Taste / I'll Remember 4CD box


At the end of August, Universal Music will issue I’ll Remember, an archival box set featuring the music of Taste, the Irish rock/blues band formed in the mid sixties that featured Rory Gallagher on guitar and vocals.

The four disc set will feature both studio albums (1969’s Taste and the 1970 follow-up On The Boards) expanded with many alternate versions of album tracks. The third CD is full of live audio from 1970 culled from concerts in Stockholm and London while the final disc adds demos, rare single cuts and more live material.

I’ll Remember is due for release on 28 August 2015.

Track listing

Disc 1

1 Blister On The Moon 03:26
2 Leavin’ Blues 04:15
3 Sugar Mama 07:14
4 Hail 02:35
5 Born On The Wrong Side Of Time 04:00
6 Dual Carriageway Pain 03:13
7 Same Old Story 03:32
8 Catfish 08:04
9 I’m Moving On 02:29
10 Blister On The Moon (Alternate Version) 03:21
11 Leavin’ Blues (Alternate Version) 04:31
12 Hail (Alternate Version) 02:35
13 Dual Carriageway Pain (Alternate Version / No Vocals) 03:13
14 Same Old Story (Alternate Version) 03:26
15 Catfish (Alternate Version) 06:55

Disc 2

1 What’s Going On 02:44
2 Railway And Gun 03:33
3 It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again 06:32
4 If The Day Was Any Longer 02:07
5 Morning Sun 02:38
6 Eat My Words 03:45
7 On The Boards 06:01
8 If I Don’t Sing I’ll Cry 02:38
9 See Here 03:04
10 I’ll Remember 03:01
11 Railway And Gun (Off The Boards Mix) 04:26
12 See Here (Alternate Version) 03:13
13 It’s Happened Before, It’ll Hapen Again (Beat Club TV Audio / Take 2) 10:52
14 If The Day Was Any Longer (Beat Club TV Audio) 02:35
15 Morning Sun (Beat Club TV Audio) 03:31
16 It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again (Beat Club TV Audio) 09:48

Disc 3

1 What’s Going On (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 06:14
2 Sugar Mama (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 06:48
3 Gamblin’ Blues (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 06:41
4 Sinner Boy (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 06:23
5 At The Bottom (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 03:19
6 She’s Nineteen Years Old (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 03:57
7 Morning Sun (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 04:18
8 Catfish (Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden / 1970) 06:33
9 I’ll Remember (BBC Live In Concert / Paris Theatre, London / 1970) 06:14
10 Railway And Gun (BBC Live In Concert / Paris Theatre, London / 1970) 04:58
11 Sugar Mama (BBC Live In Concert / Paris Theatre, London / 1970) 07:19
12 Eat My Words (BBC Live In Concert / Paris Theatre, London / 1970) 09:21
13 Catfish (BBC Live In Concert / Paris Theatre, London / 1970) 05:27

Disc 4

1 Wee Wee Baby (Demo) 02:45
2 How Many More Years (Demo) 03:24
3 Take It Easy Baby (Demo) 07:08
4 Pardon Me Mister (Demo) 02:44
5 You’ve Got To Pay (Demo) 03:55
6 Norman Invasion (Demo) 03:01
7 Worried Man (Demo) 02:30
8 Blister On The Moon (“Major Minor” Single Version) 03:25
9 Born On The Wrong Side Of Time (“Major Minor” Single Version) 03:15
10 Summertime (Live At Woburn Abbey Festival, UK / 1968) 01:31
11 Blister On The Moon (Live At Woburn Abbey Festival, UK / 1968) 03:36
12 I Got My Brand On You (Live At Woburn Abbey Festival, UK / 1968) 07:23
13 Medley: Rock Me Baby / Bye Bye Bird / Baby Please Don’t Go / You Shook Me Baby (Live At Woburn Abbey Festival, UK / 1968) 10:59

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I wonder if it will be available through Amazon USA or if I’ll have to buy it overseas like I did for the Irish Tour ’74 box


any idea of the Canadian release

[…] a picture of I’ll Remember, that Taste four-CD set that we told you about last month. SDE has further details (below) on the collection that is due for release in late […]

Fat Old Bloke

Re: Isle Of Wight
Fantastic news!

Neil Morgan

Taste Isle Of Wight DVD to be released. Over an hours worth of band plus backstage footage. Donal explains at Ballyshannon Festival opening ceremony, at about 9 minutes. youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu_M6Zuscm0


I’m very interested in this set however as has already been mentioned if it’s compressed to death then it will just sit on my shelf. I’ll wait to read reviews before I purchase. I’m not expecting audiophile sound but decent sound is not too much to ask for when purchasing music.

Fat Old Bloke

I had hoped there would be a DVD included of Isle Of Wight and German TV footage. Oh well, maybe at another time?

Isle Of Wight has one of my all time favourite live songs ‘Sinner Boy’ absolutely riveting.

Fat Old Bloke

Hope the 1st album was remixed, sound is poor


NO, the first album has fine sound. It’s just raw, straight to the boards, like Rory wanted it. “Sugar Mama” is full of dynamics in the sound – “Hail” sounds awesome. And so on.

Gary Thompson

As far as I’m aware this is the first time the Major Minor single has appeared on a legit CD release – if so it’s about time. I’ve had 2 copies over the years as I wore the first one out!

Steve Ferguson

Any idea as the whether the content has been remastered? Their first two albums are faves.


Liking this a lot but not the UK Amazon price shown £36 for 4 discs.

Stephen Garrison

Compressed to death?Or will we actually be allowed dynamic range?


Rory’s solo deserves a major box set too. I’d like to see 6 CD’s and a DVD.


This is incorrect: “culled from concerts in Stockholm and Paris” it should be Stockholm and London (Paris Theatre London).