The Bluetones / Return to the Last Chance Saloon deluxe edition


Britpop favourites The Bluetones see their second album Return to the Last Chance Saloon reissued in September.

The 1998 long-player was the follow-up to their successful debut Expecting To Fly (1996) and contained the popular top 20 singles Solomon Bites The Worm and If…

The album is reissued as a 2CD expanded edition and the bonus material will include standalone single Marblehead Johnson (released in between the first two albums), plus each band member’s hand-picked, favourite b-side, previously unreleased BBC session tracks from the era and a gig recorded at BBC’s Sound City in Newcastle in 1998.

The two-CD deluxe is released on 18 September 2015 with a vinyl reissue to follow in October.

2CD deluxe

Vinyl edition

Track listing
Original Album
1. Tone Blooze
2. Unpainted Arizona
3. Solomon Bites The Worm
4. U.T.A.
5. 4-Day Weekend
6. Sleazy Bed Track
7. If…
8. The Jub-Jub Bird
9. Sky Will Fall
10. Ames
11. Down At The Reservoir
12. Heard You Were Dead
13. Broken Starr
14. Woman Done Gone Left Me

Non Album Track
15. Marblehead Johnson

The Bluetones favourite B-Sides
16. I Was A Teenage Jesus (Mark’ choice)
17. I Walked All Night (Eds’ choice)
18. Pretty Ballerina (Adam’s choice)
19. Blue Shadows (Scott?’choice)

Radio 1 Session 4 August 1996
1. The Simple Things *
2. Electric Vampire *

Radio 1 Evening Session 9 March 1998
3. 4 Day Weekend *
4. UTA *

Newcastle Sound City 27 October 1998
5. Unpainted Arizona *
6. Bluetonic *
7. Solomon Bites The Worm *
8. Are You Blue Or Are You Blind *
9. Pretty Ballerina *
10. 4 Day Weekend *
11. Sleazy Bed Track *
12. Cut Some Rug *
13. UTA *
14. Slight Return *
15. If… *
16. Carn’t Be Trusted *
17. Broken Starr *

* previously unreleased

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I feel compelled to post an update, having boldly predicted GZ. For this, and I believe the imminent ‘Expecting To Fly’ vinyl, they went for Optimal. Decent pressing, I can confirm. As you were.


Paul – As Dogfaced Boy said above, it’ll be a substandard pressing, covered in bits and prone to surface noise. The joys of GZ’s cheerfully cheap service.


“Britpop favourites” Not too sure about that. Apart from the sublime Slight Return single they were also-rans in the popularity stakes.


Vinyl will be a GZ nasty. Original still easy enough to find at a reasonable price.

Paul Wren

Hi gareth – what’s a “GZ nasty?”


Vinyl cut at GZ plant – usually sub standard

Mark S

Why only some of the B-sides. Are editions like this not ideal opportunities to put then all out there?

Martin Harris

Possibly because they’ve already released a comprehensive box set of all their A’s & B’s so didn’t want to stuff the reissue with already available tracks.


Another bizarre/crap Bluetones re-issue. True, they’ve already released a singles/b-sides collection – but seeing as all the b-sides from this period would fit on the first CD with the album it doesn’t make sense, nor does the inclusion of Marblehead Johnson which sounds like something off the 1st LP. And then, the real bonus material is MORE boring BBC stuff that should have been on the BBC collection that was released years ago. Where are the demos and outtakes? They must have handfuls of DATs and CD-Rs with really interesting stuff, and instead we get a badly recorded/mixed BBC recording. What’s the point of it?


Their down fall in my opinion. Big change of direction. But I think i’ll pull it out again as its been a very long time!


Ordered signed copies of both via their tm store. Though the vinyl had a later October release on my order confirmation.

Alan Fenwick

Thanks for that Steven, just read your comment and purchased a signed vinyl from their tmstore :)