Tabu Re-born reissue track listings

Demon Music Group have revealed the track listings for the second wave in their Tabu Records Re-born reissue campaign. These albums will be available in early May.

The S.O.S. Band / S.O.S Tabu Re-born reissue

S.O.S. by The S.O.S. Band will be issued as an expanded edition on one CD, and contains the following tracks:

  • • What’s Wrong With Our Love Affair
  • • Open Letter
  • • Love Won’t Wait For Love
  • • Take Your Time (Do It Right)
  • • I’m In Love
  • • Take Love Where You Find It
  • • S.O.S. (Reprise)

Bonus tracks:

  • • S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit)
  • • S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit) (Special Disco Mix)
  • • Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Pt. 1)
  • • Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Pt. 2)
  • • Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Long Version)
  • • What’s Wrong With Our Love Affair?

Alexander O'Neal / Hearsay Tabu Re-born reissue

Alexander O’Neal‘s Hearsay album is probably one of the most anticipated of the reissues and comes as a two-CD deluxe edition. Tracks are as follows:

CD 1

  • • (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
  • • Hearsay
  • • The Lovers
  • • Fake
  • • Criticize
  • • Never Knew Love Like This
  • • Sunshine
  • • Crying Overtime
  • • When The Party’s Over

CD 2

  • • Criticize (Single Edit)
  • • Criticize (Critical Mix)
  • • Criticize (Critical Dub)
  • • Criticize (Critical Edit)
  • • Criticize (Nag Mix)
  • • Fake (Edit)
  • • Fake (Patty Mix)
  • • Fake (Instrumental)
  • • Never Knew Love Like This
  • • Sunshine (Edit)
  • • Hearsay ’89
  • • The Lovers (Bonus Beats)

Cherrelle / High Priority Tabu Re-born deluxe reissue

Finally, Cherrelle’s High Priority also comes as a two-CD deluxe edition and will feature the following tracks across the two discs:

CD 1

  • The Opening
  • You Look Good To Me
  • Artificial Heart
  • New Love
  • Oh No It’s U Again
  • Saturday Love (Vocals – Alexander O’Neal)
  • Will You Satisfy?
  • Where Do I Run To
  • High Priority
  • New Love (Reprise)

CD 2

  • Artificial Heart (Dance Remix)
  • Oh No It’s U Again (Extended Version)
  • Artificial Heart
  • Oh No It’s U Again
  • Saturday Love
  • Saturday Love (Extended Version)
  • Saturday Love (Instrumental)
  • Saturday Love (Feelin’ Luv Extended Mix)
  • Saturday Love (Steve Anderson Remix)
  • You Look Good To Me
  • You Look Good To Me (Extended Remix)

What are your thoughts on these track listings? Leave a comment!

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Dennis Alexis

So glad I didn’t buy these awful vinyl rip reissues.


Happy about all the reissues with bonus tracks I want to ask what happened to the vinyl reissues of Cherrelle/High Priority, Alexander O’Neal/Hearsay – All Mixed up and S.O.S. Band/On the rise? Thanks to Demon Records and the fab idea of reissued all the Tabu catalogue.
Best regards.


Tabu re-born? A totally disappoining project. Many bonus tracks are vinyl transfers (and some transferred really bad too). I’ve been walking in the cloud for a month knowing these Tabu-albums were finally reissued with bonus mixes, but when it did, it turned out to be one disappointment after the other. Many mixes were available on previous compilation CD’s or CD singles, so I don’t understand that if you cannot find the master, you don’t use the CD’s! And if you need a little help from the hard core fans (who will have every CD release on their shelves) just ask them! No, Demon took some old vinyl instead. I hope Demon will NOT be able to clear the rights for the US, so maybe we get another chance with another record company in the future. They should go through the Tabu-vaults again!

Per Christian Frankplads

Thanks for the info. And yes, if what you say is true then it’s very disappointing that these labels don’t work harder at finding the original master tapes or at least better sources than vinyl.

They could learn a thing or two from Ben Liebrand – as far as I know his “Grand 12-inches” series doesn’t have a single vinyl transfer, only original master tapes.


I really hope that these quality reissues are being released in America like they are in Europe. So far, I only see info about these albums on Amazon.uk or Barnes and Noble. S.O.S’s 1980 debut remastered and rebuffed and repackaged has been on my list for over 10 years…you know that will be purchased the day that hits the shelves. That was one of the 1st 12inch LPs my sister and I got (I was only 6 at the time) along w/ “Don’t Stop The Music”…a heckuva way to get introduced to 12inch singles!


I love all of these albums, but personally I don’t need every instrumental and dub that was released at the time. Having said that, I understand why they provide that for the completists among us. The article doesn’t mention it, but are these all remastered?