T. Rex / The Vinyl Collection 8LP coloured vinyl box set

T. Rex / The Vinyl Collection coloured vinyl edition

As well as the previously mentioned CD albums box, Demon Music are issuing a 8LP vinyl box set of all of T.Rex’s studio albums.

The Vinyl Collection features Ride A White Swan (1971), Electric Warrior (1971), The Slider (1972), Tanx (1973) Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow (1974)  Bolan’s Zip-Gun (1975) Futuristic Dragon (1976) and Dandy In The Underworld (1977).


Each album is pressed on heavyweight vinyl, and if you’re quick off the mark you can secure yourself a special limited version of this set featuring every record pressed on coloured vinyl, as shown in the photo above. 500 of those are available via the T Rex online store.

Other online retailers (including Amazon in the UK) will offer a standard black vinyl version, which comes in a silver box, instead of the gold.

The Vinyl Collection is due for released on 3 November 2014.




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Liam Bastick

As an Aussie fortunate enough to be in the UK for Xmas (brrr…) I can confirm that I ordered the coloured vinyl on Day 1 and received it on Day 2 – impressive for Christmas post! There are ways and means of getting this to tiny countries like Australia, US and Canada!!

[…] Available as a silver box with black vinyl or limited edition gold box with coloured vinyl. 10CD box set also […]


Vinyl have”planned obsolesce”. They are supposed to wear out and become not as good over time. That and the fact that they are extremely easy to destroy by accidentally scratching.

Simon F

It all depends on how you look after and treat your vinyl records. I have LP’s dating back to the 60’s (original pressings that I have bought second-hand, I’m not that old!) that are still in pristine condition and play wonderfully well.
Just this last week I picked up Bob Dylan’s Desire on vinyl for a fiver, and it sounds so much better than the CD I had previously.

John Jones

I was disappointed to read an earlier comment from Ron about vinyl. I have recently started playing my vinyl albums again having replaced most of them with CD’s during the late 80’s and 90’s and they are in my opinion, more “real” and less “clinical” than their CD counterparts.
I have only one reservation about ordering from this website. It has had poor reviews – products taking a long time to arrive or not arriving at all.
Any one have experience of dealing with this business?


I really would like to purchase the colored disc T Rex vinyl box set from here in the U.S. Thank you for letting me know what my options are. I hope that something can be worked out. Have a great day!


The box looks great but i don’t know why the bonus material is exclusive to the CD box. All those non-album tracks would have been great to have on LP


Hi Paul! The link of the silver box is the same as for the gold box….Chris


Hi Paul – the silver box (black vinyl) is £ 149.99 on Amazon UK, whereas the gold box (coloured vinyl, limited to 500 units) is only £ 129.99. This sounds strange to me – any idea why the limited / coloured vinyl box is cheaper than the standard / black vinyl box?


They ship to Latvia and Cyprus?!!! , but not to Canada or US !? Unbelievably lame!


Beard Of Stars is not a T.Rex album. I imagine the CD version with the 2 extra discs will gather the many b sides and non album singles.


Will be buying the CD version once I see the tracklisting of the bonus discs. Does anyone know why Beard of Stars isn’t included.


Gold box also not available to Australia :-(

I wonder if they’ll duplicate original cover (inner sleeves /posters, gatefold on Zinc Alloy, centre cutouts on Zip Gun and Dandy) – also a pity they didn’t take the opportunity to include Zinc Alloy in the limited edition ‘grid’ cover!


Just received my gold box and yes, the covers are all faithfully reproduced from the originals with inner sleeves, posters, centre cutouts etc. WAIT! I just noticed EW comes without the poster :(

Jim Galvin

Sucks that we can’t get the colored edition in the U.S. – If I was that deperate, I could just send it to my friends house in the UK and have her send it to me here….double shipping cost :(


Once again the U.S.A. market is shut out of the T.Rex online store–there’s no way for us to order the colour vinyl version. What to do?!


I just ordered one as well. Couldn’t resist an early Christmas present!!

Grew up watching Marc on Top Of The Pops. Those were the days….


Wow, the coloured vinyl gold box edition looks fantastic – just ordered my copy! I still need more Rex in the house …


The T.REX(Brown album) version in the GOLD box is the USA Reprise edition which included Ride A White Swan..


I will order the CD box set once we have more information. However this release would suggest a complete T.Rex box will be released including the first two that are owned by a different label and licence, as is the case here.


Vinyl is just a pain.


Could you explain why?


You know why.


Nick you are absolutely right. I am sure that Paul will correct this mistake.


Funny, I always thought the first album as T.Rex was “T.Rex” from 1970 not 1971, & “Ride A White Swan” was an MFP. compilation LP in 1972.
My mistake, obviously.


Agree, I guess it is for the American market that included in the T. Rex album Ride A White Swan