The Cardigans remastered vinyl expected later in 2017

An extensive vinyl reissue campaign for The Cardigans output is planned for later this year, SDE understands.

A source close to the Swedish band confirmed that ‘every song’ they recorded would be reissued on vinyl with some released on the format for the first time. Deluxe CD reissues are not thought to be part of the reissue campaign.

The group formed in 1992 and have issued six studio albums, reaching their commercial peak with 1998’s Gran Turismo, which spawned three top 20 singles in the UK. 2005’s Super Extra Gravity was their last long-player and 2003’s Long Gone Before Daylight (their best album in SDE’s opinion) was reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day in 2015.

The band have returned from hiatus to tour in recent years, albeit without guitarist/songwriter Peter Svensson. Singer Nina Persson has released two albums as A Camp and a solo album (Animal Heart) under her own name in 2014.

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Cosby Sweater

Jpc.de and other retailers now take pre-orders for the studio albums as re-releases on vinyl. Release Date is feb 1st.
Paul, do you have any info about a Box-set or the b-sides, since there is no sign of them yet.


As of today, GT’s 20th bday, Nina has commented on her Instagram that the vinyl reissues are “coming soon”. One would think this anniversary would be a good marketing opportunity…


Hello Paul, any update on these at all? Thank you!


I messaged their FB page and got a reply from Magnus on 9/15/18. Apparently they are waiting on Universal for a release date.


Darren Sumner

Any news on these yet?

Dade McCutchy

Guess this isn’t happening after all. Major bummer!!!


Any news when this is happening?


I was also looking for updates but haven’t found anything :-(


I wish they issue a deluxe ” Long Before Midnight” and include the 5.1 mix that was on the sacd.
Mistakenly lent it out to a friend who somehow lost it.


They’re my favorite! Can’t wait for these to come out, and really hoping they don’t screw up what will undoubtedly be a single pressing run. They have indeed been working on these for some time, as others mentioned, but I’m more than happy to be patient as the whole campaign was a long shot in the first place – they’re definitely a niche interest now.

To counter what some are saying, I actually don’t see a lot of appeal in CD reissues necessarily. The first three albums already have their bonus material collected on The Other Side of the Moon, with the full tracks after that on the deluxe Best Of. Leaving aside remixes or scattered live tracks, there isn’t a lot missing that would make second discs on any reissues all that full or exciting (unless they’re sitting on a lot of unreleased material). All their past albums and b-sides are pretty readily available for cheap secondhand without much effort.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to get a hold of for a reasonable price. Emmerdale, Super Extra Gravity, and their compilations never even received vinyl releases. All the others go for crazy prices, if you can find them. So this is a very welcome campaign, especially for the original issue of Life, those hard to find albums, and all of the new-to-vinyl albums (will end up being 3-5). Not bad justification for a complete catalog reissue on vinyl, if you ask me, especially compared to the majority of releases that seem to be celebrated (it’s remastered from the 2012 remastering, it’s half-speed, it’s more discs now, colored, etc.).

Eat Me

*that first

Eat Me

I’d love to own that A Camp album on vinyl. Hope Nina gets around to that, too.


Love everything Nina does. Very talented and beautiful woman indeed. Hoping for deluxe CD issues.


Yes also want to express my disappointment we aren’t getting deluxe reissues (or of course better yet a box set). I’ve been waiting on these to be announced for ages and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Lot’s of b-sides and rare tracks that would make up a killer disc 2.


Hadley leaves Spandau and Cardigans bung out some old LP’s . Slooooooow news day!!!!


Totally recommend the Gran Turismo Overdrive EP, remixed by Naid, the 5 songs flow nicely.


This is the greatest news I’ve heard all year.


Long Gone Before Daylight is their best but their worst isn’t an awful long way behind… remarkably consistent band (imho). The first A Camp album is great too. Keep meaning to get into the second one, and Animal Heart. May go and have a listen now…

Gareth James

Fingers crosss they’re well done. My RSD ‘LGBD’ was pretty poor.

Good news, hopefully. Hopefully no default GZ from Universal.


I cannot wait – This has been my most anticipated vinyl release in the last 10 years!
I have been lucky enough to own Gran Turismo on vinyl and it sounded superb on my Gyrodec – Made a hi res copy (shocker!) 24/192 as I couldn’t justify keeping a £300 record in my collection. Next lets keep fingers crossed for Robert Plant’s Dreamland and Mightly Rearranger eh?


These have been in the planning stage for quite some time. The band had originally announced that they would be available early 2016 I think but then said the record company had delayed them. They had confirmed that the version of Life to be released was going to be the original Swedish version as well.

Ron I


Always wanted a copy of Gran Turismo and Super Extra Gravity on Vinyl!

Managed to snag a copy of Long Gone Before Daylight from RSD.

Love these albums. So amazing. Let’s hope they do hi-res digital releases, too.

Vinyl-whiners, please move along.


cause companies want you to buy on a format (vinyl) that get spoiled after some time…but, well, you could have vinyl on some precious colours, and vinyl has that warmth and …


“it’s the intangibles of playing a record, such as the way the dust affects the sound or the way we can hear the needle at times, that make the experience of listening to vinyl unique”

yeahhh, I don’t want clean photos, want them with dust and spots, you know, that give them such a special charm

Ron I

Oh, wipe the scowl off your face. If I enjoy listening to vinyl, what the hell do you care? I certainly don’t care what you think.


If you don’t get excited by dropping a needle into the lead in groove of a record and hearing that crunch followed by a few fractions of a second of “silence” before the track starts then fine. No need to be snarky to those of us that do. There are many things that vinyl is better, imo, for than CDs or digital files. And for the record (arf) I like all those formats. Not too fond of pre-recorded cassettes – but mixtapes on the other hand…


Yeah! That are great news! I was hoping for that since a long time. So cool. Hopefully they do a vinyl box set. The only box set I really need!!!!!


Long Gone Before Daylight is a masterpiece. Terrific news.

Tom of FIN

“Long Gone Before Daylight is a masterpiece.”

Exactly! And about time! But hopefully there would be unreleased bonus studio tracks. Personally have the best ones already luckily.

Original vinyls going for sky high prices, especially Gran Turismo easily over 100, up to 300 pounds. The only previous re-issue also over hundred sterling.


I totally agree !!!

Garrison Gorillas Eckerson

Bingo! Fantastic album. I admit, being a fan of the retro-pop sound of earlier Cardigans material, I wasn’t immediately sold on “Long Gone Before Daylight.” But, MAN, what a gorgeous piece of music. It’s now my favorite LP of theirs.


I agree… B’sides from that era too !


I’d rather a new album and some UK shows please.


Why nothing expanded on CD?


God not vinyl again. At least everything they have released has been available on CD and their albums certainly don’t need remastering.


They’ll release the deluxe editions on CD when vinyl falls out of fashion. I reckon that there’ll be a limited edition coloured vinyl reissue campaign before then – it seems to be the latest fad.


Yes !
So those of us that want to listen to on vinyl can do so.
And those of us that don’t. Well they dont have to do they ?
So everybody’s happy :)