Siouxsie & The Banshees reissues


Siouxsie & the Banshees’ last four studio albums will be reissued next month, all with bonus tracks.

Through The Looking Glass (1987), Peepshow (1988), Superstition (1991) and The Rapture (1995) have all been newly remastered (from the original tapes) under the supervision of the band and will be released as expanded single disc editions via Universal Music / Polydor. The bonus tracks include two previously unreleased versions of songs. These sets will all come with extensive new sleeve notes.

All the albums are re-released on 13 October 2014.

Through The Looking Glass



The Rapture

Track listings


Through The Looking Glass

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us  / Hall Of Mirrors / Trust In Me / This Wheel’s On Fire / Strange Fruit / You’re Lost, Little Girl / The Passenger / Gun / Sea Breezes / Little Johnny Jewel

Bonus tracks

She Cracked (the extra b-side of This Wheel’s on Fire double-pack 7” ) / Song From The Edge Of The World 7′ version / This Wheel’s On Fire Incendiary Mix / The Passenger llllloco-motion mix.



Peek-A-Boo  / The Killing Jar / Scarecrow / Carousel  / Burn-Up / Ornaments Of Gold/ Turn To Stone / Rawhead & Bloodybones / The Last Beat Of My Heart / Rhapsody

Bonus tracks:

El Dia De Los Muertos Espiritu Mix / The Killing Jar Lepidopteristic Mix / The Last Beat Of My Heart Live @ Lollapalooza, 1991



Kiss Them For Me / Fear (Of The Unknown)  / Cry / Drifter  / Little Sister / Shadowtime  / Silly Thing / Got To Get Up / Silver Waterfalls / Softly / The Ghost In You

Bonus tracks

Face To Face 7″ version / Kiss Them For Me Snapper Mix / Kiss Them For Me Kathak #1 Mix (never before released)


O Baby / Tearing Apart / Stargazer / Fall From Grace / Not Forgotten / Sick Child / The Lonely One / Falling Down / Forever / The Rapture / The Double Life / Love Out Me

Bonus tracks

O Baby (Manhattan Mix), FGM (unreleased demo), New Skin (unreleased complete version from by Paul Verhoeven’s ‘SHOWGIRLS’)


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Francis Drake

Hello everybody! i bought some off the new reissues from Abbey Road and i wonder if some of you guys are having the same problem as me! Lets start with Tinderbox : jumps on the first songs on both sides! Superstition : jumps on the first song! I just tried to change few times in different shops and still always the same problem! Maybe it’s a problem with the pressing of the vinyls? And what do I need to do to have a clear and enjoyable product? What should I do with my orders now ? I am Very sad about this because i was waiting for such a long time and it looks very good but sounds terrible! Please can someone here help me? Many thanks Francis Drake

Francis Drake

Hello! Hope you are well there! I bought some of the new vinyl reissues and i’m not happy!
First was Tinderbox(my favourite album) and it jumps on the first song both sides but I change again to another new (the same) copy and jumps but i ask for my money back and bought the same album on another vinyl shop and it jumps on the same spot! Very annoying and Superstition is in the same category jumping on the first song and this is the most expensive of all the bunch from the new reissues! This is obviously a problem with the pressing ? What i need is to have proper and clean(no jumping) albums please? Looking for a repress asap and hope you can help me on this! Many thanks

congo conga

is there a difference between the two songs from the thorn ep from 4th disc that are also on the first disc or have they repeated 2 songs.the two songs are ‘voices’ and ‘red over white’.

58 th variety

if you like/love/lust siouxsie and the banshees you would have the eleven cds and you would buy ‘once upon a time’ and ‘twice upon a time’ and for the completist who needs all the b-sides you must buy ‘downsize up’ the 4 cd box of over 50 b-sides.

paul b

why bother re-releasing cds and only adding three tracks? i bought them because i only had 1 out of 11. only had ‘the scream’. i judge all re-releases on 15-25 extra mixes of thompson twins,sam fox,jason donovan,kylie minogue,rick astley,and bros the best was bananarama.
all re-releaes should have at least 2 mixes of all singles plus all videos.

the pan

I’m a new fan. And what I really want is the box set. All this talk about it will end up hurting reissue sales i think, because some people like myself are now set on getting that set. And for those fans that got the reissues, how pissed will they be when the box set is released? Too redundant for some fans. Universal is shooting them selves in the foot…


You mean that the second disc that you received was also with the mastering error??

John S.

Not that I know of.

By the way, I received “Peepshow” disc with error eventough I had ordered after the confirmation of Severin, that Universal-store would only have corrected discs. Well, hopefully I will get corrected disc on the post as I already sent them message and information about the mastering-error.


just a doubt, John:

this number is only visible inside the package. Is it on the sleeve somewhere? Are any external difference?


John S.

These are the numbers from the center of the playing surface of the CD’s

Original botched CD:
470 143-0 01 + 53599495 – Total running time 62.27

Corrected repressing CD:
470 143-0 02 + 53636315 – Total running time 62.08


tks a lot, John S.

John S.

Edu, it’s already been pressed and corrected.
Steven Severin posted this:

The new ‘Peepshow’ is now in circulation. This one has a different serial number*, on the playing surface, around the middle. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that Amazon will not continue to send out the older version, if they still have them in stock. They have been told but as we know, they are a law unto themselves. Meanwhile the new ones are definitely here at our Universal shop:-
*When I get the new # – i’ll pass it on – should have it in a day or two, apparently

John M

Amazon.co.uk has the item “Under Review”

John M

Coming from the US, The £7 ($14) Amazon price is more affordable than the Universal price of £11.99 ($24).


Any news about when the remastering error on Peepshow will be replaced by new corrected discs, Paul?


Hang on. Peepshow has a mastering error in the transition between tracks 8 and 9. Gah.
And the new sleevenotes are awful. Apparently Peepshow “amounted to nothing less than the shock of invincibility.” Well, obvs.


Just picked these up. Nice enough! I’m a bit disappointed that the supposedly unreleased Kiss Them For Me (Kathak #1 Mix) is the same mix that appeared on the 2nd UK 12″ single and on the US CD single. But the selection of bonus tracks isn’t as bad as some make out. There’s 2 unreleased tracks, 3 making their first CD appearance and 5 getting their first reissue. That only leaves 3 that were on either Downside Up or the 2CD Best Of package.
There could’ve been more previously un-reissued stuff though.

Michel D.

Don’t know if anyone still read this, but Amazon Canada has drastically dropped the price on those three re-issues from $37 they are now to something around $13.


What about the Fear Of The Unknown remixes???


OH DEAR! – Where are these three extended 12inch versions – “Beek-A-Boo” (‘Silver Dollar Mix’ and ‘Big Spender Mix’)? “Song From The Edge Of The World” (‘Columbus Mix’)??? If Donna Summer deluxe reissues can have tracks added, please let this happen with the Siouxsie and the Banshees reissues!


To answer some questions, Steven Severin (of the band) posted years ago that Universal halted the Banshees reissue campaign, and these last albums would not be reissued. He posted in the last year that there are now people at Universal who are fans and have re-activated the reissue campaign with a 3 year plan of releases. It started with the Hong Kong Garden double 7″ a few months ago, and now the lackluster (bonus track-wise) reissues of the last albums. Regarding the much talked about box set, Severin posted this comment in the last day in response to someone questioning on the subject:

Steven Severin – The remaster box has fallen down the pecking order as Universal have requested that we prepare 2 further releases before Xmas. There has been talk that we will design a box to contain all 12 albums and make it available through our online merchandise shop but it’s still just an idea. So, the answer to your question is there is no box to buy – just yet. p.s. don’t get too excited by the prospect of “2 further releases” – they are revamp/remodels that will be aimed at different sectors of the marketplace, other than you “diehards”


I am happy to have the late ’80s albums remastered. So hopefully the upcoming (?) box set will address remixes and rarities.

Stephen K

Enticing. I think some of these remixes are readily available elsewhere, so it’s sad that some other remixes remain unreleased on any format except vinyl. However, I believe this is the first digital release of the 7″ version of Song From The Edge Of The World, which, despite whatever reason its been ignored by the band, I think it’s one of the better singles. Some choices are strange (what, no Peek-a-Boo remixes? only Kiss Them For Me remixes?), but this has some decent moments.

I can also overlook some omissions if they are in the middle of a reissue campaign… I don’t need everything NOW, I just like to think that there’s a timetable involved (unlike with INXS, whose remixes and b-sides we will see… NEVER!).


Steven Severin has promised other treats with regard to things that fans think as missing from these releases including the mooted box set, so just be patient.


The US prices are absurd. Also bummed that they didn’t include Shadowtime (Eclipse Mix) and it’s b side Sea Of Light on Superstition.


I should also have said on the upside , having done my Victor Meldrew rant, that it is indeed joyous that these four titles are finally getting the remastering / re-issue treatment, they well deserve it. It’s just that for a British band with a near on 20 year recording career, 12 albums and numerous peerless 45s, they deserve a fuller and more unified SD Box treatmnt. I hope that will still happen.


…yeah: and what about the MEGA box set???


About time too! These will presumably be in the light weight card digpack containers of the other 8 albums. The bonus tracks are OK to have on each disc but barr a couple of things I think most of them are on the Downside Up B sides set. Anyway, at £12 each, I’ll wait until they either drop to nearly half that as their other 8 reisued titles have , but I’m crossing my fingers the Japanese will do another SHM mini LP CD box set in November in a nice Disc Union slip case in better packaging before that, then I won’t end up buying them twice! Why has it taken five years between the last remasters / reissues and these final four? And what about Steve Severin’s 16 CD super deluxe box as mooted a couple of years ago which would put everything in one place?


Oh, oh, oh… I got so excited when I read the headline, then so disappointed when I saw the tracklists.