The Beach Boys Party! Uncovered And Unplugged / Expanded 2CD set


Pull the party poppers for another 50th anniversary celebration as Capitol/Universal Music release The Beach Boys Party! Uncovered and Unplugged, a remixed, remastered and expanded two-CD edition of their joyous 1965 album of covers…

The original Beach Boys’ Party! was perhaps the first-ever ‘unplugged’ rock and roll album, with only acoustic guitars, bass, bongos, harmonica and tambourine employed as instrumentation. It only came about because Capitol Records were pressurising the band to put out another long-player – their tenth studio album. Brian Wilson was busy working on future masterpiece Pet Sounds, so as fellow band member Mike Love puts it: “We said, ‘Well, what can we do quickly and easily?’ And we decided to make this party album.”

Recorded over several experimental sessions at the Western Recorders in Hollywood, the band invited a few friends and collaborators to join them in the studio as they recorded spontaneous covers of contemporary hits by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and many more. Their cover of The Regents’ Barbara-Ann would go on to become a signature Beach Boys song, minus the hyphen in the original title. They even made self-parodying versions of two of their own biggest hits, I Get Around and Little Deuce Couple. With many songs recorded, they then returned to the studio with friends and family for a three-hour session recording party sounds and chatter to layer over the music.

For the new two-CD edition The Beach Boys Party! Uncovered and Unplugged, The Beach Boys and producer Mark Linett have stripped away the overdubbed party sounds from the album’s original 12 tracks so that the songs can be heard as they were first recorded. A massive 69 songs/outtakes/dialogue tracks from all of the band’s Party! recording sessions are also included.

The CDs are packaged with notes from Linnet, essays by Beach Boys historians Alan Boyd and Craig Slowinski and photos from the sessions.

The two-CD edition of The Beach Boys Party! Uncovered And Unplugged is released on 20 November 2015, with a vinyl edition – featuring the album’s original 12 tracks, each remixed, remastered and stripped of party sounds – to follow on 11 December


2CD Edition

Vinyl Edition


2CD Edition

Disc 1

  1. Hully Gully
  2. I Should Have Known Better
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Papa Oom Mow Mow
  5. Mountain Of Love
  6. You Got To Hide Your Love Away
  7. Devoted To You
  8. Alley Oop
  9. There’s No Other (Like My Baby)
  10. I Get Around / Little Deuce Coupe
  11. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  12. Barbara Ann
  13. Let’s Get This Party Rolling (session #2 – 9/8/65)
  14. I Should Have Known Better #1
  15. Ruby Baby #1
  16. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction #1
  17. Hully Gully #1
  18. Blowin’ In The Wind
  19. Dialog: ‘The Sunrays’
  20. Ruby Baby #2
  21. Dialog: ‘The Masked Phantom’
  22. Hully Gully #2
  23. Dialog: ‘Carl, Go Get Your Bass’
  24. Hully Gully #3
  25. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction #2
  26. Dialog: ‘That’s A Bad Guitar’
  27. Ruby Baby #3
  28. Dialog: ‘What’s The Matter Carl?’
  29. Ruby Baby #4
  30. Dialog: ‘Carl’s Tires’
  31. I Should Have Known Better #2
  32. I Should Have Known Better #3
  33. Dialog: ‘Wasn’t That Great Folks?’
  34. Tell Me Why #1
  35. Don’t Worry Baby
  36. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away #1
  37. Little Deuce Coupe #1
  38. California Girls

Disc 2

  1. She Belongs To Me / The Artist (Laugh At Me) #1
  2. Fooling Around: Hang On Sloopy / You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ / Twist And Shout
  3. Riot In Cell Block No.9 #1
  4. Fooling Around: The Diary
  5. Dialog: ‘I Think We Better Do This Next Week’
  6. Dialog: ‘Let’s Cook Now And Eat Later’
  7. Tell My Why #2
  8. I Should Have Known Better #4
  9. Dialog: ‘What I Want To Do’
  10. Dialog: ‘Are We Still In The Party?’
  11. Mountain Of Love #1
  12. Dialog: ‘Where s Denny?’
  13. Devoted To You #1
  14. Dialog: ‘What Are You Doing Now’
  15. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away #2
  16. Dialog: ‘This Phony Party’ / Ticket To Ride
  17. Alley Oop #1
  18. Alley Oop #2
  19. Dialog: ‘Tune It Like This’
  20. There’s No Other (Like My Baby) #1
  21. There’s No Other (Like My Baby) #2
  22. Dialog: ‘Do The Splits’
  23. Devoted To You #2
  24. Devoted To You #3
  25. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away #3
  26. I Get Around
  27. Little Deuce Coupe #2
  28. Mountain Of Love #2
  29. Ticket To Ride #2
  30. Riot In Cell Block No.9 #2
  31. The Artist (Laugh At Me) #2
  32. One Kiss Lead To Another
  33. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away #4
  34. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away #5
  35. Dialog: ‘What Did You Stop Us For Chuck?’
  36. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  37. Fooling Around: Heart And Soul / Long Tall Sally
  38. Fooling Around: The Boy From New York City
  39. Smokey Joe’s Café
  40. Dialog: ‘I Got One More’
  41. Barbara Ann #1
  42. Barbara Ann #2
  43. Barbara Ann #3

Vinyl Edition:


  1. Hully Gully
  2. I Should Have Known Better
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Papa Oom Mow Mow
  5. Mountain Of Love
  6. You Got To Hide Your Love Away
  7. Devoted To You


  1. Alley Oop
  2. There’s No Other (Like My Baby)
  3. I Get Around / Little Deuce Coupe
  4. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  5. Barbara Ann


2CD Edition


Vinyl Edition

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Just listened
to both discs. Wonderful fun. Maybe the last fun Brian had in the studio before the events of 66-67 unfold.

Mike Sutton

I just listened to ‘Party’ again the other day after a long, long time. I picked up the Analogue Productions LP re-issues and they are highly recommended. Phenomenal sounding discs.


You’re not suppose to like PARTY according to many Beach Boys scholars out there but it’s a guilty pleasure for some of us. I’m really looking forward to this. It’d have to be the greatest major record company contract filler ever released.
Take it for what it is. ..the boys havin’ some fun and actually projecting that in a wonderful atmospheric record. When/if they all get back together for Beach Boys 55 tour? (hint hint )they should do a little PARTY segment in the show and do some other covers/faves in that style: Happy Together, River Deep Mountain High, Be My Baby, Wimoweh…..you get the idea. Anyway l just luv hearing the boys letting off steam..much like DYLAN / BAND wonderful Basement Tapes……..Tanx da slider


It’s now £10-99 on Amazon UK.


Great, a release of previously unreleased material in physical form! But that’s not always the case with the Beach Boys!
– The Beach Boys surfin’ 1962 (cd release Amazon)
– The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson The Big Beat 1963 (only digital ,ITunes or Amazon)
– The Beach Boys Live in Sacramento 1964 (only digital ITunes)
-The Beach Boys Keep an Eye on Summer Sessions 1964 (only digital, ITunes)
I hope they release some sessions of Today or Summer Days and Summer Nights too!

Phil Cohen

The thing that is most annoying about download-only “Copyright Extension” collections released by Universal Music labels, is that U.S.A. consumers are only offered lossy Mp3 or AAC versions. The only legitimate seller of the 44.1Khz/16-bit lossless download(Qubuz) won’t sell to people in North America. Yes, I supported The Beach Boys, and bought the iTunes lossy downloads of “The Big Beat 1963” & “Keep An Eye on Summer”, but later, I found a free 44.1Khz/16-bit lossless download of “Keep An Eye on Summer” at an unofficial Russian website. Unfortunately, no one has posted the lossless version of “The Big Beat 1963” to the unofficial websites…..so far. And this frustrating situation (no official lossless 44.1Khz/16-bit downloads for U.S.A. consumers) affects Universal’s annual various artists “Motown Unreleased” collections.
By the way, though The Beach Boys hold the 3-track multi tracks for the Sacramento 1964 concerts, Capitol created their Sacramento “copyright extension” release by dubbing the one-pass-of-the-tape clandestine mixes released on a bootleg CD by the “Sea of Tunes” label, then Capitol had the unethical arrogance to upconvert that bootleg 44.1Khz/16-bit material to 192Khz/24-bit, to offer an “High Resolution” download. The high resolution download sellers eventually discovered Capitol’s deception, and took down this bogus 192Khz version.

Phil Wilson

When first announced, this was number 2 in Amazon UKs ‘Movers and Shakers’ chart. It was £13.99 at that stage

Phil Cohen

I doubt that Mike Love will stop the release of “Beach Boys Party:Uncovered and Unplugged”. It is in his interests to extend the copyright protection on these outtakes, 99% of which are already on the bootleg 4-CD set “Unsurpassed Masters Vol.10” and with full sound quality. I suspect that Capitol’s official release will be in mono sound. “Party” was only a 3-track recording(Vocals/ instruments/party sounds), and omitting the party sounds leaves only two tracks to mix from.

But, I DO suspect that Love is to blame for the cancellation of the “Pet Sounds” Blu-ray audio disc. Four parties(Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and the estate of Carl Wilson) had to sign off to permit the release of the 2014 surround sound remix(Yes, it would have been different to the previous surround sound mix). Love is the person most likely to say “No”. In the end, Love did himself no favors, because “Brother Records”(of which Love is one-fourth owner) has to pay Mark Linett for creating this never-to-be-released surround sound mix.

Craig Hedges

Or is the Blu-rayaudio of Pet Sounds being held back for the 50th anniversary, they’ve milked that album to death, and people like me have bought every version.
I imagine them releasing a mega super deluxe version which has Pet sounds in stereo/mono, the pet sounds sessions, the dvd audio, the blu-ray audio, the coloured vinyl of the album, repressings of the singles, 3 books, badges, t-shirt…The box will have the album front cover picture and you’ll be able to feel the fur of the animals and when you open the box you’ll hear Brians dogs barking!

And……I’ll buy it!!!!!!


I think you mean “Little Deuce Coupé”, though “Little Deuce Couple” sounds interesting too. :D

Craig Hedges

I wonder if Mike Love will issue a lawsuit which will delay this like he did with Pet Sounds sessions…. and Smile sessions? Probably not as most of the tracks on this new version of Party are sung by Mike and he’ll be pushing the release rather than hindering it for a change. Mr Loves lawyers are probably busy stopping Brian from releasing his autobiography which was supposed to have come out earlier month.
I heard the original Party album for the first time last week and it’s not an album I’ll rush to listen to again compared to some of their albums which could be expanded into deluxe editions. Sunflower, Surfs Up, Love You, 20/20 all deserve to be released with the tons of material which was also recorded at the time.
All the Beach Boys 2fers CDs are being sold for £2.99 which I’m guessing is Universal clearing the shelves and there will be a big rerelease campaign of all the Beach Boys catalogue next year for Pet Sounds 50th. A vinyl box like the Beatles and Queen one is on my wish list.

Phil Cohen

I doubt that there is much that could be added to “20/20”. Barring the discovery of misplaced or stolen “Smile” tapes, official & bootleg releases have pretty much emptied the vaults of 1960’s Beach Boys studio material. For the most part, what remains are breakdown backing track attempts. There IS one remaining unreleased song from the “Wild Honey” sessions, and the tape DOES exist. 3 further songs were logged as having been recorded at the “Smiley Smile” sessions, but the tapes have never been found.

Peter Joslyn

Hi Phil Cohen
There is a LOT of unreleased stuff, real gems. I have had access to a lot of that material and I can definitely say that all the eras of the BBs contain so many great tracks that it is quite unbelievable. Not sure if they will get released but from a very good source I can confirm this is all to keep their catalogue in copyright and stop bootlegs etc.

Phil Cohen


While it is true that the multitracks that the unofficial “Sea of Tunes” label had access to were all the multitracks that had been found as of the mid-1990’s(and that many more tapes were found since then, including the multitracks for the “Shut Down Vol.2” sessions purchased from two private collections, and the 8-track tapes from “Summer Days and Summer Nights”), there is no doubt that the “Sea of Tunes” collections covering the sessions for “All Summer Long”, “Beach Boys Today” & “Beach Boys Party” were indeed the entire sessions, and that between official releases(“Pet Sounds Sessions”) and unofficial releases(Two 4-CD “Unsurpassed Masters” boxed sets) that all of the “Pet Sounds” sessions have been released.. A potentially more promising source for unreleased Beach Boys material is the group’s 1970’s sessions. Back in the 1990’s when ex-Zombies guitarist (the late) Paul Atkinson was an A&R man at Capitol Records, he stated(to the long-defunct “ICE Newsletter”) that there was enough unreleased 1970’s Beach Boys studio material to fill a 2-CD set. Permission to release such a set was, obviously not to be.
Remember, during the 1960’s, that The Beach Boys were required to deliver 3 albums per year. They did record additional studio material in the 1960’s, but much of it has already been strip mined either officially or unofficially.
In the 1990’s, I spent $2200 on unofficial Beach Boys CD’s, including the entire “Sea of Tunes” & Vigotone releases and all but the final two volumes of the “Dumb Angel” label “Rarities” series, and much much more. I’ve listened extensively to Beach Boys outtakes and backing track sessions.

Phil Cohen

Actually, Capitol presently offers most of The Beach Boys’ albums on vinyl, and, in addition, they licensed 13 1962-1973 Beach Boys albums to “Analogue Productions” for audiophile vinyl release(in both stereo & mono editions, where they exist), though, due to internal problems at Analogue Productions, Analogue Productions only issued the group’s first five albums. Regular, non-audiophile vinyl pressings of the other 8 albums remain available.

Stan Butler

Do Amazon just pluck pre-order prices out of thin air?
A 2CD set for £24! It’s on Spin for £13.

I know it will come down on Amazon but this happens regularly.
Why do they price it so unrealistically in the first place?

SDE Hall of Fame

Don’t know, but I agree it’s annoying.


Actually, it’s quite useful when the initial price is over £20 so you can pre-order it with free delivery. Then if the price doesn’t drop to a reasonable one you can still cancel your order.


The trouble with Spin is this Stan, they take your money immediately then forget to send the order to you. This is a pity because I would rather buy from an independent dealer than Amazon but Amazon are reliable and fast, that does it for me.

Stan Butler

Certainly no complaints about the service from Amazon. I use them all the time. Just that their pricing is a bit odd. I’m a big Beach Boys fan but to be honest this is one I can live without. I got the 6CD Made In California set for less than a tenner more than the cost of this on Amazon.


What I’ve found recently is that pre-order prices are usually list price. Then they come down sometime before release. But if you pre-order you get the lowest price anyway.

For example, the 6-CD version of Dylan’s “Cutting Edge” was originally $150, then fell to $128, then to $120 in the U.S. Anyone who preordered will get the $120 price.

The Beatles “1+” 2 CD + Blu-ray edition was $60 when first listed, now it’s $49. Still expensive IMO as I think it should have been priced around $33, but at least it’s not list price.

Mike the Fish

(Possibly a “before we lose the copyright” release?)

Phil Cohen

Absolutely a “Copyright Extension” release. I’m delighted that they’re releasing it ,though.

Mike the Fish