Stealers Wheel & Gerry Rafferty / ‘Collected’ limited coloured 2LP vinyl

Limited edition on Yellow VinylGatefold • Numbered

Music On Vinyl continue with their excellent ‘Collected’ gatefold vinyl packages with a two-LP collection of music from Stealers Wheel and Gerry Rafferty with first pressings on coloured vinyl.

The four sides of vinyl are divided between Stealers Wheel (one side) and Gerry Rafferty (three sides). The former is best known for the hit Stuck In The Middle With You which was a transatlantic top ten hit in 1973 and found a new audience in 1991 when Quentin Tarantino used it in his directorial debut Reservoir Dogs.

After the band split in 1975 Gerry Rafferty went on to enjoy some solo success and is best known for hits like ‘Baker Street,’ ‘Right Down the Line’ and ‘Night Owl’.

Those songs all feature on this new collection along with fan favourites and other gems. Only 1500 copies of the yellow vinyl will be pressed. Collected is released on 22 February and this limited edition can be ordered via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

1. Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You
2. Stealers Wheel – Late Again
3. Stealers Wheel – Everything Will Turn Out Fine
4. Stealers Wheel – Star
5. Stealers Wheel – Right Or Wrong
6. Stealers Wheel – Found My Way To You
7. Stealers Wheel – Go As You Please

1. Can I Have My Money Back
2. City To City
3. Baker Street
4. Right Down The Line
5. The Ark

1. Night Owl
2. Get It Right Next Time
3. Bring It All Home
4. The Garden Of England
5. Sleepwalking

1. Shipyard Town
2. Hearts Run Dry
3. Don’t Give Up On Me
4. Time’s Caught Up On You
5. A New Beginning

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wayne klein

I’d rather finally have the single version of “everyone’s agreed that everything will turn out fine” in digital format (it’s never appeared digitally ANYWHERE). Just pick up the first two albums from Intervention Records–top flight vinyl pressing and SACD as well for both.

Paul Spurgeon

Nice release this, what a troubled genius he was…:-(


When are we going to get proper Stealers Wheel and Gerry Rafferty box sets?

Ian McJannet

Who the hell compiles these so-called collected items ….
Where on earth is one of Gerry’s finest ” Whatever’s written in your heart” ????
I can’t believe they left this off ………………
SO it’s a NO for me ……..

hendry doran

Some of the tracks on the compilation are not what I would have selected and I daresay other Rafferty fans would feel the same. I would have liked to see The right moment, Over my head ,Xavier and Honor and Benjamin Day to name but a few

Roel Glas

Hi Paul. Will you be stocking Willy /Mink DeVille collected coloured vinyl as well?

Andrew M

Love this album – I have it on CD.

Paul do you charge on order or dispatch? Got no funds until payday next Friday :(

Andrew M

Cheers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have some left :)


Hi Paul, any news on the 10cc Collected vinyl that was delayed and disappeared last year also?


When’s the Humblebums Super Deluxe Editions coming out? I’m not even joking, I would totally get all three!!

Michael C

Regarding my earlier posted comment, I meant to say that I wish “Night Owl” would have quickly followed the “City To City” remaster.
Mea culpa.


Is the picture of the band reversed? It is very rare to have three left handed guitarists in the same band.


Perhaps. But the reversal does make it appear that Richard Pryor is on drums.

Andyb in the place 2b

I thought it was Gregory Hines

Michael C

After the release of my 2nd favourite Gerry Rafferty album was remastered in 2011, I had high hopes for a remastered “City To City” to follow hot on its heels. Sadly, eight years on and no show.
Sad face.

John A

I had £30 left over from my mother in law as a Christmas present so ordered. Thanks very much.


No ‘Home and Dry’? :-(

hendry doran

Gerry Rafferty- my all time favourite singer. Think I’ve got everything every officially released including Benjamin Day


And finally what happening wirh the vinyl reissue of ” Rings Aroung The World” of Super furry animals by music On Vinyl?