Simple Minds / Sparkle in the Rain replacement DVD update

Simple Minds / Sparkle in the Rain five disc super deluxe edition box

New discs to replace the faulty DVDs that formed part of Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain super deluxe edition box set will be sent out to those that requested them in about two weeks time, SDE has been told.

Initially, the issue seemed to be confined to the hi-res stereo mix (which was in mono not stereo) but it came to light that gremlins had got to Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix, which, as the man himself pointed out on this blog, “does not sound as it should”.

Although these errors were disappointing, the good news is that both of these issues have been addressed. Sorting out the 5.1 has impacted the time it has taken to resolve, but we are assured that new discs should be on their way to fans before the end of this month.

If you were previously unaware of any issues but would like to request a replacement disc then you can email proof of purchase to mk.customerservices@umusic.com and request a replacement.

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Robin Smith

Udiscover Music are currently selling this boxset for £14.99 what a bargain!!


I just got round to listening to the Live at Glasgow Barrowland concert in this box set and i have to say it sounds awful even worse than a bootleg.

Robin Smith

Just to let everyone know, even after all this time Amazon are still selling the original defective boxset. I contacted Universal but was told that as all sellers were informed of this and have had ample time to replace any remaining defective stock I was to attempt to get my faulty DVD replaced by the seller.

Mark Turrell

and of course i managed to scratch the disc taking it out of that awfully tight packaging!

Mark Turrell

this is the number on the disc.
06025 470 143-2 50 01 + 53747523


Good job… WHICH disc? The defective BluRay, the defective DVD-A, the GOOD bluray or the good DVD-A?

Justin (UK)

Hi Mark – what is the serial number/ EAN of your “correct” edition?

Mark Turrell

finally listened to it.
A) it’s great.
B) my dvd is a corrected one, so universal if they are stil selling it are selling the correct DVD.

I too have a volume pumping issue with the dolby digital version. I am using an oppo BD103 to listen to. it has a thing called DRC which is basically a volume leveler for dolby.
I disabled it and the volume didn’t pump as much but still isn’t completely gone. since the other 5.1 mixes sound fine i’ll just listen to those instead.

Mark Turrell

so lucky me. i ordered the SDE from udiscover as mentioned above for $18.99 plus shipping came to $27. Took their sweet time (6 weeks, i bet they were hoping i’d cancel my order), but it arrived today! That’s less than the price for the 2cd version over here in the US.

Derek Langsford

Some people still are selling the original faulty sets. Ordered one from an Amazon Marketplace Seller in early December and it was a first run pressing and printing. Have sent email to Universal but the seller has said they will pay return shipping.

Derek Langsford

Copying an update over to this thread:

I emailed Universal on Christmas Day after I opened and tested it. I emailed both the Amazon Marketplace Seller and Universal (at the mk.customerservices@umusic.com address) and attached a copy of my receipt from the Amazon Marketplace Seller. While the Marketplace Seller was in process to issue a pre-paid return label I got a reply from Cressida at Universal saying the replacement booklet and DVD-A were on their way. They arrived a few days later. I am in the USA and hope that Universal are still taking responsibility and minimizing the effort and expense that any other solution for a non-UK purchaser/retailer would require. I was greatly relieved. My Amazon UK Tusk Deluxe (another Christmas Present) also has the correct vinyl (some have the Side 1 repeated on Side 3).

While Amazon UK never put it back up on their website as being sold by them after taking it down when the errors came to light, clearly one would be wary of Amazon Marketplace sellers. Perhaps Universal will replace if you bought it via mail order or are outside of the UK.


Mark Turrell

udiscover has the sparkle box at $18.99!!


Thanks Paul. I guess I’ll have to just take my chances and if it’s old stock, an send an email to the address in a previous post.

Best wishes,


Sorry to revisit an old thread, but can someone confirm that if I were to order the blu-ray tomorrow, I would definitely receive a corrected version? Any retailer in particular I should use?


Julio Garcia


kann mir da jemand helfen der Deutsch sprechen kann? Ich habe heute die Super Deluxe Edition und es ist immer noch die fehlerhafte DVD in der Verpackung. Wie kann ich und ein Ersatzt bitten?? Sollt ich Amazon kontaktieren oder Universal Music in Deutchland??? Wie erkenne ich ob der Booklet auch fehlerhaft ist?? Bitte um hilfe.

Dear Friends, sorry my englisch is not so well. Have adquired today de Super Deluxe Edition and de DVD are the faulty version. What can i do?? Can i ask by Amazon Germany or Universal Germany for a repalecement of the DVD??? Please send me Information.

the DVD Code is 06025 470 143-2 51 01 + 53663639

Viele Grüße – Regards
Julio Garcia


Hi Paul

Took you up on your offer to “string pull” and emailed the requested details a couple of months back, did you ever receive it?


Does anybody know if the two CD Deluxe Edition has the new stereo remix by SW or is it just the old remaster from 2002? Do you have to buy the Blu Ray to get the new mix?


By the way… Thanks for this great platform Paul!


MONTHS after the official release date ( i thought i’d wait for a release without the crappy DVD) I purchased the box last weekend. Got my SuperDuperDeluxe Sparkle in the Rain Box yesterday…me very happy, but… Guess what!

The DVD sounds crap!! Still the issue! I’m very very disappointed in this.
E-mailed to mk.customerservices@umusic.com
Now wait for a, hopefully, quick reply.

Keep you posted



Still no reply… nothing (after sending 3 e-mails)

I will send back the box with the crappy dvd to the seller.
No more boxes or Steven Wilson Mixes from Universal for me again! Thanks Universal. You were very helpfull!


Heute ist die DVD und das große Booklet eingetroffen.

Wo bleibt das Cover für die DVD und das kleine Booklet ?


as per Universals instructions (outlined on this site) that all retailers have updated inventory I requested a replacement bluray from Amazon UK , they promptly sent a replacement no questions asked

however they both bluray discs have the same matrix 55981828/00602537973552 S21

both discs the 2014 stereo mixes sounds mono

can anyone with a confirmed updated bluray post the matrix number?


Hi Paul,

D’you know what the matrix number fot the “new” DVD is?


Found something on Discogs that would be interresting.



Repress of the faulty DVD from the 2015 Deluxe Edition Box Set of “Sparkle In The Rain”.
Sent out by Universal Music upon request and delivered in a sealed paper sleeve with a new corrected booklet.

Initial copies of this DVD had a mono mix instead of Steven Wilson’s 2014 Stereo Mix. And problems with the 5.1 Mix had been acknowledged too.

Matrix numbers help distinguishing this DVD from the faulty one.

Despite the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 logo on the label side of the disc, this audio format is not available on this release.

Audio formats available in DVD-Video mode:
– DTS 96/24 5.1 (1509 Kbps)
– Hi-Res LPCM stereo (24bit / 96Khz)
– Dolby Digital 5.1 (448 Kbps)

Audio formats available in DVD-Audio mode:
– Advanced Resolution stereo (24bit / 96Khz)
– Advanced Resolution 5.1 surround (24bit / 96Khz)
Barcode and Other Identifiers

Matrix / Runout (DVD Layer 0): 06025 470 143-2 50 01 + 53747525
Matrix / Runout (DVD Layer 1): 06025 470 143-2 51 01 + 53747523 A A
Mastering SID Code (DVD): IFPI LV27
Mould SID Code (DVD): IFPI 01ZE
Rights Society: BIEM/SDRM
Other (Cat# Booklet): 3797349


Glad I could help!
You’re welcome! Enjoy the album!

Emili Lafarga

I used the email you gave me. Thanks a lot.


Great news, Emili! Which email address did you use in the end? Anyway, I am happy for you!

Emili Lafarga

I also got my Bluray replacement disc today, after having received a dvd replacement disc instead a couple of weeks ago.

Emili Lafarga

I also got my Bluray replac disc


Got the blu ray now. Even though there was this confusion, I like to point out that I got helped fast and without any fuzz. Kudos and thank you to Mr. Hammonds!


I originally purchased the blu-ray version with the mono mix.
Universal sent a replacement disc for the DVD to me in error. I then asked for a replacement disc for the blu-ray. Now I have three discs at home (the initial DVD is the only one I don’t have), and I just checked the first minute of “Waterfront” in its 5.1 form on all three discs to see if I could hear any differences in the mixes.

What I found out is quite confusing as the Dolby Digital, DTS 96/24 and MLP tracks from the new DVD, and the DTS-HD Master Audio and PCM tracks from the initial blu-ray all sound the same, mix wise. To explain that a little further, I would say that the snare is more forward or louder than in the original mix, and that the second synth pad of the intro (coming after the 8 bars of the first synth pad and lasting 4 bars before the first JK vocals appear) almost disappears in the mix.
However the DTS-HD Master Audio and PCM tracks from the new blu-ray disc sound different. The snare sounds more as we expect it to and the second synth pad is more present or balanced as the way it is in the original stereo mix.

That leads me to think that the only corrected 5.1 mix available is on the new blu-ray and that the new DVD still has the defective 5.1 mix…
I will perform further tests on other songs to be sure but that’s odd.


When I got in touch with Univeral regarding the faulty blu-ray audio of “Sparkle In The Rain”, I complained about the Universal jingle playing at the beginning before the actual album. I also pointed out the fact that “PLAY” was the only indication available on the blu-ray player front panel instead of the usual track number and elapsed duration while playing the album.
I am today grateful toward Universal because on the corrected blu-ray received lately both issues have been addressed.


I used the address from the guy who contacted me after I used the one provided here. Have you tried that one?

Emili Lafarga

Where did you sent your email, Chris?I emailed them but got no reply.
Emili from Spain


Ps.To avoid any confusion, I will change to Chris2


I got a DVD instead of a blu ray, contacted them and within 20 Minutes got a reply that they will send another replacement. Hopefully a blu ray this time :’D


Got my replacement DVD and Booklet this a.m. (Canada). I concur with Chris above regarding how these matters are handled. The lousy quality control with the initial offering aside, I am happy that they got these discs out. Now…the Blu-ray folks getting DVDs….

Emili Lafarga

Today I got mine but instead of the Bluray disc I received dvd and booklet from the superdeluxe edition. Writing to them again.
Emili from Spain.


Got replacement disk and booklet today. Germany.
Thanks to Paul and Universal!


Thanks for the reply Steve Wilson, to be honest I didn’t expect a reply. However I would like to point out that I wasn’t using a computer but an Aiwa XD-DV370 through a Yamaha RX V379 both old but reliable so I tried again with a Philips BCP 3100 and the same receiver – same issues.

Up on th Catwalk is all over the place,

Significant drop in volume – verse 1 line one “catwalk” 18 secs
line four “heaven” 25 secs

It slightly jumps up and down until
Chorus 53 secs drops significantly and again up and down until:

1:08 (politicians) again drops significantly after and jumps up and down slight but noticeable

I can go on but you get my gist – BTW the DTS is amazing! But the Aiwa is an old player and the DTS mix won’t play? (Same as SFTBC from TFF) But that’s a hardware issue and as DTS movies play fine I’m not changing it as I am happy with it otherwise!


I received my corrected versions and in the spirit of how I’ve always approached honest mistakes, I don’t get upset about the error but pay close attention to how it is addressed and in this case, I have no problems with Steve Wilson’s efforts. Actually, I think he served as a great example of how to address issues like this and even though I realize I’m just one of a great many who are faceless voices on the internet and should not expect Steve to really worry about what I think, I hereby judge him to be honorable and one of the good guys. I love his music and like the fact that he did as much as he could to rectify the problem as fast as he could.

Having said that, I would have made different decisions with respect to the new stereo mix. The big drum sound, that Lillywhite signature that was to me, one of the highlights of the album……lost its oomph. SITR is a drum, piano and vocal album with minimal flourishes of synthesizer and guitar that help to color the album. Taking down the snare seemed to change the album too much for me. I really relish these DVD mixes in that in many ways they offer a different perspective of the album and sometimes correct bad decisions made while producing the album but I wouldn’t have changed the snare in this way. The rest is pretty good but I guess I was expecting something different which may be why I’m not making records and having people pay to see me play instead of being some guy on the internet sharing his opinions that no one really asked for. Oh well, Steve, if you see this……kudos to how you handled this situation. Lesser people could have done much worse but you did an admirable job………….even if we don’t see eye to eye on the Lillywhite snare. :-P Cheers.


here in the USA.

still no replacement for the DVD and booklet.

i have the bluray, but don’t know who to ask for a replacement.



Got my DVD and booklet yesterday. Germany.


Gregory, please let me know how you get on. I’m okay because I bought the box set, but a friend of mine got his Blu-Ray from WOW HD and would rather not have to send it back to Australia if he can avoid it. Also, WOW HD has a 60-day returns cut-off even for faulty items, and I suspect he has fallen foul of it….


I emailed Universal about the faulty blu-ray I had purchased and have been waiting for a replacement disc since.
This morning I have been delivered two letters containing each a DVD-Audio with the corrected booklet related to the box set deluxe edition !
As I’ve been reading in the previous posts, I am not the only one getting the wrong disc format.
The whole thing is getting quite annoying but I’m not giving up. I’m going to write to Universal once again and ask for a replacement for my faulty BLU-RAY !


Yip, I have received the replacement disk (New Zealand).
The explanation from SW is very interesting, I’ll keep that in the back of my mind next time when I have a listen. The restored 5.1 does sound significantly better than the faulty disc, but I have to have a listen to it more often to make my final say on it.
My first thoughts though are: before this rendition was made public, I had been hoping for a 5.1 remix of this album because it’s one of my very favorites from the 80’s and the music certainly would flourish with a proper 5.1 version of it.
My hopes were that the Extended versions of Up On The Catwalk (UOTC), Speed Your Love To Me (SYLTM) , Waterfront (W) and A Brass Band in African Chimes (ABBIAC) would get the 5.1 treatments as well, and that Mr Steve Lylliwhite would be involved doing the mix or at least supervising the process.
No offense to SW who has been doing awesome jobs on this one, as well as Yes’ CTTE and Relayer and Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair; SW did an excellent job withing the scope/brief that was given to him.
What I do find a pity is that the extended versions weren’t part of SW’s brief, because those versions would have made this box stand out!
It seems that the album versions of UOTC, SYLTM and W in 5.1 are almost too bombastic for their own good, which would not have been so much of an issue with the extended versions.
I feel this is a missed opportunity.
Again, I will listen to it more often and I want to do a proper review on Amazon once I’ve done that.

Claus jensen

Still nothing in Denmark either…..

Ulrich Vollrath

i live in germany … no replacement disc till today … i am very angry

Robert van Diggele

Dave, have you tried the MLP 5.1 audio instead of the DTS and Dolby? On my system, the MLP sounds excellent.


I finally purchased this Super Deluxe Edition set thinking that the DVD mixing issues have been resolved, but the copy I received still had issues with the 5.1 mixes. Volume varying and the sound was muffled when playing the DVD on my home stereo system and on my computer.

I had contacted UMC requesting a replacement DVD, but I was told that the period for getting replacement DVDs had passed, and that I was to either contact the vendor for a replacement or return the DVD as defective.

I have checked my DVD and verified that the number of the disc matches the Replacement: 06025 470 143-2 51 01 + 53747525 provided by Salamander on June 19. Thank you for this information. I can only assume that I have the remastered version, and I need to decide whether the issues with the remastered DVD are serious enough to return the set as defective, or to keep the Super Deluxe Edition set even though the 5.1 mixes sound defective.

I agree with others who have stated that the stereo mix sounds ok, but the 5.1 mixes have issues. The DTS version is better than the Dolby version, but they both sound inferior to the stereo mix. I would be interested in other opinions on the quality of the 5.1 mixes, as I can’t really listen to the 5.1 mixes without noticing the audio issues.

To the points about compression being enabled on the computer as a cause of the audio issues or the channel assignment on the stereo system, when playing other DVDs on both systems, I don’t notice similar audio issues.

Sorry to say that the mix is still disappointing.

Alan Jones

I received a booklet and dvd yesterday which is a shame because I specifically asked for the blu ray. Anyway I’ll take that up with Cressida. Thanks to Steven for taking the time out to post the above. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the XTC b/c. And also thanks to Paul for creating this splendid platform without which I suggest many fans would have been none the wiser about the problems with this release.

Steven Wilson

Hello folks, me again. I’m still on tour, but I did check the 5.1 mix this time before it was authoured and it sounded good to me, it certainly should sound quite different to the previous disc. To the guy listening to the Dolby version, it sounds like you are playing back from a laptop (?) and need to turn off the audio compression – some software players default to having this on with Dolby, and if so the audio will pump up and down (better to listen to the DTS version anyway to be honest).

If anyone is not finding that the front speakers are predominantly anchoring the drums, bass and guitars, with keyboards and backing vocals mostly in the rears, and lead vocals clear in the centre speaker (previous version had them somewhat swamped due to a significant imbalance of the drums in the other channels), then there could be an issue with playback. The 5.1 mix is simply a spatially expanded version of the stereo, so if the new stereo sounds correctly balanced to you (and being a big fan of Simple Minds, I certainly aimed to match the original as closely as I could) but the 5.1 mix does not, then something may have gone wrong with the 5.1 reproduction and/or channel assignment on your system (even when it seems correct on another disc).

And if that all checks out but you still don’t like the sound of it, then I guess it’s just the mix that let you down, in which case my fail!


The stereo mix has been corrected. The 5.1 still sounds the same. Disappointing.


Receive the replacement DVD and booklet yesterday. The Stereo mix is perfect. Unfortunately it is not so easy to tell the faulty disc apart from the correct one. The label is the same on the German (FSK ab 0 freigegeben) version.

Numbers then on the data side (you may need a magnifying glass for this one):
Faulty: 06025 470 143-2 51 01 + 53663639
Replacement: 06025 470 143-2 51 01 + 53747525


Just received a replacement DVD here is Singapore today.

Whilst my original purchase was the Blu-ray, the DVD has the correct 24/96 version which is what I wanted anyway, so I’ll leave at that


I got the same. Odd.