The Beatles / “Meet The Beatles!” 50th Anniversary Japan Box

Japan box

Following on from January’s US Albums box set, the Japanese are having their own Fab Four fiftieth celebration with Meet The Beatles!, a five-disc box set that contains the Japanese versions of Meet The Beatles, The Beatles’ Second Album, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles No. 5 and Help! for the first time ever on CD.

These will all be presented in the usually pin-point accurate Japanese mini-LP CD vinyl replica sleeves and unlike the discs in the US Albums box, the individual titles all come with OBIs replicating the original designs.

There are artwork differences across all the albums, the most noticeable being a unique cover for A Hard Day’s Night, and while Help! and A Hard Day’s Night share track listings with their UK counterparts, the other three albums are unique and do not replicate the US track listings.

The first two albums are mono while the other three are stereo and all the tracks are said to use the global 2009 remasters.

This comes with a 100-page booklet and the individual discs reside in a smart outer rigid board box.

The Meet The Beatles! box is out on 15 July 2014.

Track listings

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Meet The Beatles (Mono)

  • 1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • 2. She Loves You
  • 3. From Me To You
  • 4. Twist and Shout
  • 5. Love Me Do
  • 6. Baby It’s You
  • 7. Don’t Bother Me
  • 8. Please Please Me
  • 9. I Saw Her Standing There
  • 10. PS I Love You
  • 11. Little Child
  • 12. All My Loving
  • 13. Hold Me Tight
  • 14. Please Mister Postman
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The Beatles’ Second Album (Mono)

  • 1. Can’t Buy Me Love
  • 2. Do You Want To Know A Secret
  • 3. Thank You Girl
  • 4. A Taste Of Honey
  • 5. It Won’t Be Long
  • 6. I Wanna Be Your Man
  • 7. There’s A Place
  • 8. Roll Over Beethoven
  • 9. Misery
  • 10. Boys
  • 11. Devil In Her Heart
  • 12. Not A Second Time
  • 13. Money
  • 14. Till There Was You
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A Hard Day’s Night (stereo)

  • 1. A Hard Day’s Night
  • 2. I Should Have Known Better
  • 3. If I Fell
  • 4. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
  • 5. And I Love Her
  • 6. Tell Me Why
  • 7. Can’t Buy Me Love
  • 8. Any Time At All
  • 9. I’ll Cry Instead
  • 10. Things We Said Today
  • 11. When I Get Home
  • 12. You Can’t Do That
  • 13. I’ll Be Back
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Beatles No. 5 (stereo)

  • 1. Long Tall Sally
  • 2. Sie Liebt Dich
  • 3. Anna
  • 4. Matchbox
  • 5. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  • 6. She’s A Woman
  • 7. Ask Me Why
  • 8. I Feel Fine
  • 9. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
  • 10. Chains
  • 11. Slow Down
  • 12. All I’ve Got To Do
  • 13. I Call Your Name
  • 14. This Boy
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Help! (Stereo)

  • 1. Help!
  • 2. The Night Before
  • 3. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  • 4. I Need You
  • 5. Another Girl
  • 6. You’re Going To Lose That Girl
  • 7. Ticket To Ride
  • 8. Act Naturally
  • 9. It’s Only Love
  • 10. You Like Me Too Much
  • 11. Tell Me What You See
  • 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
  • 13. Yesterday


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Nice complement to the Mono Box and the US Box and awesome packaging!

Fat Old Bloke

Japanese brought all the vintage guitars in the 1990s put them in glass cases and hang them on their walls. Prices for vintage guitars went through the roof! I gave trying to get a decent price in a 67 SG

[…] Out now in Japan, but not released in Europe or America until 14 July, the Meet The Beatles Japanese five album mini-LP vinyl replica box set has just dropped in price on Amazon UK by around 15%. It’s still a little bit cheaper via CD Japan, but of course you have to factor in shipping and possible import duties. Read more about this box here. […]

Simon F

The price on this is bound to drop as it did with the US albums set. That started out on Amazon at £145. I hung back and eventually got it for £107.
I don’t regret it at all. Will I get this J-box? No.

Paul Kent


Ha ha! The Hitman & Her! God, that takes me back. Cheers Paul, that made me smile! :)


Got to say I agree with Lenny. Using the 2009 audio and charging over £100 for it is mad.

Scott, if you know you don’t need it and are just buying it to sit on a shelf then you must have money to burn. Pulling the ‘I earn more money than you’ line is also pretty weak.

They are mini replica sleeves of five albums and nothing more. On a par with the Oasis set in terms of over-pricing, if not worse.


There was even a series on UK TV recently about compulsive collectors and how it has taken over their lives and made the lives of those around them such as the wives and children unbearable.

They continue with their irrational behaviour because they cannot stop themselves despite it hurting others.

I suspect you Scott would happily bankrupt your family and be homeless rather than miss out an Beatles collectables.


Oh and yes, sorry but I do consider people collecting plates to put on a wall equally bizarre and wasting money. Does that sound normal to you or is it considered normal because enough abnormal people have been doing it?

My observation and one that many people would agree with is that irrationally spending money on things you do not need as part of an ‘obsession’ is due to a mental condition. especially if you can’t stop yourself despite knowing it is against your better judgement.

That is not being rude, it is stating a fact. OCD and similar complaints are a mental illness.

No need to dance around the subject.


Lenny I agree with your statement;
“Please come back on here in a year and tell us how many times you have handled this box set or the contents. I guarantee it has sat like a museum piece”
Your entirely correct. It will not have been played !
That’s entirely my point, some of us out here are obsessive about the ownership of such pieces and need it regardless of all the points you raise.
There’s nothing sad about it in my opinion. Some are fortunate enough to have enough disposable income to indulge in their hobbies without the need for weighing it dollar by dollar. Collecting is a passion, a love, its not something you can put a price on. Some I guess don’t understand that, but no need to be judgemental about it.


In that case you have a mental illness rather than a hobby.


Lenny no need to be rude, Having said that I would earn more in a month than you earn in a year !


Thanks Paul I really appreciate your comments. THANK YOU.


How would you possibly know that? I am probably considerably better off than you because I haven’t spent my life collecting non-essential ornaments.


£107 for five albums re-using the 2009 remasters? Are they serious?


I’m in admiration of of Apple Corps as a business. They realised they can repackage the same thing over and over and sell it to the same gullible punters over and over. Kerrrching.


As someone who lives in Japan, trust me, the Japanese Beatles fans will eat this up.

They take their fandom pretty seriously (insane) here.


I agree with Joe’s sentiments. ” If you don’t have a nostalgic attachment and/or don’t care for the Japanese versions of these albums, this set is not for you…SO DON’T BUY IT !”
Further “and, even if you don’t care for this set, you have to admit its encouraging to see them releasing so much Beatles stuff.” I agree Joe absolutely!
I agree I’d like to see Hollywood Bowl and also some of the other 70’s EMI product such as Rock n Roll, Love Songs, Rarities etc. Sure the content is all available in many various formats and versions and it can be recreated in terms of track listing on your “computer” but those points entirely dismiss the importance of what it means to the “obsessive” collector. Some us, myself included like to collect replica’s of original releases, and the Japanese to do it so well, and I’m completely happy that a small niche market is being catered for. Yes catering for small markets comes at a price but to those of us who want it will pay for it. If you don’t think its adding value to your personal collection as Joes says DONT BUY IT ! but lets not get too critical about the marketing process for THE BEATLES product. If your passionate enough to be adding comments here about deluxe editions then appreciate the diversity of collectors and their needs.


The point is, the audio is the same as the casual fans, collectors and obsessives have already paid good money for. It is marketed as a music box set but you are paying silly money for five coaster sized pieces of reproduction artwork in a pretty little box because people interested in it will already have the 2009 audio and that audio is the bulk of what you are being charged for again.

No, I won’t buy it, but the other good thing about this site is that it allows people to articulate the flaws in products.

‘Collector’s needs’ sounds rather sad by the way. I collect music to listen to and only buy music that adds to my collection, not replicates it. I certainly don’t buy £100 box sets for cute artwork. I can go online while listening to the Beatles and look at the original Japanese LP artwork and not feel the ‘need’ to possess it.

Please come back on here in a year and tell us how many times you have handled this box set or the contents. I guarantee it has sat like a museum piece.


Still waiting for the anthology remasters, still waiting for let it be dvd,
When ? In 2020 ?


And to address the other gripe: No they’re not going to release boxes of every Beatles album from every country. There were three big markets: US, UK/EU, and Japan. We now have boxes with everything unique to each market. I’m sure it will stop there.

Even if you don’t care for this set, you have to admit it’s encouraging to see them releasing so much Beatles stuff. I’m thinking Hollywood Bowl can’t be far behind.


It’s just packaging and mini reproduction artwork though for £80-£100. The audio is exactly the same as we bought in 2009.


The every country comment was sarcasm. I think repackaging the audio that is already out there and re-selling it in a novelty box is targeting obsessive collectors who can’t help themselves. It’s a paperweight.


Obviously you can recreate these on your computer, you can do the same with any album. The point of this set is the entire package, having these perfect replicas of the albums. If you don’t have a nostalgic attachment and/or don’t care for the Japanese versions of these albums, this set is not for you…so don’t buy it.

I think this set made more sense initially, when it was being released in Japan only. But who knows? Maybe pre-orders were so strong they decided a worldwide release was needed.

Philip Cohen

And, it should be noted, that, unlike the original 1960’s U.S.A. L.P.’s(some of which featured unique mixes,added echo & processing etc.), that the original Japanese vinyl editions of these 5 albums used the original UK mixes verbatim. This means that the Japan CD box will have all the correct mixes.

However, this also means, that if you have the 2009 stereo & mono CD boxed sets, you can re-create these Japanese albums on your computer. Yes, it is correct that “The Beatles No.5” & the Japan track line-up versions of “Meet The Beatles” & “The Beatles Second Album” were originally issued only in mono sound. I easily made my own “the Beatles No.5” disc. Believe me, this collection of songs doesn’t hold together well as an album.

Fat Man

I agree with Pinky on this one – and the US box was a lot of dosh for not a lot, really. Where’s this malarkey going to end? The stereo vinyl box was a bit poor – it didn’t replicate the original flip top covers for a start. And now there’ll be a mono vinyl box later this year too. It’s too much money to spend on one great band. I think all we need are the 2009 stereo and mono boxes at the end of the day! But it’s such a shame that the 2009 stereo CD box was so naff in the packaging. I don’t know about anyone else but mine have started to deteriorate a bit in that the inner flap black and white images on the digipacks have stuck to the opposite side forming a negative image over the Apple logo. If you see what I mean?!!


I have the 2009 stereo and mono sets and when I bought the the US albums box I knew that I didn’t really need it.

This set certainly crosses the line though in terms of content and price.

Are we going to get £100 box sets from every country on the globe featuring the 2009 remasters and the country specific artwork?


Ya. I can see it. Beatles box sets from Ghana, Mexico, Malaysia, and North Korea!

Tom Gardner

I usually fall for anything Beatley but this is a rip off too far.

£107 for 5 discs? I’ll pass.