Tears For Fears announce a surprise ‘one night only’ London show

Tears For Fears have made a surprise announcement this morning. They will play a one-night only UK show in almost exactly a month’s time.

Dubbed ‘Rule The World’, the show will take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 27 October 2017. It will be the first time the band have played a full show in London since the summer of 2005. The last time they played at the Royal Albert Hall was in May 1985 for the Songs From Big Chair tour.

Aside from the familiar hits, which songs from the TFF canon would you most like to see them play at the Royal Albert Hall? Leave a comment!

Tickets go on sale on this Friday (29 Sep) at 9.00AM

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Randomly went to the Royal Albert Hall site today to see if they had any returns (as I had been doing all week) and Lo and Behold! I now have two tickets to the show.

W00T! Bring on next Friday night!

Julian H

“The show will be recorded for later transmission or transmitted live on BBC Radio 2. Ticket holders give their express consent to the use of their actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising or exploitation of any film, video and / or audio recording of this event and / or any element thereof in any / all media throughout the world.”

Yup, that sounds good :) Hopefully this will result in a live album, like it did with Status Quo and Simple Minds…


Nothing on the bbc show or the greatest hits cd, announced on many sites?

Auntie Sabrina

For a chance to see Tears For Fears on 26 October for nowt:-


Julian H

People should also remember than when the scalpers get boycotted, the prices will go down and further down the closer the concert gets. Not ideal but I know this is how it has worked with David Gilmour last year here. Panicking doesn’t make sense here. The scalpers don’t want to sit on their tickets!


Sadly (almost) gone are the days of simply buying a ticket to see your favourite band.

Back-in-the-day, I used to queue for hours and the rewards was front stalls to see your favourite band. However, nowadays if you want to be in the stalls this is regarded as premium and the price is 1000% more than sitting at the back.

Premium seats, hospitality seats, VIP seats or just simple ‘inflated price’ seats have hit hard the true and loyal fans.

Add into the mix the fact that companies like Ticket Master buy their own tickets to resell on their very own reseller website at extortionate prices.

It is interesting to see reported in some European countries court cases against such practices. Meanwhile the fans are losing out.

Prince was against using Ticket Master and Stereophonics have gone out of their way to minimise the ability to resell tickets on such websites.

I can image it will become easy to buy tickets for Tears For Fears but they will probably be on reseller websites at silly prices at some point!

As a very regular concert goer (around 15 to 20 per year) I have seen the system get more and more out of control, but it is the fans who always lose!


I’m thinking a lot of middle aged, middle class, middle management type ‘i’m not standing’ syndrome is at play here! You want to see and hear a legendary band before you die or they retire? Then stand. It won’t kill you. The RAH’s interval beer prices might though :)


Can’t understand this. I got to work and had a meeting first thing. Got out at 10am UK time. Went to RAH website (not even logged in to my user account) and waited …. Showed up at 10.15 ish as number 2300 something in queue! Also got message about it being sold out, but saw that queue was reducing (including one really big jump down by nearly 800 or so. Continued to wait and it got to 500 ish, went away and when I next maximised browser I was in! It had some ticket options for standing in gallery or restricted view on tier down a level. Not fussed, so got a standing ticket for £40 all in. Result! But this was near 11am, it must have been. I suspect a lot of people got fed up and left the queue, or else when got to available tickets did not fancy standing so left empty handed.


Yes, and peeps who take a chance may get a great night out of it too Paul! Went on the RAH tour a few weeks back (highly recommended btw), and don’t think any viewing areas will be too bad by the standards of many stadium shows or even top tiers of o2. Did you get seats Paul?


We got tickets this morning, apparently the RAH website keeled over and then worked. AXS is rubbish website- time and again it’s come up with nothing. For those who didn’t get tickets keep checking the RAH website- some tickets tend to come back on sale again – got Kraftwerk tickets a week or so before the show. Think we got front row for Dave Gilmour the same way as well. Don’t use resale sites- you may be refused access


How can Viagogo resell tickets that are supposed to un-resell-able? Buying them at 3 times the face value only encourages the practice. I won’t do it.


Similar story here. Was in the waiting room well before 9am and then ‘let in’ around 9.04 only to find that no tickets were available, even via the ‘best seats at any price’ option. I stuck with it and then bizarrely at around 9.25 it allocated me 2 tickets! Very chuffed to get them given the negative comment meltdown on FB and Twitter.

Very odd to see that a number of price bands appeared as sold out well before 9am. I visited Viagogo after my purchase and found an opportunity to purchase tickets in my section for £154 each (face value £47).


Richard, the ticket sale was ridiculous, they should be ashamed although it is what I expect these days, your experience was exactly the same as mine, until I realised that I had to keep refreshing…….. best available, best available, time after time and then got allocated a single arena seat in a good location at 9.30am. So I think it was pure luck, by chance, that I managed to get a ticket.

DJ Salinger

Trying to get tickets from RAH this morning was even an more futile effort than The The’s comeback special two weeks ago. These days the little people aren’t allowed to join the queue unless they’re at the back, it seems.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”


Same for me. Logged on @ 08.30. Got nothing.
Managed to get a couple of tickets for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds while I was waiting for TFF, so not a totally disastrous morning.


What a shocker of a ticket sale! Logged on the AXS website at 8.40, chose my tickets and entered my details. When I finally got out of the waiting room, every permutation of ticket was not available, including choosing a single “best available”. Absolute travesty of a ticket allocation service, AXS should be really happy how crap their service is.


Seconded. I have sent them a request for my details to be deleted from their system, as I’ll not be going there again. Auto reply said I should give them 10 days to reply!


platinum seats in the stalls at £120 via ticketmaster


50 quid ticket for £120? No ta.

Matt Legg

Queued on both AXS and RAH sites for over an hour. Still couldn’t get a ticket. This is why they need to do a UK tour. People want to see them including me!


RAH website
logged in at 8.40am just got to the front of the queue
Thank you for your patience

Tears for Fears (27 October 2017) has now sold out. Please check back for returns closer to the performance date.


Joined the Q at 08:30 – number 520. Finally got in at 09:20 – Arena C, Row 22, Seats 12,13. Oh Yeah!


What a joke of a website. At half eight it said join waiting room, so I clicked that, entered all my details and then at 08:58 it crashed.

“This sale link is no longer valid”

Neither was my patience! Couldn’t be arsed to enter it all again, especially as it logged me out at the same time….


I just reclicked the link to have a look. Nearly everything is sold out and only single seats left. It probably doesn’t help that I’m on holiday and the wifi here is pretty flakey. :-(


IF I manage to snag a ticket and if I get any choice, any tips on the best places to sit?

Neil Hunt

I’m guessing this concert is to promote a new compilation “Rule The World”. The CD is already listed on amazon.com and WowHD. It was mentioned in a recent Classic Pop magazine that the band had signed to Universal Music and were going to release a new compilation prior to their new album coming out next year.


The Working Hour
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Advice for tee Young at Heart
And here is hoping they will record it on video and release it on Blu-ray soon

Ian Hicks

Paul I’m up for an SDE meet up if I manage to snag tickets. Remember being front row on the Seeds of Love tour at Wembley…what a gig!!


They’re doing named tickets/ photo ID for TFF, you won’t get in if you’re not the ticket buyer. It probably won’t stop everything but it worked well for Kraftwerk and Dave Gilmour at RAH. I think they’ve cancelled tickets that appear on the resale sites before.


Maybe it’s me, but I can’t find the prices for the tickets for the show…

Chris F

Just give me The Working Hour and i’ll be happy if you can work your magic Paul like you did with Broken ;-)


Great news to hear that they are playing the RAH – no I’m setting alarms for 9am Friday to join the scrum for a ticket – what’s the odds they sell out quickly and later that same day all the ticket agency sites have them for a small fortune…

Gotta get there, and if so – deffo meet up Paul.


THE THEs recent RAH gig went on sale the other week, each ticket was £100.

I would like to go to the TFF gig, but it will price me out probably. If you notice, no mention of price of tickets


Over 300 tickets left for The The with the cheapest single ticket being £141 or £132 each for a pair. It is absolutely ridiculous. The last time I was at the Royal Albert Hall was to see Lou Reed in 2000 and tickets were £25. An inflation busting five-fold+ increase 17 years later to see a less iconic performer… I do like The The, particularly Mind Bomb (one of my all time favourite albums), but not at those prices.


Any truth in the rumour that they are gonna be supported by a reformed Graduate?


Would definitely love to hear “Ever Met A Day” or “Premature Baby” live!
And yes, a cover of “Strawberry Fields Forever” or even “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” would be interesting.


With all this excitement building on the Seeds deluxe, you almost fear it to become a dissapointment. Hope I’m wrong

Robert Morgenstern

Seeds of Love 30th Anniversary Box Set in 2019. I think this will be realistic.


Meet up in the bar beforehand sounds good, though need to agree a pass out first, as I’m going to 3 gigs in
October already!
Plus need to get a ticket in the first second they go on sale……


If I can get tickets, I’m going.
Meet you in the bar again???


What no boxed set?

Dave the dog

I think they should put a Jaffa Cake on the plate in order to bring attention to the current McVitie scandal – i.e. a reduction from 12 to 10 cakes in a pack. Roland and Curt love Jaffa Cakes and they are the guys to bring this to people’s attention.


Love these guys and was lucky enough to see them a few months ago with Hall & Oates on a double bill. Both groups played shorter sets, which was disappointing. Want a full show from whoever I shell out to see. Both bands have a wealth of material to choose from so there is no reason they should have skimped. Both bands looked and sounded great.

Having said that, it is WAY past time for the Seeds of Love deluxe AND a new album from TFF.

If I win the lottery, I will travel to London for this show!


Why are they reluctant to play in the UK? Just one show!?

More than the zero shows in Europe!


I hope that Tears For Fears will come to the Netherlands for a concert next year.


I’ve just read CS & RO ‘hate’ TWYA and CS considers it to be the worst thing they have ever done so not likely to be in the set for the October 27th gig!


ps The Way you are is probably my favourite of all their less known songs. All though it did make number 24 in the uk Charts back in 1983 it seems to have been left off most TFF compilations although was included on the SFTBC deluxe releases a few years back. I would be surprised if it was included in this gig but you never know. Be nice if this gig recorded too and released on Blu Ray/DVD in the near future! MAYBE EVEN A ‘LIVE’ ALBUM FOLKS ???? (you heard that from me first!!)

Yes, we neeed a proper TFF live album. With a full setlist and Roland & Curt in good vocal shape. Secret World Live in Paris doesn’t tick either box for me, though it’s better than nothing.


Good idea to do a gig to get back into the heads of people. Hopefully this will meant a new album next year and a full tour!

Nuno Bento

I only need “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain” and I will be a happy camper.


What about Seeds box?? !!
It seems it won’t be release before 2019 (!!! !!! !!! !!!) in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Terrible shame indeed since Steve Wilson has already done the job and he himself has already said it wasn’t an easy thing to do concerning to the multiple master tapes he had to use. Shame about we die hard fans need to wait so long just because a matter of celebrating date!!!!
I wish I be alive up to the deluxe box set to vê release !!!


Everybody Loves a Happy Ending is a remarkable album. It should have been a monster. The sales and chart placings were dismal. This is real music compared to what was popular at the time.


It was released on Sept 11th. Got rather overshadowed like most other things due to more important events. Remember it being a good time to bury bad news? That went for new album releases too.


Wasn’t Roland’s solo album the one released on September 11?


Yes in the US. Everybody Loves a Happy Ending wasn’t released till 2004.


Hmmm, sorry did not mean to spread fake news. That is weird as I have it engrained in my head that was so, and I can’t remember now how or where I heard it or read it. But I did somewhere. Oddly none of the records released on that date according to Google are even remotely like a band I would be interested in. Anyway, apologies again.


Just a pity it’s unlistenable.


Daran, are you perhaps thinking of Sting’s Tuscany concert, All This Time, which was recorded on 11 September 2001?


No, I don’t follow Sting news to be honest Greg. It was TFF article that I read it in. I am thinking it was Roland’s solo album which the writer got confused with ELAHE, and I in turn did not clock that could never have been correct due to the year. I do have ELAHE, bought 2nd hand on Ebay but never really liked it and so can’t place it’s date of release in my head. So 2001 seemed possible to me….


That’s okay, I did notice that some big albums were released that day too. Nickelback’s third album Silver Side Up was out that day and did extremely well. I guess it just depends on the rest of the promotion of the album. I don’t personally recall, but was there much promo surrounding Everybody Loves a Happy Ending?

The Crazy World Of Donald Trump

Strawberry Fields Forever (seriously!)


Me And My Big Ideas
Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
Killing With Kindness
Last Days On Earth
I Beleive
Year Of The Knife
… and the only cover I ever want to hear TFF perform live again, EVER is maybe … “Ashes To Ashes”


Believe, rather.

Dave the dog

Perhaps they could play the ‘Red Lion’ in Gravesend, that would be even more convenient for me!

Dave the dog

It’s always London. Why can’t they play in Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppy. They are just so thoughtless!


The Working Hour
Sea Song