Supertramp / Live in Paris 2CD+DVD


Supertramp‘s Live in Paris ’79 will be reissued later this month as a 2CD+DVD set.

For the first time the full length concert is available audio-only across the two CDs using the Peter Henderson and Russell Pope stereo remixes first issued on the DVD/Blu-ray back in 2012. This package includes the DVD as issued previously with bonus tracks and 5.1 surround mix.

This new Live in Paris ’79 three-disc digi-pack is released on 17 July 2015.

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Track listing

  • 01. School
  • 02. Ain’t Nobody But Me
  • 03. The Logical Song
  • 04. Goodbye Stranger
  • 05. Breakfast In America
  • 06. Bloody Well Right
  • 07. Hide In Your Shell
  • 08. From Now On
  • 09. Child Of Vision
  • 10. Even In The Quietest Moments
  • 11. You Started Laughing (When I Held You In My Arms)


  • 01. A Soapbox Opera
  • 02. Asylum
  • 03. Downstream
  • 04. Give A Little Bit
  • 05. Dreamer
  • 06. Rudy
  • 07. Take The Long Way Home
  • 08. Another Man’s Woman
  • 09. Fool’s Overture
  • 10. Two Of Us
  • 11. Crime Of The Century


  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. School
  • 03. Bloody Well Right
  • 04. The Logical Song
  • 05. Goodbye Stranger
  • 06. Breakfast In America
  • 07. Hide In Your Shell
  • 08. Asylum
  • 09. Even In The Quietest Moments
  • 10. Give A Little Bit
  • 11. Dreamer
  • 12. Rudy
  • 13. Take The Long Way Home
  • 14. Another Man’s Woman
  • 15. Child Of Vision
  • 16. Fool’s Overture
  • 17. Two Of Us
  • 18. Crime Of The Century
  • 19. From Now On (credits)

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Julian H

So is this the “Paris” album augmented by the missing tracks from the DVD? Or the other way round?!


If you have the Blu-Ray just rip the audio from it and save yourself £16.


Maybe one of these years they’ll release the Montreal show from the same tour, which was also filmed. But this show won out in the end for the release.


Great music but why not a release on SACD + Bluray specialy for the hi-end listeners?


Don’t count on that combo. It won’t sell.


It would be nice if a non brickwalled mix was made available on vinyl.


Fully agree with Lee.
I have the blu ray (and the ‘old’) cd and even older vinyl.
Ofcourse it’s nice they release the full show finaly, but could they not have done that simultaneously with the blu ray 2 years ago.
I do not want a dvd of that show, I already have the blu ray.
I like the fact that so many gems are becoming available, but dislike the record companys releasing scedule’s in only taking money and releasing halfs/ or doubles in a few years time frame


While the vinyl has held up very well, why not put this out on that format? This was a fantastic show at the height of their popularity.

Lee Farber

Why no 2CD + Blu-ray? Or at least standalone CDs for those that don’t want a lossy DVD?

Rob Deighton

I wonder if Roger Hodgson will have an issue again with the release over the “Supertramp Partnership” that was formed between Eagle Rock and John, Bob and Dougie when the original Bluray/DVD was released?

Julian H

Given that the songwriting credits are on the back of the package, and even with colours indicating who wrote what (officially Rick and Roger wrote everything together, but of course that isn’t correct), I don’t think so. Having said that, the DVD already had the colours but the songwriters were nowhere to be found.

Julian H

I correct myself – the colours on the old DVD had no connection to who wrote each song. On the new release, they do.

Friso Pas

I already have the blu-ray, but it’s very nice to have this on cd as well. Great performance!