Suede “Bloodsports” deluxe box set fails to deliver promised content

Suede / "Bloodsports" deluxe hardback book box set
The £100 deluxe bundle does not have the content advertised

Suede fans are taking to the band’s own forum to complain about the £100 deluxe box set bundle of Bloodsports.

The expensive – now sold-out – set consists of the new album on CD and vinyl; a hardback book; a seven-inch single; a T-shirt; a signed lithograph and a USB stick.

The problem is that the USB stick – unique to this bundle – was advertised as containing “exclusive video content”, and was also supposed to contain the two bonus tracks from the seven-inch single in addition to the standard album in digital form. Fans who have already received their boxes report that it fact doesn’t contain any video at all (just a couple of folders of random images) and the audio – in WAV and MP3 format – is just the basic 10 album tracks with no sign of Dawn Chorus and No Holding Back, the bonus tracks in question.

Some purchasers of this deluxe bundle were already rather aggrieved that Japan and European iTunes customers were getting bonus tracks not found in this pricey deluxe bundle, so this missing USB content rather pours salt on that wound.

We contacted Warner Music Artist & Label Services who are handling the release, and they have promised to update buyers of this super deluxe bundle today about this situation.

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I tried to ask questions about this box set for a month before it came out, it took their customer service department a week each time to respond.
To order it to the U.S. with their huge shipping charge it would have been $240 US Dollars!
I actually tried to buy it, but the site kept giving me error messages.
That is when I gave up on it, I guess it is a good thing I did.
This is how bands lose fans.
I tried to complain to their official website about Warner’s mis-management of this special release and received a “warning”.
It sucks when a band doesn’t care that their fans, who ALLOW them to have a musical career, are getting screwed over!


Wills.. sounds great, too…


I see the 24 bit version has just been released on HDTracks.
Another 18 dollars to shell out :-)


Didz is a studio and touring Bassist. I once whined on their forum of how I missed out on those signed-by-the-band Deluxe Re-issues simply because I was American. I pointed out that it was especially disappointing because I missed out on a signed “DOG MAN STAR”…

He sent me a private message, explained he was their site manager, and asked for my home address.

He sent me a Japanese promo copy of the Deluxe “Dog Man Star”. The great thing was, my digipak case had been crushed in the mail from Townsend Records. So getting one that was MINT was fantastic. The DVD didn’t work as it was region -2, but I swapped that DVD for the Region-free/format-free one and sold the Region 2 set on eBay. This Deluxe DOG MAN STAR showed up with a note that read “Steven, here’s a complimentary copy of Dog Man Star signed by the three contributing members of Suede. Please understand that it would be much, much easier to get Ed Buller to sign this than Bernard Butler, and Ed Buller has no hands” (which I found funny). He continued “Ed Buller does indeed have hands, but I hope you get my point.”

Actually a fantastic guy and I’ve never ever griped since! But, I met Bernard Butler during his North American tour at a small in-store and I can see how Bernard wouldn’t be really approachable. I walked up with a Suede Debut Vinyl LP (a real rarity in the states) and, knowing how he was regarding Suede at the time, I reluctantly asked “Are you comfortable signing this?” – – he replied “Why wouldn’t I be?! I fu***ng wrote it!” – But, you know? That’s how I want my rockstars. He’s a guitar genius and gave me two of my top 10 ever albums… And I prefer the “bigger than life” persona – – – Don’t want him to be a big sweetie.


Hey Paul:

Did you notice that Suede’s site manager, Didz, took a jab at you in their forum? :) Let me know if you want to see it.

Also, what was flawed about Bowie’s “The Next Day”? The booklet? The music? I ordered the Japanese Bonus Track version and wondering if I should have…


Does anyone know a contact e-mail address? I really want to contact Warners but have no idea how.


I bought the standard vinyl version and it is for want of a better word, a shambles. The vinyl itself although sealed was heavily marked. It popped and clicked and the recording level is low. I had to turn the volume up on the amp.

What probably doesn’t help is the inner sleeve being quite coarse card. maybe this is marking them but the shop where i bought mine from opened all their sealed copies and they were all the same.

It’s clear that this pressing has been made cheaply using recycled vinyl. Warner Bros. clearly are on a maximum mark exercise with this release and have mugged us punters right off. It’s a shame cause it is a very good album.


The standard CD edition also has its flaws: the lyric sheet in the accompanying booklet is virtually illegible.

Matthew James

I only bought the standard U.S. edition, and found the cardboard sleeve to be poorly manufactured. I also thought that Suede was going by Suede in the States now, since Amazon changed the item description from London Suede back to Suede for the Bloodsports release, but not so–except for on the CD label itself. The design aside from the cover is awful. Not on par with previous releases. Did anyone buy the limited digipak U.K. edition? Was more care put into that?


Mine was packaged ok, but side B of the vinyl is pressed off-centre pretty badly, so it sounds terrible. Not the way to present a deluxe edition – but reminds me of the mess Warners made of the New Order reissues…


The missing content has now been sent via email with special download codes to those who ordered the Super Deluxe booksets. This includes 3 videos and 3 bonus tracks.


My own copy of this arrived today – £35 hardback book version.

It is a disaster – several bad splits, rips and tears. Really poor.

Inside package box there is packing slip that says you can contact customer service at [email protected]

I sent an e-mail and it got bounced straight back to me because apparent;y there are no mail servers at that Domain? WTF?

Alan Fenwick


Yes, mine also had a big split down one side of where the record is being housed, and i’ve also just noticed a nice big scratch all the way across side 2 of the LP, there’s so much wrong with this i’m almost beginning to think this is an early April Fools joke now.

Frank Weber

Denis! Same happened to me. My mail to warner customerservice got bounced back too …So if anybody here really got these 3 wav bonus tracks, please mail them to me. I’d really appreciate it very very much! [email protected] ….otherwise I will have to wait until they’ll come out again on some other format…

Alan Fenwick

And one more thing, the labels on the 7″ are on the wrong sides of the record.

They say were been a bit picky about this set. I honestly think they need to go back to the drawing board, put everything right that’s wrong with this set properly and re-send to everyone who’s already ordered one, or give a complete 100% refunds in compensation for releasing a sub standard set, how embarrasing.


Amazon UK seems to have the deluxe box set (or at least the one with the hardback book) for far less (combining shipping) than the Warners store:

Hope it helps…

Alan Fenwick

Well, it just goes from bad to worse, it’s becoming a shambles this.

I opened my box set up today (the £35 one) and the vinyl is only 140g not the 180g one as promised in the description.

This is becomming really embarrasing now, items missing, items not as described, overly expensive shipping.

I’ll be contacting them about this and it will be interesting to see what they come back with on this one.


They broke the law by saying they would give you something and then did not. If you don’t get a partial refund you can probably file some sort of complaint with whatever the British version of the FTC is.


I ordered the super deluxe set – it came today and the USB stick is nowhere to be seen! :-(


You have a contact e-mail for Warners?


This whole confusion about the different editions is hugely annoying, especially to the most ardent fans who want to own (on physical supports whenever possible) every single song from Suede.

Warner sucks!!


Andrea Grasso

I think that all Suede fans agree that the album is very good/excellent.
We are complaining about the album itself but about the marketing…

Andrea Grasso

“we are NOT complaining about the album itself but about the marketing…”


Too much fuzz for an album that already sounds boring. It’s 2013, Suede sound should have evolved. It didn’t. Too bad…