Supertramp / Crime of the Century vinyl box and deluxe edition


Universal Music will reissue 40th anniversary editions of Supertramp‘s 1974 album Crime of the Century in December, including a 3LP vinyl box set.

The original album is remastered across all formats and the two-CD deluxe edition and 3LP vinyl box adds a previously unreleased concert from London’s Hammersmith Odeon in March 1975. During this gig the band play Crime of the Century in its entirety as well as new tracks from what was their forthcoming album, Crisis . . . What Crisis? This concert has been mixed from the original tapes by Crime’s original producer Ken Scott.

The limited edition vinyl box comes with two 10 x 8 images and an eight page booklet featuring a 7,500 word essay by Phil Alexander of Mojo Magazine, featuring new interviews with many of the key players. The albums are pressed on 180gm vinyl and the box comes with a download card.

Crime of the Century is reissued on 8 December 2014.


3LP Vinyl Box Set


Blu-ray Audio 


2CD Deluxe Edition


Standard Vinyl

Track listing

3LP box / 2CD Deluxe

LP 1
A1. School
A2. Bloody Well Right
A3. Hide In Your Shell
A4. Asylum
B1. Dreamer
B2. Rudy
B3. If Everyone Was Listening
B4. Crime Of The Century

LP 2
A1. School
A2. Bloody Well Right
A3. Hide In Your Shell
B1. Asylum
B2. Sister Moonshine
B3. Just A Normal Day

LP 3
A1. Another Man’s Woman
A2. Lady
A3. ‘A’ You’re Adorable
A4. Dreamer
B1. Rudy
B2. If Everyone Was Listening
B3. Crime Of The Century

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One of the greatest studio albums of all time.. and they put LIVE TRACKS? No alternate versions? Take 2? Songs that were scrapped? NOTHING? I don’t want to hear clapping!! I want to hear studio genius. Well shit. Back to the mega awesome Rumours Deluxe for me.

Julian H

Ummm…easy on. There were no songs that were scrapped, all the unused songs appeared on further studio albums.

Interview with Roger:
Q: Why didn’t you include any demos or outtakes?
– A: Because there were no real scraps. At that time, we recorded exactly these eight songs. And we had carefully chosen these before and then recorded them. That’s why there’s no extra songs. But we did have this wonderful concert recording from 1975. And I think it’s the much better bonus material anyway. ‘Cause we were as good on stage as we were in the studio. It really was a unique moment of our career.
—end of interview

And please, don’t be so disrespectful about the live tracks – I’d been searching for this recording for years and all the live stuff had been taken down from YouTube years ago.

The only bonuses they *COULD* have added were “Summer Romance” and “Land Ho” but both aren’t as good as the original album and they have also appeared on Retrospectacle – The Supertramp Anthology.

ken sanfield

Timeless album! Songs like Hide in Your Shell, Dreamer, School and If Everyone Was Listening sound freshly written for times of today. I feel the reason those songs still resonate well is because Roger Hodgson wrote them in a way that connects all of us. With each of our unique life “stories” we all go through the motions, troughs and crests of life’s winding road journey – yet the emotions and memories these songs evoke, reveals how music can be a unifying force. Every song one after the other affects you in a different way…this montage gives a good glimpse of the show – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMLNeSbtVN0. It’s always evident when seeing Roger in concert, all surrounding you people of several generations, all walks of life visibly and deeply moved.. very special feeling to experience!

Julian H

So the Rick Davies songs are fillers or what? I love them just as much as Roger’s! And why are the Supertramp songs constantly taken down from YouTube, leaving only Roger’s (often weaker) solo performances up?


Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this set! This will be a Christmas present to myself. I had the great privilege of seeing Roger Hodgson in concert this year and it was amazing. I was so happy to see on his site that he will be touring again in 2015. Greatly looking forward to another show.


So in Supertramp collection is a slimline double CD case with the last remaster of COTC in the front, and Is Everybody Listening in the back. Makes this set a little redundant to my wallet’s taste.

Julian H

Given that this remaster is apparently much better than the 2002 one…

Julian H

On a happier note, I might finally be able to get the concert because I’d been searching for it but it was only available then for ridiculously high prices.


Hopefully the BRA edition will at least also include the original mix.

Julian H



BluRay Audio – 5345068 – down for same release date on Universal site.

As for packaging – there’s plenty of indie retailers in the UK despatching things that don’t get damaged in the post. The problem you’ll find with larger digipaks is that you can get over-zealous stuffing of boxes at the distribution plants resulting in spine crush – we get a fair few rejects that way – as far as I am aware most major label box filling in distribution is robots – if the correct parameters aren’t in, you get nightmares.

Amazon? – well you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys – the packing staff are just picking machines, there’s no QC going on – so spend more money and get things from retailers who are bothered about your purchase!

Steven O'Connor

If this had been anything like the new Tull or TFF releases and with a 5.1 DVD or blu-ray, just imagine how exciting this would have been. Sigh. :(


I honestly thought I was the only person getting damaged cd boxes etc from amazon!!! I bought a genesis sacd boxset from them ages ago- it was sent out in a box clearly too big for the product and with a small screwed up piece of brown paper in it clearly not big enough to stop it flying about in the outer box. Im sure you can imagine the condition it arrived in (which was appalling given the value of the set)


Another UK only release?

Sunday Papers

Correction, on Novemeber 1st.


Bonus Track?? Land Ho and Summer Romance why not???

Sunday Papers

Hello all,

SHM-SACD release should be on December 31 this year. It was just delayed, not cancelled. Maybe the new holy grail, legacy of the MFSL version.

Friso Pas

Will the download with the vinyl be a 24bit hires, maybe? Paul, could you find out?


I’d love to hear some of the unreleased stuff, and an extensive box set is long overdue. Once of my favourite memories of Supertramp is the Spring of 1979, on the Breakfast in America tour, the band played 2 nights at Jarry Park in Montreal. I went both nights. Afterwards, it was reported that just a few hours prior to each performance, as all the fans were arriving, the band and road crew played a soccer match in the field outside the front entrance to the stadium, but since the band members were so anonymous, nobody recognized them or noticed. Supertramp was, and still is, so popular in Montreal, Hodgson solo sells out 3 nights in a row in 8,000 seat halls. Amazing longevity to this band.


my train of events on reading this – already have a decent cd album but the accompanying live album, gotta get that – unreleased show from 76, wow! – hang on, already out under another name, why didnt i spot that – quick check online, oh it’s “is everybody listening” i already have that, never realised it was Hammersmith, must go and give it a spin. cheers for the info everyone!

Mike S in Maryland

There was/is also supposed to be a Japanese SHM-SACD release
of this earlier this year that is either postponed – or cancelled altogether.
I am still hopeful that it (like the Blu-Ray) will eventually get released…


The problem for me is that the pricing isn’t good enough at the moment. They want £2 more than I paid for the four disc Warchild set – and that comes in book format with a no doubt excellent booklet (based on the other book releases).

I love this album though, and I don’t have the concert at all.

I’ll price watch it – but currently it’s a no-go.


As said above, there are already exceptional CD releases of this album, which will be hard to excel. I have the ‘Cleveland’ concert of Hammersmith, so it will be interesting to hear the remix.

James F Suters

One of my all-time faves! An anniversary box set is exciting, really I am more looking forward to hearing Roger Hodgson live on tour this year & the next. Simply a night full of grandiose, timeless music… it surprised me when I had read that he composed alot of the songs we all identify as “Supertramp”, that he actually composed separately from the band too (did you know that Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America and most of Fool’s Overture were written before Roger co-founded the band)? I didn’t either, until recently! I found all of the info on Roger’s website Repertoire page – http://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/repertoire. Lots of good info there on his songwriting process.

Julian H

I stil think that Roger downplays the contributions of the other Supertramp members. Look at the famous sax solos by J. Helliwell…Roger didn’t compose them did he?

Rob Deighton

It might be worth noting that the concert that is featured as the second disc isn’t infact unreleased… In 2001 a live CD was released on a budget label (officially licensed from A&M) that featured the Hammersmith concert. The booklet contained in the CD actually states that the concert was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio, however this appeared not to be the case as band member John Helliwell confirmed on his website that it was infact from Hammersmith.

Michel D.

If only Davis and Hodgson could reconciliate and do a proper raiding of the archives and release something worthwile.
I read in an interview with Hodgson that there’s is a lot in the archive but they cannot come to an agreement about this!!!
Not getting this anyway as I don’t do vinyl anymore!!

alan hansen

if the cd edition sounds better than my mobile-fidelity one, i’ll eat my shorts!


There is a bluray and the 2 cd format does have a live at hammersmith 1975. Now if the bluray has 5.1 I would be in for sure but my guess is stereo only for the bluray.


This from the PROG website yesterday…. Blu-ray mentioned.


Roberto Bessa

This edition is a joke !
Sorry people, for me Rodger Hodgson is a pain in the as……
Without a concert dvd and no 5.1 ? I don’t buy this !


I would have to say Rick Davies is more of a pain in the as….A gentlemans agreement between Rick and Roger that Supertramp would only play Davies’s compositions live when Roger left has been totally abused over the years to the point that there will never be a proper reformation of the band. I don’t blame Roger for vetoing anything and in my opinion he is still the sound of Supertramp for me.


As far as that gentlemen’s agreement goes, Hodgson states that the agreement was made but Davies denies that he ever entered into such an agreement. So we’ll never truly know who’s being honest about that.

Julian H

Roger Hodgson seems to be behind the wave of YouTube strikes and more or less complete elimination of all Supertramp content on the internet. No guarantee, but Rick seems a lot more honest to me. As for the “gentleman’s agreement”, Roger must have realized that nobody wants to see Supertramp without them playing at least 1 or 2 of his songs. In interviews, Roger doesn’t show any appreciation for the input of Rick, John or the rest of the band to his songs. But if it was all his, then why were his solo records so much less sucessful? He’s not the sound of Supertramp, he has just instructed his band to carefully copy the original arrangements.


Are you really sure that Roger (without “d”) is the problem? What’s your source?


Another one of those times when I got excited by a headline, then disappointed when I read the description. Most die-hard Supertramp fans already have the Hammersmith concert in very high quality, so even though it’s never received an official release before, there really isn’t anything new here. As a post above mentioned, video from the era would have made the package more appealing (although given all the bickering among band members about the Paris video, you have to wonder if we’ll ever see any more archival footage from Supertramp again.) A 5.1 mix would have been welcome as well. Hard to believe that nothing from Supertramp has ever been mixed for surround sound. Reissues like this make me appreciate my Peter Gabriel box; at least with that we got some previously unheard material from the vaults.

Mark Lavallee

They intended on including the Hammersmith DVD but Rodger Hodgson vetoed it unfortunately. Damn shame.


Mark, can you please let me know your source for this? Because I was told that Rick was against it.


Apparently both Hodgson and Davies attempted to stop the release of the Paris DVD, but the other three were able to get it released. So maybe both Rick & Roger objected to the Hammersmith footage being released. I think the Paris DVD is excellent and it would have been a shame if that footage remained in the vaults.


Wasn’t there supposed to be a Blu-ray audio of this a year or so ago – after the release of Breakfast In America on BD ?

I seem to recall having in on my Amazon wish list for ages until I deleted when it was perpetually unavailable.

Any word if this will be resurrected with the new version coming out?


I also try to exploit Japanese retailers whenever I know a release will be coming in a cardboard sleeve. For example, I ordered all the Suede reissues from a while back from CD Japan simply because I knew that they would arrive in pristine condition (which they did). Sure, it can be more expensive to buy the Japanese or Asian pressings, but you know you’ll buy/pay once, and be happy with the product in your hand…and won’t be looking at some mangled garbage.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Amazon will ever change…although I hope they prove me wrong one day.


Yeah, I only ordered from Japan because they had some exclusive items.
I complained to Amazon.com a thousand times about their packaging, and today I informed them of this post. Don´t think anything will change but I tried.


I thought I was the only one getting damaged items from Amazon.com.
Does the same thing happen with Amazon.co.uk?
I also order from Amazon Japan but the japs know how to pack these things, as Amazon.com used to do.


Same thing happens with ALL Amazon stores, Alejandro.
Of course Japan remains the exception here (but it will cost you).


Ooh I must have missed the mention of an online store. Sounds exciting…


I always look forward to news like this then the realisation hits me that the deluxe edition CD will arrive from Amazon in their rubbish cardboard envelope resulting in the inevitable crease down the spine of the CD case and dented corners etc.

Bring back the jewel case that I can replace if damaged.

Once a cardboard cover is damaged, that’s it. They are eco-friendly but unfit for purpose.


I fully fully agree Mike.

Does someone know an online retailer who is handling CD box sets with paper fold out sleeves in a STURDY card box, so it prevents the card boxes from denting and creasing during shipment? I had my hopes on the forthcoming online Superdeluxeedition store. But after a few months of exciting news about the upcoming opening, it all faded out silently.


Ah, that’s good news Paul.


Our store does! :)


yes !!! i had same issue bought at amazon.de arrived cracked and damaged spine … return and bought in a real shop althow the live concert is a bit lame not the best in concert …



Shame they haven’t included a DVD, the Hammersmith gig was shown as a OGWT special