Stereolab continue reissue campaign

Three more albums expanded to 3LP and 2CD

Stereolab continue their impressive reissue campaign with 3LP vinyl and 2CD expanded editions of a trio of late 1990s albums, namely Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots and Loops and Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night.

These records were first issued in 1996, 1997 and 1999 respectively and, as with the first two albums, these reissues feature audio remastered from the original tapes and offer bonus discs of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.

The 3LP vinyl sets are available on black vinyl and VERY limited clear vinyl pressings. Both come in bespoke gatefold sleeves, with download card and are housed inside a heavyweight clear PVC wallet. They also come with a fold-out poster insert with lyrics and sleevenotes from Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane.

The 2CD deluxe editions feature the same track listings with the bonus material on the second disc. Full track listings for all formats can be found below.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots and Loops and Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night are reissued on 6 September 2019. Pre-order all formats at the SDE shop using this link, or use the buttons below. Please note the clear vinyl is extremely limited and is likely to go very quickly.

]]>Emperor Tomato Ketchup 3LP expanded

A1. Metronomic Underground
A2. Cybele’s Reverie
A3. Percolator

B1. Les Yper Sound
B2. Spark Plug
B3. OLV 26
B4. The Noise Of Carpet

C1. Tomorrow Is Already Here
C2. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
C3. Monstre Sacre

D1. Motoroller Scalatron
D2. Slow Fast Hazel
D3. Anonymous Collective

E1. Freestyle Dumpling
E2. Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)
E3. Old Lungs
E4. Percolator (Original Mix)

F1. Cybele’s Reverie Demo
F2. Spark Plug Demo
F3. Spinal Column Demo

F4. Emperor Tomato Ketchup Demo
F5. Les Yper Sound Demo
F6. Metronomic Underground Demo
F7. Percolator Demo
F8. Tomorrow Is Already Here Demo
F9. Brigitte Demo
F10. Motorola Scalatron Demo
F11. Anonymous Collective Demo

Emperor Tomato Ketchup 2CD deluxe

CD 1

  1. Metronomic Underground
  2. Cybele’s Reverie
  3. Percolator
  4. Les Yper Sound
  5. Spark Plug
  6. OLV 26
  7. The Noise Of Carpet
  8. Tomorrow Is Already Here
  9. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
  10. Monstre Sacre
  11. Motoroller Scalatron
  12. Slow Fast Hazel
  13. Anonymous Collective

CD 2

  1. Freestyle Dumpling
  2. Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)
  3. Old Lungs
  4. Percolator (Original Mix)
  5. Cybele’s Reverie Demo
  6. Spark Plug Demo
  7. Spinal Column Demo
  8. Emperor Tomato Ketchup Demo
  9. Les Yper Sound Demo
  10. Metronomic Underground Demo
  11. Percolator Demo
  12. Tomorrow Is Already Here Demo
  13. Brigitte Demo
  14. Motorola Scalatron Demo
  15. Anonymous Collective Demo

Dots and Loops 3LP expanded

A1. Brakhage
A2. Miss Modular
A3. The Flower Called Nowhere

B1. Diagonals
B2. Prisoner Of Mars
B3. Rainbo Conversation

C1. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse

D1. Parsec
D2. Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious
D3. Contronatura

E1. Diagonals Bode Drums
E2. Contranatura Pt. 2 Instrumental
E3. Brakhage Instrumental
E4. The Flower Called
Nowhere Instrumental
E5. Bonus Beats

F1. Diagonals Instrumental
F2. Contranatura Demo
F3. Allures Demo
F4. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse Demo
F5. I Feel The Air Demo
F6. Off On Demo
F7. Incredible He Woman Demo
F8. Miss Modular Demo
F9. Untitled in Dusseldorf Demo

Dots and Loops 2CD deluxe

CD 1

  1. Brakhage
  2. Miss Modular
  3. The Flower Called Nowhere
  4. Diagonals
  5. Prisoner Of Mars
  6. Rainbo Conversation
  7. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse
  8. Parsec
  9. Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious
  10. Contronatura

CD 2

  1. Diagonals Bode Drums
  2. Contranatura Pt. 2 Instrumental
  3. Brakhage Instrumental
  4. The Flower Called Nowhere Instrumental
  5. Bonus Beats
  6. Diagonals Instrumental
  7. Contranatura Demo
  8. Allures Demo
  9. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse Demo
  10. I Feel The Air Demo
  11. Off On Demo
  12. Incredible He Woman Demo
  13. Miss Modular Demo
  14. Untitled in Dusseldorf Demo

Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night 3LP expanded

A1. Fuses
A2. People Do It All The Time
A3. The Free Design
A4. Blips Drips And Strips
A5. Italian Shoes Continuum

B1. Infinity Girl
B2. The Spiracles
B3. Op Hop Detonation
B4. Puncture In The Radax Permutation
B5. Velvet Water

C1. Blue Milk

D1. Caleidoscopic Gaze
D2. Strobo Acceleration
D3. The Emergency Kisses
D4. Come And Play In The Milky

E1. Galaxidion
E2. With Friends Like These Pt. 2
E3. Backwards Shug
E4. Continuum (Unreleased Original Version)
E5. Continuum Vocodered (Unreleased)
E6. People Do It All The Time (Demo)
E7. Op Hop Detonation (Demo)
E8. The Spiracles (Demo)
E9. Latin Cobra Coda (Demo)

F1. Infinity Girl (Demo)
F2. Blips, Drips & Strips (Demo)
F3. Blue Milk (Demo)
F4. Italian Shoes Continuum (Demo)
F5. Come And Play In The Milky Night (Demo)
F6. Strobo Acceleration (Demo)
F7. Caleidoscopic Gaze (Demo)
F8. Galaxidion (Demo)

Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night 2CD deluxe

CD 1

  1. Fuses
  2. People Do It All The Time
  3. The Free Design
  4. Blips Drips And Strips
  5. Italian Shoes Continuum
  6. Infinity Girl
  7. The Spiracles
  8. Op Hop Detonation
  9. Puncture In The Radax Permutation
  10. Velvet Water
  11. Blue Milk
  12. Caleidoscopic Gaze
  13. Strobo Acceleration
  14. The Emergency Kisses
  15. Come And Play In The Milky Night

CD 2

  1. Galaxidion
  2. With Friends Like These Pt. 2
  3. Backwards Shug
  4. Continuum (Unreleased Original Version)
  5. Continuum Vocodered (Unreleased)
  6. People Do It All The Time (Demo)
  7. Op Hop Detonation (Demo)
  8. The Spiracles (Demo)
  9. Latin Cobra Coda (Demo)
  10. Infinity Girl (Demo)
  11. Blips, Drips & Strips (Demo)
  12. Blue Milk (Demo)
  13. Italian Shoes Continuum (Demo)
  14. Come And Play In The Milky Night (Demo)
  15. Strobo Acceleration (Demo)
  16. Caleidoscopic Gaze (Demo)
  17. Galaxidion (Demo)

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JF Verreault

Cobra is my absolute favorite release by Stereolab. The fact that reactions to it are so polarized only strengthens my conviction! :-D

O(+> Peter B

I’ll be getting the CDs for affordability reasons but I’m pleased for vinyl fans that the main album of Emperor Tomato Ketchup is spread over 2 records (plus the extra record of bonus tracks). I bought ETK on vinyl in the 90s, it was a single album on Elektra with about 35 minutes each side, which of course is not good.


Even the 2LP UK pressing was on a glitter-infused vinyl which caused bumps and thumps on the playing surface so this will be an improvement for everyone.


Does anyone know if the ‘demos’ of Off-On and Galaxidion are the same tracks that appeared on the Japanese editions of Dots.. and Cobras… Otherwise that would these Jap edition tracks would be gone :(


“Off-On” already appeared on the “Miss Modular” CD-single, so there’s nothing particularly exclusive about it. The one here is just the demo, though. As for “Galaxidion,” it’s on the track listing twice, both in its studio version (which is on the Japanese CD) and a demo version. (I still like the Cobra Japanese CD because it came with a 3” CD with the “Free Design” B-sides on it.)


As with last time online pre-order allotments are much more limited than the stock that actually reaches physical stores. The total run of each is 2000 clear + 500 clear w/obi (the latter now gone). So have a look around local indie shops around release date! I got lucky with my first lottery ticket, so it’s not a useless pursuit :)


I was VERY happy with the Transient and Mars vinyl sets (vinyl sounded great, packaging was terrific), so I’m psyched for these as well. My only complaint is that the poster doubles as the liner notes, but that’s a minor quibble, and the notes themselves are terrific.

I’m of the opinion that Peng! is very good, everything from Transient to Dots And Loops is brilliant, Cobra is their worst (still worthwhile, but it drags in a few places), and everything after that is solid with a couple of highlights sprinkled in. Can’t wait to complete the set!


COBRA their worst??!!
I think it’s in the top 4 with DOTS, EMPEROR and SOUND DUST.


I never rated Cobra at the time either – in fact, seeing them live really lifted Infinity Girl and Blue Milk for me and I’ve enjoyed revisiting that album subsequently.

I’m with Adam W – the earlier stuff is the best; TRNBWA is an absolute classic and it wasn’t until the end of the 90’s that they began to go too far into a direction I wasn’t as enthused by at the time. But their whole catalogue is aging very well indeed. La Resistance!


Yes, Transient is a truly transcendent recording, my favorite above all, a desert-island-disc for me. I saw them live right around the release of that album and it just cemented how amazing it was. (Plus I picked up the Unrest/Stereolab split 7″ at that gig!)

I’ve played that CD so many times, but it wasn’t until I got the recent LP reissue that I learned that the vinyl has a locked groove at the end of side 4’s “Lock-Groove Lullaby.” Those tricksters!

I’m going to make a concerted effort to reintroduce myself to Cobra – Dots And Loops was so outstanding, and Cobra just felt like a less-committed mishmash to me. The ‘Lab have so much other great music that I sorta wrote it off as an unsuccessful excursion, but it seems like it’s time to re-evaluate.

david brookes

The obi strips in this case are actually made from the master tapes themselves.


Too late again! :-(

I should check your site more often, Paul.

(On the other hand, my bank account is very grateful. ;-))

Scott X

Absolutely love Emperor tomato ketchup.

I just bought these tour singles off of a seller on eBay. Apparently some old stock tour merchandise.
There were some pretty cool shirts as well.


The Groop seem to be popping up everywhere since they started playing again.

Dave Moore

3 x clear vinyl duly ordered from SDE and CD’s with OBI strip from lab site.
Thanks as always!


2 x clear vinyl ordered and 1 black vinyl – I presume I must have missed out on the clear vinyl of Dots and Loops, which I find surprising as I would have thought that Emperor tomato ketchup would have been much more popular.

Anyway – many thanks Paul!

Roland K.

Paul, who did the remastering?

Gareth Jones

I had no idea an obi strip was a desirable or collectable thing. In the past I bought a couple of Japanese import CDs and just threw the strip away! (….walks away ashamed. Calls himself a music collector. What a buffoon….)


Some people were more excited about the OBI strips than the actual releases when these were announced on social media yesterday. I am looking forward to these releases – ETK up to Margerine Eclipse is my favourite Stereolab era. I wonder if they’ll record and release anything new once the tour is over and all of the reissues have been released?

Dr Volume

These were hand made obi strips, fashioned from discarded bits of actual Stereolab Master tapes, and hand numbered 1 to 250 hence the additional excitement.


Clear vinyl x 3 ordered.
Cheers Paul.

The Stereolab web site still has limited obi strip cd’s available.


Will there be a 6cd bundle as with the previos reissues?


2 x clear vinyl ordered.
Missed out on the ultra-limited editions of 500 with master tape OBI strip on the band’s website, as was stuck in a meeting at work. Looks like they all sold out in less than 20 minutes!
These will do very nicely, though.
Thanks, Paul.


Don’t worry Tom, the OBI strip was not that exciting!!


Tend to agree, Richard.
I have OBI versions of the earlier re-releases and they were a complete pain to get on and off in order to get to the vinyl…