

Alan B

Am I the only one underwhelmed by this year’s list? There isn’t a single must have item for me and only a handful of might be interested in items. Last year was much better. And last year’s HMV vinyl exclusives was woeful too.


Nope, you are far from alone. There was always going to be a point at which the majors ran out of tat they could recycle, reissue or press onto vinyl “for the first time”. 2 things could happen now – 1) it dies, 2) it goes back to its roots and becomes a more specialist event again.

We’ll see.

(PS – just noticed the Residents are issuing The Warner Bros Album. Wouldn’t mind *that* either…)

Dean Taylor

I in for
Pink floyd , good to know there’s going to be a fair amount out there.
Led zeppelin
Hawkwind 3lp
Unkle live 3 lp
Never been to event on the day but have always picked up what I wanted latter and with out paying a fortune, then again I only ever get one or two things so I’m easily pleased. Good luck everyone.


I th8 k you can still get the Unkle lp from Pledge.

Neil McL

I’ve seen a few talk about the price. This is a contentious issue. No two shops are the same. From last year if you have a rough trade near you they seem to be the cheapest. I have 4 and they all charge different prices. As well as that they all have different rules. The cheapest only allows you to get one of each, but only six altogether. That’s bad if you want bowie’s the cure Duran air etc. I end up going to the dearest where I pay between £2-£10 extra for each, and only one per release (as it should be) but you can have 50 different ones if you want (and have the money). It’s not just the scalpels who take the pi**, but a lot of the shops too.


I have complained about RSD pricing a number of times in a number of places – I have a suspicion the organisers don’t know what’s going on outside the big towns and cities.

Up until the end of 2015 my second nearest town had two indie stores – the one was always a little more expensive on everything – then the cheaper one shut down. The next nearest indie store is 40-50 miles away (an hour down the motorway) – so now the local place has a monopoly for nearly the entire county (a large mainly rural county). RSD 2016 saw their prices hiked. In 2017 prices rocketed – the worst example I spotted was the Bowie BowPromo : £50 in London and other metropolitan stores (including the one down the motorway) – in the local (monopoly) shop it was £80 – by my maths 60% more expensive! This pattern was repeated throughout their stock.

With so few shops serving a county of 800,000+ people there is a captive customer base, this means having to queue from the early hours, and even that is no longer a guarantee of getting what you’re after. Certainly if you don’t queue you can’t get. And if you’re disabled, as I am, queuing is ‘problematic’.

(And to cap it all several record stores were clearly listing hundreds of their most choice items on eBay at vast mark-ups from midnight on the day.)


What county is it you speak of? Don’t worry, we won’t track you down to steal all your lovely vinyl ;)


The far flung land of which I speak be Britain…

The non-Metropolitan pricing is appalling: imagine you’ve decided on 8-10 releases that would cost someone in Leeds or London £200, but because you live in a place with only one shop within a 40-50 miles, you have to cough up an extra £100!

It might be slightly more excusable if delivery lorries had to contend with miles of winding tracks, beset with trial and tribulation, and dangerous beasts: in reality the town/ city is on the convergence of M4, M5, and M40 – releases can merrily flow in from any part of the country with ease.

Wayne Olsen

Only a handful of “must haves” (Neil, Bowie) and some “it would be nice to haves” (live B-52s, Fawlty Towers, Floyd, johnny thunders) here in the US of A.


Please tell me Robert Smith isn’t remixing the whole Cure catalogue – seems an odd move to pick one track from each album and a few stragglers for special treatment…

(PS – only thing I feel I really need is the Richard Youngs album…new material, y’see)


I would love abba, Air, Bruce, Erasure, FGTH, both Madonna’s and Soft Cell. Realistically won’t be able to afford them all plus my local record store might not stock them!!

I have managed to get 2016s RSD Madonna vinyl for £12!!

Ebay bargains next year hopefully.


Apparently there will be two Tears For Fears 12″ singles this time around.

Kevin M

Feel sorry for Fleetwood Mac fans, with that hideous, ruined Tango in the Night sleeve, whch looks to me like it took around 4 minutes to “design”!


Yes, I was going to get the “Tango Alternate” until I saw the sleeve. No thanks.

Craig Hedges

If it’s the disc from the deluxe set it isn’t really a full alternative version of the album as has been done with the other FM albums, it’s just tracks that were either discarded , reworked or put on b-sides.

Kevin M

That Abba song was my favourite of theirs when I was a little kid, might buy it if it’s under a fiver.


Just Madonna for me this year, it seems. Great to get The First Album picture disc replica, since the original is quite expensive and hard to get.

The “You Can Dance” release is apparently a replica of the 1987 release from Venezuela, which was called Mix 2. There was a release in 1985 in Venezuela called Mix 1, which I would have much preferred getting a RSD release, since Mix 2 has (almost) the same artwork and the same content as the regular LP.

Robert Morgenstern

The Frankie Box sounds good. But i think will be out of reach for me. Curious for how much the third party sellers would like to sell them. And what was the original price on record store day in shops.
Are there any Informations how many will be produced?

Bob peel

Bowie courteeners Madonna and suede are my wants but really doubt I can be arsed with the hassle

Furniture Music

Does Nils Lofgren play on the Neil Young Tonight Live Album?


why isn’t wire’s excellent ‘nine sevens’ box set not even mentioned here instead of always highlighting the usual suspects?


please post a photo of bruce gilbert’s beautiful box set design, ta! : )

Gis Bun

Don’t you just love how they release stuff that is [currently] exclusive to RSD vinyl releases. The Zep single for example. After all the re-issues in the last couple of years, these 2 tracks were not included?
Or Steven Wilson’s release. On the other hand, most of his “exclusives” tend to be released at one point.