Smashing Pumpkins / “Adore” 6CD+DVD super deluxe edition box


The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1998 album Adore will be reissued in September as a 6CD+DVD super deluxe edition box set.

Remastered by Bob Ludwig, this repackaged collection will include the original album in stereo, a mono version of the record (issued on CD for the first time), three discs of unreleased material, plus outtakes and B-sides. The bonus tracks are thought to number around 100. The live DVD is taken from the band’s charity tour of 1998. Full track listing is available below.

As you can see from the image above the reissue is consistent with some of the other Pumpkins’ re-releases with enhanced artwork, postcards, a booklet and discs in card sleeves. Everything resides in a lift-off lid box.

There will be a 2LP reissue of the album as well, but for now this 7-disc set is available to pre-order in the US. It will be released on 23 September 2014.



Disc: 1

  • 1. To Sheila
  • 2. Ava Adore
  • 3. Perfect
  • 4. Daphne Descends
  • 5. Once Upon A Time
  • 6. Tear
  • 7. Crestfallen
  • 8. Appels + Oranjes
  • 9. Pug
  • 10. The Tale Of Dusty and Pistol Pete
  • 11. Annie-Dog
  • 12. Shame
  • 13. Behold! The Night Mare
  • 14. For Martha
  • 15. Blank Page

Disc: 2

  • 1. Adore mono version

Disc: 3

  • 1. Blissed and Gond (Sadlands Demo)
  • 2. Christmastime (Sadlands Demo)
  • 3. My Mistake (Sadlands Demo)
  • 4. Sparrow (Sadlands Demo)
  • 5. Valentine (Sadlands Demo)
  • 6. The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete (Sadlands Demo)
  • 7. What If? (Streeterville Demo)
  • 8. Chewing Gum (CRC Demo)
  • 9. Once In A While (2014 Mix/CRC Demo)
  • 10. Do You Close Your Eyes When You Kiss Me? (CRC Demo)
  • 11. For Martha (Take 1/CRC Demo)
  • 12. My Mistake (Take 1/CRC Demo)
  • 13. Blissed And Gone (CRC Demo)
  • 14. For Martha (Take 2/Instrumental/CRC Demo)

Disc: 4

  • 1. For Martha (Symphonic Snippet/Instrumental)
  • 2. Crestfallen (Matt Walker Reimagined/2014)
  • 3. To Sheila (Early Banjo Version)
  • 4. Ava Adore (Puffy Combs Remix 1998)
  • 5. O Rio (Instrumental/Sadlands Demo)
  • 6. Waiting (Adore Outtake)*
  • 7. Once Upon A Time (Sadlands Demo)
  • 8. Eye (2014 Mix/From The ‘Lost Highway’ Soundtrack)
  • 9. Saturnine (For Piano and Voice)
  • 10. Cash Car Star (Matt Walker Reimagined/2014)
  • 11. Pug (Matt Walker Reimagined 2014)
  • 12. Perfect (No Strings Version)
  • 13. It’s Alright (Instrumental/Adore Outtake)
  • 14. Czarina (Take 1/Adore Outtake)
  • 15. Indecision (Sadlands Demo)
  • 16. Blank Page (Early Version)

Disc: 5

  • 1. Let Me Give The World To You (Adore Outtake)
  • 2. Tear (From Digital Transfer)
  • 3. Cross (Adore Outtake)
  • 4. Because You Are (Adore B-Side)*
  • 5. Jersey Shore (Sadlands Demo)
  • 6. Shame (Take 1)
  • 7. Summer (Instrumental/Adore Outtake)
  • 8. Blissed And Gone (Drone Version)
  • 9. Heaven (Instrumental/Sadlands Demo)
  • 10. Daphne Descends (Matt Walker Reimagined/2014)
  • 11. Saturnine (Matt Walker Reimagined/2014)
  • 12. Behold! The Night Mare (Alternate Vocal)
  • 13. Perfect (Acoustic Demo/Adore Outtake)
  • 14. Dou You Close Your Eyes? (Adore Outtake)
  • 15. The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning*

Disc: 6

  • 1. Ava Adore (Live/Sao Paulo Session)
  • 2. Daphne Descends (Live/Sao Paulo Session)
  • 3. The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete (Live/Sao Paulo Session)
  • 4. Tear (Live/Sao Paolo Session)
  • 5. Shame (Live With Mancow/Chicago)
  • 6. Blank Page (Live With Manco/Chicago)
  • 7. To Sheila (Live/Nashville/Ryman Auditorium)
  • 8. Money (That’s What I Want) (Live/Los Angeles/Dodger Stadium)
  • 9. X.Y.U. Medley (Live/Los Angeles/Dodger Stadium) Includes: The Ethers Tragic, Never Say Never, Where Boys Fear To Tread
  • 10. Transmission (Live/Chicago/Rehearsal)

Disc: 7 (DVD)

  • Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia – August 4, 1998

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Just got an email from Amazon that states that the release was put back to October…?!


lol @ puffy combs remix


The mono mix has been high on the “fan wishlist” for this release, for its
general rarity as much as its lack of digital availability. I’ve never heard it and am looking forward to it.

In general, there’s not much more you could want as a fan from this – it includes way more material than I expected (at most I would have thought a 4-5 CD + 1 DVD set would come out). It seems a bit light on live material at 10 tracks, and I’m finding some of Billy’s choices consistently odd. Like his decision to regularly exclude previously released stuff – I’m not talking whole discs rehashing b-sides, but it would be nice if, for example, he bothered to include “The End Is The Beginning Is The End” (I’m sure he’s making enough on these reissues to pay for the licensing fees) or a vocal version of “Summer.” Nobody wants to round up ancient CD singles, so it would be nice to have a truly complete collection in one place…

Simon Mifsud

I second that probablyrustin. The End is the Beginning is the End is one of my favourite tracks, and to see it not included on any set so far is rather annoying like you say, to have to dig out my single, when the idea is to have it all in one collection. If anything leaving off that one track is the reason why i havent pre-ordered it yet. Hopefully at the end of the series of reissues, a cd disc of fully remastered singles could be make available.


Thanks probablyrustin for the info on the mono version. I was wondering why they would be including a mono version…if it is a dedicated mono mix (ala the 60s Beatles mono LP’s) then it’s pretty cool it’s included for completeness. I thought it was a mono fold down of the stereo mix which would have made no sense at all….


Price this morning on Amazon.co.uk is £57.20.


I’m looking forward to this a lot. It’s not my favorite of theirs but definitely the most interesting in range, so it will be interesting to see the evolution of its tracks and outtakes. I was less interested in the MCIS/Aeroplane bonus because the originals already have SO much there…

Re: the mono version – there was a unique mix done originally, which was only released on the original vinyl version of the album (which is now quite rare). There was never a stereo LP release (not sure if this new one is stereo or mono). So this is not just a new “trend chasing” thing for the reissue.


Why the current obsession with mono recordings? I have 2 ears!

Can’t see me buying this. Adore was always an average album at best and the thought of listening to a myriad of demos and live tracks hardly fills me with excitement. All the live recordings I’ve heard of the band are very poor relations to the studio versions…


They pressed the album to vinyl in mono back when it came out. I don’t know why, but it’s not a new thing for this release, just the first time on cd, I guess. Some people think that the mono sound makes the album more stark.

Anyhow, I got the 2013 Aeroplane Flies High box set now and I really like it. Very well done, I think. It has me looking forward more to the Adore set, now.


yeah, and why the hell does that one song merit its own disc? PUH-LEEEZE!

Matthew James

I’m waiting to hear whether or not the double LP features the mono version. I think it’s a shame that there’s not a deluxe and a super deluxe physical edition–I would buy the remastered album on CD with one disc of outtakes.


Will DVD die all ready?


The track listing is now on the Amazon link.


These Pumpkins reissues have been stellar so far. This is the first one I’m a bit unsure about just b/c Adore was never one of my favorites by the band. Hopefully it will keep the high standard up.


I’d have much preferred that kind of attention given to Siamese Dream. (Though I suppose if you attach Earphoria and Pisces Iscariot to it, you end up with roughly the same amount of material.) That said, if there really is lots of unreleased material (not just early/alternate versions and outtakes of existing songs) related to Adore, I might be convinced.


I am very much looking forward to this. Let no-one say that Corgan is being stingy with the bonus material. Hoping this includes the myriad early takes and alternate mixes that are rumored to exist. At 6 audio discs, it’d be surprising if it didn’t.