Suede / new album Night Thoughts

Suede will release in their seventh studio album, Night Thoughts, in Jan 2016.

As well as the single CD version, the album will be available as a special CD+DVD Edition packaged in a deluxe hardcover book (pictured above), a non-deluxe CD+DVD and a gatefold 2LP heavyweight vinyl set (which comes with a download).

The album is accompanied by a feature film directed by photographer Roger Sargent.The DVD in the two formats above will contain this film.

The band will also be premiering the film and album at London’s Roundhouse on November 13th and 14th.

Night Thoughts will be issued on 22 January 2016.

Buying notes: Prices are high on Amazon at present (for the CDs at least) but will come down.


Suede / new album Night Thoughts

CD+DVD in Hardback book packaging


CD+DVD in standard packaging


2LP Vinyl (with download)


CD only


Disc One – CD

1. When You Are Young
2. Outsiders
3. No Tomorrow
4. Pale Snow
5. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
6. What I’m Trying To Tell You
7. Tightrope
8. Learning To Be
9. Like Kids
10. I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
11. When You Were Young
12. The Fur & The Feathers

Disc Two – DVD

Night Thoughts full length film on DVD

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I ordered mine from the Tmstore with the dreaded “exclusive” prints. The prints are nothing more than cheap A5 textured paper with images of the band playing live. I bought the January Mojo magazine with Bowie on the cover. The magazine includes two free Bowie prints. The prints are on the same paper as the Suede ones, but are A4 size. This tells me that these prints are extremely cheap to print. This is the last time I’m falling for this marketing gimmick.


Rhino is releasing [The London] Suede “Night Thoughts” CD/DVD in the U.S.
While it would still be an import for Canada, the DVD will have to be NTSC, Region 1 (possibly 0) which would work for you.


Really wish they would release a standalone CD…the DVD is added cost w/o value for me.

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Do we know if the DVD will be in NTSC format and if it will be readable in all regions ? Amazon.ca only list this item as an import…


I’ve heard that there will be a Japanese release with a second disc. Neil had mentioned mixing it on the twitter a week or so ago. Any word on what that will include?


It would be interesting to know if the music has been written like a soundtrack to the movie or the movie is somehow a visual completion that came later. Also we don’t know if the movie will be a proper film or just a short piece, if there will be dialogues or if it’ll be just an artsy thing. I’m tempted to buy the standard CD and the vinyl and just watch the film online when it will eventually come out.


Been a US Suede fan from the beginning. Their music has always had a “cinematic” feel, so a movie sounds like a logical extension of the work. Can’t wait.


The album title is beautiful, the trailer intriguing. Let’s hope it’s not a brickwalled mess like the last one, which was an unlistenable records of great songs.

Stan Butler

The songs were indeed excellent, but the production was literally a headache.

Surely brickwalling should be a thing of the past now. God knows enough people have protested. Does nobody listen?


Kings of the “deluxe boxsets” – i.e getting the most from their fans :-)


Any news on who has mastered this one? ‘Bloodsports’ could be the worst sounding album i’ve heard (up/down there with ‘Oceans Apart’) so am apprehensive about this.

Stephen Barr

I totally agree. ‘Bloodsports’ was ruined by the shockingly bad mastering, and made even worse by the management saying that faults were ‘intentional’. Talk about disrespecting the fans…..


So no film for those who want the 2LP.
Why not include it in a simple transparent sleeve within the vinyls covers ?


what a great surprise!! thanks paul.
looking forward to this new album.
love how they preview albums before their release.
I saw the 1996 fan club gig where they debuted COMING UP songs
and the Astoria 1999 gig where they played Head Music songs.

Michael Bird

DVD? Or should I be grateful it isn’t VHS? 4K media is about to start dropping in 2016 and I still have to accept 480p res? Let’s just hope it isnt region locked.


“Night Thoughts will be issued on 22 January 2015.”

2015 hasn’t been a bad year so far, but I have no desire to go back to the start to buy an album. Surely you meant 2016?


I really like Suede, yet I never got around to buying their last album because of the ridiculous CD release – different bonus tracks scattered all over the place and no way to get them all in one place. They had re-released deluxe versions of their previous albums, but couldn’t manage to to give us all the tracks on their most current release? If this happens again with “Night Thoughts”, I’ll pass…again!

Lovely artwork – I look forward to the first single and hopefully this release will be done right.

Stan Butler

True Henry, it was a chaotic series of releases, but Bloodsports itself was a great album and is worth hearing.

Hopefully a deluxe version will be released one day, mopping up all those other tracks.


Sounds ridicolous. If you care about extra tracks you must be either a completist or a die hard fan, in both cases sounds absurd to give up buying the album because you can’t have all the extras together. Personally I bought the CD and the 12″ vinyl back when it was released, and then the CD singles box set, which rounds up all the B-sides and extra/bonus tracks from the era. So if you want them all together go and buy the box.


Releasing just a standard 10 trk CD in the UK/Europe when there could also have been a 13trk “deluxe” version that collects all the tracks would have been the easiest thing in the world. I am not about to buy a sub-standard release, only to buy the album again when there is eventually a complete version – nor have I any interest in a CD singles box set.


Go to the band’s website for far more reasonable prices…


Do you know why Amazon often starts with high prices and then lower them before the item is released?


Lovely – can’t wait for this. Wonder if the January release date is an attempt to get higher in the album charts at what is typically a low-point, sales-wise, for the industry?