Shakin’ Stevens / Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection

Shakin Stevens / Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection 19CD box set

19 CD deluxe set • Signed by Shaky!

BMG will, in November, issue Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection, a massive career-spanning box set featuring the work of Welsh singer and songwriter Shakin’ Stevens.

The 19CD box set features all of Shaky’s albums as a solo artist, from his first signing and album on Track Records, to his latest studio album, Echoes Of Our Times and it also comes with four CDs of rarities.

Shaky was a chart sensation in the UK in the 1980s, in fact, he was the biggest selling singles artist of that decade – no mean feat when you consider how big groups like Wham! and Frankie Goes To Hollywood were. But he just kept going and they didn’t! Stevens enjoyed 15 British top ten hits in the 1980s and four UK number ones.

Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection is a 19CD box set

In total, this set contains 266 tracks and notable inclusions are a live concert recorded at the Paris Theatre, London for BBC Radio 1 in 1980 and the four rarities discs are packed with B-sides, 12-inch mixes, two previously unreleased tracks and more.

This CD box set comes packaged in a 12 x 12″ hardcover book and contains an extended essay by Paul Sexton. It also includes the following:

  • Reproduced promo poster
  • ‘Oh Julie’ sheet music
  • 3 X 12-inch art prints of Shakin’ Stevens
  • 36-page Bespoke Tour Programme
  • Autograph book, personally signed by Shakin’ Stevens

If you prefer your Shaky in bite-sized chunks there will also be a new compilation Singled Out, available on 3CD or 2LP. The former contains ALL his UK singles.

Fire in the Blood: The Definitive Collection will be released on 27 November 2020. You can pre-order from the official Shaky store, below.

Shakin’ Stevens
1. You Can’t Sit Down (Instrumental)
2. I’m Ready
3. So Glad You’re Mine
4. Let’s Dance
5. Till I Waltz Again With You
6. Such A Night
7. Justine
8. Baby Blue
9. Wait And See
10. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave
11. a. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
b. Jenny Jenny
c. Tutti Frutti

Take One!
1. Lovestruck
2. Hot Dog
3. Is A Bluebird Blue?
4. That’s Alright
5. Without A Love
6. Shame, Shame, Shame
7. Shotgun Boogie
8. I Got Burned
9. I Guess I Was A Fool
10. Ah, Poor Little Baby
11. Little Pigeon
12. Do WhatYouDid

This Ole House
1. Hey Mae
2. Baby If We Touch
3. Marie, Marie
4. Lonely Blue Boy
5. Make It Right Tonight
6. Move
7. Slippin’ And Slidin’
8. Shooting Gallery
9. Revenue Man
10. Make Me Know You’re Mine
11. This Ole House
12. Nobody
13. Two Hearts

1. Mona Lisa
2. You Drive Me Crazy
3. I’m Knockin’
4. It’s Raining
5. Don’t She Look Good
6. Green Door
7. Don’t Bug Me Baby
8. Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles
9. I’m Gonna Sit Write Down And Write Myself A Letter
10. This Time
11. Baby You’re A Child
12. Don’t Turn Your Back
13. Let Me Show You How
14. I’m Lookin’

Give Me Your Heart Tonight
1. Josephine
2. Give Me Your Heart Tonight
3. Sapphire
4. Oh Julie
5. I’ll Be Satisfied
6. Vanessa
7. Boppity Bop
8. Don’t Tell Me We’re Through
9. Shirley
10. You Never Talked About Me
11. Too Too Much
12. (Yeah) You’re Evil
13. Que Sera, Sera

The Bop Won’t Stop
1. The Bop Won’t Stop
2. Why Do You Treat Me This Way?
3. Diddle I
4. Don’t Be Two Faced
5. Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck
6. A Rockin’ Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love)
7. Brand New Man
8. Cry Just A Little Bit
9. As Long As
10. A Love Worth Waiting For
11. Love Me Tonight
12. It’s Late

Lipstick Powder And Paint
1. Lipstick Powder And Paint
2. Bad Reputation
3. Don’t Lie To Me
4. I’m Leaving You
5. The Shape I’m In
6. Don’t Knock Upon My Door
7. Turning Away
8. Love You Out Loud
9. As Long As I Have You
10. With My Heart
11. Ain’t It A Shame (You Win Again)
12. So Long Baby Goodbye

Let’s Boogie
1. Come See About Me
2. Forever You
3. A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)
4. Because I Love You
5. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
6. The Hits Keep Coming Live Medley ’86
7. Cry Just A Little Bit
8. You Drive Me Crazy
9. A Rockin’ Good Way
10. Give Me Your Heart Tonight
11. A Love Worth Waiting For
12. Green Door
13. I’ll Be Satisfied
14. A Letter To You
15. Shirley
16. Oh Julie
17. It’s Late
18. Marie, Marie
19. It’s Raining
20. Hot Dog
21. Teardrops
22. This Ole House

Whole Lotta Shaky
1. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
2. How Many Tears Can You Hide
3. Jezebel
4. Sea Of Love
5. True Love
6. Just One Look
7. Oh Julie
8. Do You Really Love Me Too
9. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
10. Hello Josephine
11. Woman (What Have You Done To Me)
12. Heartbeat
13. Tired Of Toein’ The Line
14. Mona Lisa

There Are Two Kinds Of Music…Rock ‘n’ Roll!
1. Love Attack
2. I Might
3. Yes I Do
4. You Shake Me Up
5. Tell Me
6. Tear It Up
7. My Cutie Cutie
8. The Night Time Is The Right Time
9. Pink Champagne
10. If I Lose You
11. Queen Of The Hop
12. Rockin’ The Night Away

Merry Christmas Everyone
1. Rockin’ Little Christmas
2. White Christmas
3. Sure Won’t Seem Like Christmas
4. I’ll Be Home This Christmas
5. Merry Christmas Everyone
6. Silent Night
7. It’s Gonna Be A Lonely Christmas
8. The Best Christmas Of Them All
9. Merry Christmas Pretty Baby
10. Christmas Wish
11. Blue Christmas
12. So Long Christmas

13. Merry Christmas Everyone
14. Blue Christmas

Now Listen
1. Now Listen
2. Somewhere In The Night
3. Lonely Too Long
4. Got My Mind Set On You
5. Baby It’s You
6. Fire Down Below
7. How Could It Be Like That
8. It’s A Shame
9. Pump It Up
10. I Hear You Knockin’
11. Trouble
12. Get Together

Echoes Of Our Time
1. Down In The Hole
2. Echoes Of Our Times
3. Behind Those Secrets And Lies
4. To Spread The Word
5. The Fire In Her Blood
6. Down Into Muddy Water
7. Suffer Little Children
8. Train Of Time
9. Love The World
10. Last Man Alive

Shaky Live
1. How Could It Be Like That
2. Turning Away
3. Give Me Your Heart Tonight
4. You Drive Me Crazy
5. I Got My Mind Set On You
6. Now Listen
7. Down Into Muddy Water
8. Cry Just A Little Bit
9. It’s Raining
10. Radio
11. A Letter To You
12. The Fire In Her Blood
13. Suffer Little Children
14. Marie, Marie
15. Oh Julie
16. Green Door
17. Train Of Time
18. Last Man Alive
19. This Old House
20. Fire Down Below

BBC – In Concert
1. a. Slippin’ And Slidin’
b. Make It Right Tonight
2. Don’t Bug Me Baby
3. Baby If We Touch
4. Shooting Gallery
5. Apron Strings
6. Little Pigeon
7. Lonely Blue Boy
8. Don’t Knock Upon My Door
9. Hey Mae
10. Shotgun Boogie
11. Make Me Know You’re Mine
12. Big Hunk Of Love
13. Hot Dog
14. Marie, Marie
15. Move

Non LP 1 – Rarities
1. Never (Single)
2. You Always Hurt The One You Love (B-Side)
3. Somebody Touched Me (Single)
4. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (B-Side)
5. Treat Her Right (Single)
6. I Don’t Want No Other Baby (B-Side “Treat Her Right”)
7. Endless Sleep (Single)
8. Fire (B-Side “Endless Sleep”)
9. Spooky (Single)
10. Hot Dog (Single Version)
11. Apron Strings (B-Side “Hot Dog”)
12. You And I Were Meant To Be (B-Side “It’s Raining”)
13. I’m For You (B-Side “Shirley”)
14. Thinkin’ Of You (B-Side of “Give Me Your Heart”)
15. Josephine (B-Side “Blue Christmas”) (Live)
16. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (B-Side “Blue Christmas”) (Live)
17. Que Sera (B-Side “Blue Christmas”) (Live)
18. Don’t Be Late (Miss Kate) (B-Side ” I’ll Be Satisfied”)
19. It’s Good For You (Baby) (B-Side “It’s Late”)
20. Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night (B-Side “Cry Just A Little Bit” 12″)
21. The Bop Won’t Stop (B-Side ” A Rockin’ Good Way” 12″) (Live)
22. Why Do You Treat Me This Way (B-Side ” A Rockin’ Good Way”) (Live)
23. Don’t Tell Me We’re Through (B-Side “A Love Worth Waiting For”) (Live)
24. As Long As (B-Side “A Love Worth Waiting For” 12″) (Live)

Non LP 2 – Rarities
1. A Letter To You (Single)
2. Come Back And Love Me (B-Side “A Letter To You”)
3. Cry Just A Little Bit (Luongo’s Remix) (B-Side “A Letter” 12″)
4. Teardrops (Single )
5. You Shake Me Up (B-Side “Teardrops”)
6. Teardrops (Extended Version) (12″)
7. Breakin’ Up My Heart (Single)
8. I’ll Give You My Heart (B-Side “Breaking Up My Heart’’)
9. Break Up My Heart (Extended Remix) (12″)
10. I’ll Give You My Heart (Remix) (B-Side “Lipstick Powder And Paint”)
11. Turning Away (Extended Remix) (12″)
12. Because I Love You (Extended Version) (12″)
13. Tell Me One More Time (B-Side “Because I Love You”)
14. If You’re Gonna Cry (B-Side “A Little Boogie Woogie”)
15. A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind) (Boogie Mix) (12″)
16. Come See About Me (Extended remix) (12” Single)

Non LP 3 – Rarities
1. Feel The Need In Me (Single)
2. If I Can’t Have You (B-Side “Feel The Need”)
3. Feel The Need In Me (Dance Mix) (12″)
4. If I Really Knew (B-Side “How Many Tears”)
5. How Many Tears Can You Hide (Dance Mix) (12″)
6. True Love (Extended Version) (12″)
7. Come On Little Girl (Chrome Sitar) (B-Side “True Love”)
8. Jezebel (7″ Re-mix) (Single)
9. As Long As I Have You (Live) (B-Side “Jezebel”) (Live)
10. Jezebel (Monster Re-mix) (12”)
11 Love Attack (7″)
12. Love Attack (Extended Version) (12″)
13. I Might (Extended Version) (12″)
14. Love Won’t Stop (B-Side “I Might”)
15. Yes I Do (Extended Version) (12″)
16. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Live)
17. With My Heart (B-Side “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”) (Live)

Non LP 4 – Rarities
1. You Shake Me Up (Remix)
2. Radio (Single)
3. Oh Baby Don’t (Out-take) (B-Side “Radio”)
4. Radio (Acoustic Version) (B-Side “Radio” CD)
5. I Can Help (Single)
6. Calling You (B-Side)
7. I Need You Now (UNRELEASED)
8. Wild At Heart (UNRELEASED)
9. Now Listen (Acoustic Mix) (B-Side “Now Listen”)
10. Trouble (Live) (B-Side “Now Listen”)
11. Down In The Hole (Radio Mix) (Single)
12. Down Into Muddy Water (Radio Mix) (Single)
13. Last Man Alive (Radio Mix) (Single)
14. Down In The Hole (The Blues Show with Paul Jones – BBC)
15. Down Into Muddy Water (The Blues Show with Paul Jones – BBC)
16. The Fire In Her Blood (The Blues Show with Paul Jones – BBC)
17. Last Man Alive (The Blues Show with Paul Jones – BBC)
18. To Spread The Word (The Blues Show with Paul Jones – BBC)
19. Echoes Of Merry Christmas Everyone (Single)

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I am so unlucky because I live in Australia. Reason being, unable to get this at a good price. Available through Amazon.com.au with prime through seller Amazon UK for around AUD$150.00, but is only available from locked down Europe. My Australian option, themusesaustralia eBay store, for around twice the Amazon price and is located in Oz and ships from SA within 1-2 business days and arrives within 4-8 business days. I am so disappointed because every time I order some CD’s from abroad with standard delivery, they never, ever get delivered. Four months and counting for Country Giants Vol. 2 24 Track Collection from boog&squidge0161 eBay store and three months and counting from the Cascades “alll The Way To Yesterday” CD from Philippines Discogs seller. Unfortunately the carriers outside Australia talk rubbish, and always make up excuses. “Oh, sorry. Covid 19. Australia is blocked and we can’t deliver to Australia”. Bulldust. This has broken my heart and Covid 19 is never going to change, so I’m stuck ordering from within OZ and paying the premium price. Note: the pressing plant for this Shakey box experienced Covid 19 delays as the set is printed in Croatia, the home of slow postal services, bootleg releases, which 99% are not even in Discogs yet. Take for example, Australia’s Own Jigsaw: the Festival File Vol. 24 compilation album, was withdrawn from Australian release in 1995, but many bootlegs are available from Croatian dealers on the dark web for a premium price. Discogs has blocked these sort of releases, but Croatia is the home of those. This is where this official box was manufactured, but impossible to get due to boarder closures and really disappointed.

Jay Vargas

Shakin’ Stevens backing band was unbelievably talented. Most tracks included virtuoso guitarists Albert Lee and Mickey Gee. His keyboard player was Geraint Watkins. All are absolute legends !!! Together they produced an amazing amount of fantastic songs. What a masterful group of musicians !!! Shakin’ Stevens has been in heavy rotation for me for decades. Bravo on an amazing body of work.

Larry Davis

Just got this set in the mail yesterday…just uploaded to my iTunes…big & heavy & each disc is in it’s own card wallet, nicely put together with the essay & booklet in the middle, and at the end is an envelope with all the other stuff…programs, photos, poster, sheet music and yes, a small autograph book with the first page handsigned by Shaky in black pen…you can tell…it’s cool that it has lots of rarities, the Track 1978 album, all B-sides & 12″s…totally worth the price…


So glad he’s made this got them on 7inch singles and Lps, some on cds but most on record. But be nice to have them in one place, ps love the new song shaky wild at heat its brilliant x x


Nice set again, but where is all the stuff from the Times with the Sunsets, specially the Dave Edmunds produced Album with such great tracks liek “Spirit of Woodstock” or “I’ll try”. And all the other early gems like “Manhattan Melodrama”, “Sugaree”, “Outlaw Man”, “Sexy Ways” and so on… These tracks was the soundtrack of my younger days, before the man was famous, the real rarities. I would like to hear a set with all of that, it would be made easily a nice little set…

stuart buckfield

another brillant box set of all of your new stiif and sounnds out of this world like you always do shaky lovely music nicey pick out and i have orderd all of the full collection of the new iten which comes out end of this monthcannt wait to get it shaky all the very best for your new album good luck to you shaky rockin all over the world non stop thankyoiu.

Frank Piehler

OMG, I overlooked this post. I was so angry that I missed out on the great Epic Masters Box Set before it went up in price. And this is sooooo much better. I immediately ordered it cause you know what they – Don´t make the same mistake twice


Have seen many good concerts and the latest concert is here as a bonus *
plus there is a concert from the early days .. fun to compare those 2 . Finally we get rare and new songs* I NEED YOU KNOW * and WILD AT HEART* those two songs sounds promising for the next new studio album.
Great Christmas Gift for your Mum & Dad , Brother & Sisters , Kids and Friends.
All together a very good box-set which covers what Shaky does the best ..
Sing and perform some brillant songs..


What’s all the fuss about this collection?
Shaky has released very little New material since the early 90’s and that’s what fans want not material that’s been out before. Why didn’t he release a CD of tracks that he performs at his bits like I ain’t never or True love travels down a travel road?
When or if he ever does then that’s were celebrating and making a fuss about but don’t all good your breath as it’s never gonna happen

Sandy Marvin

I have those tracks on CD already. Maybe bootleg but nevertheless I have them.


Where´s the Shaky & the Sunsets complete boxset,that´s the one people are waiting,not this re-packaged stuff,but hey,the man himself almost refuses to admit he´d done any recordings before solocareer…absolutely would prefer 20 cd box by the Shaky & the Sunsets instead of this.

Neil Kelly

I wouldn’t! This is infinitely better…


Fabulous as his Epic box set is hard to get now? Do we know Paul if this set has been remastered again? The last set suffered from brickwalling? Great job!

Paul Anthony

Just wanted to add one small correction here Paul – all formats are actually released November 27th and not 13th,



Decided to get the EPIC MASTERS boxed set instead rather than wait for this. I know it doesn’t include the Christmas album but I only like Merry Christmas Everyone off that anyway. Also, it doesn’t take up so much room.

Paul Anthony

I’d be interested to here how much you coughed up for that?. These days, it goes for well over £100,

I guess it comes down to how much of a fan you are, but the Epic Masters only features 9 solo albums. It’s nowhere near as comprehensive as this new box set is going to be – 19 Discs verses 10,

For £80, it’s a no brainier for Shaky fans!

Like I say, don’t know what you payed for Epic Masters set, but you likely payed over the odds for only half of the story!

Bernard O'Hara

I put his Definitive Collection on Spotify as I was doing the batch cooking on Sunday – absolutely great! I had forgotten he had so many good songs. Boxset ordered! Fantastic value for the content and plenty of rare / unreleased stuff

Oliver Marten

Really great stuff! What a surprise!
But what about the live songs from the last tour (CD: Shaky Live
FIRST EVER OFFICIAL LIVE CONCERT RELEASE) like “It keeps rainin (tears from my eyes)”, “You never talked about me” or “Have you ever seen the rain” ?
And all the songs from Track-Records like “Rebound” or “Gotta lotta livin to do”.
My order of alle the new Shaky things are confirmed…I`m looking forward to the release date!
Can`t wait! Keep shakin` :-)


A real treasure box with a real good price… for all fans of rock and roll ! Like Shaky said, there are two kind of music : Rock and Roll

Larry Davis

Like selling snow to Eskimos, you would think…the Shakey conundrum of selling someone a little too “obvious” to the States on the 80s reminds me of Capitol/Virgin trying to break Robbie Williams in the US in the 00s…or even the Manics in the 90s onward, you would think would be dead easy, music tailored for the US market, is not exactly the case…I guess Americanized British pop music is not an easy sell, so how do you do it?? Anyone??


Hi Larry,

The answer is not to bother trying. America loved British pop, rock and prog rock groups in their droves in the sixties and seventies, and then took to the British pop bands of the early eighties. I’m sure part of the appeal is that they were different to what American acts were doing at that time. Who’d of thought Boy George could have been such a big star in the USA?

It’s the same in reverse. The likes of Madonna was a hit in the UK as she was so exciting in the eighties, and nothing else like her existed.

The stranger phenomenon is when a British group does better in America than it does at home. Def Leppard couldn’t buy a hit in the UK during the Pyromania period and the UK rock scene was snooty about them, at a time when they were mega stars in America. Many Americans have had more success in the UK than they’ve ever had in the USA.

Stevie T

What with this release, and the Donna Summer, Bob Mould and Manson sets, is it time, Paul, for you to ‘upgrade’ your site to UBE – Uber Deluxe Edition. This one has to be the greatest value ever offered to fans, though I have just noticed the Brick box set from Ben Folds at £52 for 13 cds. I recall Shaky on totp back in the day, where one of his trouser legs had got caught under the tongue of his boot, and I swear he was shakin that leg even more vigorously than usual, in a vain effort to release it. Keep up the good work mate.

Donnie Biscuits

The comments about him not making it in the States are interesting. I suppose that would be like selling snow to Eskimos; they invented Elvis so a perceived imitator was always going to be a hard sell. He did some great covers and original songs and I’ll always have a soft spot for his version of ‘It’s raining’.
It’s a shame the videos are missing, I seem to remember one that was an ‘homage’ to Mad Max 2 with an identical set and a vague memory of some of the same extras from the film? What was that song?

Jarmo Keranen

I’m not sure if it this, but video for Jezebel has flame and fire like Mad Max 2!


I decided to go for this. I’m only a casual fan but it’s quite cheap and one thing I learnt from this site is that when you keep an open mind, you will be positively surprised. Its a bit overkill but I have a feeling I will end up liking this. His singles are excellent. I doubt his album tracks are all crap. This guy carries a certain quality over his music. And I love that the 12”es are included!!


In terms of value and career coverage, I’d like to nominate this box set for one of your SDE awards.

Well done shakey.

And as I write this “it’s raining” …..

It is a dream of mine to see something similar from Jackie leven.


Admittedly a bit cheesy but there’s no denying the quality of some of his songs and performances. Because I Love You in particular is a genuinely superb song! May be a little bit too much Shaky for me but I love the idea of all the 12 inch mixes – i’m a sucker for 1980s 12 inch versions. And a mention about the three disc version – to include all of his singles is a great package. How annoying is it when greatest hits album are released lacking certain singles or worse still adding non-singles?!

Joerg Zaenker

What a great Christmas gift. That’s a very fine Collection wirh all the Singles and Alben. Also in Vinyl. This is his musical life’s work .
Joerg Zaenker from Germany

Rett Russell

I bought one of his albums in the 80’s and loved the performance/songs, etc. but it was mastered so “hot” it distracted mightily from the experience/enjoyment.

Tony O

looks like a great set especially with an autograph, I am probably not the only person to know that he is a massive tool, rude to fans and children, but hey, thats what happens when success goes to their heads.


Ordered; soundtrack to the 80s and many a school disco. Happy memories of seeing him live at the Empire in Liverpool. I love it when an artists gets it right – excellent boxed set at the right price.

Clinton Horton

I really can’t wait, i feel like a kid at Christmas even though this set is released in November. I would like to say a big thank you to Shaky and everyone involved in this amazing set.


Good price and great set if you’re a fan. Not for me though. My Dad spent the last three years of the 70s playing nothing but Elvis so a 50s throwback was the last thing I wanted to see in the 80s.


Have to say my heart used to sink when he came on the Television/Radio. Imagine being the PR person given the job of selling this to America. A nice guy and good luck to him for having such a successful career and what looks like an excellent package but this is a substandard 50’s impersonation with ghastly 80’s production. I deserve to make this comment for all the hours I lost waiting for the next record to come on.


Shakin Stevens is Undoubtedly One of The Greatest Rockers of All Time,

NOW FINALLY Here in Full form offering All Massive Hits plus Rarities, 12 Mixes etc Is an Absolute Must for ALL Die Hard Fans,

This is The Holy Grail Rockers Collection,

“Greatest Thanks” To All Who Made This Possible. Especially Paul Sinclair, and of Course to “SHAKIN STEVENS” Rockin My World 30 Years Strong.

This Truly Is The Greatest Blessing,

Much Love From Down Under


Holy crap… 19 CDs?!? I live in the US, so for me, Shakin’ Stevens was a guy we saw in one video on MTV.

I think the song was “You Drive Me Crazy”, and in it, Stevens was dancing around what looked like the abandoned gas works where Kubrick filmed the second half of “Full Metal Jacket”. He would go up on his toes like Michael Jackson. The only reason I remember this at all is because my brother mercilessly made fun of this video when we were kids, especially the toe dancing thing.

Anyway, for Shakin’ Stevens fans, this seems like one hell of an awesome set.

Jarmo Keranen

All the tracks that someone has done before him are much better in their original form. Just listen The Blasters original Marie Marie and you don’t never want to listen Shaky’s version anymore. Buy The Blasters Testament Complete Slash Recordings double cd instead of this!

Paul Anthony

Lol – of course your joking right?. Shaky’s version is slick with a brilliant rock n roll vocal, not to mention the fact , some of the best and finest backing musicians including the great Albert Lee,

You stick to your double Blasters cd – They couldn’t live with Shaky’s success, that’s why their best of is a near double cd and shaky has 19 discs worth (and more)

Shaky was more successful and musically consistent than the Blasters could of ever been!

Just saying, but fact is fact!

Jarmo Keranen

I have to admit that the players on Shaky’s records are great. But Shaky himself is so slick. Blasters guitarist and writer of Marie Marie Dave Alvin must be glad when he got his royalty check for this song!

Larry Davis

Yes, an absolute bargain indeed…I never owned a Shaky record in my life (I’m in the US…I do recall Epic trying to promote him here but it didn’t take…I guess 50s rockabilly revival in the 80s was just slotted for the Stray Cats)…a friend of mine loves his stuff though & has tons of his records so this box does have me curious…if he’s like Chris Isaak, I’m game…if any copies left by end of October, I’ll go for it (cruise payment, Prince, Bob Mould, TFF & Elton John come first)…but yes I do agree that a DVD of his vidclips & TOTP appearances shoulda been included…with a name like Shakin’ Stevens, part of the appeal is visual yes…I’m glad he’s getting respect because he easily coulda been considered quite corny or a joke…but he musta been considered quite sincere and “4Real” & loved his fans, it’s obvious, so it’s 2-way

John MC cann

Yes Paul,but I would say it comes down to who looked better in a denim jacket,both commited the cardinal sin of double denim,my votes with the Welsh guy!

Paul E.

Where I’m from, a blue jean/denim jacket worn with matching blue jeans is called a “Canadian Tuxedo”.


When can it be ordered … and what has to be done because I don’t see any page that has it for sale …


I sympathize, Paul. People don’t fully read my emails at my job, either. It’s to the point where I’m pretty much eschewing paragraphs altogether and giving each sentence its own line.

For real.

Ian Ellis

Hi Sergio, Yeah, it’s really difficult to track that information down isn’t it. But Paul has provided a link in the product description. If you click on that, it takes you to another “webpage” and you can press on another link there to order it right now. Good luck! You will need a credit card or a paypal account as they required the spondulix upfront.

Peter Stanton

Great to see all these comments, which, as someone has said below, I hope turn into sales and Shaky makes a few bob.

Again, see below, I saw him a number of times pre 80s fame in a tiny venue and he was great AND seemed like a really nice bloke too.


Gary Hunter

I’m not a fan, but what a fantastic deal for fans of his music, shame other artists/record companies don’t take note of the pricing on this set.


Shakey (and King Crimson) showing the Prince and Zappa estates how to give value on the super deluxe front.


A whole lot of Shaky Going on! He was big in the 80’s and wisely held off the release of Merry Christmas Everyone for 12 months so it didn’t clash with Band Aid. That was probably his biggest hit, although he did have approx 5 number ones in total. I’m still searching for the withdrawn edition of his first solo Greatest Hits (Ole House, Green Door etc) and some of his albums with the sunsets fetch a decent price. I had WDYWMTEAMF? on a signed 7″ that I sold for £10 so this set is more for the loyal fans, not the collector I feel.

Phil Cohen

Shakin’ Stevens’ only-ecer U.S.A. release was a 10″ E.P of Rockabilly music released by EPIC Records in 1980. He is totally unknown here. But, then again, Marc Bolan had only one hit in America, and Cliff Richard had only 6 hits (versus more than 100 in the UK)

John MC cann

Well Bolan had I more hit in the states than the boomtown rats had , Mondays was no 1 in 31 countries, but radio stations refused to play it in case they where sued by Brenda Spencer’s parents,,,,,,wot a missed opportunity as the rats would have been bigger than their fellow countrymen U2!,

Steve Bliss

>> Shakin’ Stevens’ only-ecer U.S.A. release was a 10″ E.P of Rockabilly music released by EPIC Records in 1980

And that is the only vinyl that I have of him. I’ve collected most Epic’s NU-DISK releases, just missing Gary Glitter and The Clash disc; although I’ve got Black Market Clash both on the 12″ re-release and the much later RSD 10″ from Drastic Plastic. Would really love to get one of the original Epic 10″, but I’m too cheap to pay the price!

Anyway, this looks like a great box for the fans – all the albums, a bit of stuff, and all the desired bonus material. Sure there’s no visuals or hi-res/surround sound. But at this price, who cares? Fantastic!

paul wren

I always thought Neil Young was known as Shaky. I didn’t know he had a competitor Shaky to think about.


Stop crying your heart out/You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

Andrew R

I can but only applaud you for track listing 19 cd’s / 266 Shakin Stevens tracks clap clap clap


Sony didn’t see this coming

Jack Evans

Is this going to available to general retail such as HMV and amazon or is it only going to be available via Shaky’s official store

Ian Ellis

He’s one notch below “national treasure”. This is a bargain and I hope he shifts loads and makes a decent payday. Plus, it must be very satisfying to have his legacy collected like that in one huge box. Fair play all round.

Peter Muscutt

Nice to see some reasonably priced ‘big’ box sets coming through…the Mansun set at 26-discs and this one are both reasonably priced (although the Mansun set is a fair wadge dearer than Shaky!) but both offer wonderful amounts of content for a price that doesn’t make the eyes water too much…!


I’d love a similar box for Prefab Sprout (from Swoon to Crimson/Red, possibly with extra tracks) and New Order (featuring all the Warner-owned albums which were remastered in 2015 but they’re available for streaming/download only, with or without an expanded/remastered “Substance” which I would eventually purchase separately).

John MC cann

Is he still in the business?


Yeah still going strong and touring until covid put a stop to it all,

Steve White

Lovely stuff.


Shakin Stevens on top of the pops. I wasn’t a fan yet the songs were catchy.
And I have strong memories of thinking that he was a nice, decent guy.
What a great fans edition. I sincerely wish him luck.
And yes, another post touches on the truth when he says that shakey deserves some airplay.

Maybe it will be up to Liza tarbuck on BBC radio two. It’s the best show on at the moment and leaves the two so-called morning and drive time flagship shows standing still.

Now what was that thing behind the green door?


£80 is an absolute bargain. Worth buying a copy and squirrelling away somewhere for a few years, surely.


I miss shaky