The Beatles / “US Albums” price drop


Just in case anyone out there who wants the new Beatles US Albums box hasn’t picked one up yet, Amazon in the UK have just reduced it again by around £50 to £107. The last time they reduced the price similarly, it went back up to £150 after less than 24 hours.

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Amazon.ca has once again lowered the price, it’s CDN$ 99.99 (47% off).

Mike F

I like the price discount updates too.

Paolo Meccano

Thanks for the heads-up, Paul. Having paid £137 for my box, I was naturally a bit miffed to see the price drop by a quarter, but, fair play to Amazon, they refunded me the difference after I sent them an email.


You are posting very good deals when they very rarely occur on generally over-priced box sets, which I would assume most people are grateful for.

The price of the items you feature on here is directly related and part of the information package you provide along with photosand track listings etc.

I think the initial comment was about showing sole favouritism to Amazon’s prices rather than the updates themselves but as I said earlier, Amazon don’t have any real competition when it comes to the availability of new music related releases and I would guess it’s the place most people buy from.

I think you have the balance completely right and you only post deals when significant reductions have occurred on high priced items. It is also only Amazon I suspect where such big reductions will ever take place due to the nature of the business.


Just some friendly feedback. I’m tiring of the price ‘stories’ that are more and more popping up here. I’m not suggesting it’s the case but it is beginning to look like an Amazon marketing blog.

I love this place, just don’t want to see it get watered down.


Personally, I find the very sporadic price reduction updates extremely useful and they are clearly posted to help us buyers save money.
When boxes are initially priced at £150 and then dropping dramatically in price I am more than happy to get up to the minute info on those huge reductions.

I doubt you will find many people who got the Tommy box dirt cheap due to the info posted here complaining either.

I often trawl through the various Amazon territory sites to get good prices so updates here also save me time.

Also, in recent times I have found only Sainsburys matching Amazon in terms of price, reliability and service and now Sainsburys is going that only leaves Amazon. Not good for the marketplace but that is how it is.

I still use eBay or Discogs for rare items that can’t be tracked down elsewhere but in the main I think Amazon is the only place I trust to buy from, which is true for a lot of people and it makes sense that this site would feature prices there.

Steve Reid

Having purchased the “Yesterday & Today’ cd simply for the cover and pasteover I would have to say this would be the lousiest Beatles album I have ever heard, not in terms of sound quality but in terms of content.. Drive My Car, What Goes On. Dr Robert? Classic examples of Beatles songs I don’t really wish to hear. All I can say is thank goodness we had the British albums released in Australia.


All those songs are on British albums too Steve!


£100 is $200 in Australia, still way too expensive !


For all the pluses & minuses i think a good price (especially over the issue of historically correct mixes. Although i have heard from a few people that some of the mono mixes are more faithful US edits, than the stereo, esp on the Revolver album!?). Don’t think the price will drop down too often. So for those in two minds, like i had been, at this price you just can’t go wrong. All the best & thanks Paul for the heads-up on this, as i would have missed it. Cheers.

Mike the Fish

It’s still not worth it IMHO with the issues.