Tears For Fears hint at The Hurting 30th anniversary celebrations

Tears For Fears / The Hurting

Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith – collectively known as Tears For Fears – yesterday launched a new website precisely 30 years on from the UK release of their 1983 debut album The Hurting.

At present, the site consists of a single white page, in the middle of which sits the striking Hurting album cover image, of the child with his head in his hands. Underneath this sits the following message: “Thanks for an amazing 30 years. This year is going to be a big one. Get ready! – Curt & Roland”.

So, let the speculation begin..!

We’d like your thoughts on what this ‘big’ year might entail?  In our view, it’s reasonable to assume that Universal Music are working on a deluxe edition of The Hurting album, especially since the only reissue was a 1999 expanded version with a modest four bonus tracks.

Whatever is in the planning, you can stay in touch with the band via their twitter and Facebook accounts.

Below: Tears For Fears perform Change, from The Hurting on Top Of The Pops in 1983

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[…] since Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith – or Tears For Fears, to give them their collective name – hinted at a ‘big’ year to come in 2013. We knew that this big year would involve their 1983 […]


Go for it I found this group again after all these years I have told any body in the sound of voice listen to this group.I love Marvin Gaye,Motown,for sure but this band will live on for ever their voices are not the same but they are the same and them seem more relazed from what I saw .

[…] the band asked fans to ‘get ready’ for a big year back in March – on the very day The Hurting celebrated […]

[…] (“Thanks for an amazing 30 years. This year is going to be a big one. Get ready!”) that led some to speculate a long-overdue expanded reissue of that record finally would be […]

M.B. Clarke

If the 30th anniversary edition is released, imo should include:
“Suffer The Children (Single Version)” from 1981
“Wino” (b-side to above mentioned)
“We Are Broken” (the original “pale shelter” b-side version, not the “sftbc” version)


A TOUR would be good where they started and played the entire “The Hurting” album – then kicked off with a greatest hits from both careers as a follow up! 2.5 hour concert! I’m down!

Alex Jardine

I think I am going to faint from all these new details… If they come remotely near Pittsburgh I am going to call off/quit work and spend whatever money to see them! Also, this year marks 20 years from the release of “Elemental”; I would love to see a deluxe edition of that album too, SO GOOD! Long live Roland, Curt, Ian, Oleta, Chris, Alan and everyone ever involved in the greatest band since the early days of the legendary Genesis!


Yes it’s a go…Curt posted from LA that they have recorded four new tracks while he was in U.K (with TFF) and the rest will be finished until complete in June in L.A
Brilliant news and a new musical era for tbe boys.
I wonder which direction they’ll be taking :)


They are currently recording as I type in Rolands home studio Neptunes Kitchen..
Curt has been posting regular updates on his twitter and FB account.A new album and U.K tour are well overdue…
Can’t Wait. :)

Mark Bumgardner
Stephen K.

Excellent news. Hopefully at least a 2-CD set. A bonus DVD of the In My Mind’s Eye concert video would be an excellent add-on!


Uk tour please!


Interesting stuff.
One of my favourite albums.
Would be nice to get another remaster using the latest technology….maybe a hi-def HDTracks release.
A tour would be nice too :-)


From the previous remaster edition of this album, were missing all the singles versions , especially the very first 7” that were totally different from the album… What else ? the 12” of course ! I think they have much material to give us a great expanded 2 Cds album! (And if they ever think of re-release the “seeds of love” album, just let them remember that the remix single version of “Year Of The Knife” is still missing!!!

Steve Marine

BEST NEWS EVER. My favorite band of all time.


I’m happy that *something* is happening this year, but I really hope it’s a new record. EVERYBODY LOVES A HAPPY ENDING was such a great record. I still listen to it on a regular rotation. They’re too long overdue for a followup.


For some reason I feel like this has more behind it than just an anniversary edition of The Hurting. Would they really create an official TFF web site, for the first time ever, just for that? I’m guessing there might be some sort of tour or maybe even a new album.


I hope so! I haven’t seen them for about 7 or 8 years and need another fix!


There is a 60-minute German TV special from 1983 that could be one of the extras.

Andrea Grasso

I might like a deluxe edition of The Hurting, but I really hope the big news is a brand new studio album and possibly also an European tour to follow!

Mark Bumgardner

The guys over at The Second Disc (theseconddisc.com) have posted an article about what a Deluxe Edition of The Hurting could possibly entail. An interesting read.