Supergrass / Live On Other Planets

Supergrass / Live On Other Planets

Live album of the reunion tour • Signed vinyl

Supergrass celebrate their acclaimed 2020 reunion tour – and 25th anniversary – with Live On Other Planets, a new live album.

The 20-track collection features recordings drawn from this year’s tour and has been mixed by longtime collaborator John Cornfield, who worked on the first three studio albums.

Frontman Gaz Coombes had this to say about the tour and the live album:

The tour we did right before lockdown was amazing, we thought it’d be great to capture those gigs on record and to say thank you to the fans who were there. All proceeds from the sale of this record will go towards helping and highlighting the struggle consistently being faced by grassroots music venues. We’d like to give a little back to the live music scene that has given us so much over the years.

As Gaz says, all proceeds are being donated to #SaveOurVenues and this live document will be available as a SIGNED 2LP 180g black vinyl package or as a 3CD set. The CD edition has the draw of a bonus disc: ‘Bully For You’ – Supergrass Live At The Bullingdon Arms 21st August 2020.

Live On Other Planets is being released on the band’s own label (Supergrass Records) and  can be pre-ordered exclusively from their online store. It is released on 27 November 2020.

Browse the band’s store for vinyl, CD and special bundles

Specific official store products:

Live On Other Planets 3CD set

CD 1

1. In It For The Money
2. Richard III
3. Mary
4. Moving
5. Seen The Light
6. Going Out
7. Late In The Day
8. Rebel In You
9. Low C

CD 2

1. Grace
2. Hollow Little Reign
3. She’s So Loose
4. Fin
5. Time
6. Alright
7. Sun Hits The Sky
8. Lenny
9. Pumping On Your Stereo
10. Bad Blood
11. Caught By The Fuzz

Bonus CD ‘Bully For You’ – Supergrass Live at the Bullingdon Arms, 21st August 2020.

1. Caught By The Fuzz
2. Richard III
3. Mary
4. Moving
5. St. Petersburg
6. Grace
7. Pumping On Your Stereo
8. Strange Ones
9. Alright
10. Sun Hits The Sky
11. Lenny

Live On Other Planets 2LP vinyl

LP 1 – Side 1

1. In It For The Money
2. Richard III
3. Mary
4. Moving
5. Seen The Light

LP 1 – Side 2

1. Going Out
2. Late In The Day
3. Rebel In You
4. Low C

LP 2 – Side 1

1. Grace
2. Hollow Little Reign
3. She’s So Loose
4. Fin
5. Time
6. Alright

LP 2 – Side 2

1. Sun Hits The Sky
2. Lenny
3. Pumping On Your Stereo
4. Bad Blood
5. Caught By The Fuzz

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The photo is from the Leeds gig, taken by a fan.

karl gibson

which venue/date is this recording from please?


Hi Paul, thanks for sharing info about great new releases. I m always a bit late… On the webstore of Supergrass they did/do not mention “signed” but just Lim.ed.. Did I miss the signed version ( immediately sold out)? Or simply ” signed” was/is never mentioned on the webstore?

Paul Rowena Wren

Thanks – double signed vinyl ordered!


Hi Paul, thanks for this. No live music since I saw Elvis Costello on 13th March has not been easy. Buying this yesterday made me look at The Strange One’s box set again and just noticed (and bought) it on Amazon.co.uk for £120 which seems a good price. Love your site, daily mandatory reading for me. Take care, Dirk


Only available from the band’s store? Asking to see if shipping costs cheaper elsewhere. Thanks.


Glad some of the proceeds are going to a good cause, because this smacks a little of Christmas cash in otherwise.

I really hope they focus on reissuing the albums as standalone releases soon, hope they’re not waiting on the box sets to sell out!


Yes I second that. They really need to get their albums back out on vinyl. I wasn’t into the picture disc idea for the box set so passed.


I ordered the vinyl when the alert first came through from SDE this morning. At the time it was listed as ‘Limited Edition’ rather than ‘Signed’.
I hope the early orders will still be signed.


Ooh, it seems like another time…walking up to Muswell Hill and then onto Ally Pally…in before the lock(down). A wonderful show last March. Even when a group of tubby middle-agers almost knocked me down in their eagerness to ‘rush’ the front for Richard III.

I’ve been listening to the big Strange Ones super deluxe box over the last few weeks. So I’m a bit ‘grassed-out meaning I might pass on this but a great gesture from the boys nonetheless.

David Blaydes

Signed vinyl nice!

Gareth Jones

What a wonderful gesture. So while we find ourselves no longer Going Out, why not stay in and buy this?


Just a great live band and gaz is an amazing guitarist imho


I seem to miss the information about where the album was recorded? Cover art looks like it was shot at Paradiso, Amsterdam.


Cheers Paul. Johny Marr did a couple tracks at the Manchester gig I went, really excellent gig. The band were on top form and sounding great throughout.


I was at that too, great night. They’re such a good live band.

Wayne C

This is really great of Supergrass to do this to help the venues out in these increasingly uncertain times, this was the last concert I saw before lockdown at the packed to the hilt O2 Academy in Leeds. I remember looking at the masses in the stage front area and thinking when will this happen again. It was a great show and I’ll be buying this.

Andrew Greenwood

very nice. ordered. thanks

Andrew Greenwood

…although a DVD in the bundle would have been even nicer. This (Alexandra Palace) was my last show before lockdown, and didn’t feel very (Covid) safe to be honest. Luckily I got away with it


Likewise it was my last gig and I have often thought in the intervening months how many people were infected as there was little or no distancing taking place.
What a fantastic last gig though and still very fresh in my mind – I will certainly buy this – especially as the cause is so good. I wonder if Marc Almond could do a similar release of the lockdown shows he performed to raise awareness for the plight of studios. I’d certainly bite!


Blu ray or even 4k surely!!!

Peter-Michael Sieker

Thanks for the info, Paul. I ordered the CD/LP bundle immediately. The shows in Amsterdam at the beginning of February were breathtaking; therefore, live recordings of the tour are highly welcome. And the support for #SaveOurVenues is another plus.


Amsterdam’s Paradiso is on the cover ;)