Styx / The A+M Albums 1975-1984


In May, Universal Music will issue a 9LP vinyl box set featuring the work of American rock band Styx. 

The A&M Albums 1975-1984 kicks off with 1975’s Equinox and works through the seven studio albums issued in that nine period before ending with double live set Caught in the Act.

The A&M Albums vinyl box will be released on 11 May 2015.


Track listing

LP  1 – Equinox (1975)
1. Light Up
2. Lorelei
3. Mother Dear
4. Lonely Child
5. Midnight Ride
6. Born For Adventure
7. Prelude 12
8. Suite Madame Blue

LP 2 – Crystal Ball (1976)
1. Put Me On (Album Version)
2. Mademoiselle (Album Version)
3. Jennifer (Album Version)
4. Crystal Ball (Album Version)
5. Shooz (Album Version)
6. This Old Man (Album Version)
7. Clair De Lune / Ballerina (Album Version)

LP 3 – The Grand Illusion (1977)
1. The Grand Illusion (Album Version)
2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (Album Version)
3. Superstars (Album Version)
4. Come Sail Away (Album Version)
5. Miss America (Album Version)
6. Man In The Wilderness (Album Version)
7. Castle Walls (Album Version)
8. The Grand Finale (Album Version)

LP 4 – Pieces of Eight (1978)
1. Great White Hope (Album Version)
2. I’m OK (Album Version)
3. Sing For The Day (Album Version)
4. The Message (Album Version)
5. Lords Of The Ring (Album Version)
6. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (Album Version)
7. Queen Of Spades (Album Version)
8. Renegade (Album Version)
9. Pieces Of Eight (Album Version)
10. Aku Aku-(Album Version)

LP  5 – Cornerstone (1979)
1. Lights
2. Why Me
3. Babe
4. Never Say Never
5. Boat On The River
6. Borrowed Time (Album Version)
7. First Time
8. Eddie
9. Love In The Midnight

LP 6 – Paradise Theatre (1981)
1. AD 1928
2. Rockin ‘The Paradise
3. Too Much Time On My Hands
4. Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
5. The Best Of Times (Album Version)
6. Lonely People
7. She Cares
8. Snow Blind (Album Version)
9. Half Penny Two Penny
10. AD 1958
11 State Street Sadie

LP 7 – Kilroy Was Here (1983)
1. Mr. Roboto
2. Cold War
3. Do not Let It End
4. High Time
5. Heavy Metal Poisoning (Album Version)
6. Just Get Through This Night
7. Double Life
8. Have not We Been Here Before?
9. Do not Let It End (Reprise)

LP 8 – Caught in the Act (1984)
1. Music Time (Live)
2. Mr. Roboto (Live)
3. Too Much Time On My Hands (Live)
4. Babe (Live)
5. Snow Blind (Live)
6. The Best Of Times (Live)
7. Suite Madame Blue (Live)

LP 9 – Caught in the Act (1984)
1. Rockin ‘The Paradise (Live)
2. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (Live)
3. Miss America (Live)
4. Do not Let It End (Live)
5. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (Live (1983))
6. Crystal Ball (Live)
7. Come Sail Away (Live)

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Don Cooper

Saw Styx live 1977 Grand Illusion Tour at Birmingham Hippodrome,then 2005 at Symphony Hall.Along with REO two of my guilty pleasures down the years.Remastering is crucial for their work, as was done on a US double best of some years back.
Geoff Barton, you have a lot to answer for…


Foreigner? Really? lolololol
They’re barely C level
Ya think Lou Gramm spent some time listening to Free and Bad Company in his youth? Barely a poor mans Paul Rogers. And Mick Jones was always just an average player and writer. There’s not a single thing they did which measures up to the writing and performance of Styx classics like Come Sail Away, Crystal Ball, Sweet Madmoiselle, or many others.
Buddy, you need to rethink.

Tom of FIN

Of course. Doobie Brothers, Supertramp, Toto and Foreigner beat this mediocre bunch any day as tunesmiths, singers and players.


I don’t have such a high regard for re mastering done by BGO. I love the label and the stuff they put out, but the sound is rarely improved, and in the case of the Lake reissue they did, the sound is dreadful. As for Styx, I find I like them much more today than I did 35 years ago. I don’t think they’re B level. But they aren’t the Who either.


I suppose that the crap is your comment.

Tom of FIN

Unbeliavable to re-issue that pile of B level AOR/FM radio crap as a box.


I don’t think that styx will ever give their ok for it. When I remember correctly one party is against it. There are two styx CDs that have been remastered and released as a double cd via bgo records some years ago: equinox and crystal ball when I’m right.


Styx never had any leftover material, according to DDY. So I don’t know what we could get other than alternate takes or demos. Although that would be very cool! But these albums absolutely need remastering.

Other than The Police and Supertramp, I don’t know if A&M have ever remastered a catalog.


but will paradise theatre have the hologram?

can’t say this interests me too much have the original vinyl copies and aside from paradise theatre(hologram messing me up?) they all sound pretty good.


The Styx catalogue has for years been due for remastering and reissue on CD with bonus tracks. Something tells me they will do this box set on CD pretty soon as well, then suddenly after everyone buys it, lo and behold the remastered versions will come out, and then we’ll be expected to buy it all over again.


Music Time is a studio track.

alan hansen

but i DON’T love fast-food and the burgers certainly DO NOT always taste the same!