Suede vinyl box set update

Demon Records have issued an update to fans who ordered the Suede Studio Albums 93 – 16 vinyl box set last year and were unhappy with the vinyl pressing of Night Thoughts.

The label were quick to acknowledge the error – to do with song segues on the four sides of vinyl of the 2016 album –  and vowed to fix the issue. Additionally, they will address the problem of badly damaged inner sleeves on some records for some customers.

They have issued the following statement today:

“Thank you for your patience whilst we have been dealing with the recent Suede errors.

The replacement vinyl is due to arrive next week so please follow the below process to obtain your replacements:

Please email the DMG info line ([email protected]) and attach your proof of purchase

Please include your name and full postal address including post code/zip code.

If you also have damaged sleeves, please state exactly which sleeves have been affected and these will be posted out with your replacement vinyl

The replacements will be ready to ship from the 11/01/2018. You will be notified via email once they have been posted to you.

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I received my replacement copies. I went to tremendous trouble to have the original colour vinyl box sent to me to Australia (don’t ask, but it ended up costing me more than 2.5x the original AmazonUK price). You can only imagine how peeved I was at the mastering issue. Good on Demon for doing the replacement, BUT why the hell did they send them in those cheap paper sleeves? Both records are so scratched, Demon might as well have packed them in sand paper. They sound like a record bought at a garage sale for 10 cents. I’m seriously thinking of boycotting any further Suede reissues and Demon products. If you go to so much trouble to produce a stunning legacy box set, stuff it up and go to the trouble of re-pressing LPs, don’t go cheap on the inner sleeves. What’s the cost to upgrade to a polylined sleeve? 2p? Seriously take some care of your products for God’s sake.


Very late to the party, I ordered a coloured vinyl set via an eBay seller. The set was unopened and the seller kindly sent me their Amazon invoice. The box arrived yesterday, I emailed Demon for replacement Night Thoughts discs and they arrived today! Spectacular service from Demon!

Timm Davison

I recently received my Amazon exclusive blue vinyl replacement discs from Demon Records. The vinyl was shipped in a box with only paper sleeves covering the records, and upon playing both vinyls have extremely deep scratches that run most of the way through the discs, making them unplayable without loud, audible clicks and pops throughout. The paper sleeves were not damaged during transit, so I’m assuming this is down to manufacturing defect/issues.

Anyone else get scratched up copies?


i got mine over the weekend. same as yours, mine came in papers sleeve in a box but i wasnt expecting anything more. gave one side of the record a spin just to test if the issue from the initial press was fixed – and it was. but i didnt notice clicks and pops, maybe because i wasn’t paying attention.

Timm Davison

Mine were deep scratches with constant pop. Completely unlistenable.


Mine arrived today, I’ll test it over the weekend. The question is, what to do with the original?


I played side A and the track bleed is now gone, it sounds like the 2016 master which is a good sign, however, it took me 10 minutes to get this off my turntable due to the hole being so tight, I think I might have bent the record in the process.
I couldn’t be bothered listening to the rest of it because of the struggle to get it off, does anybody have a solution to fixing this?


over the years I’ve had a few records with tight holes. fortunately I have a screw driver that is perfectly sized and shaped so I can give it a drill to widen the hole.

Nuno Videira

I wrote to them and also included my Amazon invoice. But I haven’t heard anything….


I wouldn’t get too worried yet. I sent them an email with my Amazon invoice with no reply, so I emailed them again asking if there was any update to which they responded with:
Apologies for the replay.
We are a small team and have a huge amount of emails to get through.
We will get back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you for your patience.

With thanks,

Tony O

My replacements arrived today and I requested inner sleeves for the damaged ones but Oh My God my OCD has just gone into overdrive, some of the replacements are identical and some have the catalogue numbers from the 2013 Demon reissue vinyls and to add insult to injury when comparing the box sets I have one of the vinyls (head music) does not have the correct inner sleeve to start with aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!

Original – a new morning 1 inner demrec359
Replacements – a new morning 1 inner insatiable 5

Original – bloodsports 1 inner demrec366
Replacements – bloodsports 1 inner demrec366

Original – coming up 1 inner demrec357
Replacements – coming up 1 inner insatiable 3

Original – dogman star 2 inners DEMREC356 A/B DEMREC356 C/D
Replacements – dogman star 2 inners INSATIABLE 2 A/B INSATIABLE 2 C/D

Original – head music 2 inners demrec 358 a/b demrec 358 c/d
Replacements – head music 2 inners insatiable 4 a/b insatiable 4 c/d

Original – night thoughts 2 inners DEMREC367 DEMREC367
Replacements – night thoughts 2 inners DEMREC367 DEMREC367

Original – suede 1 inner DEMREC355
Replacements – suede 1 inner INSATIABLE 1

Frank Weber

Arrived today….and I have the same issue as you…All innersleeves are INSATIABLEs not DEMRECs with the exception of bloodsports…Apart from that all replacement sleeves are dented on the top left cover, because they’ve used one of these antique record mailers, that offer no corner protection. Too bad….The new blue pressing is good though, even the center hole is now cut out perfectly…I doubt they’d be willing to send us the correct innersleeves…They would call us INSANE :)

Tony O

Frank Webber – I had about 10 emails back and forward with DMG about the inner sleeves and they just did not get it, for me I got the feeling it was like complaining that the cornflakes I had just bought had a different code on the bottom, Zero geek awareness unfortunately.

Chris Squires

Can’t ask for more that that. Replacement discs duly arrived this morning and all of the replacement sleeves that I asked for. They did send an email to say they were on their way and they turned up two days later. Other than getting it right in the first place they couldn’t have done much more. My hat is off to DMG. thank You.

Rob S

My replacement ‘blue’ discs just arrived!


Did you get an email saying they had shipped? I wrote them and haven’t heard anything….

Rob S

Hi Joel, yes I got an email saying they had been dispatched.
I wrote to them and also included my Amazon invoice (downloadable from your purchases page).


I got mine today, hadn’t received any dispatch email though, just turned up


Apparently they were due to start shipping last Friday and send out notice of shipment.

Not heard anything yet,


me neither. probably due to the fact it was friday. hopefully we’ll hear something this week.


Thanks Paul for the update. Not sure if anyone else has had similar problems with the Simple Minds Rejuvenation box set. All 5 albums had the inner sleeves badly split upon arrival, so I have mentioned this to Demon as well. Hopefully they will sort out the quality issues, as certainly we are paying quality prices for these box sets.

Peter Anderson

Been watching the price of this one yo-Yoing for the past few weeks on AmazonUK. Currently £84 which is as low as it has got.


Thanks Paul for the update – I can’t see anywhere that Demon have confirmed they will replace the blue edition from the Amazon exclusive box for a re-pressed blue edition (which was also affected), so I’m hoping they’ll take note of the order info in the proof of purchase. I’ll be pretty miffed if they send me a black vinyl edition, which would defeat the entire point of the box set.

Tony O

Tom – from the demon web site “attach your proof of purchase (as this will let us know whether you have the exclusive or standard edition)” this means they will know what version of the box set you bought


i think they will have colored replacements because in the statement they instructed customers to specify which edition they got. surely they will be giving like for like replacements.


As was pretty obviously going to happen, my replacement LPs arrived promptly, and were blue. Glad this got sorted.


These looked amazing when I first saw them advertised, but I guess I’ll just keep the earlier box after hearing the negative comments. I like having Sci-Fi Lullabies and bought the new records as they were released and the recent deluxe version of the debut, but anymore, it’s getting hard to know which versions of these things to keep as definitive. Maybe they just want us to have choices and that keeps the registers ringing, and I guess it couldn’t happen to a more deserving band.

David Carter

Its not just me who’s copies of the first two albums are full of ridiculous amounts of surface noise then, a real shame as the presentation is fantastic

Thanks for the update Paul


My recent experience of vinyl reissues is poor, either due to surface noise or warping. If vinyl is to be the saviour of the physical music industry, this needs to be sorted. No such issues with streaming or downloads or CDs.

Chris Squires

Your main point is a valid one, but there are still many issues with CD / DVD on recent re-issues. Vinyl does need to up it’s game, but that should hold for the whole re-issue industry across all formats, the phrase I hear most often is “Does nobody check this stuff?”.

From duff Soft Cell DVDs to the numpty who printed “The Kick Insde” on the spine of many Kate Bush re-issues. (Mine included).


But that’s a different issue. With CDs you never have to worry about things that can go wrong during the physical production that leads to warping and surface noise. Looking at the comments on Discogs for the reissue of David Axelrod’s Song of Innocence, some people received sub standard vinyls with all sorts of issues whilst for others there were no such problems. Everyone who bought the CD will, just like me, will have a perfect sounding CD.


Anyone else but me having issues with Suede? I think the noise level is too high and I also experience lots of crackles. Dog Man Star is also worse than the rest of the records. Damon replied that they will not replace it.


Not surprised, in his heart of hearts he must know that Suede released a better album in 1994 than Blur did.

Wes Headley

Thanks Paul. I wish Night Thoughts was the only problem with this set. The album “Suede” is almost unlistenable due to heavy surface noise and dish warping, “Dog Man Star” was labeled with the side one label used on both sides of disc one which also suffers from excessive surface noise and non-fill. “Coming Up” is also hard to listen to thanks to excessive non-fill, ticks and pops spread throughout. I spent time trying to clean these discs with my RCM but it made little difference. Overall this was pretty disappointing. You can visit discogs to see other comments. I’ve written Demon with the details and am awaiting a reply.

Paul Taylor

I know hindsight’s a wonderful thing but I’m kind of glad I cancelled my order for this before it was released judging by the problems folk have had

Peter Muscutt

Saying that, could they send a new outer box so there’s space to fit The Blue Hour in too? Oh, and re-title the box set obviously…ok ok I’m asking for too much there!!!!


All sorted Paul thanks.

I have zero issues with the inner sleeves, all perfect, just wondered why / how this issue with them occurred. Expect I got the same packaging from Amazon as everyone else ??

Well done to Demon for addressing the issue without any hesitation.


So glad they’ve come through. My box arrived in such a state.


At least Demon didn’t suffer a “loss of energy” ;)

Peter Muscutt

Thanks for letting us know Paul.

Realise a few people were miffed with the error occurring in the first place, but kudos to Demon for getting the replacement sleeves out too…

Hopefully they’ll be here soon!

Hugh Hall

Excellent news. Thank you for keeping us updated on this issue.


Big thank you Paul. What would we do without you!

Bernard Naughton

Great stuff thanks Paul Happy New Year to you


thanks for the update Paul.

Looks like I’m going to make some accessories out of the two faulty LPs.


Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Much appreciated!