T. Rex / 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Collection / 5 x 7″ box set

Seven-inch box set featuring five picture discs of iconic singles

Demon Records are issuing a special limited edition five-disc T. Rex 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Collection next month, that will be available exclusively from HMV in the UK.

Released to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of Bolan’s untimely death, this set presents ten iconic T. Rex singles (including Telegram Sam, Metal Guru and Children Of The Revolution) pressed on five seven-inch picture discs, in smart die-cut sleeves, all housed in a lift off lid box.

Each picture disc features photography from Barry Plummer, representing the era of each single. Only 1000 of these numbered sets are available and you get FREE delivery although unfortunately for those not in Britain, HMV will not ship outside the UK.

This 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Collection will be released on 13 October 2017. Secure your copy by pre-ordering using the graphic below. Some of these will also be available in-store, although how these are allocated is not clear right now.

Single 1

  • A: Telegram Sam
  • B: Metal Guru

Single 2

  • A: Children Of The Revolution
  • B: Solid Gold Easy Action

Single 3

  • A: 20th Century Boy
  • B: The Groover

Single 4

  • A: Truck On (Tyke)
  • B: Teenage Dream

Single 5

  • A: New York City
  • B: I Love To Boogie

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an attempt to post the address. Is also definitely difficult for Paul …
There is a forum missing …
hans-wurst at action.ms

Keith Wright

Can you help us with the problem of gaining the addresses.
I have obtained the Bolan pic disc box set and need to post.


Great Keith, very much appreciated. Now how do you get my money?


… Keith – I also ask the same question! :)

Keith Wright

Michael I ordered the T. Rex set for you.

Not sure why my comment is awaiting moderation.

Auntie Sabrina

Cosmic Dancer – BBC Four 9.00pm Friday 15 September 2017

“This intimate biography, narrated in Marc Bolan’s own words, marks the 70th anniversary of his birth and the 40th of his death.

Featuring those who were closest to Marc, his friends, colleagues, family, partner Gloria Jones and producer Tony Visconti.”

Keith Wright

I can pick up copies from HMV for anyone who wants them.
Add postage and signed for let me know.


Keith, I’d be very grateful if you could do that for me. How do we get in touch?


Hello Keith, you would make us very happy – how do we get together?

Michael Lykke

I think it is a disgrace that HMV does not ship to countries outside UK for certain items. This is not the first time they does that. Buying it on eBay just doubles the price.

Albert Tatlock

No ‘Hot Love’ or ‘Ride A White Swan’?

Tony Orwell

limited to 1000 and yet hmv will allow you to enter 1500???


Since they’re not shipping to the USA (that blows!), can I order but have it shipped to a UK address for shipping later?


Mambo Sun & SueZan are correct. This looks like a My Little Pony Rip Off. They are not selling in the USA because no one will buy this dreck
Such a shame


What’s Syd Barrett doing on the cover?


I need this in my collection but I’m really sick of paying outrageus prices (on Ebay) just because I don’t live in the U.K.!


Hmm, that cover, not very bolanesque, however, if you changed it from pink to blue, you could have a Jack White 7″ box set.


Looks more like Ritchie Blackmore on the cover of Shades Of Deep Purple!


Many Thanks Paul Just Ordered. Looks A Nice Set & Look Forward To It.

Barrie Wilkinson

Why do you insist on making Marc Bolan appear like the artist that good taste forgot. Between Edsel/Demon and the bootlegger Easy Action Records the poor quality of the recordings and the revolting packaging you all insist on producing it is no wonder that Marc does not have the same respect as other artist who have passed away. David Bowie’s output isn’t packaged to look like an 18 year olds bizarre vision of the seventies, Queen’s back catalogue is not dressed up like a gaudy chocolate box, yet Marc is constantly portrayed as a leopard print clad clown and his music is diminished as a result. I understand that any company’s main aim is to make as much money as possible but surely, as a custodian of some of the best British music ever produced, you owe something to the integrity and memory of an artist so sadly cut down in his prime and who still commands intense love from those of us affected by his art and him as a person. The cost to the fan of these recent products is also ludicrous – there is no way a few 7″ picture discs should cost £10 each when even an extortionate rerelease Vinyl album can be £12 – £15 each. One day soon there will be a well deserved backlash, can’t come soon enough – you’ve flogged his corpse for far too long.


To be honest, reading the comments on most of the various reissues on here, I think the backlash is starting. The amount of money being charged for 40+ year old music is disgraceful but if people are buying it then who really is to blame?
Don’t forget to start saving for the John Lennon 40th anniversary collection in three years time.


Am I the only one who thinks that all these poorly produced sets etc are really harmimg the Rex legacy?. I know we’ve had reissues etc but more often than not the packaging has been ok.
At £50 I think I can pass on this one. But yeah Ebay will love it.

Mr x

What no “Jason B Sad”?
(I know it wasn’t a single, but should’ve been!)

Kai Karkkainen

This would have been a nice addition to my T.Rex collection. Unfortunately I live in Finland and Demon Records + HMV do not want my custom…


HMV Website is Down ! Good Luck ordering a copy!


As Marc would say it’s a rip off

Chris Squires

Is it me or do they look like they’ve been in a shop window for 4 years? It looks like the original pictures were shot in Ilfocolour or Agfacolour and everything has gone red…Interesting set, but did they mean it to look like that?


Who ever thought they’d see the day that five 7″ singles would cost £50?


… a shame that the delivery only in the UK.
Since one of the fun can get lost on collecting vinyl.
Ebay will be happy …


Dreadful Artwork from Demon again..The Remix lp cover was horrendous and now we have Marc wrapped up like a ” My Little Pony” gift set..Marc left us 1000s of beautiful images..he was NEVER Pink leopard! Thumbs down Demon from many disappointed Rex fans today…

Cosmic Dancer

Too right, it really is a shame!


T Rex fan since I was a kid watching them on Top of the Pops .

Why can’t Demon release this worldwide ?
I live in Dublin so can’t preorder.

Wait till the scammers get their money grabbing grubby mitts on this one.


Hi Colm,

Use Parcel Motel or Parcel Wizard. Ships it to Northern Ireland and then they ship it down to you for around €4. I have used both many times.


Thanks Simon, might try that.

Colin Harper

I wonder who the guy in the cover illustration is?


Would have preferred the first 5 tracks with their original b-sides. All of which are strong tracks in themselves.


Could be worse, at least they’re not remixed…

Randy Metro

Yes, I tried to listen that dreadful mess (T.Rex Remixes) last night.


It looks like a bootleg. Poor pictures

Steve JC

Looks like a decent set.

Do HMV charge you immediately for pre orders or on despatch?



They take the money straight away.


It depends how you pay HMV if you pay by Debit Card They take the money out upon Despatch – if you pay via Credit Card Or PayPal – Then They take the money out straight away

Steve JC

Thanks for the info Nick

John Higney

Just ordered thanks for the info

Auntie Sabrina

£49.99 with free delivery to your home or pick up at your local store…