Surprise Humble Pie RSD release available in just one record shop

Immediate Records are issuing a late-in-the-day ‘surprise’ Humble Pie Record Store Day release on Saturday, that sees the band paid a debt to the English town of Southsea, by making the release available exclusively via just one record shop in that area!

On 79th Street is a limited edition 13-track vinyl compilation that fans can only buy from the Southsea ‘Record Cafe’ Pie & Vinyl.

Amongst the rarities on this record is an alternate version of The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake (new to vinyl) and the previously unreleased take 7 of 79th Street Blues which was recorded at Olympic Studios on 3 January 1970 and mixed by Rob Keyloch at Church Walk Studios exclusively for this LP. The label state that this will not appear anywhere else.

This has been supervised by Peter Frampton & Jerry Shirley and in fact the idea for this special RSD release came from Jerry who said, “I’ve just remembered, we had to cancel a gig in Southsea for some reason, so we should do something special for them”.  The gig in question was the Portsmouth Student Charity Festival on Valentine’s Day 1972. A bomb hoax caused the event to be cancelled. Humble Pie did return to play a few years later but at the Portsmouth Guildhall, not Southsea.

All songs have been newly remastered by Nick Robbins at Sound mastering and cut at half-speed by Matt Colton at Alchemy Studios.

On 79th Street will be on sale in Southsea on Record Store Day at Pie & Vinyl and worldwide from 22 April for one week via the shop’s website. Any remaining LPs after this period will be sold worldwide via Immediate-Records.com

On 79th Street vinyl LP

Side 1

1. 79th Street Blues (take 7) (previously unreleased)
2. Natural Born Bugie
3. Growing Closer
4. Silver Tongue
5. The Light Of Lov
6. Ollie Ollie
7. Wrist Job

Side 2

1. The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake (alternate version) (previously unreleased on vinyl)
2. Stick Shift
3. Cold Lady
4. Bang!
5. Only You Can See
6. As Safe As Yesterday Is

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Rob Caiger

Thanks to all for the positive comments. I’m trying something different which came about because an exceptional lady led me on a creative journey starting in a local record shop, as you can read in the story. If creating this release, in conjunction with Peter and Jerry, helps a local store and a local pressing plant just starting (which we don’t have too many of) then I feel that’s a good thing. The other thing we’ve done, unlike most other record companies, is deliver the LPs and Pie & Vinyl only pay later for what they sell. Most – if not all – record companies need record stores to order and pay upfront…. Pie & Vinyl are also investing in their community (as a lot of local stores do) and turn RSD into an event for everyone. Its not just about buying records, its a street closed off, a town buzzing with a great atmosphere, local traders setting up their stalls and produce – food, drink, crafts, clothes, etc, – put out in front of the community, all ages, families and demographics, mixing, talking, discovering. Not everyone can participate in the UK or around the world, geography, social, economics and commitments obviously can prevent that. But for those that can and are willing to embrace the positive aspects of the day, there’s much to be gained – and not just the music. And yes, the LP is available via mail order from Pie & Vinyl for a week for those that want a copy. And it sounds great, cut at half-speed, which may not have been mentioned before. Here’s the video of its pressing at Vinyl Presents in Portsmouth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOloHiYTpGI&feature=youtu.be

Chris S

RSD and RSD releases has helped get people in to record stores. Many who have never enjoyed all that makes the record store experience much much more then a click on a link on your phone or computer.

Michel Banen

Ofcourse NONE of the items I wanted were available in my area but plenty have been on eBay for several days [since shops received their stock]. So again RSD became an eBay party….

Paul Wren

OK I’ve just placed my order for this Humble Pie release via the shop’s website a few minutes ago – £24.19 including postage to my door here in the UK. So you don’t need to wait till tomorrow to buy this. Another great tip off from Paul for a classic band of that period.


Steve Lamacq on 6 Music has been interviewing record store owners every day this week and they’ve all gone on about how their stock rooms are full of boxes ready for the weekend. That tells me that these releases maybe aren’t as rare as is made out?

Philip Cohen

“79th Street Blues” is the same song and performance (though a new mix) as “79th and Sunset” on the group’s fourth album “Rock On”.


Having been born in Southsea but long gone afar, visited Pie & Vinyl – recently named the UK’s top independent record store – and being a big music fan it is a thrill to see this unique moment happen, at least for one week. Who would have thought? I hope it all goes very well for all concerned! Good luck! :-)


I, for one, find it absurd that when I first started collecting CDs, they were twice the price of records some 35 years ago, but now records are 2 to 5 times more expensive than their CD counterparts. I’ve bought some new vinyl over the past few years, but the quality of pressings varies widely. I can’t afford that kind of crap shoot.

RSD is a great way to reintroduce (or simply introduce) people to record stores, but it is only 2 days per year. Perhaps they might stagger the releases and have 1 RSD per month? Plus, what would be the harm in pressing more copies of the most in demand products? More money would be made in the end for the store, no?

Derek Langsford

I too find it strange to see people shelling out ridiculous sums for what used to be the cheapest way to buy music. LPs were £7-£8 whereas CDs were £12-£15 when CDs first appeared in the UK.

As people dump their CDs in lieu of vinyl or streaming there should be great pickings for CD collectors (like me) though display of used CDs is a challenge. My preferred local store (Lou’s Records, Encinitas, CA – 30 miles away) displays CDs vertically, spines out, tightly packed in shelves that go from floor level making it very difficult to read the titles (especially at floor level). It is almost too difficult and painful to peruse what they have. Last time I was there for 90 mins and I was the only one looking at CDs, whereas a dozen or more perused the used vinyl.

RSD is one day to avoid music stores IMO. Like so many, my desire to go to a brick and mortar store is also almost completely gone. There is almost always no reward for my effort and I can’t waste a chunk of the rest of my life looking for things that’s aren’t there. I look forward to the Soft Cell Box coming in the mail in September.


Another one here who gave up on RSD after the first couple of years. There was only one on this years list that I wanted, limited to a few hundred copies so reckoned I had no chance. Guess what? Just bought it off ebay for a tenner!


Out of curiosity, what one?
I hope it turns up.


There are a few mainstream-type releases that jump on the RSD bandwagon of course, but there are hundreds of non-mainstream and obscure bands releasing stuff as well. Many shops now make available lists of what they’re getting in and sometimes even the quantity as well.

No point crying over ebay prices – if you really wanted something, you’d get up early, perhaps drive a fair distance, join a queue and you’ll usually be ok. Join in the spirit of things – and if it wasn’t for RSD a fair number of the independent shops may not be around now. I’ve loved chatting to fellow obsessive vinyl lovers from midnight onwards over the years at a record shop 60 miles from where I live.

Humble Pie aren’t my thing but I’d travel further than I already do if there was a similar one-shop release by a band I really loved.

Andrew M

Yeah well forgive me, but you’re the lucky one aren’t you! Those of us who’s partner is working a night shift the night before, and won’t get back until 7:30am that morning from a 13 hour shift. I’ll be busy getting our two young children up and feeding them.

Get into the spirit of things? I’m sorry, and I always try to be moderate in my comments on here, but they kind of comment just piss me off. Some of us have families and commitments.

Nothing I would like more than to be able to go to my local record store and chat to fellow obsessive vinyl lovers but it simply isn’t possible.

RSD is just about artificially creating demand for eBay traders to make a fortune. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m glad you’re able to participate but many people can’t. Perhaps you might consider that.


I’m sorry that other commitments prevent you from joining in. My kids have grown up but I remember the sacrifices we made over the years. We just had to get on with it and not get too upset at what we were missing out on – we can’t have everything.

It can be annoying to see hiked-up prices on eBay but it’s still only the minority that find their way on there. If greedy scalpers and daft customers willing to pay their prices are happy doing business with each other that’s their lookout. If you really want RSD stuff I’d recommend waiting a few weeks or months and most are down to reasonable prices, some lower than original RSD shop price.

Despite its faults, and I appreciate why you are critical, for me RSD remains an enjoyable day with many shops having live bands playing and food/drink available, all of which helps the shops survive. That’s why I support it (as well as the chance to get some vinyl to satisfy my obsession of course!).

Hello Bongo

“RSD is just about artificially creating demand for eBay traders to make a fortune. Nothing more, nothing less.”

That’s a dreadfully cynical view and simply isn’t true. I’ve worked in Record Shops for several RSDs and your comment is also a slight on the organisers of RSD and the Record Shops who work very hard to make sure these things get into the hands of true fans rather than scalpers.

“Some of us have families and commitments” –
Yes, which I can imagine makes RSD impossible.
I have no kids – I have a pile of Records here which will never put their arms around me and say “I love you Daddy” – so Andrew I’ll let you decide whether you have your priorities sorted ;)

Not Available

I propose the event name be changed to Record Scalping Day.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _`_

I`ve ordered the H.P. Ell Pee.

Paul Wren

Rock on!


RSD what a con wait 3 months & they all get re-released anyway


RSD Has now become a Joke!
This a prime example only available in one shop, ridiculous, I took part in the first few RS Days, going in person picking up pretty much anything you wanted, last couple of years have got ridiculous, with actual punch ups over Records….. as previously stated anything rare ends up on eBay for 20 times the value, enough is enough, I’m out No More RSD for me ! Sooner other people follow suit the better as the only ones benefitting apart from the Greedy Scalpers are EBay….

Martin Power

I love and hate RSD in equal measure – I always have a list of a couple of things but more in hope than anything. I always come away with something as there is always that feeling of taking a punt. However as the years pass it becomes less and less of a desire to get involved.

Totally agree at the scalpers and ebay fest it has become – If I want something I generally look for it a few months later and there it is maybe a few quid more but the scalpers have been stuffed by then

Geert De Wilde

RSD proves one thing to me: that record stores are a damn inconvenient way of distributing music these days (where I live, I have one small record store in a radius of 50 km), and that internet record shopping makes so much more sense.


If we all internet shop, there will be no more record shops, book shops etc etc
I will be in the Q on Saturday morning,
as I have done for years.
I have my list sorted and will try to get most of it, even though I can’t afford it!
Yes it’s a scalpers market and a lot will end up on eBay but my purchases won’t.

Every week is RSD for me anyway.
If RSD gets more shoppers in the doors of small indie shops and keeps them open for a while longer, I’m all for it.

Steven Robertson

Thats brilliant :)

Stuart S

My thoughts exactly!

Michel Banen

RSD always baffles me with the artificially created rarity of items. Why make it available in 1 shop ? So eBay can get wild on it ? Record Store Day has become an “eBay party” since for the last few years the releases I wanted were nowhere available in any of the shops in my area and were literally for sale on eBay within’ 10 minutes after shops opened.

So this year I was smart and already bought everything I wanted on eBay. For € 13 postage it saves me the hassle of driving around in vain to all the shops in hopes of scoring that release I want.


The reasons are given in the article, and the record will also be available online from non-scalping channels later.

If anything this is in the spirit of RSD through supporting an independent shop with an actual exclusive. I have my shortlist of targets for Saturday but if I end up empty handed there’s nothing I’ll feel I’ve really missed out on given the lack of truly exclusive releases. At least this is one.