Suede / New album: “Bloodsports”

Suede / Bloodsports new album

Suede‘s first album in over 10 years, Bloodsports will be released on 18 March 2013.

The sleeve design is clearly looking to suggest a lineage back to the successful Coming Up era, and persuade the audience that this is classic Suede. Whether is is or not, remains to be seen. We were not particularly convinced by Barriers, the track made available by the band last week, but will reserve judgement until we’ve heard the whole album.

It’s rather unfortunate for Brett Anderson, that a week earlier another former androgynous pop star will be releasing his first album for over 10 years as well, but them’s the breaks, as they say.

As well as standard CD and vinyl (see below) two different deluxe bundles will be available, but it looks as if they will only be available on the Stereo Boutique website – at the time of writing the Suede content looks incomplete.

Bloodsports track listing

  • 01. Barriers
  • 02. Snowblind
  • 03. It Starts And Ends With You
  • 04. Sabotage
  • 05. For The Strangers
  • 06. Hit Me
  • 07. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
  • 08. What Are You Not Telling me?
  • 09. Always
  • 10. Faultlines

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Who gives a shit. It’s a new Suede album. The world is a good place again!


Today the Deluxe Box Set arrived. Hurrah, but … anyone else here with a scratched single? :-/


To John: You are so right! :-)


I remember Bowie saying in the NME about 20 years ago that Brett Anderson would be making music for a very long time. I was dubious. But what surprises me more is that he is still making OK music and it hasn’t really changed. On the other hand, Bowie is still making poor music, which hasn’t really changed either.

Phil Wilson

I also though Barriers was great, I was apprehensive before listening to it but was really impressed. I was fanclub number 111 back in the day, and was in the So Young video filmed in London (the one in the bubbles) so I class myself as a fairly big fan. I saw them a couple of year ago at Manchester Ritz and it was great to have them back. I have enjoyed Brett’s solo stuff, but it’s just not Suede is it? Best new old new band in Britian anyone?

John Able

Ordered one of each of the deluxe and super deluxe editions of the new album earlier this afternoon. £35 and £99 respectively. The ‘ cheaper ‘ edition looks great value, with CD, 12″ vinyl, 7″ vinyl and usb in hardback book, whilst super has signed album sized artwork and t-shirt. Massive Suede fan back in the day, sold sealed, mint copies of all their vinyl last year and made a killing and now thinking perhaps I would like them back again !
The Edsel CD packages were great. Just good to have Suede back again. Saw them at the RAH gig couple of years ago and was stunned at the impact that they had.

Alan Fenwick

Worth noting that:


Have signed copies of the CD for sale (while stocks last) as well as the standard vinyl as well

Michel Drolet

Can’t for this release…Barriers is a great new song!!