The Allman Brothers Band and Commodores ‘Collected’ coloured vinyl

Limited coloured vinyl compilations • 2LP sets with rarities

SDE has in the past described Universal Music Netherlands’ Collected career summaries as one of the best kept secrets in pop/rock compilations. The triple-CD sets are normally very, very good indeed and while Music On Vinyl’s double vinyl editions can’t quite match the track quantity and depth of their CD cousins, they are still worth picking up, especially in limited edition coloured vinyl guise. Two new titles come to double vinyl later this month, The Allman Brothers Band and the Commodores.

The Allman Brothers Band set is a 2LP vinyl package with three sides of classics like ‘Jessica’; ‘Ramblin’ Man’; ‘Win, Lose or Draw’ and ‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ with a fourth side of rarities including cuts from pre-ABB days via The Allman Joys and Hour Glass and some solo work from Duane and Greg.

The first pressing of this Allman Brothers Band Collected is on individually numbered, double transparent green vinyl and limited to 3,500 units worldwide, with about 700 of those allocated for the UK.

Commodores ‘Collected’ first pressing is on 2LP gold/red vinyl

The Commodores set follows a similar pattern, with hits from the massively successful Lionel Richie era such as ‘Easy’, ‘Brick House’, ‘Three Times A Lady’ and ‘Still’. Later albums issued after Richie’s departure are also covered, with tracks like ‘Nightshift’, ‘Animal Instinct’ and ‘United in Love’. A rare bonus song at the end of side four is the Commodores version of Diana Ross & The Supremes’ ‘Forever Came Today’, which was originally issued on 1983 compilation album Motown Superstars Sing Motown Superstars.

The first pressing of this 2LP set is limited to 2,500 units worldwide with 600 allocated for the UK. These are pressed on gold/red vinyl as shown above.

The Collected vinyl sets are always really well packaged. They are gatefold, come with a decent quality outer PVC sleeve and of course the limited coloured variants are quite desirable. Both of these limited coloured vinyl sets are now listed on the SDE shop (for worldwide shipping). You can also use the buttons below to purchase. These will ship on 30 November 2018 – the date of release.

]]>The Allman Brothers Band Collected 2LP vinyl

1. Dreams
2. Revival
3. Midnight Rider
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
5. Statesboro Blues

1. Melissa
2. One Way Out
3. Ramblin’ Man
4. Jessica
5. Win, Lose Or Draw

1. Crazy Love
2. Just Ain’t Easy
3. Angeline
4. Straight From The Heart
5. Good Clean Fun
6. All Night Train

1. The Allman Joys – Crossroads
2. The Hour Glass – Ain’t No Good To Cry
3. Duane Allman – Goin Down Slow
4. Gregg Allman – These Days
5. Gregg Allman – The Dark End Of The Street

Commodores Collected 2LP vinyl

1. Rise Up
2. Machine Gun
3. The Zoo (The Human Zoo)
4. Slippery When Wet
5. Sweet Love
6. Just To Be Close To You
7. Easy

1. Brick House
2. Too Hot Ta Trot
3. Three Times A Lady
4. Flying High
5. Sail On
6. Still
7. Old-Fashion Love

1. Lady (You Bring Me Up)
2. Oh No
3. Painted Picture
4. Only You
5. Nightshift
6. Animal Instinct

1. Goin’ To The Bank
2. United In Love
3. Solitaire
4. Grrip
5. Everything Reminds Me Of You
6. Forever Came Today (bonus Track from ‘Motown Superstars Sing Motown Superstars’)

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Was the 10CC collection ever issued?

Chris Squires

Unfortunately not, it looked absolutely beautiful too and I had it on pre-order but it never came out. I don’t know the real reason although some surmized that it was because the band had their own compilations coming out quite close to it so they nixed it. Rather curiously it still exists as an advert on amazon and has done so for almost 2 years whilst having the legend “This title has not yet been released”.

At the same time the Paul Carrack coloured vinyl disappeared too, I was soooo looking forward to that one as it is a superb set. Whilst it is wonderful that MoV go out of their way to license some quite obscure and tangential tracks, which is probably what makes this such a terrific series, I guess it also makes licensing a fraught and complicated deal that can lead down a blind alley if things go wrong.


Thanks for the update Chris.


As someone who wouldn’t be that aware of The Allman Brothers’ material bar Jessica and a few others, is this a good selection?
Looking online “The Road Goes On Forever” seems to be the most comprehensive but only second hand copies remain.

Chris Squires

Agreed these are seriously fine sets whether on CD or vinyl. What I like is that they give space to the unexpected, such as the Clover and American Express tracks on Hey Lewis and Vinegar Joe and Powerstation tracks on Robert Palmer.
What I have noticed is that the “first Pressings on coloured Vinyl” are getting larger to the point that it may lose some of it’s desirability. A release such as Quo on Purple is 4,000 and in reality they will be hard pushed to shift that many copies on vinyl over a couple of years. I guess they have someone to do the maths for them and they must believe that there is a market for that many as a Limited Edition but I can’t imagine they have got to the Black copies yet.
I have, according to discogs…..

Cat Stevens, Silver – 2,000
Marvin Gaye, Cool Blue – 2,500
Joe Jackson, Turquiose – 1,500
Level 42, Green – 750
Carpenters, White – 3,000
Robert Palmer, White – 750
Thin Lizzy, Silver – 2,500
UB40, Red Red Wine- 1,000
Huey Lewis, Transparent Red – 1,500
Status Quo, Purple – 4,000

Either way they are, in the main, superb sets and well worth the money.

Roel Glas

Agree 100% Paul. The “Collected” Series on both CD and vinyl are excellent. I have been collecting these since they first appeared. The mastering is normally very good and whoever compiles these usually gets them pretty well right!. The vinyl including the coloured versions sound great. I have JJ Cale (gold ), Marvin Gaye (Blue), Thin Lizzy (silver) & Skynyrd (Red & Blue) and they sound prefect.


I have quite a few of those “Collected” colour vinyl, and they’re always great ! A bit thin on the informations, but great sound overall, beautiful package and it’s nice to have compilations that span the whole career of the artists.