Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours

Second album reissued on anniversary

Following the now out-of-print Our History box set from last year, London Records will release a standalone deluxe reissue of Shakespears Sister‘s second album Hormonally Yours.

The 1992 album features the UK mega-hit Stay (just the eight weeks at number one…) and will be reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition and as a coloured vinyl pressing.

The track listing for the two-CD deluxe is the same as first two discs from the exclusive triple-CD packages in the box set, and features demos, remixes and alternative versions.

While you get a CD less in comparison to what was in the box, the new LP is pressed on transparent blue vinyl, not black like the one in Our History. The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

The vinyl pressing is ‘album only’ and doesn’t come with any bonus tracks. Unusually, this album is being released on a Wednesday. Next Wednesday, to be precise, because that’s the 17 Feb which is 29 years to the day that Hormonally Yours was issued in the UK. No word, as yet, on Sacred Heart coming out in the same manner.

Both the 2CD deluxe and the blue vinyl can be pre-ordered from the official Shakespears Sister online shop.

Hormonally Yours
2CD deluxe edition


Goodbye Cruel World
I Don’t Care
My 16th Apology
Are We In Love Yet
Emotional Thing
Black Sky
The Trouble With Andre
Let Me Entertain You
Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
Remember My Name
Out to Groove [Demo]
Are We in Love Yet [Remix]
Cat Worship
Stay [Radio Mix]
I Don’t Care [7” Remix]
Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix]
Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [7” Version]


Stay [Acoustic Version]
I Don’t Care [Henley Board Mix]
Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Alternative Remix]
Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [Alternative Piano Mix]
Black Sky [Unsegued Version]
The Trouble with Andre [Unsegued Version]
Are We in Love Yet [Abbey Road Mix]
Let Me Entertain You [Full-Length Version]
Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Emotional Mix]
Black Sky [The Black Widow Mix]
Goodbye Cruel World [BTO Remix]
Stay [Andre Betts 12” Remix]
The Trouble with Andre [Chris Thomas Remix]
Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part One]
Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part Two]

Hormonally Yours
blue vinyl LP

A Side:

Goodbye Cruel World
I Don’t Care
My 16th Apology
Are We In Love Yet
Emotional Thing

B Side:

Black Sky
The Trouble With Andre
Let Me Entertain You
Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

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Such a great album. Nice to see it reprinted. I managed to get the box set but have also purchased both of these. Reminds me of a friend no longer here, great times. A soundtrack to my life. Such a classic album, one of my favourites.

Diarmuid P Dineen

Why do none of the extras ever get released on vinyl?


Trying to ship to Canada. Keeps saying Townsend Music doesn’t ship to this location. Please use a different address. Anyone else tried to ship to Canada?


HI i buy many time and im from canada try again is mistake maybe good luck.


if i remember correctly the US release of the album had several remixed tracks and maybe this version was also re-released in the UK. Are all those remixed tracks represented? These might be a couple: Are We in Love Yet [Remix], Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix].


Yes, the US release of Hormonally Yours has remixed versions of Goodbye Cruel World, I Don’t Care, Are We In Love Yet?, Stay, Hello (Turn Your Radio On), and they are all included in this expanded version (tracks 19, 18, 15, 17, 20 respectively).


It was recorded at George Harrison’s home in Henley because Dave Stewart, Siobhan’s then husband, was a pal of George’s at the time (George had ‘borrowed’ Dave’s house in LA when recording the Traveling Wilbury’s first album). It’s not known if George or Dave Stewart contributed to the recording of Hormonally Yours. Unfortunately the recent box set reissues provide almost no studio or recording information.


Dave Stewart did cowrite four of the songs on the album. I bet he was there, at least for mixing a round of martinis :)

Andrew Bertaut

I can’t order this. The form is messing up my Irish area code (it’s removing several characters whenever I hit Apply), ensuring it doesn’t match the one listed in paypal no matter what I do.

Brian Smith

they just couldn’t wait until next year huh? lol


I hope London release a standalone DVD with all their videos on it

Alan Hawkins

I love how they’re releasing this on the actual anniversary date of its original issue. The only thing is, when it’s 29 years and not 30, the 17 Feb date is hardly something worth paying that much detail to.

I knew they’d release these separately. Not bothered about the third disc and didn’t want the other stuff in the box, so I just need Sacred Heart to get this treatment.

Alex James

£14.50 (inc. postage) for a 2-CD deluxe of one of the best albums of the nineties, bargain! I just hope the remastering is good, & that Sacred Heart is next.


And now for all customer outside the uk 33,78€ taxes


Yeah right, all those ‘BANANA’ exclusives are maybe worth it, but they do exagerate on the prices. And now with the Brexit + custom taxes. But hey, if you don’t buy it immediately, they blow up the priceafterwards and then you regret you didn’t order it right away.
Enjoy if you can get a copy.


Ordered. Great album.


How did they come to record the album at George Harrison’s home studio at Friar Park?
Is it the only non George related album to have been recorded there?
I’m presuming that George did play or have any other involvement with it?

John MC cann

Read her husband David’s autobiography!


Never wanted to buy the box set.


Still think coloured vinyl and maybe a hits vinyl should have been part of the box set (and NOT the white rides again EP). Not that I have to buy any of this but it’s a shameless cash in for fans to re-buy yet again (yes I know it’s common practice these days). I’ll wait for the picture discs and double cassettes (sarcasm much).

tom m hans

$27 including tracked shipping to the US for the 2CD version – ordered! Thank you!

Tom M

Those two CD’s are certainly packed, though. And “the album has been remastered from original analogue tapes.” Excellent.

frank bruce

I’m so disappointed that the record company seems to have done such a lazy job of this. They could have changed something on the CD to make it worth buying but as I bought the box then why would I bother with this? I don’t collect vinyl but if this was a picture disc instead then I would have bought the vinyl.

Nathan Thomas

Isn’t that rather the point – it’s for people who missed the box set or didn’t have enough interest to want to pay £££ for the box set. If they had issued this exactly as it was in the box set then purchasers of the box would be moaning that tracks exclusive to the box were now available separately & if they had added tracks then buyers of the box set would moan that they were now having to double-dip to get the new tracks

Peter Nicholas

Just ordered, was lucky to get a copy of the boxset, but this is the one SS album I dont have on its own so lovely blue vinyl will be great.


Thanks for the heads up Paul, pre-ordered!


For once it’s nice to see an album in a boxset have a bonus disc exclusive to that set when the company reprints the album.
I guess this is one of the few boxsets where they aren’t going to reprint everything from which imo is very refreshing.
They said it was a limited number and I respect them even more for being true to their word.


Masterpiece. Every song’s perfect and it’s not really aged as an album. Such an underrated band from that era (in that line-up).

Jeff S

This is great news Paul! Thanks for the heads up. I hope they will do a colored vinyl pressing for Sacred Heart as well! Do we know if these are going to be exclusive to the Shakespears Sister store?