Stereolab / 3LP and 2CD reissues

Remastered • 3LP and 2CD • Bonus tracks

Stereolab / 3LP and 2CD reissues

A Stereolab reissue campaign has been announced and kicks off in May with expanded versions of 1993’s Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and its 1994 follow-up Mars Audiac Quintet.

Each album has been re-mastered from the original half-inch tapes by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering and overseen by Tim Gane. Bonus material will includes alternate takes, 4-track demos and unreleased mixes. All the bonus material is available on both CD and vinyl.

3LP vinyl packages are available and come with a download card, a poster/insert and a lottery-style scratch card, where winners receive a special 12-inch EP!

Two CD expanded sets are also available and more Stereolab reissues will follow in August and November this year. In the meantime, head over to the SDE shop which is stocking the 3LP vinyl packages, the CD sets and a CD bundle.

Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and Mars Audiac Quintet are reissued on 3 May 2019.


Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements expanded 3LP vinyl

A1. Tone Burst
A2. Our Trinitone Blast
A3. Pack Yr Romantic Mind

B1. I’m Going Out Of My Way
B2. Golden Ball
B3. Pause

C1. Jenny Ondioline

D1. Analogue Rock
D2. Crest
D3. Lock-Groove Lullaby

E1. Fragments
E2. Jenny Ondioline [7″/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
E3. Drum – Backwards Bass – Organ [Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full Version]
E4. Analogue Rock [Original Mix]
E5. Pause [Original Mix]
E6. French Disco [Early Version Mix]

F1. Jenny Ondioline Part 2 [Breakdown Mix]
F2. Fruition – Demo
F3. I’m Going Out Of My Way – Demo
F4. French Disco – Demo
F5. Lock Groove Lullaby – Demo
F6. Jenny Ondioline – Demo
F7. Pause – Demo

Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements expanded 2CD

CD 1

01. Tone Burst
02. Our Trinitone Blast
03. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
04. I’m Going Out Of My Way
05. Golden Ball
06. Pause
07. Jenny Ondioline
08. Analogue Rock
09. Crest
10. Lock-Groove Lullaby

CD 2

01. Fragments
02. Jenny Ondioline [7″/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
03. Drum – Backwards Bass – Organ [Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full Version]
04. Analogue Rock [Original Mix]
05. Pause [Original Mix]
06. French Disco [Early Version Mix]
07. Jenny Ondioline Part 2 [Breakdown Mix]
08. Fruition – Demo
09. I’m Going Out Of My Way – Demo
10. French Disco – Demo
11. Lock Groove Lullaby – Demo
12. Jenny Ondioline – Demo
13. Pause – Demo

Mars Audiac Quintet expanded 3LP vinyl

A1. Three-Dee Melodie
A2. Wow And Flutter
A3. Transona Five
A4. Des Etoiles Electroniques

B1. Ping Pong
B2. Anamorphose
B3. Three Longers Later

C1. Nihilist Assault Group
C2. International Colouring Contest
C3. The Stars Our Destination
C4. Transporte Sans Bouger

D1. L’Enfer Des Formes
D2. Outer Accelerator
D3. New Orthophony
D4. Fiery Yellow

E1. Ulan Bator
E2. Klang Tone
E3. Melochord Seventy-Five [Original Pulse Version]
E4. Outer Accelerator – [Original Mix]

F1. Nihilist assault Group – Part 6
F2. Wow and Flutter [7″/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
F3. Des Etoile Electroniques – Demo
F4. Ping Pong- Demo
F5. The Stars Our Destination – Demo
F6. Three Longers Later – Demo
F7. Transona Five – Demo
F8. Transporté Sans Bouger – Demo

Mars Audiac Quintet expanded 2CD

CD 1

01. Three-Dee Melodie
02. Wow And Flutter
03. Transona Five
04. Des Etoiles Electroniques
05. Ping Pong
06. Anamorphose
07. Three Longers Later
08. Nihilist Assault Group
09. International Colouring Contest
10. The Stars Our Destination
11. Transporte Sans Bouger
12. L’Enfer Des Formes
13. Outer Accelerator
14. New Orthophony
15. Fiery Yellow

CD 2

01. Ulan Bator
02. Klang Tone
03. Melochord Seventy-Five [Original Pulse Version]
04. Outer Accelerator – [Original Mix]
05. Nihilist assault Group – Part 6
06. Wow and Flutter [7″/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
07. Des Etoile Electroniques – Demo
08. Ping Pong- Demo
09. The Stars Our Destination – Demo
10. Three Longers Later – Demo
11. Transona Five – Demo
12. Transporté Sans Bouger – Demo

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I bought both numbered clear vinyl today including #35 of Mars Audiac at Amoeba San Francisco, they have many copies of both.


Bought the limited clear 3 LP versions on release day 05/03/2019…The store only had one copy each.These are not the limited with OBI….but are seriously scarce and I haven’t found anymore for sale(at list price).Just lucky I picked yesterday to go record shopping.Happy hunting…grab the clear,if you want/need them,I imagine they will rise in price as the days go by.


So glad they are doing Deluxe CD editions with these in addition to the Vinyl. Especially with so many bands forgoing the CD with their reissue campaigns (Cardigans, Teenage Fanclub, Elastica) and keeping all their rare bonus tracks and B-sides scattered all over the map. Pre-ordered the CD’s, can’t wait for Emperor Tomato Ketchup which I’ll most likely buy on Vinyl as well.


Can’t wait for “Cobra”!!

Tim H

Reissues done right, as you would expect from an obsessive like Tim.

I have CD & vinyl of everything, and will be buying both formats again.

James Rainbow

Hi – quick question. Does anyone know if the 250 number mentioned for the CD is just the ones with the master tape strip? Will the normal versions will be generally available? Really want to get but might need to wait a month or two.

Steve Miller

You should be fine. Black vinyl and standard CD still available and, as far as I can tell from the email, there’s no indication that either of those will be limited.

James Rainbow



I will probably curse myself forever for not immediately hitting the “buy” button for the clear vinyl version when I received the e-mail! :-(((((((((((( *sniff*


@Paul : as you had clear vinyl (indie exclusive stock) for Stereolab, do u think you’ll have some RSD exclusive releases in stock for RSD (april 13) ?


Ordered the CD bundle from the SDE shop. Cheers!


Great reissue news! Unfortunately no club show in the Netherlands but the good news is I just got tickets in the pre-sale for the Brussels show in Botanique!

Dr Volume

Was going to pass on these as already have originals and assumed there were no extra tracks like with the Too Pure reissues, not so! This’ll be my 4th purchase of Transient… (originally bought on cassette) but that’s ok cos it’s one of my all time faves, their most metronomic and wigged out.

Tour dates on sale in the morning folks, don’t sleep on ’em as they’ll no doubt sell fast even though last time I saw them on the final tour they were playing (and not selling out) fairly small club venues. Bands tend to come back bigger than before they went away don’t they?


The cds from Stereolab website sold just as quickly, they are numbered only 250 produced of each. All the limited items sold yesterday and i think the vinyl was USA only, cds were on sale in the UK and elsewhere if quick enough.


‘Crest’ is one of the greatest recordings ever committed to tape and more vital than ever.

“If there’s been a way to build it,
There’ll be a way to destroy it,
Things are not all that out of control.”


When I saw them in 1993, they opened with “Crest”. It was incredible.

Dickard O'Piafra

Yes thank you.

Scott M

Such great news.
So amazing.
Cannot wait for Emperor Tomato Ketchup !

Just found an auction with some old tour stock of the Tour only ‘Explosante Fixe’ 2008 UK 7″ and are up here:

I bought one and received quickly.

Craig e

The initial mailing list email stereolab them said that the clear versions were limited to 2500 copies with 500 being the numbered versions.

Rough Trade also still have them up for order.


Thanks for the tip. Ordered from Rough Trade U.S.

Steve Miller

Just to clarify, the clear vinyl versions are limited to 2500 copies. The version limited to 500 includes an obi strip and was available from the Stereolab store only (on sale and sold out within a few hours yesterday)

It’s not clear if the 500 is part of the 2500, or if it’s additional.


The 2500 is a worldwide figure. There must be 400 for the UK.

The “obi strip” edition was only available in the US.

Steve Miller

I just checked the mailing and it makes no mention of the obi-strip version being limited to the US. I know that I managed to order them both yesterday and it applied no restrictions, although a friend did try a couple of hours later and he said “What’s with the US only shipping?” I suspect there was an allocation for each territory, much like you’ve suggested, there is for the non obi strip version.

Still – it’s pretty amazing that theres this much fervour for Stereolab. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.


That is not right as I am in the UK and bought the limited versions from Stereolab’s online store with UK economy shipping… They were described as clear vinyl with a limited obi strip made from an old master tape and numbered…


The clear vinyl versions are suddenly nowhere to be found.


I ordered the 3 LP clear indie version through Piccadilly Records an hour or so ago. I hope they can fulfil the order.

Only 500 copies each of TRNBWA and MAQ in this limited version.

Marshall Gooch

Paul, you’re already sold out on the vinyl. Damn! Hopefully my local will get it…

Chris Lancaster

Crikey, that’s brilliant news. What a band! I have the original vinyl albums, but will be splashing out.

I think the best surprise I ever had when seeing a band live was turning up at Earl’s Court years ago to see REM; I had no idea who was supporting, so almost fell of my seat in excitement when Stereolab walked on.

Simon Evans

I was gutted Chris, our train from Portsmouth was late arriving and we got into EC just as Stereolab were finishing. So glad I saw them at the tiny Wedgewood Rooms in Pompey a few years earlier. One of the most sonically impressive gigs I have seen.


Have been listening to these CDs for ages, so picking up the LPs this time. My favorite groop of the 1990s. Hope my scratch-off tickets come up Cliffs!

Transient is a stone-cold classic, but I tend to listen to Dots And Loops more often – very excited for that one coming down the pike.

Close...but no cigar

Alot of EP tracks left off these releases, which is a shame, most of them on Oscillons from the Anti-Sun comp, whay happened to the first LP ‘Peng’


It’s a rights issue. Tim Gane acquired the rights to the group’s Elektra releases last year. The EPs didn’t come under the original Elektra deal and were therefore collected in “Oscillons…” in 2005. That release is why that material isn’t included in the new programme.

The groop’s earlier releases on Too Pure are still owned by Too Pure via Beggars Banquet – TP/BB had Peng! and TGPSABPM were remastered for vinyl last year by Bo Calyx who has also done these remasters. (NB – this is also the reason there was no digital counterpart to Switched On Vol 1 but there was for Vols 2 and 3).


You may be the last person on earth with the clear vinyl for sale, Paul!

I’ll have to wait until these come out because I got tickets for the tour this morning and couldn’t afford both at the same time.


Well I still have the original vinyl of these and tempting as it was to splurge on the new vinyl I’ve gone for the CDs.

O(+> Peter B

I remember a post on their website from April 2009 (?) saying that they were going on hiatus and would be working on reissues. Although I was hoping to see The Groop Plays Space Age Batchelor Pad Music among them, the prospect of these reissues has me incredibly excited. I love this band so much.


“…Space Age…” was remastered and reissued last year by Too Pure, alongside “Peng!”. However, these were only available on clear vinyl LPs with no digital counterpart. A lot of people seemed to miss them because they happened so close to the “Switched On” reissues.

Mr Alexander M Staszko

it came out in november

O(+> Peter B

OK, thanks.


I’ve never really dabbled in Stereolab but seen them name-checked with regards to some cool records of the time like Lazer Guided Melodies and Pulp:Intro

Justin Cole

My favorite group (er…”groop”)! Had long since given up hopes of ever seeing expanded resissues of their albums. Many thanks for the heads-up.