Tears For Fears / Listen to Pale Shelter remix from The Hurting box

The B-sides and remixes CD contains both 7″ and 12″ versions of “Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)”

In anticipation of the forthcoming Hurting box setTears For Fears have released a stream via SoundCloud of the very original 12-inch version of their 1982 single Pale Shelter.

Actually titled Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love), this was the band’s second single after debut Suffer The Children was issued in November 1981. Neither 45 charted, and Roland Orzabal revealed his feelings about these early disappointments to SuperDeluxeEdition editor Paul Sinclair, when interviewed for the sleeve notes of the forthcoming reissue:

“We were a little worried” says Roland, “although we were slightly buoyed by the fact that the Pale Shelter 12” had been very popular in the NY clubs. I remember there being a slight doubt in Dave Bates’ [A&R Manager] mind when we were recording ‘The Hurting’ because of the lack of instant success and the time we were taking – I even remember the Managing Director being brought into the studio – but luckily Polygram didn’t pull the plug.”

The band had to wait until November 1982, a full year after Suffer The Children had been released, before enjoying a sizeable hit with Mad World (UK #3). Pale Shelter was eventually re-recorded for the album and that new version was the final single from The Hurting released once the album was out in April 1983.

This twelve-inch version of Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) is issued on CD for the first time on the forthcoming Hurting reissues, as is the seven-inch version. Full track listings and further details here.


Tears For Fears / The Hurting four-disc box set

3CD+DVD Box Set

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Steve Thorpe

OMG – every time any new release is being talked about someone brings in an “it’s brickwalled” comment now…New Wave Outpost is full of nothing but the same discussion on practically every release. I’m seriously beginning to doubt the accuracy of all these guys’ technology as it seems only about 5% of all new releases aren’t brickwalled. Put a sock in it guys – it’s getting so tedious seeing the same comments for just about everything.


That’s because only about 5% of release aren’t brickwalled. If you’re one of those “just be glad it’s available” idiots, then get lost because that kind of zombie drone mindset doesn’t work. And though I’ve been one of the longest critics of sound quality, you see very well that many others have grown tired of the same shortcomings. Ugh, those Kim Wilde EMI era reissues a couple year ago were just PAINFUL to listen to, they were so loud. So there’s another one. Suck it up, it ain’t going to stop as long as it keeps happeing.


Don’t forget TFF’s Everybody Loves a Happy Ending album which is loud as hell!


Glad I’m not alone with that opinion. I hope their next album will sound better…


I’m with James, this waveform shows this set is going to be highly brickwalled. Well, there goes my enthusiasm…


That waveform looks nasty. No headroom there. Hope the music sounds better than it ‘looks’.


My IDEAl version of Pale Shelter would be this track with the rerecorded vocals from the second version. The vocals on this version always sounded like the tape recorder was a bit wonky to my ears, but the music is superb.


In fact, Mylène Farmer in France is singing with Gary Jules , and it is more his version that is done on stage.

Anyway I find the TFF version better than the piano-vocal version which is more sad…


In fact, Mylène Farmer in Fra


French singer “Mylène Farmer” make a cover of “Mad World” on her tour in France actually.


This is really great version. Can’t wait for the box.