Stock Aitken Waterman / 30CD box set now available via Amazon

Say I'm Your Number One: Stock Aitken Waterman – The Singles Box

The new 30CD Stock Aitken Waterman Say I’m Your Number One box set is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

This is significant because while the Demon Music Store is selling this set, it’s only available from their store to customers in UK and Eire. Obviously, that’s quite limited, but anyone can place an order from Amazon UK.

Unfortunately, Amazon is just retailing the standard box, so you do miss out on the bonus disc, which is exclusive to the Demon Store (a 4-track CD single featuring Agents Aren’t AeroplanesThe Upstroke). Apart from that, it’s the same box set.

The cost is higher on Amazon, but if you’re outside the EU the price comes back down to parity with the Demon Store price tag, thanks to VAT deduction. To be honest, I think the price will drop anyway, as has been the case with similar sets such as Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle.

This SAW set is due for release on 6 November. All the details are here.


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Dejan Dozic

Short time offer at Amazon UK, now the box for 97.99£* (before VAT & Postage). Just wanted you to know.

Dejan Dozic

Pre-ordered !
Simple as that !
I ordered on Amazon UK when the price was lowered to 97.99 !
It is up to 109.99.


Still too expensive from my point of view. I’m only looking for 4 to 5 of the CDs. I’d prefer stand-alone releases. That would be the right for me.

shlock, aching and watering can

no-one loves SAW more than me but i’m not buying something i have unless i can trade my vinyl tapes for it.this looks like a mixtape we’ve all done. gimme unreleased demos.


Love SAW stuff and a lot of this I don’t have. I would love to buy this set, but it’s just way too expensive.

And does anyone else find it odd that there are no Kylie or Jason solo singles included? No “I Should Be So Lucky” or “Too Many Broken Hearts?” I would have thought for sure they would each merit a “double up” single considering they were two of the biggest acts on the label.


There may be another similar box set coming out real soon…

Lenny K.

No, they won’t ship to destinations outside the uk!

Dejan Dozic

If you are outside the UK BUT want the listning of all the 30 (not the 31st) singles. Here is how to find it:


I just pre-ordered with Amazon UK and although it listed at £117.00 the total including shipping to Australia was £101.00, which I’m very happy about.