The Beatles / 1 expanded with restored videos and remixed audio


The Beatles‘ best-selling 1 compilation will be reissued and expanded in November as CD+Blu-ray and CD+DVD sets featuring remixed stereo and surround sound and for the first time fully restored full length videos for each of the 27 number one singles.

The original promo films, classic television appearances and other carefully selected videos spanning the band’s history have been painstakingly restored with 35mm negatives scanned in 4K and digitally restored along with other processes such as frame-by-frame cleaning and colour-grading. This has created outstanding standards of clarity and quality.

The standard two-disc editions (CD+Blu-ray or CD+DVD) feature 27 videos, with bonus content of Paul McCartney audio commentary on three films and and Ringo Starr filmed introductions for a four of them. These can also be purchased without the CD element.

The Beatles / 1 CD+blu-ray with restored videos and remixed audio
Standard CD+Blu-ray of 1 in gatefold digi-sleeve (click to enlarge)

A deluxe three disc set, 1+, offers a second video disc (dvd or blu-ray) with a further 23 videos including Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day In The Life, Hey Bulldog, Don’t Let Me Down, Free As A Bird and Real Love, along with many alternate promos of classic tracks including Paperback Writer, Day Tripper and Hello Goodbye. In total, the deluxe edition gives you over 200 minutes of video content via 50 individual films (20 of these weren’t used at all in The Beatles’ Anthology, with others used only in part or in alternate edits).

This deluxe 1+ also offers enhanced packaging and is presented in an expanded 124-page illustrated hardcover book with notes by music journalist Mark Ellen and detailed track/video annotation by music historian and author Richard Havers.

Exciting though this video content is, the sound is a very big deal since all editions of the new 1 reissue feature newly created stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS HD surround audio mixes, produced from the original analogue tapes by Giles Martin with Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios (Jeff Lynne and engineer Steve Jay have remixed Free As A Bird and Real Love). The CD with these packages uses the new stereo mixes, not the 2009 remasters (a 2LP 180g vinyl package will follow).

1 and the deluxe 1+ are both released on 6 November 2015.



1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x blu-ray


1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x DVD


2LP vinyl with stereo remixes


1 standard edition CD + blu-ray


1 standard edition CD +DVD


1 single blu-ray only


1 single DVD only


1 CD only (with new stereo mixes)



The Beatles 1

CD + Bluray / CD + DVD

  • 1. Love Me Do
  • 2. From Me To You
  • 3. She Loves You
  • 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • 5. Can’t Buy Me Love
  • 6. A Hard Day’s Night
  • 7. I Feel Fine
  • 8. Eight Days a Week
  • 9. Ticket To Ride
  • 10. Help!
  • 11. Yesterday
  • 12. Day Tripper
  • 13. We Can Work It Out
  • 14. Paperback Writer
  • 15. Yellow Submarine
  • 16. Eleanor Rigby
  • 17. Penny Lane
  • 18. All You Need Is Love
  • 19. Hello, Goodbye
  • 20. Lady Madonna
  • 21. Hey Jude
  • 22. Get Back
  • 23. The Ballad of John and Yoko
  • 24. Something
  • 25. Come Together
  • 26. Let It Be
  • 27. The Long and Winding Road

Video Extras:

Paul McCartney audio commentary

  • Penny Lane
  • Hello, Goodbye
  • Hey Jude

Ringo Starr filmed introductions

  • Penny Lane
  • Hello, Goodbye
  • Hey Jude
  • Get Back


The Beatles 1+

CD+2Bluray or CD+2DVD

Disc 1 (same as above)

Disc 2 Video (DVD or Blu-ray)

  • 1. Twist & Shout
  • 2. Baby It’s You
  • 3. Words Of Love
  • 4. Please Please Me
  • 5. I Feel Fine
  • 6. Day Tripper *
  • 7. Day Tripper *
  • 8. We Can Work It Out *
  • 9. Paperback Writer *
  • 10. Rain *
  • 11. Rain *
  • 12. Strawberry Fields Forever
  • 13. Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows
  • 14. A Day In The Life
  • 15. Hello, Goodbye *
  • 16. Hello, Goodbye *
  • 17. Hey Bulldog
  • 18. Hey Jude *
  • 19. Revolution
  • 20. Get Back *
  • 21. Don’t Let Me Down
  • 22. Free As A Bird
  • 23. Real Love

* alternate version


Paul McCartney audio commentary

  • Strawberry Fields Forever

More detail on the video clips:

  • 1. LOVE ME DO
    Newly edited clip, featuring material from BBC TV’s The Mersey Sound, with performance footage filmed on 27 August 1963 at the Little Theatre, Southport.
    A live performance at the 1963 Royal Variety Show, filmed at The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London, on 4 November 1963.
    A live performance from the Swedish Television show Drop In, recorded on 30 October 1963 during a short Scandinavian tour.
    From the Granada TV programme Late Scene Extra filmed on 25 November 1963.
    First broadcast in the TV show Around The Beatles, filmed on 28 April 1964 and broadcast the following month. It features a different audio track to that of hit single, recorded by The Beatles on 19 April 1964.
    Live performance at the Palais des Sports, Paris on 20 June 1965, while on a short European tour.
  • 7. I FEEL FINE
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965. One of ten films shot that day to satisfy global TV demand for broadcast material to accompany The Beatles’ hit records.
    A brand new clip edited from material filmed at the Shea Stadium concert in New York City on 15 August 1965, during which the band performed twelve songs, but ‘Eight Days A Week’ was not among them. The clip says so much about the band’s frenetic lifestyle in 1965, at the height of Beatlemania.
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965.
  • 10. HELP!
    The less frequently seen clip of those filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965.
    Paul performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, videotaped in New York City on 14 August 1965 and broadcast the following month, the day before the single was released in America.
    Three versions of this clip were filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965. This is version 2, in which all of the group are wearing polo neck sweaters, except for Paul, who wears a black shirt.
    There were three versions of the ‘We Can Work It Out’ video filmed atat Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965. This is version 2 in which all four Beatles are wearing black polo neck sweaters.
    Filmed in 35mm, and in colour, in Chiswick Park, West London, by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.
    This clip is newly created from original Yellow Submarine footage.
    This clip is taken directly from the Yellow Submarine movie.
  • 17. PENNY LANE
    A ground-breaking clip by Swedish director Peter Goldmann that captures The Beatles in Stratford, London, and at Knole Park in Kent, with additional material shot in Liverpool.
    Filmed in Studio One at Abbey Road, on 25 June 1967, and beamed around the globe as a part of the TV programme Our World. This colourised version was created for The Beatles Anthology TV programme in 1995.
    London’s Saville Theatre was the location for this promo film, shot on 10 November 1967; The Beatles wear their Sgt. Pepper outfits.
    Just prior to leaving for India, The Beatles met up in Studio Three at Abbey Road, on 11 February 1968. They were filmed while recording ‘Hey Bulldog’.
  • 21. HEY JUDE
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 4 September, for broadcast on David Frost’s TV show, Frost On Sunday. The introduction by David Frost is different from that on disc 2.
  • 22. GET BACK
    The promo clip made available at the time of the original release of the single featured performances from the Apple rooftop synched to the record. This new clip has been rebuilt to replicate the original but with improved picture quality.
    This original promo clip features outtakes from the Let It Be movie, with other private footage shot in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Vienna.
    The video features George and Pattie, John and Yoko, Paul and Linda, and Ringo and Maureen. and was filmed at locations in Berkshire, Surrey, and the Mull of Kintyre.
    The clip was created in 2000 by Melon Dezign for the launch of thebeatles.com and the original Beatles 1 album.
  • 26. LET IT BE
    A 1970 promo clip was made available to support the release of the single and it was different to the one featured in the Let It Be movie; this clip has been rebuilt from the original footage.
    This clip is taken straight from the Let It Be movie.


    From the Granada Television programme Scene At 6.30, which was videotaped on 14 August 1963.
  • 2. BABY IT’S YOU
    One of two clips used to promote the single taken from the 1995 Live At The BBC album. The clip is enhanced by the inclusion of unique colour footage of The Beatles filmed outside the BBC’s Paris Studio on Lower Regent Street, London.
    When On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 was released in 2013, it included ‘Words Of Love’, a Buddy Holly composition that the band recorded for radio. This new clip is a mix of existing footage and innovative animation.
    A live performance videotaped on 9 February for The Ed Sullivan Show, which was screened on 23 February 1964.
  • 5. I FEEL FINE
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965, this clip shows The Beatles eating fish and chips during their lunch break.
    From the TV special The Music Of Lennon & McCartney that first broadcast in mid-December 1965.
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965, with the group wearing their Shea Stadium Jackets with the ‘Nehru’ collars.
    Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 23 November 1965 – showing The Beatles wearing the Shea Stadium jackets.
    Shot on videotape at Abbey Road, on 19 May 1966, this studio version is prefaced by a short introduction by Ringo. It was broadcast on The Ed Sullivan Show in America.
  • 10. RAIN
    ‘Rain’, the B-side of ‘Paperback Writer’, was filmed in colour at Chiswick House, West London, on 20 May 1966.
  • 11. RAIN
    This black and white clip is a new edit from several takes of ‘Rain’ videotaped at Abbey Road on 19 May 1966.
    Directed by Peter Goldmann and with newly restored footage, this was filmed at Knole Park, Kent on 30 and 31 January 1967.
    The merging of these two tracks, one from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the other from Revolver, was created for The Beatles Love show by Cirque du Soleil, which opened in June 2006 in Las Vegas. This video was created to promote the Love album released later that year.
    Filmed in Studio One at Abbey Road on 10 February 1967, this includes classical musicians, who were asked to wear evening dress, fake noses and funny hats for the recording session.
    This clip is another shot at London’s Saville Theatre on 10 November 1967; The Beatles wear their ‘street clothes’.
    This third version was also shot at London’s Saville Theatre on 10 November 1967; it includes elements from the first two films but with additional footage unique to this edit.
    The original footage from a 1968 shoot for the ‘Lady Madonna’ promo film was unearthed in the mid-1990s. It was revealed that The Beatles were recording ‘Hey Bulldog’ and is an edit done to promote the reissue of the Yellow Submarine movie in 1999.
  • 18. HEY JUDE
    This is an edit of the two other takes filmed on 4 September 1968 for the Frost On Sunday TV show. This has a different David Frost intro to the clip on disc 1.
    One of two versions, this was shot the same day as ‘Hey Jude’. John’s lead vocal is completely live, as are most of Paul and George’s backing vocals. The instrumentation, including Nicky Hopkins’ electric piano, is from the master tape.
  • 20. GET BACK
    This clip was assembled in 2003 to support the release of the album Let It Be…Naked and utilises studio footage from the famous Get Back/Let It Be sessions.
    This was the B-side of ‘Get Back’ and this clip is a composite of two live performances from the Apple rooftop in 1969. It was made available to support the release of Let It Be…Naked in 2003.
  • 22. FREE AS A BIRD
    The 1995 video is a work of art by director Joe Pytka, who used the concept of a bird’s-eye view to pay homage to many Beatles songs and images.
  • 23. REAL LOVE
    This video directed by Geoff Wonfor and ex-10cc and leading pop promo-maker Kevin Godley, this video was made in 1996 to support the release of the single.


1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x blu-ray


1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x DVD


1 standard edition CD + blu-ray


1 standard edition CD +DVD


1 single blu-ray only


1 single DVD only


1 CD only (with new stereo mixes)

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Late post (I know), but just wanted to add my disappointment over the Free as a bird video. Since all the old clips looks so great after the fantastic restoration, how come Free as a Bird’s still being presented in 4:3 letterbox aspect?! And restoration of the clip is still not very sharp. Cropping it to fit the TV-screen only makes the resolution worse. How could this pass through the amazingly strict filter at Abbey Road?

Jonny Morris

Let It Be looked fine to me, I couldn’t spot any tears or rips. There is a lot of hair in the gate, though. Probably what the recording session looked like to Yoko.


Liking a lot of the DVD footage but REALLY disappointed with the graininess of the singles from 1969 and Let It Be compared with the other stuff, and Free As a Bird looks like it has been downloaded from a fan copy of a VHS copy uploaded to youtube. Let It Be has lots of tears / rips on the film – the kind of stuff the promo trailer claimed had been cleaned up and restored frame by frame with the latest technology by leading experts… did they run out of time to fix the 1969 stuff?

Neil Wilkes

This is a very difficult thing to write, but in all honesty I wish I had not bothered. I only bought this for the 5.1 mixes and they are frankly dreadful. I have tried & tried but cannot find anything much to like at all – they are not what I would call a surround mix at all but instead at best they are “Big Stereo”, and I get the definite feeling the mix has been done to the picture in the same way it is for films – avoid anything too much in the rear channel because of “exit sign syndrome” and the result is seriously bad for me.
Whilst I can understand – in a limited fashion – the thinking behind this decision (and was it Giles’ choice, or did he have his hands tied) it is flawed as the films were created to accompany the music yet the surround mix has been done the other way around.

If you are a beatles fan, buy this for the stereo mixes & the restored footage – you will love it. If you are buying this for the surround – don’t.

Tom M

Ordered CD+2BluRay from Barnes & Noble with 30% off code, just under $36.


It’s going to be an awesome Boxing Day this year watching these Blu-Ray discs! I can’t hardly wait….

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[…] featuring the brand new stereo mixes created by Giles Martin. The CD edition was issued last week along with the various Blu-ray / DVD packages and as can be seen from the image above, this […]


Here’s what’s different in the Japanese issue if anybody’s a completist or just wants something different (mine is the CD/2DVD version):

1. CD is SHM-CD.
2. Pack comes with a wrap-around card (not an obi, but you know the thing if you’ve bought DVDs or box sets from Japan) which explains what it is and what it contains in Japanese.
3. The slipcase has some Japanese writing in small letters on the back and has a slightly deeper spine than the actual hardback book, in order to accommodate:
4. An interesting 72 page softback book which has the text in Japanese, followed by all the lyrics in English and Japanese. (No lyrics in the normal book — what? Unthinkable!) Alas and alack, these appear to be standard English lyrics rather than fun Japlish ones.

The book itself seems to be identical to what you get elsewhere — ie it’s all in English with no Japanese at all. However, all the disks state “Made in Japan.”

The setup menu on the disks gives you the subtitles options “English”, “Subtitles Off” and “Japanese” (in Japanese characters). However, I think the subtitles only work on the Ringo & Paul introductions, so there’s no chance of a Japanese singalong. Shame.

Greg Viner

Still waiting for mine from Amazon yes Amazon has been out of stock since release day. Amazon is really becoming a waste of time any more!
We should all boycott them a while and maybe they will get their shit together!

Jimmy King

I pre ordered this from Amazon on Sept. 15 and have not received it yet. Should have just purchased from BB Friday. Oh, well.

Adrian Grove

I got my copy of the deluxe 2bluray & cd edition. the sound and picture quality are stunning, the booklet was informative too. Since Universal have held the back catalogue we have some excellent new product by the Beatles


By and large I’m happy with the new stereo mixes. In the main, the changes are faithful to the spirit of the original mixes, and the centring of the vocals is to be welcomed. The memo however clearly didn’t reach Jeff Lynne given his questionable remixing of Free As A Bird and Real Love. Despite the unavoidable physical limitations of tracks built around demo recordings, I’ve always adored both songs. The overall sound may have been slightly homogenous given its a series of overdubs rather than a single performance, but the artistic decisions taken by the Threetles at the time were respectful to the song and the occasional flourishes – the slide guitar, the ukulele ending, the harpsichord opening to Real Love – were well judged. It’s therefore genuinely upsetting to hear what Jeff has done to these remixes. FAAB first. The overall sound is now much muddier. The slide solo is muffled. If anything, Lennon is harder to hear than before. McCartney’s vocal lines come out too far in places and he sounds older than I remember. George’s vocal line represents a different vocal take (‘love we once knew’ v ‘life we once new’) and now sound, well, awkward frankly. The coda no longer works at all. The reverse ‘turned out nice again’ dialogue that magically sounded like ‘made by John Lennon’ is no longer reverse. And no longer magical. The ascending whistling sound is now far too prominent. The ukulele sounds different too. In Real Love, whilst the clearer keyboard intro is interesting, in the way that listening to isolated multitrack sessions are interesting, it effectively means John’s piano has been completely removed. Additional Harrison guitar licks added sound unfinished and unnecessary. I would have welcomed changes that improved overall fidelity (these new mixes don’t) but why start making different artistic judgements 20 years later on tracks on effectively a greatest hits set. Witless tinkering at its worst. Betrays the integrity of the original mix. Achieves nothing.

Julian H

No surprise, Jeff’s work has gotten very muddy in general…


Most of the Canadian editions have been delayed. Bummer.

[…] Read more about The Beatles 1 video collection here. […]

David Fisher

There is no bigger Beatles fan (without being a total nerd) than me so why did I just give the CD and 2 Blu Ray disc set that we fans have waited for for years only 4 stars on amazon? Four reasons:

1. The most serious – three songs are missing the opening couple of notes when you select the DTS surround mixes – Ticket to Ride, All You Need is Love and The Ballad of John and Yoko. They play fine with both other audio selections. Doesn’t anyone actually check such a premium product? I mean what is the point of getting Giles Martin to work on it and then screw it up at the authoring stage? Well as with the Lennon vinyl box with two cuts of Sweet Little Sixteen on side one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll LP (Universal are still to make any effort to send me a replacement months after I filled out their official online form) it would seem that Apple has lost interest and control.

2. Because this is based on a compilation CD rather than a project to present existing Beatles video/film elements in their best possible form there are odd non-synch videos in the playlist and for Come Together a new cartoon. I like the cartoon but it’s still a little jarring amongst the other prime vintage material. It’s interesting to note how poor some of the Let it Be footage looks – very grainy when projected in HD onto my 8 foot screen – perhaps this is a major reason Let it Be hasn’t been released on Blu Ray yet. It also shows up the poor contemporary TV pictures. When you get to Paperback Writer it’s like the sun coming out.

3. The menu is frustrating – the songs load quite slowly four at a time on consecutive pages unless you use the pop-up menu where a sensible list of all 27 tracks is presented. You cannot access the pop-up menu, however, unless you have started one of the songs playing from the fragmented menu or “play all” option.

4. And finally my beloved Ringo. I really love this guy – his drumming is great and his solo albums continue to move and entertain with real heart in his lyrics and vocals. His short “introduction” pieces on this Blu Ray are just a near complete throwaway. Little to no effort has been made to get any meaningful interviews out if him. OK he’s more than done his fare share over the years and I’d almost be happy with a non-appearance compared to this. It just seems almost insulting and would have been better left off. I’ve yet to watch the second disc or listen to Macca’s commentaries.


Paul’s commentary on Strawberry Fields starts with him just describing what you are seeing. Literally, “And here we are running towards the camera. And now we’re running away from the camera.” Eventually he starts to give something a little more substantive. I wouldn’t buy the set for the Paul & Ringo content, it’s nothing a Beatles fan wouldn’t already know.

So far I am disappointed in the stereo mixes on the CD, they sound just like the 2009 stereo mixes. I thought the work they did on Yellow Submarine Songtrack and Love was pretty revolutionary and would like to have heard more in that vein.

The cleanup on the videos is pretty impressive though.


Now back to “1 [Limited Edition] CD+Blu-ray, Deluxe Edition, Box set”.

And relax…….


The price has gone up from £33.99 to £35.99 in the meantime. Not a problem for those who wait it out, but if you’ve cancelled maybe so, although probably a strong argument for a discount in customer services as they are effectively telling you to cancel if you “think” you ordered the blu ray.


Just had a web chat with Amazon who confirmed there is still a Blu Ray deluxe version so looks like someone updated the description by mistake, triggering the email and subsequent confusion.

I’ve suggested they amend it back and sent them a link to this article to show the mayhem it’s caused.


It’s not clear from the Amazon email whether they think I ordered the BluRay by accident instead of the DVD, or I thought I was ordering the BluRay, but actually ordered the DVD edition.

Not long to wait now anyway :-)


Amazon in Germany (and France) have labelled theirs up “1+ Edition Deluxe CD+2Blu-ray” which is reassuring . Germany coming in at around £36 including postage. Maybe amazon uk will sort out, but what a mess up so soon to release date, probably leading to loads of possibly unnecessarily cancelled orders.

Mic Smith

I got the same Amazon email this morning. Due to the lack of clarity on their website over what you will receive and the bother of potentially dealing with an unwanted item, I have cancelled my Amazon order and placed an order with Badlands for slightly lower price and free postage.


The thebeatles.com pre-order Amazon link for the BluRay Deluxe edition goes to the same page that I originally ordered from. So might be OK.

Though the thebeatles.com pre-order HMV link for the BluRay Deluxe edition goes to a HMV page with no option to order a BluRay Deluxe edition! So who knows!


I’ve just received an email from Amazon saying my Bluray order had an incorrect description and it’s now a CD version.

I can’t find the Bluray Deluxe on Amazon.


I’ve just received an email from Amazon, saying I might not have ordered the correct one. I’m sure I ordered the BluRay but it looks like the BluRay is no longer available, my order link now points to the DVD!


Hi, I ordered the deluxe edition with blu ray from Amazon. Got an email today to say that the description has changed and it’s not blu ray but DVD. Looked for deluxe with blu ray and says unavailable. Is it available anywhere else?

John Sheean

Thanks Paul I ordered it through your link so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

John Sheean

Anyone know why the cd and 2 Bluray set on Amazon doesn’t mention the blurays now just says the set includes DVDs?

[…] Universal and Apple announced The Beatles‘ forthcoming 1 video collection there was talk of a new vinyl edition coming […]


Anyone know if both discs of videos feature 5.1 or is it just the main album tracks on disc one????


Thank you, I couldn’t find the info anywhere! That means I have to order both deluxes now!!!


Will the videos on this be in 4.3 format or have they been stretched to 16.9?

Raoul Duke

Thanks for the information, Paul.

Raoul Duke

Any information, if the vinyl package will be released the same day as the other formats?


I’m confizled. What vinyl are you talking about coming out next year?


Oy. I. C. Thanks for the quick response! :)

Alan Marshall

With the 5.1 mixes,this will entice many people like myself who have an interest in The Beatles,but don’t consider themselves major fans.The price point makes it very attractive,so it’s pre ordered!


Well it finally came to pass after one very long and winding road :-)

I’ve recently been sorting through back editions of Record Collector to hang on to features and ditch the bulk of the issues for space considerations. Waaay back in March 1995 – still seems recent enough to me, but a frightening 2o years ago now! – Keith Badman annotated a guide to a proposed EMI video compilation from 1987.

The Beatles Greatest Hits video was first mooted in The Beatles Book in September that year and was slated for a Christmas release, making it as far as a test tape. The article reports that much of the footage was in poor condition, and some of it was in B&W at that! With a few exceptions it seems almost all the footage for that intended release has been included here… plus some additional material that was never part of that project, some of which didn’t exist until much later of course (the Anthology videos and the Love track, of course).

I sit somewhere between those who only like The Beatles from their hits and those who’ve devoured every album they did, but I’ve long hoped something like this would happen. It was the reason I purchased the anthology DVDs just to see at least some of these films – although the programmes were very entertaining in themselves – so I for one am very happy with this. Definitely a Christmas present to myself this year :)

Now if only we can get Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk to release DVD promo compilations. They’re about the only acts I can think of from those I’ve followed since my teens who’ve never done such a thing, although Jarre did at least gather up the early ones onto the Images video to accompany the compilation album of the same name. But then neither has released proper 7″ singles compilations either.

I loved the EMI ‘Sight and Sound’ CD/DVD packages – the Blondie and Ultravox (although not badged as such; it seems that branding had just been abandoned by then) sets spring immediately to mind – as it was such an obvious idea, but really gave you a time capsule for that band.

Come to that, it would be nice to see proper, chronological and unsegued promo DVD sets from Talking Heads (also lacking a proper singles set too, of course) and Visage too rather than the existing packages – as amusing as Storytelling Giant is.

Still, one dream at least has finally come to pass…


Sting as well.


Too blinking true – good call!


Grippy: According to CDJapan (so don’t take this as gospel): “The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.” Which answers two of your questions, if you believe it…


Thanks MiG. Still doesn’t tell me if the Blu-Rays will be restricted also.
I think I’ll write to Beatles .com and see what they have to say.


I still want to know if these Blu-Ray discs will be multizone and will work regardless of which Amazon site we buy them from?


Those. Not thoughs. :)


Then maybe the book could be bigger next re-release as well. I cannot begin to say how resentful and angry it makes me when credits either on screen or books themselves are so tiny. I won’t even go into how small box sets are so frustrating…and when it comes to pictures being THUMBNAIL sizes in things such as thoughs. Sad.


That’s when the 23 extra music videos should be left out. All I am saying is most should not be on this but on the original studio l.p., per se, eh?

Robert Fitzpatrick

your right also AlexKx they probably should also add USB for those that want this. Since they are covering nearly all bases they might as well go all the way since they did with the 2009 set.


Okay, Michael K, I give up. You’re right. Giles Martin’s stereo mixes are obviously better than George Martin’s mono/stereo mixes. Gotta be, right? He’s got more technology at his fingers. Even though none of us have actually heard yet what Giles Martin means by “remix”. For all we know, he might have done a “Love” on these.

I am delighted to have all those promos in stunning quality, so I can ditch all those old “mono bootleg VHS” (!!!) versions. And the 5.1 versions are making me very excited. But I’d like to have the option of watching them with the original audio, which if you remember we were all gushing lovingly about just a few years ago when the remasters came out. Give me stereo remixes, but also give me the original. Surely that’s not too much to ask?


Mmmmkay. SO I meant a question mark at the end of the second sentence of the second paragraph. Also just to be clear when I said it would be the same price for the customer I meant as the multi-disc set. Just because everything could be on one blu-ray audio disc or USB device does not mean the price would go down. Hell, if anything it could cost more to some degree because it would be the best format (either the blu-ray audio or USB device), right?

Robert Fitzpatrick

having it on Multiple formats is fantastic ! every fan of the beatles still wants cds ! Remember AlexKx a lot of the fans of the beatles are now over 60 so they probably won’t be able to deal with USB’s or Blu-Ray Audio that is why putting it out on so many formats is a win win for the people and a win for the beatles !


Thank goodness it sounds like in that case they will have something to hold back for each individual studio l.p.s that hopefully will get similar treatments. As it is I feel very confident that those bonus features of alternative videos should also have been held back for super deluxe editions of each individual studio l.p. That looks like a big mistake unless there is more of whatever that I and or we do not know about, eh?

With that said I never said that there should not be multiple formats at this time. What is this cockamy thought proccess. It makes infinite more sense to have and or use everything on one Blu-Ray Audio. It would still be the same price for the customer duh. Instead there all of this stuff to deal with. It would seem a USB device could just as well have done in the package as well.

Personally if the 23 bonus alternative videos had to be released on any compilation the red and blue ones would have made more sense unless they were going to come up with a new four c.d. set (or one that expansive in terms of the hit songs).


The audio is remixed…which means if you want to watch the Beatles promos with the original George Martin mixes (and don’t you? really?) you’ll have to mute the sound and sync up a CD somehow. A shame — if this is true it loses a huge amount of credibility. Is it worth sticking around and hoping they release a comprehensive set of promo films later, divorced from the “1” concept — original film, original audio?


MiG, if you were around when these first aired, like many of us, you probably watched them on a small black and white TV with one little speaker. They were exciting but let’s not go back there. I want to see these in the upgraded picture and sound quality we have today, in hi def and 5.1 sound mixes we can’t get elsewhere . All of Martin’s fantastic mixes are available on CD and LP. Enjoy.

Michael K

Hear hear. I personally have had enough of ‘let’s keep everything old’. I think Paul and Ringo have preferred to get on with ‘shinier, newer’ since it started to become possible to outstrip the original quality by an order of magnitude.
And while the audio visual restoration of the material has proved how well it was recorded, we’ve already seen how the stereo mixes of the 60’s did not have the focus of anybody in the production crew or band.
Therefore, I’m not surprised that for Apple people, the best mixes are the new ones.

If you want to run mono against 1, why not just go back to your mono bootleg VHS for ‘proper authenticity’??
Actually, Apple should ship the 180g vinyl with a VHS tape :)


Well put! I don’t understand why people feel that remixing is ruining the Beatles legacy. People who are at the top of their game are using the best technology of today to blow the cobwebs off of these masterpieces.

Look how amazing the restored videos look after technology and a skilled restoration team got their hands on them. Surely remixing is the audio equivalent. I don’t see people saying “the faded colour and film noise is how the videos should be presented”.

Also, people who think we should only be listening to it in mono because that is how The Beatles intended it to sound is a load of tosh. Mono was the superior format then because they didn’t really have the knowledge or technology to do good Stereo mixes. 50 years on, a lot has been learnt and if the Beatles weren’t embracing new technology the surviving members wouldn’t have allowed this.

Sith Mahatta

Can someone please tell me that the cd audio is remasterd or remixed?



They did not do a re-mix stereo of From Me To You.. Why ?.. You can find the stereo version on the Past Masters CD set..

Dave H

What I find interesting is which TV performances has been used. There’s nothing from Ready Steady Go! though there is one performance from ‘Around The Beatles’ which was released on video as a ‘Ready Steady Go!’ special.
Let’s hope for some further releases with all the ‘Ready Steady Go!’ performances released together along with ‘Around The Beatles’.
The later had specially recorded studio songs which The Beatles mimed on the show. A couple of songs were released on the Anthology CD including a cover of Shout. It would be great to hear and see the whole show with decent sound quality.

peter chrisp

Amazing over the last 2-3 years there have been so many deluxe, super deluxe editions of some of our fave artists that we grew up with over
a number of years, and there are too many to mention whether it would be
rock, classic rock, blues, jazz, new wave, and with so many formats in which to chose it’s outstanding and i won’t go into all of them, but the
main purpose for us listeners & fans alike is to get the best sound possible
to suit your style of music. I can also understand there are a number of
people & fans, once the new editions are due they certainly go over each new edition with a very keen eye. Bluray audio, mono,stereo, 5.1 bluray 5.1
dvd-a sacd, shmcd, there will always be i guess an argument/debate until the cows come out to pasture, this one sounds better than that format.
It’s great reading too, to read everyone’s different opinion, wouldn’t it
have been great if they added this, oh why was this left out the list goes on
and on, it’s brilliant reading, and no doubt you cannot please everyone and that will never change. One thing we all must do is thank Paul for
his amazing contributions and keeping literally everyone updated thanks Paul!! Now the latest deluxe or super deluxe edition with The Beatles was
that a title of one of their best of’s not quite sure. With so many best of
Beatles albums that have been remastered reissued and box set’s along
comes Number 1. A stunning looking package and the extras are great.
At one stage i was looking at the best of, The Blue & The Red album, those
2 would have done very nicely, and i have a couple of shmcd albums and
they sound amazing and the best part too although they are from Japan
and expensive it’s great stuff with lyrics inclusive,Can’t Buy Me love
this case a big Yes.