Simple Minds / Big Music

Simple Minds return with Big Music, their first studio album in over five years this November.

The album will be available as a special 2CD+DVD deluxe edition which adds six bonus tracks to the standard 12-track album via a bonus CD and also offers a DVD that features two full length promo videos, a few other clips, behind the scenes footage and band interviews. The set includes a booklet and poster.

Big Music features both Blood Diamonds and Broken Glass Park the two new tracks debuted on last years Celebrate: Greatest Hits + package.

This new album will be released on 3 November 2014 and is also available as a double 180g vinyl set.


2CD+DVD Deluxe Edition


Double 180g vinyl

CD 1

1. Blindfolded
2. Midnight Walking
3. Honest Town
4. Big Music
5. Human
6. Blood Diamonds
7. Let The Day Begin
8. Concrete And Cherry Blossom
9. Imagination
10. Kill Or Cure
11. Broken Glass Park
12. Spirited Away

CD 2

1. Swimming Towards The Sun
2. Bitter Sweet
3. Liasion
4. Riders On The Storm
5. Dancing Barefoot
6. Blindfolded (Original)


1. Blindfolded (full video)
2. Honest Town (full video)
3. Human (mini clip)
4. Let The Day Begin (mini clip)
5. Midnight Walking (mini clip)
6. Big Music – Behind The Scenes
7. Big Music – The Album: Interviews with band members about the album

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Mathew Lauren

“Marlene on the Wall” was the hit that turned me onto Suzanne Vega and she did in fact (even in ‘87 on the “Solitude Standing” Tour) play the hits, as well as mix in the new album, along with unreleased material. It’s a tried and true method. Very good point about the Simple Minds show and Q&A plan, Paul. Another SM issue I’d like to address is about the lack of a discrete-surround mix for: “Don’t you forget about me” — in 5.1 or ATMOS. The SDE isn’t cheap, regardless of the edition or media format and I don’t know how it’s faired ($ales-wise), but one of the BIGGEST COMMENTS (I always hear in America) about that SDE concerns the fact that SM broke BIG b/c of one, HUGE hit in America, thanks to a successful movie and an MTV VID in constant rotation; and yet that song has NEVER been remixed to discrete surround. What gives? I’m calling on SM to get after it and use one of my favs (SW) to remix it (again) including original and extended versions of that song, as well as other ‘extras’ for a cd/5.1 or Atmos disc bookset.

[…] in a live setting – in full, mind – wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience. I thought Big Music was pretty good, but I’ll reserve full judgement on the new album once I’ve heard the studio […]


Sorry if this is a “simple” question, but is the DVD region free? From the us. Assuming it is, but would like to know for sure. Thanks!

[…] from last year when the band prioritised the present over the past and put out their new album Big Music. The Sparkle reissue will feature a Steven Wilson 5.1 remix and Wilson releases his own record […]


Who sings “Dancing Barefoot” on CD2? It’s not the same version which was on Neon Lights and it definitely sounds a female voice to me.


I thing this release is going to be fantastic. Clearly the band felt solid in their live touring of late to include BAND versions of (previously released) “Broken Glass Park”, “Blood Diamonds” and “Let The Day Begin”. I say excellent. “Swiming Towards The Sun” and “Dancing Barefoot” (Patty Smith) – are new versions, but what better way to introduce fans who might have missed them the first time? I’m looking forward to adding this on the shelf next to CELELBRATE, 5X5, X5 and GRAFITTI SOUL…..


Mike Scott will be on a twitter rant about the title of the album, he’s under the impression that he invented the term ‘The Big Music’ then again he is also under the impression U2 stole his sound for the Joshua Tree.

I love Simple Minds, Proud to say they are Scottish, Kind of lost my way with them when Derek Forbes and Mick McNiell Left as I think Jim Kerrs ego exploded, the band imploded and the music suffered.

They have had a renaissance/resurgence of late and I went back to those early days and all those classic tracks like Love Song, Sweat In Bullet, I Travel, The American and so on, Ageless, timeless music.

I’m looking forward to this, Don’t think we need another version of Dancing Barefoot though or the presence of Blood Diamonds and Broken Glass Park….Kind of points to a dearth of material, and as is always the case with Amazon, the price will drop considerably I’m sure, if not I’ll just head over to WowHD and get it there


To Badger Meinhoff. Please Badger, if you’re not a fan of Simple Minds, don’t insult them. As I said before we all have different taste in music and we buy music we like. If you don’t like Simple Minds, don’t buy this product and you will save some money if you keep your hands in your pockets. Also , why are you discuss music that obviously you don’t like and waste your words on insulting. That’s a real question. I think this is a blog for all music lovers with different taste in music.

Badger Meinhoff

Hi Marko, be assured I’m a fan – of some 30 years standing. (And I really must be a fan, I’ve even got through their version of Sloop John B more than once.)

But fandom also has room for a bit of humour sometimes, agreed?

I will say it’s been a pleasure to see the band reconnect in recent years with their material from the 1980-82 imperial phase, and the 5X5 live album is just superb. Exactly the sort of set I spent the late ’80s and ’90s wistfully dreaming about, in fact. I was lucky enough to see them play London’s Astoria in 2006 – a ridiculously intimate setting – and it reaffirmed all I’d ever liked about the band at their best.

Gratifying too, right now, to see a new generation of fans discovering the Minds and in some cases (hello, the Horrors ferinstance) produce new music that wears their influence proudly.

So yes, I’m looking forward to the reinvigorated new album like yourself, but like other posters on this thread, I’m also looking forward to finding it a tad cheaper than the current Amazon pre-order price…

Happy listening.

Badger Meinhoff

Jim Kerr: he still wants to see our hands.

But he’d also like us to use them for digging a little deeper in our pockets…


Nice if you’re a SM fan. Personally I find them a bit dull these days.


Price for this item on Base.com is £16.99 and on official Simple Minds page is £15.99 . This is great album and I think it’s worth more than £15.99.


How on earth do you know it’s a great album when it’s not released till the 3rd November ???


There is a teaser of all tracks on official Simple Minds page. For me, this is gonna be a great album. Anyway, I know that lots of people find them a bit dull these days, but I am a huge fan of Simple Minds. We all have different music taste.

gary c

We are paying for new music here. Sure some of the tracks have been debuted live in the last year or so, but it is new music and not hurriedly pressed old music we’ve been complaining about a lot recently.
The Remixes & Rarities release by the Thompson Twins, which is great and did benefit from the input of the founder member of the band and was remastered, did cost a tenner for a 2 CD set.
Here we have 18 newly recorded tracks by Simple Minds, plus a DVD, in some smart packaging. Seems like a decent price where i stand.

Michel D.

£15.99 at Townsend Records, not much less than at Amazon though!


The person who sets the pricing on amazon must be on drugs or something if they are expecting people to pay £19.60 for this. I wish there was more competition out there to stop this nonsense.


There are some really great tracks from this album, especially Midnight Walking, Concrete & Cherry Blossom & Bitter Sweet. Also, Spirited Away sounds like some Depeche Mode song.