The Beatles: All These Years / Vol one of biography announced

The Beatles / All These Years / Tune In biography

Mark Lewisohn – generally acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost Beatles historians – releases volume one of a three part fab four biography in autumn 2013.

The series is titled All These Years and the first book is being called Tune In. This volume will examine the formative pre-fame years, the teenage years, the Liverpool and Hamburg years.

The publishers, Little Brown, claim that Lewisohn’s work is “certain to become the lasting word” on the band. This remains to be seen, but Beatles fanatics will already own some of his work, such as The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, which is a superlative reference guide, and fairly much a Beatles ‘bible’ to many fans.

You can keep up to date with the lastest news at thebeatlesbiography.com

Standard version

Extended Hardcover Special Edition

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does anyone know if the deluxe, extended edition will also be pub. in the USA? Amazon in the USA lists it ONLY as a Kindle ed.?! & yes, that cover image is truly atrocious!

Geert De Wilde

Deluxe mammoth down to £75.00 on Amazon!

[…] This autumn is going to be a busy (and expensive) period for fans of The Beatles. The Mono Vinyl Box Set is expected, a year after the stereo set, and we know that the first part of All These Years – Mark Lewisohn’s long awaited Beatles biography – is due for release in October. […]


I ordered the deluxe to reserve a copy, subject to details emerging about what makes it special. I will cancel the order if it turns out not to be so…deluxe.


I’ve ordered the standard edition – as much as I would love the Deluxe Edition, I can’t justify the £120 price tag.


The big question is what is the exteneded edition about? It’s 100 notes more expensive, so it should be something bloody amazing. Shouldn’t it?

Jason Mackay

The cover isn’t respective of The Beatles. It should be their official logo with Apple underneath.Love Marks work, but the cover isn’t official enough to represent the greatest band of all time.


The video teaser on his site mentions the book as being unauthorized, so it makes sense to me that the cover wouldn’t feature the usual Beatles / Apple visual signifiers.

Tim Larkham

Never judge a book by its cover. ;)

It’s going to be interesting to read what Lewisohn finds new to write about. I’ve read many books about The Beatles and I’m confident that they’ve already covered pretty much every aspect of their career. I say this having written my dissertation on the fab four!

Anyhow, despite the cover, I shall be buying this.

Rich Morgan

That cover is absolutely awful!