T. Rex / The Album Collection box


Edsel Records will issue a T. Rex box set collecting their studio albums later this year.

Details are sketchy but The Album Collection will be a 10CD box and there is a good chance this will be packaged similar to the Suede CD box from earlier this year, or the Leo Sayer set from 2013.

Ten CDs suggests the eight studio albums under the T. Rex moniker, and perhaps a couple of bonus discs with rarities (pulled from the various deluxe sets).

Earlier this year Edsel issued a Tanx and Zinc Alloy deluxe book edition and Tanx followed on coloured vinyl for Record Store Day 2014. The Slider also enjoyed a 40th anniversary super deluxe release at the end of 2012.

The Album Collection has a provisional release date of 3 November 2014.

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mambo sun

it seems an awesome way to start . i know 3 songs and i found this :The T. Rex discography consists of four “Tyrannosaurus Rex” and nine “T. Rex” studio albums. Also 22 compilation albums, seven live albums, two extended plays, six “Tyrannosaurus Rex” and 22 “T. Rex” singles.
10 cds , over 100 songs for only $50. can’t be bad .

Okay, friends. Has anyone who has acquired this box an opinion regarding the sound quality. I have my original vinyl, a few picture discs, and the double CD issues. All I care about is the sound quality. I’d appreciate any any feedback.


Hi Donna, record collector may well do as they often feature Bolan/T.Rex.
I really hope Edsel get this right and it doesn’t end up looking cheap and nasty. Bolan reissues are very hit and miss.

Don Cooper

There is scope for an in-depth article about the getting-together of this boxset.Hope the music journals (Record Collector?) do the honours.Or people who write stuff online…if they exist. ;-)

Don Cooper

Paul.Any idea what will be on discs 9/10?


Yes it must be, what else could it be? This will mean that we have the complete studio recordings on T.Rex in one Package, finally.

mambo sun

i’d prefer the 2 posthumous cds -‘you scare me ” and ‘dance in the moonight’.i also want the first 4 tyrannosaurus rex cds.
27 non lp and b-sides are :
103. Cadilac
104. Thunderwing
105. Lady
106. Children Of The Revolution
107. Jitterbug Love
108. Sunken Rags
109. Solid Gold Easy Action
110. Xmas Riff
111. th Century Boy
112. Free Angel
113. The Groover
114. Midnight
115. Truck On (Tyke)
116. Sitting Here
117. Satisfaction Pony
118. Blackjack
119. Squint Eye Mangle
120. Do You Wanna Dance?
121. Dock Of The Bay
122. London Boys
123. Laser Love
124. Life’s An Elevator
125. To Know You Is To Love You (To Know Him Is To Love Him)
126. City Port
127. Dandy In The Underworld (Single Version)
128. Tame My Tiger
129. Celebrate Summer


I don’t even know any t rex but with this boxset I can explore his catalogue and compared to the vinyl releases it’s a bargain! I wanted the coloured vinyl but demon music not shipping to N.A. unfortunately. Oh well….


Since I’m interested in exploring material other than “Electric Warrior” and “The Slider”, this might be something to consider. I’ll wait for sound quality comments/reviews first. Has “The Slider” ever been released in hi Rez 2.0 or 5.1?


Jack Green was not an original member of T.Rex. Jack Green became a member of the band after their big top 10 hits finished.
Of course Mickey Finn was an original member of T.Rex along with Marc Bolan. Steve Took was in the previous band with a different name.
Staggering that you have been a fan since 68 and don’t know when different members of the band joined.

[…] well as the previously mentioned CD albums box, Demon Music are issuing a 8LP vinyl box set of all of T.Rex’s studio […]

Chris M

Hey guys, I have been a fan of Rex since 1968 (I was 10), my mom was a Hippy Chic and she loved Ty-Rex, first memories of Marc’s music “King of the Rumbling Spires”, which my mom (now 76) and still a fan, used to play over and over. My first T-Rex gigs, Bradford St Georges Hall, 1970/71 two or three times in a matter of months, My last T-Rex gig, Manchester Apollo, 1977. I still have (my own personally bought) original albums, 1st (Best of T-Rex), 2nd (Electric Warrior), 3rd (Bolan Boogie) All bought from Bradleys in Halifax, 50p, 50p and 75p each respectively. The few record companies that are still in existence have to make a profit, even if they are (in the main) greedy pathetic people, who do not care about the products the sell, but then again, why should they, anyway, buy the stuff or don’t, that is up to each individual, as for myself, no thanks, oh yea, when something really significant comes on to the market, but until then, not for me.

Whilst I am ranting, there are too many people out there, using Marc’s name and music for there own ends, the first time that I saw the new “T-Rex” was at the “Duchess of York” in Leeds, I think it was Mickey Finn’s first gig with the band, who then included the wonderful and very friendly Jack Green and oh yea, the despicable Paul Fenton, who I have known personally for years, he was, prior to this “Tribute band” in a covers band called “All Fired Up” and he lived next door, (Mickey used to stay at his house) and he used to play almost every week at my local pub, was he in T-Rex? NO! he was a session drummer, the only “Original” member of T-Rex apart from Marc Bolan was Jack Green, who Marc personally asked to join T-Rex, all other musicians were on a salary, even Mickey Finn was not an original member, given the fact that he replaced the extremely talented Steve P. T.

What am I doing, what is that makes T-Rex fans bitter, bitchy and twisted, maybe it’s being ripped off so often, oh well in for a penny, in for a pound, “T-Rextasy” as a live band, sound nothing at all like the T-Rex I used to see. Oh I almost forgot, talking of making money of Marc’s back. my original (slate like copy) of “Electric Warrior”, which has extensive scribble on the inner picture cover, courtesy of Marc, who signed it at the back door of St Georges Hall in Bradford (pre Bob Harris tour), so any offers over $1,000,000 (Joking), it ain’t for sale.

Colin Murphy

Bob, Edsel don’t have the rights to Electric Warrior. Hardly information that nobody else has. Do keep up.

I merely pointed out the very valid point that this is a far from necessary purchase.


3 posts now and you still have absolutely nothing to say on the subject. Please do not bother replying if all you can muster up is that this release is not to your liking. We know that, you have told us 3 times.

Don Cooper

I would have to say that ‘hierarchy’ becomes relevant in this case.My allegiance was prompted at age 12 by a girlfriend playing me day-of-release Hot Love on her Dansette.Then tuning into Radio Luxembourg during a South Coast childhood holiday and hearing Get It On.Pocket money earmarked to this day,while along the way being hoodwinked by various music purveyors in all formats.
If you come to the party a tad late,probably with disposable income,dues may not have been paid.
Just looks that way to me.


Don, that was in reply to Michael who described fans from the beginning (presumably he meant from Ride A White Swan) as ‘oldie original rexes’ .
I don’t care how long anyone has been a fan and I hate the hierarchy that sometimes goes on in the Bolan scene.
Like you I really hope this is not just the double CD versions of those 5 albums in a box.
I have been saying on here for years that I would really like to see a complete box set of Marc Bolan’s entire studio output, something along the lines of the Bob Dylan box. If not that then at least a complete T.Rex box set which I am hoping this will be. We will have to wait and see.

Don Cooper

Edsel issued that Classics 5 CD box few years back,Tanx to Dandy in cardboard sleeves.No Slider.
10CD box,cardboard sleeves to include the second discs from the DX editions.
Hope not…

(Bob, “…us original fans.” Care to clarify?)

Colin Allen

Hi Don, this 10 disc set will probably omit Dandy, well, as you said the last crock of shit left out Slider…Its gonna be worth a look…I quite fancy the Kiss 34 road boxed set of albums…Seen the price..lol

Colin Murphy

The Thunderwing releases were the best “archive” T. Rex issues I’ve heard, with sensitive mastering. And Bob, this is not a box set release with all the T. Rex albums.


Really Colin, how do you know as it hasn’t even been released yet?
How strange, in your first post you accused me of working for Edsel and now you are giving me and others information that know one else has.
In your two short dismissive negative posts you have added nothing to this debate. You have made two points, that I work for Edsel because I disagree with Danielz, and that Thunderwing (co-owned by Danielz) are fantastic. Oh, now I see lol
Just to say, before you come jumping into this thread with your hidden agendas, try reading Paul’s original post. Nowhere does it mention that this will be an archive collection containing unreleased tracks. it is T.Rex The Album Collection.
Of course that is unless you have other information that the rest of us don’t, do you Colin?

Don Cooper

Danielz and Michael are right.I’m from Birmingham Odeon 1972 and 74 onwards and know that even the first line “…collecting their studio albums” omits the crucial “all” word.Feed the fans and collaborate:T.Rex to Dandy and new Danielz archive tracks,not Unchained-that already had a full-series box/booklet.Marc and the boys deserve better.
Keep politics out of Bolan.Yes we can.


I don’t full understand your post. Yes us original fans are getting on now, all over 50 by now, but this release is perfect for those people who want every T.Rex album in one affordable package. Most artists have them these days.
As for your dig at Universal, they released the fantastic Electric Warrior box set 2 years ago and are now working on box sets of the first 3 Tyranasaurus Rex albums.
My only beef is that I would have preferred the box sets to be consistent in size and packaging.
We all know the Bolan catalogue is and has been a huge mess. However much of this is due to the man himself, switching labels and setting up offshore companies etc etc
I would love it if one label owned all of the stuff and there was tight quality control over what was released. That is never going to happen in our lifetime unfortunately.

Colin Allen

Marc’s accountants were responsible for the mess…I’m quite sure if he were alive, he’d be SACKING a few people in the process…


How lovely for the new Rex Children who have a”passing interest in T.REX ” to Get it on with Marcs post 1972 output but us Oldie Original Rexers who paid our 75p to Scream at Wembley 1972 are getting a little tired of all this re re releasing of Marcs Telegram Sam onwards output ..We bought Slider Box,Tanx/Zinc Box and God forbid the Edsel 1990s Cd Ear bleeders(No 1 in the audiophiles Most HATED REX Remasters..24 Prism Snake oil!!)Visconti has recently remastered Slider ,Tanx and Zinc so thats 3 out of 10…Are Edsel paying him to salvage their previous awful remasters? T.REX Box set should go from The Brown Album To Dandy..Oops thats not going to happen ..Universal would never allow Marcs prime Woodland Rock to escape…As for Danilez..well he and Rex friends saved Marcs Mastertapes and theres been no better Bolan unheard remasters ever…Bump n Grind,Shadowhead,Slider and Tanx tapes were given the respect they deserve and us Fans applaud them for doing so..No Rosettes or Lyric Books and £signs from the Men in suits at Edsel… Spirit Music would rather gather their Bolan Shekels from a Movie TV/ Ad licence and knowing that Thunderwing Hold so many lost Marc Treasures continue to say NO !!A Sublime Marc Bolan Box set would include his Tyrannosaurus Rex stereo and mono 1st three albums( we got Beard of Stars and 1970 T.rex this year but again quality control was on a tea break..reversed channels on T.Rex..disgraceful..If Jimmy Page can almost please his Zep fanatics with the latest Zep catalogue re release and we get Beatles in Mono this September from all analogue(the fans hated the digital Beatles Stereo Box from 2009) why cant someone listen to us Original Rexers who are getting it on a bit? I,m all for seeing Marc in Tesco etc but come on..we can only buy and re buy for so long..Give our Mr Feld the respect he deserves ..No messing with the tapes, Brick walling,Loudness Wars for the iPod generation…just The Bolan Boogie we grew up with and still love..

Colin Allen

Hi Michael, you can’t escape me, lol, I can’t agree enough with your comments..Well said that man!!


The attitude of “I’ve already got this material so everyone else will do as well, so therefore it is pointless” is incredibly dull. You know, some people don’t own these records, have a passing interest in T.Rex and this kind of release will tempt them to buy.

Given the number of artists and labels that issue such releases they clearly sell quite well. How can it be a rip-off when you don’t have to buy it in the first place?


I am actually a regular contributor to these posts and do not work for Edsel.
Why is this release redundant? There has never before been a box set of the complete T.Rex albums. Many people these days, including myself, like these type of all inclusive box sets as they are usually a good price, nice packaging and shelf friendly. That is why there are so many of them these days. Hence this website.
Your deep critical analysis of this release made for really interesting reading.

Colin Murphy

Bob obviously works for Edsel. This release is redundant.


I haven’t seen the price yet so don’t know if it’s a “rip off” but I personally like the discography inclusive box sets over the individually expensive deluxe editions. If there is no bonus tracks included and it’s just the albums maybe I’ll stick with the other reissues but I think every band should eventually have a moderately priced box set that includes all their albums. Why is this a rip off when it’s simply another option in owning T-Rex albums. I personally like having options and variety. Buy which ever formats you like.


The t.Rex albums have been released with a second disc of album related material, years and years ago. I know because I can see them on my shelf. Excellent they are as well.


Well you would say that Danielz given that you are the one trying to flog the unreleased tracks. No doubt you will accept the complimentary copy of this box set when offered though.

Colin Allen

I agree, Danielz, that the box set is a total rip off. Only prob is if everyone keeps buying it, theyre gonna keep us all skint, lol. Really, there should be a lot of thought what they could release…I know you’ve mentioned before about Thunderwing’s glorious tape source, couldn’t you work something out with Edsel…You have more clout than most….And yes, Karin, we’re all in it forever!!


…….Oh, I forgot to mention how well the Led Zep catalogue is being treated and re-packaged, ie a remastered copy of the original album with previously unreleased material on a second disc relating to the original album…..this could be done with the T.Rex releases – if only!

Phil Lloyd

Are joking Danielz? That’s exactly what Edsel did with every album from ‘The Slider’ and after, in 2002. They included contemporary singles, both A & B sides, along with a disc containing an ‘alternative version’ of the main album. They were beautifully presented, with great sleeve notes and sounded fine. They would be impossible to beat in my humble opinion.


Phil, you are right. I have those very 2cd editions and they are perfect. However I am still pleased to see a complete T.Rex box set coming, hopefully like the Suede box set.
Danielz is not pleased because he has unreleased Bolan material and is annoyed that Edsel/Universal do not want to use it. Because of this he will make no money from this release. He uses his website and Twitter page as a platform to rubbish any release that has no involvement from him. Now he has decided to use this website also.

Colin Allen

Excuse me, Danielz is not pleased that Edsel are NOT using HIS various tapes, far from it..His hands are tied by Spirit Music in the States….We are more annoyed that they wont let the stuff become available, thus utilising the tried and trusted….I have all the original EDSEL batch of cd releases, and the various compilations, so we feel it is TIME, to get this alternate material, but unless SPIRIT buck their ideas up and talk, it will stay in the vaults…Danielz is not gonna issue anything that’s not worthy of the GOD STATUS afforded to Marc….


Not again. How many more times will they release the same old T.Rex CDs again and again and again and again, especially as they have marketed previous releases so close together. I cannot believe that many fans will be fooled into buying the same stuff for the umpteenth time surely. There is a wealth of material that still remains unheard and unreleased that fans will want, as opposed to the same old, same old, again and again! All they need to do is get in touch with the people who have this material and set up a decent negotiation so it can be released officially as opposed to it being issued in bootleg format!

Karin Markgraf

Well said Danielz I agree 100%


This is the one I have been waiting for.
Please please please Edsel get it right with great packaging.