Tears For Fears / Everybody Wants To Rule The World: The Collection


We know you’ve already spent your Tears For Fears budget on pre-ordering The Hurting deluxe box set, but we thought we’d draw your attention to this slightly weird ‘budget’ greatest hits that has been put out via Universal Music’s Spectrum imprint in the last few weeks.

It’s a mix of classic singles, B-sides and the occasional oddity. It’s deliberately not ‘comprehensive’ but is still rather intriguing. So you get Mad World and Change, but not Pale Shelter. Songs From The Big Chair selections include Shout and Everybody Wants To Rule The World, but not Head Over Heels. Mothers Talk is included, but in the not-really-as-good ‘US Remix’ re-recording.

If you only know Break It Down Again, from the Curt Smith-free Elemental album (not included here) you’re in for a treat because Cold and in particular Goodnight Song are excellent, and both are on this new compilation. So is Cold B-side New Star, another corker with its sixties psychedelic vibe.

Universal haven’t had the nerve to leave off Sowing The Seeds Of Love (here is seven-inch guise) but Woman In Chains has gone AWOL. Year Of The Knife and Advice For The Young At Heart are also included from The Seeds Of Love.

Remarkably, Ideas As Opiates – one of the Hurting-era Peel Session tracks, which is only available on disc three of the forthcoming box set – gets a sneaky debut on this compilation! Yes, previously unreleased. Go, as they say, figure.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – The Collection also benefits from a really attractive cover design, and – here’s the best bit – the CD is currently only £3.80 on Amazon UK complete with MP3s via ‘autorip’. Bizarrely, if you buy the MP3s on their own it costs £8.49. So you ‘save’ £4.69 by buying physical product with your MP3s. Nice!

NB: All prices correct at the time of writing.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – The Collection track listing:

  • 1. Mad World 3:323
  • 2. Shout (Album Version) 6:30
  • 3. Sowing The Seeds Of Love (7″ Version) 5:42
  • 4. Advice For The Young At Heart 4:42
  • 5. Everybody Wants To Rule The World 4:06
  • 6. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams 4:16
  • 7. Ideas As Opiates (Peel Session 1/9/1982) 3:50
  • 8. Year Of The Knife 7:04
  • 9. Mothers Talk (U.S. Remix) 4:15
  • 10. Change 4:15 £0.89
  • 11. Tears Roll Down 3:14
  • 12. Start Of The Breakdown 4:54
  • 13. Memories Fade 5:05
  • 14. New Star 4:25
  • 15. Goodnight Song 3:51
  • 16. Cold 5:02

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Julian H

Is the US remix on here the proper, punchy one?


It’s strange, especially when you see that TFF have always been an album band (like “Head over Heels” being only really effective between the two parts of “Broken”). I guess the “GOLD” compilation is the most comprehensive because it includes tracks from all albums as well as two new ones. On the other hand, “Year of the Knife” is a treat on this one, as well as the BBC version of “Ideas as Opiates”. Since the US Remix of “Mothers Talk” was left off the deluxe edition of SFTBC, I think it’s OK to include it here. A bit more live stuff would be an option (something from “Going to California”, or one of those rare 90s live recordings). And leaving “Woman in Chains” and “Pale Shelter” off isn’t very nice. And the 7″ version of STSOL lacks Roland’s screams :(

It seems as if Universal thinks TFF are a band that can be ‘sold out’. But if it fuels the interest in the new album , I don’t care.

Lazlo Nibble

This is like the FOURTH Tears for Fears collection since 2003, just from Spectrum alone! Paul, any chance of a post taking about how/why certain acts end up in this seemingly-infinite cycle of compilation after compilation? T4F, ABC and Level 42 are all pretty badly afflicted with this among bands I follow.


I’m partial to the 2003 3-CD “Ultimate Collection”. Brilliant remastering and looots of content, including a disc for remixes.



A pass for me. Im still waiting patiently for a career spanning singles collection.


These ‘Spectrum’ compilations offer nothing new but they really are superb value and they’re usually well mastered. Good for the car if nothing else. Usually £3 at Tesco.