Stereo MCs / Collected 10-disc box

Universal will issue a 10-disc Stereo MCs box set called Collected in October.

The 9CD+DVD set will effectively be the entire studio recordings of the band and will feature all their albums (remastered, presumably) plus additional discs of remixes and unreleased material.

The albums within this set are as follows:

  • • 33 45 78 (1989)
  • • Supernatural (1990)
  • • Connected (1992)
  • • Deep Down & Dirty (2001)
  • • Paradise (2005)
  • • Double Bubble (2008)
  • • Emperors’ Nightingale (2011)

The two other CDs contain “rare and unheard tracks and remixes” with three brand new tracks: Good Feeling, Dance Tonight and Autumn Leaves. The DVD contains Connected Live in Concert, a Connected documentary and all the promo videos.

This release is scheduled to coincide with a 2014 tour where the band will play their 1992 classic Connected in full as well other tracks featured in the box.

Collected will be issued on 27 October 2014

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One the finest live bands I’ve ever seen.


It’s currently just below £19 on Amazon.co.uk….

jason armes

Rob birch and his band are very very underated his lyrics, poems are so street its unreal very manchester and council estate !!
deep down and dirty indeed.
they have done remixes with just about everyone like {tricky}
the stereo mcs LIVE are certainly not to be missed….!!!
some of these posts on here are well out of tune..
some people like to comment without doing home work thats for sure..
regards jay x

[…] lemezük, a Connected felelevenítésére és a most megjelent gyűjteményes kiadásuk (link) promóciójára. Vagyis egy igazi „best of“ jellegű koncertre egy kis életmű összegzésre. […]

gary C

£40 at the moment, if anyone is watching. Was it always so cheap for so much music, 9 CD’s and a DVD


Underrated band, in my view. Ditch the “rap” and “hip-hop” labels and focus on the soul vocals of Cath Coffey and the big beat production of Nick ‘The Head” Hallum that is as distinctive to my ear as Meat Beat Manifesto or Chemical Brothers.


yes, they are a proper band as their live performance will testify. and their albums will also be in the rap or hip-hop section also. that is why they are underrated i suppose. good. i like that.


Supernatural is the classic album of the bunch, well worth checking out. Hope all the remixes from that are included!


Love Love Love ‘Connected’ but the words ‘rap’ & ‘hip hop’ are red flags for me. Never cared for it. Will have to sample their other songs b4 deciding to get this.


using ‘b4’ is a red flag for me.


i can assure anyone who is unfamiliar with UK white people rapping and finding this scary (which is the subtext here for some predictable, narrow minded, probably daily mail reader type rubbish) that there will be supreme quality to be found here. 33-44-78 the debut still sounds extremely fresh and was a huge favourite among heavyweight golden era U.S. hip hop offerings at the time. there are also great tunes to be found on Supernatural which was of course the second album. Connected the third LP is a more commercial sound but there is no denying the power of the title track even now. owning a huge amount of 12″ records, this stands up as one of the best there is for the genre with its relentless bass sound. I will go up to the long delayed Deep Down & Dirty and also state this had gems aplenty, once fully absorbed. after this, albums did have less big hitter single type tunes but are still a rewarding, diverse listen. the Stereo’s are an outfit to be respected and i am very much looking forward to this set. anybody who wants to elevate their mind, come forward.


Doooh! I was thinking of the Sterophonics!! I’ll pass on this, looks nice but not my kind of music.


They did more than one album?


They’ve done 7 studio albums, the first one came out in 1989. I guess Connected is the only one people will remember due to its success.


Cant see a market for that, i agree!


I’m not that faniliar wiht the Stereo MC’s across the board, but I liked what they did when they were last in Jool Holland’s ‘Later’ programme. I really like how this set looks, so I’ll have to sample their albums. Not sure from the pic if the ‘wallet'(?) fits inside the box or is a separate option to it. Does this picure three versions all separately available or are they three components of the one set?


Love me some Stereo MCs but a ten disc set seems a bit over the top for a band who only had a few hits. I’ll never figure out label priorities. Here is this set while bands like ABC, Thompson Twins, Human League etc only get a smattering of releases (although kudos again on the T Twins set guys!)