Super Furry Animals / Rings Around The World limited 2LP coloured vinyl + 7″

Highly limited coloured 2LP • Bonus seven-inch • Gatefold

Super Furry Animals‘  2001 album Rings  Around  the  World is being reissued as a very limited 2LP coloured vinyl package with a bonus seven-inch single.

The Welsh band’s fifth album is an eclectic  record  incorporated  prog,  punk,  techno,  pop and death metal and features a number of guest musicians including Paul McCartney and John Cale.

This new gatefold vinyl package is pressed on pink/purple mix vinyl and comes with a four page booklet with lyrics/credits, a bonus seven-inch single (featuring a locked groove sample of ‘All The Shit U Do’ and is limited to just 1500 units, with less than half of that number allocated for the UK.

This set is being issued by Music On Vinyl and you can order a copy from the SDE shop using this link or the button below. This title is released on 14 December and that’s when any orders will ship.

1. Alternate Route To Vulcan Street
2. Sidewalk Serfer Girl
3. (Drawing) Rings Around The World

1. It’s Not The End Of The World?
2. Receptacle For The Respectable
3. (A) Touch Sensitive
4. Shoot Doris Day

1. Miniature
2. No Sympathy
3. Juxtapozed With U

1. Presidential Suite
2. Run! Christian, Run!
3. Fragile Happiness

7” single

Side A
1. All The Shit U Do

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Alan D

I have an email from Music on Vinyl Team advising that they have pulled this and they will not be releasing it. I ordered from Amazon in early November and wondered why taken so long..so I chased MOV directly. No reason given but confirmed that they are not releasing it. Thanks.

[…] 2LP coloured vinyl edition of Super Furry Animals‘ Rings Around The World has been scrapped. When this was announced, the band stated that they were unhappy, as they knew nothing about it and one assumes that some […]

Buzz Lightyear

Anyone know what’s actually going on with this release? Was due out, then delayed, then delayed again. Is it coming out or has it been canned?

Jay Napolitano

I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band was able to halt production considering their own plans for a reissue. Which I’m totally fine with, I’d just like to know what the situation is.


Purchased from Amazon, price ridiculous!
I kept looking and bidding on original including a bid up to £100.00 and didn’t win.
Based on the cost of purchasing the original the price for the MOV issue = bargain.
Numbers are low at 1,500 I would have expected 3,000 or a general release from MOV.
As for the deluxe BMG version/band approved release its not due for 2 years if they are going to be release as 20th anniversary issue.
Making the options to either wait 2 years and bite the bullet and £140.00 plus postage for a copy from Japan for an original vinyl copy or buy the MOV version.
Hopefully with the MOV version the band will receive royalties.

The joys of collecting vinyl and looking back at the decisions, “Why should I buy vinyl anymore when I can have a wonderful CD. I don’t even have a record player and how could I play a vinyl record in the car!” The times are a changing!

Paul Taylor

Excuse my ignorance on such matters but who has the final say on these sort of releases? Going by comments from the band’s camp, is this an official or unofficial release, authorised or unauthorised? Do the band get royalties in these situations?
It seems bands have little control in what gets put out by who and when, and in what format. I have ordered this SFA album through SDE and my experience of MOV releases is that they are well packaged and good quality pressings, so I’m not concerned about the quality of this one. Plus, if the band’s spokesman is saying the original lacquers were cut from CD resolution files then they’re not really in a position to criticise MOV for doing the same; if the resolution isn’t good enough now for them why did they consider it acceptable then? A bit pot & kettle there I’d say


In fairness to SFA, a lot of assumptions and practices regarding mastering, formats, sound quality etc have been challenged since 2001. They released “Radiator” on Minidisc, the download single of “Ysbeidiau Heulog” at 128kbps, released several albums on cassette and so on. It’s now recognised that cutting from a mastertape can be an improvement on a CD-resolution master and they really shouldn’t be chided for acting on this.


Mr. Taylor, you have to remember that vinyl sales were next to nil at this time and most major label releases from this era got no vinyl issue at all. SFA really wanted vinyl issues of their records and Sony (and Creation before them) allowed for small pressings of vinyl to happen, but as they (the labels) saw vinyl as a very niche thing, they didn’t want to spend the money to do proper vinyl masterings, cuttings, etc., which is why the albums up through Love Kraft were cut from the CD masters and several of them were pressed on shitty vinyl. Now that vinyl is experiencing a renaissance and data storage is cheap (therefore allowing there to be more of a market for high resolution digital formats), now’s the time to do them properly. If Creation and Sony had allowed them to be done properly the first time, they would have been.


Yeah – I’d rather buy the official release approved by the band, but so far the reissues on vinyl have had no b-sides. I don’t get it, I’d pay extra for a 3 or 4 LP version with b-sides…


I’ve tried to get BMG to release the b sides and other extras on vinyl as well, but they thus far haven’t been interested.


That is a real shame! I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that deluxe/expanded vinyl versions of each album would be essential. Is there any possibility that Outspaced might at least see a vinyl reissue? It is a truly wonderful album and for a B-sides/obscurities collection hangs together remarkably well. Plus the original pressings that I’ve heard have been awful so it would be great to have a nice quiet pressing available.

Really looking forward to the At The BBC boxset.


Aw, you got me all excited. When I saw SFA in my e-mail, I thought it would be Guerrilla.


Same thing happened with Gillian Welch and MOV over Soul Journey. She bunged em some cash in order for them to pull the release and destroy all copies.



Interesting as the version released on Acony Records ‎ seems to have lots of quality issues including embedded foreign objects.


Death metal? I must have missed that bit in the hundreds of listens I’ve put in to this fantastic album.

The (then revolutionary) DVD version contained an excellent 5.1 surround mix of the album plus 5 or 6 b-sides all with accompanying video footage (which was pretty mediocre TBH) but the surround mix is awesome. Phantom Power came out in the same format too.

I’d like the vinyl but I’ll wait and see what the band produce for the 20th anniversary I reckon.




Finally! Crazy dealers sell original copies at crazy prices on discogs.

Mike Williams

Regarding the 7″: What is a “Locked Groove Sample”?


Yeah, the song “All the Shit U Do” is basically a loop, and the vinyl version is a perfectly-timed lock groove.


That’s right – each side of a vinyl record will end in a lock groove – it’s usually silent and in the centre of the record. You can actually put these anywhere on a piece of vinyl and have sound in them; the most famous is probably the run-out of “Sgt Pepper”. Assuming this 7″ is identical to the original, it is a single one-revolution sample that loops perfectly.

I love lockgroove records: if you’re a Discogs user, look up RRR100 and RRR500

Gerald Yoshida



KLIPH (the drummer who is archiving & working on reissuing the other SFA albums) has this to say about this reissue:

Just a head’s up: this is in no way authorized or approved by SFA. Music On Vinyl is a legitimate label and do license things properly (and do good work when given good sources to work from), but the band were unaware of the existence of this before someone tweeted Gruff a couple of hours ago. I called BMG, who also knew nothing about it and are annoyed as they’re planning to a proper deluxified remaster/reissue when the time comes. BMG are working on tracking down who licensed it (must have been someone at Sony) and what their sources are for this reissue. Best case scenario, the original plates from 2001 still exist and were used, but those were done at CD resolution (44.1/16) and not from the original tapes, as the reissue BMG are planning will be, so buy at your own risk.

Also, a repressing of the BBC box set is on the way. Details will be announced when dates are known. 


That the 7″ and the inside-out side have been replicated suggests it’s the original plates…surely they wouldn’t have tried to re-cut that single grooved 7″ and went with it because it was there…?


Any news on SFA at the BBC being available anywhere other than pledge music at £20 + postage?

Charles K

One of my favorite albums of the last 20 years and would love it on vinyl but no way I’m paying that much for a record. I’ll hope for a standard black, cheaper version at some point.


Do you know if the BBC set they are releasing will go on general sale or only be available through pledgemusic?

Kliph Scurlock

I am the archivist for the band and they had no involvement with (or knowledge before today of) this release. Attempts to contact Sony to find out the source used has proved fruitless thus far (I know it wasn’t taken from the original tapes), so buy at your own risk. A proper deluxified remaster/reissue overseen by myself and the band will be forthcoming.

Charles K

Thanks, been suspicious of some of these recently with regards to source. Feels like a cash grab. Glad to read something better is on the way. They never put out anything other than incredible releases but this is their masterpiece imo and I want it done proper.


Glad to hear the rest of the catalogue is getting deluxified too, the Fuzzy Logic & Radiator reissues are 2 of my favourites, the perfect balance of price, completeness (all tracks from the era) & bonus content…thanks Kliph, keep up the good work…

Do you know if the BBC CD will go on General Retail or will it stay a Pledge exclusive?


I’m delighted about this release. That BBC release at pledge music must have pissed of half the planet as it was so ltd and why really? This is now a cult release at as reasonable price for people who are not up at half seven in the morning. Stop being so precious and clever by half just put out the back catalogue we just want to listen to it.


Mike, I don’t think I’m being precious by wanting quality material befitting this great band on the shelves. Regarding just getting the material back in print, I suggest you spend more time learning about how the business works and less time throwing quaint British colloquialisms in my direction. The albums are owned by other entities (which does allow for unfortunate repackagings on gimmicky colored vinyl like this to happen), plus the cost of baking and transferring tapes and mastering from scratch has to be factored in. That shit ain’t cheap, so basically they/we are at the mercy of BMG (or someone) allotting the budget to do them properly. For whatever reason, BMG wishes to release these on their 20th anniversaries, so that’s when the proper versions will come out unless someone else wishes to fork up the licensing fees on top of the other costs to get them done sooner.

deceased, I’m not sure if the BBC box will ever go on general sale. Being that it’s Cian and Daf’s label releasing it, they don’t have the money to press up thousands of copies, plus nobody has any room in their houses to store a bunch of unsold boxes. To say they underestimated the demand is an understatement, so a second batch is in the process of being manufactured. How many, I’m not sure, but hopefully enough where everyone who wants one can get it.


Sorry Kliph, I didn’t realise there was no Major Label backing, I assumed it was following in the footsteps of their other reissues…I normally like to support my local record store even if that is now only an HMV but better that than nothing…anyway, i’ve took the plunge & pledged now I know it’s limited, can’t miss out on this release…

On a mildly related note, is there any chance you could persuade Blur to put out a similar BBC Sessions release? I know Gruff & Damon have worked together in the past, maybe Gruff could introduce you to him?!


is Guerilla not the next one due a reissue?


Yep, Deluxe Guerrilla should be due around June next year for its 20th Anniversary…I cannot wait as the other reissues hae been quality…


Prepare to be disappointed friend – it’s my understanding that it won’t be appearing as per a recent-ish interview with Gruff himself (Sorry – I don’t have a link). As for what 2019 will herald in furry world, who knows?


For anyone who hasn’t heard it the B side to Juxtapose – ‘Tradewinds’ is amazing – should have been on the album – it’ll be on YouTube no doubt – give it a whirl.


Such an inventive, brilliant album. Never heard the b-sides of the era, are they good? Hope this gets deluxified imminently.


Yes, the B-Sides are excellent but then so is everything The Furries released, they never put a foot wrong really…


There’s a SFA at the BBC multi disc set released in a couple of week’s time. All the vinyl and the limited edition vinyl copies are sold out, with a few CD copies remaining:



I remember this was Mojo’s best album of 2001.
It’s great to see Music on Vinyl and Sony re-releasing some long-out of print records of the 2000/2010 era. They’ve just announced Prefab Sprout’s I Trawl The Megahertz for example.


Is this a spoiler on the bands ongoing reissue program through BMG?



Paul Taylor

Ordered, looks awesome


Great album. Terrible artwork.


Mmmm. Don’t know if Gruff Rhys (SFA member) is winding people up, but on his Twitter account he has just posted: ‘Must be a bootleg?’


Not a windup. Nobody felt the need to consult or inform the band about it. Technically, it’s not a bootleg, but it’s in no way authorized.


Can’t get the button to work for cart


Does this replicate the “inside out” groove of the original Side C?

Totally great album. I have the original vinyl pressing and that 7″ really made me laugh – it wasn’t advertised and was glued inside the sleeve as a “hidden track” – like an analogue take on having to rewind the “Guerrilla” CD to find its bonus track (or waiting 15 or so minutes for a final downbeat on the same format….).


The release page says it does. “SIDE THREE PLAYS INSIDE-OUT”


Always wanted to buy the original LP, but I never saw it under 200 euros…
Thanks !


it’d have been nice if they’d included all the singles or at least all the b-sides rather than just 1. those b-sides are just as good as the rest of the album.
i’d imagine this will get a deluxe edition very soon, after they do guerrilla deluxe – so there should be a chance to get it on vinyl again soon, and probably a fair bit cheaper. great album, though.


Awesome, picked up instantly!