The Cranberries resume box set plans

Anniversary box coming • New studio album likely in 2019

The Cranberries have confirmed that a 25th anniversary box set edition of their debut Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can’t We? was in the works, only to be put on hold when Dolores O’Riordan died in January. After much consideration, the band are now pushing ahead once more – “we have decided to finish what we started” they said.

In a statement on The Cranberries website, band members Noel and Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler have said the following:

“In recent weeks we have had a number of media enquiries asking if we were planning anything to commemorate this milestone.

We can confirm that since last summer the band had been working with Universal Music on the creation of a very special 25th anniversary edition of the album, a newly re mastered version with previously unreleased material of ours as well as other bonus material from the era of our debut album. We had planned to release this special edition this month to coincide with the 25th anniversary. However, given Dolores’ passing in January we put the entire project on hold.

In recent weeks we revisited this. After much consideration we have decided to finish what we started. We thought about it and decided that as this is something that we started as a band, with Dolores, we should push ahead and finish it. So that’s the plan, to finish the project and get the special 25th anniversary edition album out later this year.

We will also be completing the recording of a new studio album as previously announced, which we also started last year and for which Dolores had already recorded the vocals. All going well we hope to have this new album finished and out early next year.

We will keep you all up to date as things progress.
Noel, Mike and Ferg

On 15 January 2018 while in London for a recording session, Dolores O’Riordan died unexpectedly, aged 46. Her death wasn’t treated as suspicious, but the results of the coroner’s enquiry haven’t been made public and won’t be released until at least April this year.

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wayne klein

It’s nice to see this classic album getting attention even if it is after tragic circumstances. To the best of my knowledge, they were working on this album project prior to her death. I think she would have loved to see this released. I looked around and isn’t as if The Cranberries albums are flying off the shelves like they did with Tom Petty’s and Prince’s deaths. They seem to be pretty available so i kind of doubt the cynical motive that others are attributing to this moving forward on the other hand, her death will no doubt increase sales of this set to a degree but I doubt it would be like some of the other artists I mentioned.


Im hoping for a 5.1 mix!!!!

Tom M Hans

I am sorry for Dolores’ passing but her voice makes the hairs on my back stand up. And not in a good way. I am happy to see band resuming efforts to work on their legacy. I can listen to Linger once in a blue moon but that’s it. Peace.


Why the need to comment? If the act in discussion is not to your taste why not scroll on-especially if they’re recently deceased?


How disrespectful of you.

william mckinley

I wonder if they are gonna include the songs from their Everybody Else…..Complete Sessions album or if they are gonna have a different song list?

Gary C

‘Unexpected negative life experiences’


I’m looking forward to hearing the 2017 follow-up to “Roses”.
Wonder if it they will release any “Roses” outtakes… “Waiting in Walthamstow”, “Always”, “Someday”, “In It Together”.
Met Noel and Dolores in 2012 during promotion for the that album… I think it was a troubling period with highs and lows by the minute. RIP (Uncertain Fire & Soul).


All of those “outtakes” were released during the era for Roses, Walking in Walthamstow is track 7 on the main album and the rest were released as bonus tracks on Roses across various international releases.


Time to bring them all together perhaps? Bonus tracks across international releases is exactly why I don’t buy into this modern marketing ploy.
Btw “The Complete Sessions” editions were great!

Mathew Lauren

Since this is a UMe product and “very special,” [sic], we can expect the inclusion of a glorious, discrete, surround-sound mix in this “very special 25e anniversary edition of the album,” yeah?


Dear John,I’m sure your cynicism regarding how artists handle the presentation of their work and vision is not appropriate for the devotees of this unique website.If a band uses events to create new listeners or remind us how much we care everyone should be happy.The Cranberries Complete Sessions were excellent, this new edition will surely please.If not this is the website that will address it fairly.Sometimes the only way we get to have these things is when an artist or group experience unexpected negative life experiences.And of course I would like to have something new to remind me how much I will miss Dolores.


Hmm, in the message about the new album last month, they made it seem like the new album would be released in a matter of months, looks like it’s been postponed for this anniversary release, which, I’ll definitely be getting as a big fan of the Cranberries, the unreleased material sounds interesting.
I’d love Dolore’s solo album “Are You Listening” to get a vinyl release.

Wayne klein

I e to see they plan on moving forward with this (unlike the massive delay for example with the Roxy Music boxed set). I have the expanded edition so will have to wait and see what is here and how well mastered it is before moving forward (and cost of course). The first two albums and their fourth were their best ImHO but they continued to make worthwhile music after that (not counting DR’s solo career). If this is done with love and care, I’m sure most fans will respond. It’s a pity that DR isn’t around to bask in the glow though. Perhaps the band will tour with a couple of ringers to celebrate the anniversary.

John Mason

Of course they will!?!?. They are few more productive marketing initiatives than the effects of mortality on an artist’s work (look what it’s done for Bowie): it is by far the best means to grab the attention of all the dilettantes in the process of convincing themselves now much they’ve always (sic) loved this group.


A tad cynical there, John. Seems they were already working on it, and the album was nearing completion before the death. Their debut is a great album, and as long as they don’t brickwall the CD, should be an interesting listen.


I’m with John. They decided to go ahead with this previously unannounced project because a dead singer will always generate more sales than an alive one. You only have to check out the shelves in any store that sells music after someone famous has just snuffed it.


Did you not understand the part that mentioned it was already in the works but put aside due to Miss O’Riordan’s untimely death?